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Chapter 72

Home Chapter 72

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Tatiana – At the hospital


Ben had really touched my heart and I was crying silently for him. I started to compose myself when чёрт воз'ми! (chyort voz'mi - oh shit!). Masha walked into the room and saw my fresh tears.


I expected to be lectured, but Masha surprised me. She smiled and simply asked, "Tatiana, where is Jack?"


I answered, "I had him step out of the room and I thought he was right outside."


Masha got a panicked expression and stated, "No, he wasn't there when I arrived."


Ben did not help when he laughed and commented, "Shit, that's just Jack! He's always getting lost."


Masha motioned for me to assist her in the search for Jack, I squeezed Ben's hand and said, "I must go and help Masha find Jack."


Ben was helpful this time when he suggested, "Well knowing Jack, he's either looking for coffee or booze. When you find either one of those, you will probably find Jack."


Flashback – Ben – At the hospital


Damn! It was nice having Tatiana here holding my hand. Since I couldn't see it helped me to calm down. But now that she was gone, it was time to figure out what in the fuck they were doing to me. I tried to remove the bandages over my eyes, but the fuckers did too good a job and I couldn't budge them. Then I tried to move my legs and what the fuck! My legs wouldn't move, in fact I couldn't even feel my legs. I fell back on the bed (which wasn't the wisest thing to do because it hurt my back) and tried to get my head around… Oh fuck no! Don't tell me I'm fucking blind and crippled!!!


I immediately started to feel sorry for myself… Then I remembered the look on the faces of the hostages I saved. And then I began to really think… Well, it was a small price to pay for those kids! Hell, one of them might even go on to become someone famous… And me, well I fucked up royally… Yeah, the Marines would throw my ass out for this and I would have to go back to the cabin… At least I still had all the money my damn dad had left me to live on…


I heard a crapload of noise as some people walked into the room. I questioned, "Hello? Who's there?"


I was shocked when I heard…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


I needed one of two things: Either a cup of coffee or a drink of something stronger. Since this was a damn hospital they had to have one or the other. I really didn't know where the fuck I was going, so I wandered into a room, figured out it was the doctor's lounge and damn straight! There were a couple doctors setting in some chairs and they passed a bottle between them.


I walked up, made some motions and they figured out I wanted a drink. They motioned for me to sit down and passed me the bottle. I took a big slug of it, then I started to cough. This sure as hell wasn't vodka - it kicked like a damn mule! The doctors got a big laugh out of my antics so we continued to pass the bottle and soon we were best friends…


Flashback – Tatiana and Masha – At the hospital


We began to search for Masha's Jack and I apologized, "Masha I'm sorry that I have shown my feelings…"


She interrupted me, "Tatiana, do not be sorry for that, instead be joyful."


I questioned, "But we are not…"


Again she interrupted, "Yes, that's what they tell us. But we both know better. So if my secret is safe with you, then your secret is safe with me. Now let's find Jack because he's sort of a lost lamb without me."


I was very worried about Jack. He shouldn't just run off and not let me know where he was going. While Ben speaks Russian as well as a native speaker, Jack speaks Russian more poorly than a very young child.


We continued searching and when I prepared to go through a door, Tatiana cautioned me, "Masha, that is the doctor's lounge and we are not allowed to enter."


I did not care so I opened the door, walked in and saw my Jack with two doctors. All three of them were stinking drunk! I yelled, "Jack what are you doing?"


When Masha yelled at Jack, the doctors berated her and described her as a ball busting bitch. When they attempted even worse insults, Masha displayed her fake FSB badge, flashed it at the doctors and then used invectives I had never imagined I would hear from her. She berated the size of their manhoods so eloquently they were flushed with anger. But because of her perceived position they did not dare do anything except fume.


Masha then walked over in front of a very drunk Jack and ordered, "Jack, you are coming with me!"


Jack laughed which further infuriated Masha! He then looked at the doctors and slurred, "Sorry guys, the little woman is upset."


The doctors laughed, Masha grabbed Jack's arm and we practically dragged Jack out the door.


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


Damn those Russian doctors were great guys! I finally figured out we were drinking some sort of kick-ass moonshine they made right there in the hospital. Hell it was so damn strong that I was drunk before I even knew what happened.


It was probably a good thing the two Masha's and two Tatiana's…  Hey wait, there can't be two each of them… Well it's a good thing they came and got me while I could still sort of walk… They led me back toward Banzai's room but when we arrived, the fucking place looked like some sort of circus.


Masha ordered, "Tatiana, we need a room where we can conceal Jack."


They turn me around so quickly I damned near puked and almost fell down! Then they took me to another room, helped me into bed and…


Flashback – Glen – Undisclosed base


As I was traveling toward the upcoming battle at home I continued to fume! What the fucking hell! I couldn't  believe it! How the hell did the damn Major get this so screwed up! This was the last fucking thing I wanted to happen – another potential International Incident! Someone's head was going to roll for this cluster fuck! I looked up the phone number for damned Sgt. Reynolds, called it and he didn't answer either. I was pissed as hell!


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


I completed my shower, traversed to the main room and directed, "Safia, you must take a very complete shower."


She looked at me curiously and questioned, "Mira, why?"


I answered, "It is part of my plan to regain freedom for your sister. Now, perform as ordered!"


She hurried into the bathroom while I apprised Irinka of my plan.


Ira grinned and stated with admiration, "Mira, that is truly a diabolical plan." Then she teased, "If your planning is assisted by cleansing your cranium, perhaps you should shower more frequently?"


I countered, "Perhaps if someone did not frequently deplete the heated water, I might take advantage of your suggestion."


Safia traversed out of the bathroom too rapidly to have cleaned properly and Ira threatened, "Safia, that amount of time was not sufficient for adequate completion of your task. If you do cannot perform more suitably, I will be forced to assist you."


Safia stuttered, "I-I-Ira, y-y-your help is not needed. I will return to the shower and do a better job."


She disappeared back toward the shower while Irinka and I perused the possible clothing requirements for her and new costumes for us. This was going to be delightfully delicious…