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Chapter 71

Home Chapter 71

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Present – Masha – FBI interrogation room


I am furious! I never thought the American FBI would act so like the Russian FSB. Special Agent Hotchner came into Zarika's room, showed me his credentials (even though I could tell he was FBI) then told me I needed to accompany him to the local FBI headquarters. Now I am sitting here in this interrogation room and they have turned up the heater to make it uncomfortable for me. Such a childish ploy! When I am released I will make SA Hotchner wish he'd never been born.


The worst part is I have not been allowed to call Jack or anyone else. Stupid SA Hotchner confiscated my phone; I only hope they are foolish enough to attempt to retrieve information from it.


SA Hotchner opens the door, slowly walks into the room and pretends concern with an exclamation, "Sorry Masha, I didn't realize someone had turned the furnace so high! Let me fix that first and then I have some questions for you."


Analyzing his action, I realize he just turned on the air conditioning full force - again such a childish ploy. He sits across from me, smiles and proceeds, "Okay Masha I think we need to talk. So what can you tell me about the battle at Ms. Donaldson's cabin?"


I initiate my featureless facial façade and reply, "I have not given you permission to call me by my informal name. You may refer to me as Ms. Reynolds. I am sorry, but I do not have any idea of what you are talking about. I was in the cabin busy tending my son."


He laughs, "Come now, Masha…" I glare at him and he corrects himself, "Come now, Ms. Reynolds, surely you had to have seen something."


I reassert my previous statement, "I repeat now, and will continue to repeat every time you ask me, I do not have any idea what occurred outside Ms. Donaldson's cabin."


As I expect, he changes the subject, "Well Ms. Reynolds, if you don't want to talk about the battle at Ms. Donaldson's cabin perhaps you'd care to tell me what your relationship is with the Sedankina twins and their brother?"


I smile and explain as if to a child, "They live with us at the cabin and occasionally they watch my son Ivan."


He frowns and questions, "You do know they are spies, don't you?"


I let my facial façade slip to show surprise and counter, "SA Hotchner! That is news for me, since I have been informed they are Ms. Morgan's body guards. Perhaps you should ask her these questions?"


And the game of cat and rat continues! Special Agent Hotchner needs to be very cautious because this cat has claws he doesn't know about.


He begins the next question when we are interrupted…


Present – Todd – Headed to Denver


I knew that SA Hotchner was up to no good when he slipped out of here and once I heard Masha Reynolds was abducted, I knew he was responsible. He was famous for pulling tricks like this. Unfortunately he and the FBI didn't know what I knew about Ms. Reynolds, she was not one to be trifled with. And he could very well end up on the wrong side of the grass when this was over.


It's a long drive to Denver and when I arrive at the FBI building I am shocked at what I see…


Present – Jack – Conference room


With everything settled for the night, and with Todd going after Stupid Assed Hotchner to set my wife free, I look at everyone and announce, "I sure as hell don't know about you all, but I'm tired. However before we all head off to sleep, I'm thinking we need to have people stand watch tonight because I'm not sure there still couldn't be some of the drug cartel army out there."


Jens agrees, "I agree with Jack and I will stand the first watch."


Then I'm surprised when I hear, "We will fulfill the patrols the remainder of the night." I look and see it's the twins and Alexi.


I question, "Are you sure?"


Alexi replies, "Yes Cpt. Jack Sir! We will divide the night evenly between us."


I reply, "I'm not a damn Captain and I'm sure not a Sir! I work for a living."


Alexi laughs and teases, "Whether you like it or not you are our de facto Captain, Sir!"


I was too tired to fight with him so I answer, "I'm headed to bed. Jens it might be nice if you show the twins and Alexi how to operate the alarm system."


Present – Jens – Standing watch


I yell after Jack, "Sleep well Captain!"


He flips me the bird as he and Ivan leave. Liz looks at me and questions, "Are you going to be okay with the twins and Alexi."


Alexi chimes in, "Oh yes Ms. Morgan, she will be fine. After all, she is our Leftenant."


I correct and repeat Jack's admonition, "It's Lieutenant and I was and never will be a lieutenant. Besides I've worked harder than Jack for a living."


He grins, salutes and states, "Yes Sir our Leftenant!"


Like Jack I'm too damn tired to fight him so I order, "Well if I'm the damn Leftenant then come over here so I can instruct you on use of the alarm system and assign a code to each of you."


I instruct them, assign their codes, then admonish, "Alexi, this isn't a toy or a game console."


He salutes and replies, "Oui, mon Leftenant."


I reply, "Well get some sleep, I expect one of you here in 2.5 hours."


This time the three of the salute and say in unison, "Oui, mon Leftenant." Then they smartly turn around and leave.


Sharik comes up to me, nuzzles my hand and I promise, "Okay boy I will get out our secret stash of cookies."


He does his doggie pirouettes, I go to the wall safe (yeah, after Yasmeen stole our cookies I now keep them in the safe) open it and retrieve the precious bag.


I order, "Sit boy."


He sits, I toss him a cookie, he snaps it out of the air and devours it. I take two out of the bag for me but he eyes me soulfully and whimpers. I grin at him and say, "All right!" I pull out a second cookie and this time I say, "You need to work for this one, so sit pretty."


He sits up, I hand it to him, he gently takes it out of my hand and then gobbles it down. I giggle, "I'm not sure which one of us likes these cookies more. But I tell you what, if you're a good dog tomorrow and don't chase Anastasia I will bake some homemade cookies."


He gets excited and does his doggie pirouettes then it's time for us to get down to business. Yeah, I figured I might as well stand watch, especially since I haven't been sleeping worth shit lately. I'm amazed I don't have black bags under my eyes. I check in the mirror and I'm relatively happy with what I see.


Yeah I'd sure like to have a bigger chest, then I remember how Ben used to tell me that anything more than a mouthful was wasted. Damn him and damn his old Major Mike anyway! Since he was programmed by damn Mike for survival, he was now running away on me. I think about finding him, then I remember the dream I had with Steven fucking Tyler and Aerosmith when I caught Ben and what I did with the gun… Yeah, now that's going to be great when I finally catch Ben.


The alarm beeps, I check the screen and see it's Anastasia the fox. Thank God this alarm is smart enough to ignore smaller sized targets otherwise everyone would be awake by now. I scan the rest of the property but don't see anything. So I say to Sharik, "Well boy, it's time to walk the perimeter."


I grab my coat, night vision goggles, rifle, pistol and the transponder that lets the alarm know who I am and key my access code. I head to the front door and admonish, "Sharik, Anastasia is out here but we're on patrol and you can't chase her. Do you understand me?"


He whines and bows and I figure that's a yes. We open the door, and go outside and find it's a lovely, cold mountain night. The moon isn't up yet and the sky's so clear you can see the Milky Way. I slip on my goggles, flip them on and begin the sweep.


We clear the front of the house, get half way around the back when Sharik begins to growl. I scan the area but I don't see anything. I question, "Sharik what is it?"


He continues to growl, backs up against my leg and I can feel him trembling - something has him frightened…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


I reload my tactical vest and weapons, head out into the night but Margarita stops me at the door and says, "I want a goodbye kiss first."


I relent and she gives me a hell of a kiss that damn near makes my toes curl. Then she swats me on the butt and promises, "I will be waiting for you…"


I leave and think, yeah that's the big problem: You will be waiting for me…


I'm not sure what, but something… No, the night is calling to me - or perhaps it's avoiding the imminent physical threat of Margarita. What the hell is it with women now days, it seems like they all want to take me to the sack. And they want action right now even though my mind is focused on other things. Hell, if I wanted a woman I would go back to the best woman in the world, Jens!


I let my mind wander and…


Present – Jens – Standing watch


Son of a bitch! I'm connected to Ben again at the absolute possible worst time! Something is giving Sharik the heebie-jeebies. I cry a little as I am forced to block him out of my mind, then I realize what the hell Sharik is growling at and wish I had a bigger damn rifle! I open fire and hope like hell this mouse gun will stop this…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


Damn I made a mistake and let Jens connect to my mind again! That hasn't happened since the elephant hunt dream at the bunker. I'm shocked when she breaks the connection and I realize that she was in danger from something! What the fuck! I know I should go to her. I try to force myself to start walking toward the bus stop, but my feet just won't move. What the fucking hell is wrong with my head! Why can't I go back and see her? I'm frozen until I hear, "Let's get that fucker."


I turn and identify my quarry for the night…


Present – Stacy – At the vets


Dammit, I just get back to sleep after Samantha's call to Liz wakes me and I have to get up and pee! Being pregnant sure isn't any fun. Even though I try to be quiet it wakes up Samantha and Frank, Samantha questions, "Stacy is everything okay?"


I grump, "Yeah I just have to pee again."


She continues, "Do you need me to help you?"


I continue to grump, "Hell no, I can pee by myself. But if you have a gun I could use, I would appreciate it."


I hear them move then Samantha holds out her hand and I grab a pistol. I question, "This isn't the gun that shot Bo is it?"


Samantha says, "No Stacy that one is mine."


I tuck it into the back of my pants and say, "By the way, I want my rifle and revolvers back as soon as possible."


Then I head outside…


Present – Samantha and Frank – At the vets


After we're sure Stacy's gone Frank asks me, "Honey why did you lie to her about the pistol, you know that's what I shot Ben's horse with."


I smack him on the arm and declare, "Sometimes men are so dense! She wouldn't have taken that gun if she knew it was the one that shot Bo."


He yawns, "Oh yeah I guess you're right, then he rolls over, steals all the damn blankets and begins to snore."


I decide I need to pee too, so I get up and head outside.


Stacy hears me and challenges, "Who the hell is it?"


I answer, "It's me I need to pee too."


She replies…


Present – Stacy – At the vets


Samantha comes out to pee and ruins what is one lovely night. The moon is just rising and it's so bright I can see almost everything. I order her, "Well don't come over by me and pee."


She giggles, "Don't worry I wasn't going to."


When I'm done, I stand up and hear a huffing noise that sounds, well a little familiar. I look around then I hear Samantha scream bloody murder, "Bear! There's a bear over here!"


I run toward her and try to keep from laughing because this time she's the one caught with her pants down. I get over there, she hysterically points and demands, "Shh… shh.. shoot it!"


I sniff and right away know who it is. I begin to laugh and Samantha declares, "Are you fucking crazy! Shoot the damn bear!"


I inform her, "Well your husband has already shot Ben's horse and I'm sure as hell not going to shoot Ben's pet bear." Then I yell, "Wojtek, stop scaring us and come over here where we can pet you."


He snuffs, growls and walks toward us.


He gets closer and smells worse than ever! I say, "Samantha, you need to pet him so he knows you're his friend."


She pets him and says, "He smells really bad and now my hands smell just as bad."


I fight laughter because that was my plan, but I say, "Come on Wojtek, you can sleep in the barn with us."


We head to the barn, I find a stall for Wojtek and he ambles in, falls asleep and begins to snore. I think this is a fucking great situation - snoring in stereo! I lean my head on Bo and he moves a little. I get comfortable, drift off and have such a nice dream of Ben and Wojtek…


Present – Samantha – At the vets


I try to get to sleep but between my husband stealing the blankets and snoring, Ben's bear snoring and the nasty bear smell on my hands I can't get to sleep. Then I decide to put my hands under the blankets that way I can't smell them. It works and finally I fall asleep…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – on the sailboat


Byron is having entirely too much fun so I know I need to do something to cause a little pain. I say, "Well since we're staying here, don't we need to anchor somewhere for the night and then don't you two need to stand watch?"


Byron admits, "Yeah, I suppose you're right."


Inga says, "There are some mooring buoys ahead."


Byron pulls up close to one, Inga snags it with a boat hook and ties us off. I say, "Well, I'm hitting the sack, have fun you two."


Byron questions, "Aren't you going to help to stand watch?"


I answer, "Hell no, commander's prerogative."


I head inside, find a bunk and hit the hay…


I can't believe Thom pulled that crap but I look at Inga and ask, "Do you want first or second watch."


She offers, "I will take first watch."


And I'm thankful because I'm damn tired. I crawl downstairs and hit the sack…


Now that I'm alone, I can grieve for the comrades lost in today's battle. I let the cleansing tears flow down my cheeks and swear that we will avenge their deaths…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – at a restaurant


I am hungry as hell after kicking Mossad ass and taking names, then making out with Linus in the backseat. What I really wish we could do was get a hotel room so I could re-acquaint with Linus properly. Instead we settle for a truck stop restaurant. We walk in, the patrons give us a funny look and I whisper to Linus, "What's wrong?"


He whispers back, "All the truckers are on edge because they think we're looking for Ben, their 'trucker's angel'."


I grab his arm and make a big show of saying, "Honey after your sweet lovin', I'm so hungry I could eat a whole damn horse."


The trucker's chuckle, my distraction works and the four of us slide into a booth. And the truth is the last thing on my mind right now is finding Ben. I want some damn food first then we will worry about Ben…