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Chapter 70

Home Chapter 70

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Ben


I was remembering when I tried to blow up the school, but all of a sudden the memory was interrupted and I heard, "Clear!" Then it felt like a hundred electric eels shocked the hell out of me!


I opened my eyes but couldn't see shit because they were covered with bandages. I tried to sit up but I couldn't fucking do that either so I yelled, "What in the Sam fucking hell is going fucking on!" All this was done as I thrashed around on the damn bed.


Someone touched my arm and a female voice ordered, "Ben, you need to calm down. You were in surgery and if you continue to fight, you will cause further injuries to yourself."


I demanded, "Who the hell are you and where the hell am I?"


She answered, "I am Tatiana. I removed you from the school building and then served as your flight nurse. You are at a regional medical clinic recovering from major surgery."


I continued with the questions, "And what about Jack?"


Tatiana answered, "He, no we were here with you all night and they just stepped out for some breakfast. I will call them if you would like."


I thought for a moment and I was damn sure the 'they' was Jack and Masha and I decided to not bother them. So I replied, "No that's fine, Jack and Masha need some time together."


Then I asked the hard question…


Flashback – Tatiana – In the hospital


I was impressed with several things about Ben: First his Russian was excellent and very close to a native Russian speaker; second he was alert enough to know when I used the term 'they' that I meant Masha and Jack; and finally because he was so alert after the ordeal he went through.


He then asked the question I knew he would ask, "Tatiana, what are the extent of my injuries?"


I touched his shoulder and stated, "I am sorry Ben but that is for your doctor to discuss with you."


He complained, "Damn nurses are the same no matter where you are. They do all the damn work and the doctors get all the credit."


I was surprised that he acknowledged how much work nurses performed, but I needed to correct a false assumption, "Ben, I do not know how, but God must have blessed you because Vladimir Putin's private doctor came here and performed your surgery. I have never heard of that happening before. Now we are going to move you from recovery to the ICU."


The orderlies pushed the postop gurney toward the ICU while I kept my hand on his shoulder. I was shocked when he brought his hand up and put it on top of mine…


Flashback – Jack – In the restaurant


I was having a much better time sitting in the restaurant with Masha because while I was in the hospital, every damn time I looked at Banzai I felt like hell. I'd just embarrassed the hell out of Masha when I told her I wanted her for dessert when my phone rang. I looked at it, didn't recognize the number but figured what the hell so I would answer it.


The minute I answered it I knew it was a huge fucking mistake! I heard, "Sgt. Reynolds, this is your Major, I've been fucking detained in Moscow as a terrorist. So where the hell are you? And don't you dare pull that bad phone connection crap on me again!"


I took a deep breath and replied, "Sir! I'm here with Banzai making sure he recovers."


The Major ordered, "Well you'd better do something to get me the hell out of this prison."


I questioned, "Did you call the Embassy yet?"


He yelled, "Fuck no! I didn't have their God damn phone number and the bastards here wouldn't let me use a phone book."


I laughed under my breath and slightly taunted, "You didn't write the number down before you came here?"


Perhaps that was the wrong thing to do as he shouted, "Hell yes I did! But the fucking bastards took my travel book away from me now…"


The phone went dead - I guess he ran out of time or they cut him off. Masha gave me a quizzical look and I explained, "That was my Major. Apparently he's being detained in Moscow as a terrorist and wants me to help to get him released."


I pulled out my travel book with all the contact numbers and said, "Sorry about this Masha, but I need to call the US Embassy."


She smiled at me and stated, "Jack that is fine. If you don't mind, I need to go find a computer and check in with my work. Please stay here until I return."


I touched her hand and promised, "I'm not going anywhere without you."


She got up from the table and left as I called the Embassy…


Flashback – Masha – Leaving the restaurant


This was perfect as I needed a distraction so I could determine what was occurring with the Sedankina twins. But before I left, I needed to complete one task: I found that little suka waitress, pulled her to the side, flashed my fake FSB badge at her and threatened, "Listen you little bitch, if you flirt with my man again, you, and your whole family might end up in a Siberian gulag! Now where can I find the closest Internet café?"


I could see the appropriate amount of fear in her eyes as she quickly disclosed the location of a nearby establishment. I walked toward the door, but stopped by Jack on the way and delivered a hell of a kiss.


I made it to the Internet café, again flashed my FSB badge and ensured the premises were cleared. Then I sat down and logged in remotely to my office server. Finally I had an e-mail from the twins! As I read the message my blood began to boil: Those stupid Mossad idiots deserved whatever retribution the Sedankina twins provided them. I calmed myself, thought for a few moments and composed new orders for the Sedankina twins then dispatched and a scathing e-mail to the Mossad Generals…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


I experienced a glorious shower and was partaking of Mira's excellent repast when the communications server rudely interrupted. I glanced at Mira and she directed, "Continue your consumption Irinka, I will occulate the message."


I traversed to the communications server, occulated the received e-mail from Masha and the second blind copy e-mail to the Mossad Generals and smiled. Working for Masha was multiple times superior to working for the Beast. I dashed off a quick acknowledgment, traversed back to the table, sat down and stated between bites, "Masha has provided clearance for us to eliminate any and all of those involved in the incident of your kidnapping. She also informed the Mossad Generals of the situation and that elimination of the perpetrators was the only recourse."


Irinka smiled and commented, "That was not the response I expected."


I replied, "Yes we have adjusted expectations to match what the Beast would have done but Masha does things differently."


Safia reminded us, "You won't forget about trying to locate my sister."


I smiled at her and declared, "Of course not! Our promise is our bond. We will work on this problem after our repast and after my shower."


We finished dinner and Ira offered, "Mirinka, you cleanse yourself and I will cleanse the eating implements."


I traversed to the bathroom, delighted in a glorious shower and contemplated how best to solve the problem of Safia's missing sister. I quickly developed a diabolical plan…


Flashback – Glen – Undisclosed base


I was preparing to leave the office when my aide buzzed me. I hit the intercom and questioned, "What the hell is it?"


He said, "Sir! It's the Russian ambassador on line two - he says it's an emergency."


I wondered what the fuck the Major screwed up now - can't he do anything right? I sat back down, picked up the phone, punched line two and stated, "This is General Donaldson. What's the emergency?"


The Ambassador replied, "General Donaldson, we are not sure what has happened, but an intolerable situation has occurred with the Major you sent here. His passport was revoked in flight and he was added to the terrorist watch list. The FSB has taken him into custody and I believe we are going to require your assistance to get him released."


I leaned back in my chair and thought it over. It serves the bastard right, I should leave him in the damn prison. But then I might have to go to Russia myself and that's the last fucking place I wanted to go. I replied, "Okay, what do you want me to do."


We talked for a bit and came up with an action plan. I hung up the phone, walked out of the office and ordered my aide, "It looks like the Major got himself into some sort of trouble in Russia. Get one of the Colonels to take care of this ASAP and then have him report the findings to me."


Yes rank had the privilege of delegation. I headed home to fight a different battle with the Old Lady – one where rank didn’t matter and I had no option of delegation…


Flashback – Jack and Masha – At the hospital


We headed back to the hospital after we both ate and took care of our separate business items. I chuckled and Masha questioned, "Jack what is so funny?"


I replied, "I was just thinking about the Major's problem with the FSB and how damn funny it was. To be truthful it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person - he's a pain in the ass most of the time."


Masha squeezed my hand and continued, "Do you know his purpose for being here?"


I thought about it and replied, "He's probably here to make sure this doesn't become a huge international incident. Banzai should have never been in harm's way, let alone be actually wounded."


I didn't like what Jack said about the Major or his partner Ben. It appeared to me as if Ben was possibly going to be in serious trouble and Jack might be selected to receive the blame. We continued to walk the five blocks back to the hospital and I came up with a plan to save Ben.  Of course, it is only incidental that my scheme would also save Jack.


We arrived and Tatiana met us. She began her discussion in Russian and Jack asked, "Can you please speak English?"


Tatiana began again, "Ben is in the ICU and is awake. However he does not know the extent of his injuries yet."


Jack said, "Well hell, let's go up and see if we can cheer him up."


We proceeded to the elevators, took them to the ICU floor, walked in and there was Jack's partner sitting up in bed. Tatiana scolded, "Ben you were told to stay on your back."


Ben complained, "My damn back was getting tired laying on it."


Jack questioned, "Banzai, are you giving the nurses a bad time again?"


Ben shouted, "Jack! How the hell are you! It seems like forever since we've talked."


I suggested, "Jack, why don't you and Ben get reacquainted while I make a phone call."


Ben smiled, "Masha, it's good to hear your voice. How are you?"


I replied, "I am fine. Now you mind nurse Tatiana or I will find you and old ugly nurse to take care of you instead of this young beautiful nurse."


Then I stepped out into the hallway, made a few calls and put my plan into motion…


Flashback – Ben and Jack – At the hospital


I said, "Jack, where the hell are you? Come and sit beside me."


I felt him take my hand and he asked, "Banzai, what the hell did you do this time?"


I laughed, "Jack, hell I did what the fuck needed to be done! The fucking brass was sitting on their asses and then one of the damn Russian soldiers accidentally launched a RPO-A Shemel into the school roof. After that I saved as many hostages as I could."


Jack scolded, "Banzai, you shouldn't have even been there let alone let yourself get wounded."


I interrupted, "Yeah Jack, I know I fucked up! But, I should be right as rain in a couple days…"


Flashback – Tatiana and Ben – At the hospital



When I heard Ben tell Jack about the RPO-A Shemel being launched into the school roof, I knew I needed to have a private discussion with Ben. I touched Jack on the shoulder and ordered, "Jack, you need to leave the room for a few minutes while I check Ben's dressings."


He gave me a dirty look but said, "Okay, but let me know as soon as possible when I can come back in."


He left the room and Ben questioned, "Is he gone Tatiana?"


I replied, "Yes he is gone."


Then Ben surprised me when he said, "Okay why did you lie to Jack to leave us alone? And don't try lying to me about it since I can tell from the tone and timber of your voice when you lie."


I sat down beside his bed, took his hand and explained, "Ben we both know what happened at the school because we were both there, but we can not mention the fact that a Russian soldier fired the RPO-A Shemel rocket into the school roof without provocation. Doing that is like signing a warrant of death."


Ben complained, "But that's what happened."


I shushed him, "Yes, but this is Russia and things are done differently here than in America. If you tell the truth then you will die and I do not want that to happen."


I began to cry and Ben said, "Tatiana, you sound like you're crying, why?"


I replied, "Ben, I do not know why but I really like you."


I saw this wounded man smile and he asked, "So are you really as beautiful as Masha said you are?"


I moved Ben's hand to my face and with such a gentle touch he explored my face, he found the tears, wiped them away and stated, "Tatiana a woman as beautiful as you should never cry."


Then his hands dropped back to my hands and he asked, "Tatiana why are your hands bandaged the way they are."


I could not believe this man who was so terribly wounded was worried about me! I replied, "I cut my fingers when I was removing ceramic shards from your back."


He gently held my hands and simply said, "Thank you Tatiana for taking care of me."


This time I cried silently for this wonderful man…