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Chapter 69

Home Chapter 69

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Present – Jack – Conference room


Ira drops a bombshell - Masha has been abducted! Ivan somehow figures it out and begins to cry. Alexi and Mira comfort him while I rush to Ira and demand, "What the hell! Who has taken her?"


Ira states, "Mr. Reynolds of that I could not yet ascertain. However without any doubt she was abducted. There are protocols which we operationally pursue and she has not followed our procedures."


Ira opens her mouth to continue when Jens interrupts, "Perhaps there were problems transporting Zarika to the hospital?"


Ira glares at Jens and says…


Present – Ira and Mira – Conference room


Ms. Donaldson is an annoying female saluki! First she threatens to force us to leave her compound (as if she could possibly do that) and now she doubts the veracity of my words. I glare at her and respond, "I cognate my assistance is not appreciated. I will continue with my repast."


I park my derriere at the table and commence to consume this wonderful stew of beef. Jack further demands, "What the hell are you doing? Tell me what you know!"


I glance at him, continue to consume sustenance and inform him, "Mr. Reynolds, someone has gravely insulted us today. Her actions have demonstrated that we are not appreciated. Our primary mission is the protection of Ms. Morgan. Every time we attempt to render other assistance, that certain person immediately takes offense. So henceforth we will only perform our primary mission."


My sister Ira has played this hand masterfully! I am waiting for the results and I do not have to wait long… Mr. Reynolds glares at Ms. Donaldson and begins to yell at her; Ms. Donaldson yells back…


Present – Liz – Conference room


Okay this bullshit has gone on long enough. Yes Jens was and has been too heavy handed with the twins which is something you simply don’t do. Everything works much better if you treat them with respect. And now it's come full circle and bit her in the butt. Ira has incited a fight between Jack and Jens and I'm going to fix it.


I step between the two of them and…


Present – Todd – Conference room


Liz Morgan makes the mistake of stepping between Jack and Jennifer just as Jennifer takes a swing at Jack. Liz Morgan goes down like a sack of potatoes! That is a tactical blunder as Ira jumps up from the table and Mira heads toward Jennifer. I need to contain this situation so I do the only thing I can. I put both fingers in my mouth and let loose with an ear splitting whistle, then I nock an arrow and draw my bow…


Everyone stops and looks at me as I rotate my aim point between Jennifer, Ira and Mira to let them know I mean business. Jack unnecessarily explains, "I think Todd wants to make a point."


I nod my head, look at the three women and determine that I had temporarily quelled the fight. I slowly release the draw on my bow as Ira helps Liz Morgan up.


I begin to sign and Jennifer translates, "I am disappointed in all of you. You call this a team even though you bicker and fight so much. Jennifer, you have been hostile toward Mira and Ira because they threaten your position as the alpha female and consequently you have not utilized the assets that they bring to the table. And Mira and Ira, you need to be more open with your intelligence. We were lucky today that only one of the team went down. We could have lost everything because you chose not to share."


Jack interrupts, "Todd, what the hell does this have to do with finding my wife?"


I turn toward Jack and sign as Jennifer translates, "I was getting to that. I observed SA Hotchner slip out of here this afternoon and I have a good idea that he's responsible for the disappearance of Masha."


Jack swears, "I'm going to kill that bastard!"


I grin and continue, "Well you could probably do that but then you would go to jail and your family would lose their father. Besides, you do need to step up and take more of a leadership role on this team. You know Ben better than anyone else and they should be listening to you."


Jack questions, "What about that bastard Hotchner?"


I smile and sign, "Don't worry about him, he's my problem and when I get done with him, he's going to wish he'd never done this."


Mira and Ira offer, "Todd, we would be happy to assist you."


I look at them and sign, "No, the best thing for you to do is to instruct Alexi in the use of the bow for our upcoming mission. Now I am tired and I still have work to do tonight to get Masha back here. Everyone else here needs to make up with each other. Good night."


Present – Jens – Conference room


Todd leaves the room. Well, that's a first: Getting told off by a mute person! But damn him, he was right! I look at the Liz and apologize, "Liz I'm sorry I accidentally hit you."


Liz answers, "I forgive you, but you really need to control your temper."


I look at the twins and admit, "I guess I have been too hard on the two of you. I will try to do better. Please forgive me."


Ira says, "Ms. Donaldson, I feel Alexi needs to be included in your apology."


Alexi speaks, "But first Ms. Donaldson I need to apologize for the prank I played upon you."


I smile, "Yes, your right Alexi is included."


Mira questions, "Ms. Donaldson, will you reconsider the probation?"


I nod, "Yes of course I will."


Present – Jack – Conference room


Okay this is beginning to feel like a damn tampon commercial! I look at everyone and order, "If we're done with all this touchy feely crap let's sit down and get to work."


I take my place at the head of the table. We just start working when Jens' phone rings. She looks at it and curses, "Shit it's Thom, I forgot to call him back."


I order, "Put it on speaker phone."


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on a special mission in Venezuela


Jens answers her phone and apologizes, "Sorry Thom, we were busy with an emergency. You're on speaker phone right now."


I hear everyone say hello and I explain, "Well, when we didn't hear back from you we hightailed it to the boat and are now cruising off the coast a short distance. So what's the plan?"


Jack answers, "Thom, we do have a plan for you, but we can't tell you over an insecure phone."


I hear one of the twins interrupt, "Jack, we can send a private and secure message to Inga."


I respond, "That's all fine and good, but what the hell is our mission?"


Jack answers, "Your mission is to wait until you receive further instructions. Now that's all I'm going to say over the phone." Then he hangs up on me.


I look for Byron but he's having a ball sailing this boat, so I find Inga and say, "I guess you're going to get some sort of message about our mission."


She checks her communication system and comments, "Yes, here it is now."


After she reads it to me, I look at her and with a raised voice say, "They have got to be kidding!"


She shakes her head and replies, "No, one of the twins sent this and they would never joke about something like this."


I shake my head and wish I was back at the cabin eating some of Mabel's damn fine cooking…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


Well, if I thought yesterday was hard, today's worse because I have a world class, fucking hangover! Plus Tatiana, I mean Margarita, is thoroughly pissed at me and does little things to throw off my performance.


Thank God it's time for lunch when the conductor calls me over and complains, "Pavel, the next time you show up for practice with a hangover will be your last practice."


I briefly wonder what I am doing here anyway but apologize, "Sorry about that, it won't happen again."


Then I head over to the lunch line (which I paid for) for the vocalists and I have to admit, it's a great spread. I will need to be careful I don't eat too much because it will affect my singing. I load up a plate, head over to where Margarita is setting and ask, "Do you mind if I sit with you."


She gives me the stink eye and grumps, "This is a free country sit where you wish."


I sit across from her, smile and apologize, "Sorry for not coming back to your place last night. But I forgot where you lived."


She glances at me, "And the drinking?"


I smile and explain, "Yeah, I ran into some old friends in a dive of a bar and then next thing I knew I was drunk; probably because I don't drink that much that often. Now if you want to continue to be pissed at me, that's fine. I will find someplace else to stay."


I catch a bit of worry in her eyes and she answers, "Well you did apologize; that is more than most Russian men would do. Pavel, I forgive you."


Lunch is over and the rest of the practice goes much better.


We head back to Margarita's apartment and go inside. I begin to load up my tactical vest again when she gives me a dirty look and whines, "Don't tell me you're going out again tonight."


I shrug my shoulders and say, "Margarita, this is something that I have to do and I know you don't understand it."


She says, "Well, this time take my address so you don't get lost."


She writes down the address, I tuck it in my pocket, begin to head out the door when she says, "I want a good bye kiss first."


I relent and she gives me a hell of a kiss that damn near makes my toes curl! Then swats me on the butt and promises, "I will be waiting for you…"


I leave and think, yeah that's the big problem - you will be waiting for me…