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Chapter 74

Home Chapter 74

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Flashback – Ben – At the hospital


I heard a crapload of noise as some people walked into the room. I asked in English, "Hello, who's there?"


I was shocked when I heard, "We are reporters from Moscow News, St. Petersburg News and ANO TV-Novosti1. We just finished talking to many of the hostages you saved from the Beslan School Massacre and now we would like to ask you, the hero of Beslan, a few questions. Do you speak Russian well enough or do you need a translator?"


1 ANO TV-Novosti – Autonomous Non-Profit Organization, the parent company of RT News (rt.com).


I quickly replied in Russian, "No, I don't need a translator and I don't know why you are calling me the 'hero of Beslan'. I only did what was needed to be done. But please tell me, how are the hostages?"


One of the reporters answered, "Sgt. Blaine, if we may call you that, do not be so humble. You are not even a member of the Russian military and yet you saved more hostages than any other person at Beslan. The hostages you saved are being treated for their injuries and mental problems and they all have told us the complete story of your heroics."


Then I heard Masha, Tatiana and some other person (who I did not recognize) come into the room to save me. I hope they know I hated the fucking news reporters.


I was happy as hell when I felt Tatiana's bandaged hand on my shoulder again but that was short lived when my doctor began to speak - damn glory hound!


Flashback – Masha – At the hospital


When we returned to Ben's room with Jack, we quickly recognized that the news reporters had descended like locusts. Yes! My plan was working perfectly! I leaked information to the news organizations about Ben's involvement in the Beslan incident because I knew it would make such a good story and would hopefully keep Jack and Ben out of trouble with their Major and the Marines. We made sure Jack was not seen as it would detract from the story if he was seen in his inebriated condition.


Unfortunately, wherever the news is located, most doctors are right behind because they feel they deserve their пятнадцать минут известности (fifteen minutes of fame). So Mikhail Kaeoorov finally made an appearance after not having checked on Ben since he was transferred into the ICU. And yes, he did an amazing job with Ben, but his neglect afterward bordered on abuse. Tatiana had informed me that he had been 'amazing' a steady supply of different and willing nurses with his specialized 'techniques'.


Of course the reporters recognized Mikhail, and the questions immediately flowed, "Dr. Kaeoorov, who directed you to come here and perform the surgeries on Sgt. Blaine?"


He beamed and replied, "Vladimir observed the heroics of this young man, was impressed with his selfless sacrifice and immediately made the decision that he was to be saved at all costs."


Another reporter asked, "Can you give us the details of Sgt. Blaine's injuries?"


Mikhail responded, "Well unfortunately, his eyes were damaged by flash burns and his spinal cord was damaged by a gunshot. At this time we are not sure he will ever see again or walk again."


What happened next was truly amazing…


Flashback – Tatiana – At the hospital


Mikhail made a huge mistake when he stated Ben would be blind and never walk again. He had not spent enough time with this incredible man to know you could not tell Ben anything he did not want to hear. Ben fought my hand on his shoulder, sat up in bed and loudly proclaimed, "Excuse the hell out of me! But it's apparent to me this doctor is talking out of his ass!"


All the reporters gasped at his insult but he continued, "While I don't mean any disrespect to my doctor, (I was impressed that Ben was astute enough to apologize for his earlier outburst) and I am sure the work he did was excellent. He however does not know me. Not only will I see again, I will certainly walk again!"


This focused the attention of the reporters on Ben where it needed to be and one of them asked, "Sgt. Blaine are you in much pain?"


He laughed and declared, "Pain is only fear leaving the body!"


Another asked, "How do you know you will see and walk again."


He simply stated, "Because I know my body and I know myself. I will not rest or relax until I can both see and walk again. Plus I have this nurse here, Tatiana, that is going to help me fully recuperate."


I was embarrassed by the attention and crimsoned. One of the reporters asked, "Tatiana are you Sgt. Blaine's girlfriend."


I didn't know what to say but Ben saved me when he said, "I'll answer that! She was my flight nurse, she injured her hands removing shards of the ceramic body armor from my back and has been with me almost constantly since that time. If that's not love, then I don't know what love is."


His answer made me crimson even more.


One of the reporters asked the dreaded question I hoped wouldn't be asked…


Flashback – Glen – Undisclosed base


I was pissed as hell! I shipped the fucking Major to Russia to sweep this damn incident under the rug and then kick both of the Sgts. the hell out of the Marines. And what the Major didn't know, was after he came back from his 'hatchet job' he was going to be on the receiving end of a hatchet job too! I'd had my fill of his bullshit.


But now, there was Sgt. Blaine on fucking television from his hospital bed and from what I could tell, he was being called the fucking 'hero of Beslan'. Yeah this was a cluster fuck of huge proportions!


I called the damn Major and this time he answered…


Flashback – Major M – Moscow


I was finally released from the damn prison and I couldn't believe what I saw on TV in a shop window: It was damn Sgt. Blaine giving an interview from his hospital bed. However, I couldn't hear what he was saying.


Then I was interrupted by my phone. I answered and the damn Old Man chewed my ass, "Major what the hell is going on over there? You were supposed to keep this bullshit from happening."


I gave my excuse, "Sir, I was just released from prison and haven't had time to arrange a flight to meet with Sgts."


He yelled, "Well get your ass moving and put a lid on this bullshit. Otherwise it's your ass too!"


He hung up the phone and I was worried that he might reassign me to Thule - or worse. I continued to watch the interview and came up with a hell of an idea!


I pulled out my phone, called Sgt. Reynolds but still didn't get a damn answer. So I called the embassy and told them I needed a flight to where the Sgts. were and I needed it yester-damn-day! They told me to head to the airport and they would have an attaché meet me with the tickets and to function as my translator. It's about fucking time something went right!


Flashback – Jens


I watched my Ben being interviewed on Russian TV and my heart was both happy and sad. Happy because he looked better, but sad because it was plain to me he was injured very badly. Then this stinky old Russian nurse put her hand on my Ben's shoulder and I was very upset. I could tell that she loved my Ben and realized the Major was the least of my worries right now.


The TV subtitled her name, so I wrote it down and began to gather information on my new nemesis…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – in Israel


Safia exfiltrated the shower after sufficient time and Mirinka and I quickly acquired her and stated, "You must wear these garments."


Safia occulated the garments, crimsoned and dissented, "I will not wear such clothes! I will appear as a prostitute if I did!"


Mira explained, "Safia, to find your sister we must make contact with the slave traders who abducted her. To do that you and I will function as bait and Irinka will take us to the slave market and sell us."


Safia loudly complained, "I will not be sold like my sister!"


I continued, "Safia, the sale will not be consummated. We will advertise you as the younger sibling of your missing sister and the slave traders who have abducted her will have extreme desire to also possess you."


Mira continued, "I will be with you at all times to assure your safety."


Safia did not look happy, but she began to dress as Mirinka also changed her garments. I bedecked myself in suitable apparel.


Mirinka's plan was diabolic, but was also fraught with uncertainty and danger…