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Chapter 75

Home Chapter 75

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Present – Jens – Standing watch


When Alexi blows the grizzly bear to hell with a 40 mm grenade, we're a bit too close and now one of the twins says, "My family, I am in some distress!"


I worry it might be Mira and the baby so I run over and ask, "Are you Mira? And if so, then what's wrong?"


She looks at me and confirms, "Yes I am Mira Ms. Donaldson, and I am experiencing some pains in my reproductive areas…"


Present – Alexi, Ira and Mira – Standing watch


Perhaps my use of the grenade at such short range was ill-advised. It now it appears as if my sister Mira is having problems with her potential Ben progeny. I apologize, "Mira I am sorry if I injured you."


Mira smiles and comforts me, "Do not worry my brother, you will learn in time."


Then, I am pushed out of the way as Ms. Donaldson begins to render assistance…


Present – Jack – Standing watch


I can tell that Alexi is feeling badly about injuring Mira and I know she's in excellent hands with Jennifer and Ira so I look at him and suggest, "Let's take a look at this damn bear."


I'm still amazed a fucking grizzly bear was in the Rocky Mountains! Oh, I know they have some in Rocky Mountain National park but we're too damn far from there for a bear to make it to Jennifer's property. The lights are still on and I can plainly see some sort of fucking collar on the damn bear. I point to it and ask, "What the fuck is that?"


Alexi bends close and states, "It appears to be some sort of radio control collar, similar to those which control Canis lupus familiaris."


I sure as hell don't like the sound of that so I bend down, touch it and son-of-a-fucking bitch!!!


Present – Alexi – Standing watch


Cpt. Reynolds performs an ill-advised action. He touches the radio collar attached to the Ursus arctos horribilis, then lets out a low moan, begins to shudder and I can almost see his eyes light up.


I acquire a stick from the ground and use it to forcefully disconnect Cpt. Reynolds' hand from the collar. He falls to the ground, continues to quiver and my sister Ira questions, "What has occurred with Cpt. Reynolds?"


I state, "He applied his upper digital extremity to the radio collar on the Ursus arctos horribilis. And now he appears to have suffered from some sort of electrical discharge."


I kneel beside him, attempt to acquire a pulse and declare, "It would appear Cpt. Reynolds has suffered a life-threatening cardiac event."


Ms. Donaldson commands…


Present – Jens – Assisting Mira


Dammit! Mira is in big trouble and now Jack is down. I order, "Ira please take care of Jack while I work on your sister."


Amazingly she doesn't argue with me but moves to Jack and requests, "Alexi, please depart and retrieve the level three trauma kits."


Alexi questions, "Both of them?"


Ira confirms, "Yes, both of them and haste of post is required."


Mira explains, "Ms. Donaldson, there will be components in the trauma kits which will prevent the contractions I am experiencing."


I immediately wonder why the fuck didn't we fetch them right away.


Present – Liz and Bernie – Standing watch


Between Ivan screaming bloody murder and the damn alarm, there's enough noise to wake the dead! We hurry to Jack and Masha's room but Jack's nowhere to be found. Ivan holds out his hands toward me, I scoop him up, he stops crying and we head outside. At the doorway we almost collide with Alexi.


I demand, "What the hell is going on!"


He runs past and states, "My sister Mira is having her baby and Cpt. Jack is practically dead."


I yell after him, "What the fuck did you say?"


Bernie translates, "I think he said Mira is having her baby and Jack is dying."


I shake my head and declare, "We need to get our asses outside and see if we can help."


We run outside and I yell, "Jens where the hell are you?"


I hear in response, "We're around back and all hell is breaking loose."


We run around back and find the whole area is covered in blood and (I sniff) what appears to be bear shit…


I see Jens working on Mira and Ira is doing CPR on Jack. Bernie offers help, and he takes over compressions while Ira does rescue breaths.


Just when I think things can't get any worse, I hear a helicopter arriving.


Ivan points and yells, "Gopter bring mama back!"


Jens orders, "Liz, you're going to need to cover whoever the fuck it is in the chopper by yourself. The rest of us have our fucking hands full!"


I look around, pick up one of the rifles off the ground and hurry around to the front of the house.


Present – Masha – Arrival at the cabin


As we begin our descent to a landing, I see the cabin is alight as if it was day and then Ms. Morgan walks from behind the cabin, holding my son in one arm and a rifle in the other.


I look at Todd and question, "Why is Ms. Morgan the only one to greet us?"


Then I see Alexi exit the house post haste and see he has two level three trauma kits. Suddenly I feel ill and state, "Alexi has two level three trauma kits, several people must be seriously injured!"


The helicopter is close enough to the ground so I open the door and leap. I impact the ground, roll and then erect myself. Vanya sees me and yells, "Mama, mama, mama!"


I run toward Ms. Morgan and question, "Who has been injured?"


She states, "Mira is losing the baby and they are doing CPR on Jack."


My fears have been confirmed! I take Vanya and race toward the aft of the cabin. I round the corner and I cannot believe my eyes…


Present – Todd – Arrival at the cabin


I was impressed by Masha Reynolds' actions! She leapt from the helicopter when it was a full 15 feet in the air (which spooked the hell out of the pilot) landed perfectly, rolled and then ran toward Liz Morgan. After a brief exchange (while she acquired her son) she ran behind the cabin.


The pilot questioned as I left the helicopter, "It sounds like you all might need some medical transport. Would you like me to stay?"


I nod an affirmation, step out of the helicopter and my sixth sense goes to full alert. I nock an arrow in my bow and slowly proceed. Something is not right here…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


It's the middle of the night and what the fuck is going on!!!


Present – Stacy – At the vets


I finally get to sleep after being able to ignore all the damn snoring when someone yells, "Damn what the hell stinks over here."


It's the damn horse shooting bastard! Samantha answers him, "Sorry honey, I think it's my hands because I petted Ben's pet bear."


He continues to complain, "I would say it's more than just your hands."


Samantha answers, "Oh gross! My clothes also smell like him."


Frank replies, "Not just your clothes, you need to go clean yourself up because you smell like a damn camel or llama."


Samantha begins to cry, runs out of the barn and yells, "Frank that's me meanest thing you have ever said to me!"


As if on cue, Wojtek comes out of his stall and the horse shooting bastard orders, "Stacy give me my damn pistol so I can use it to shoot this bear like I used it to shoot the damn horse."


I sit upright and yell, "What the fuck! This is the pistol that shot Bo?"


He replies, "What? No? You don't understand."


I jump up and scream at him, "Like hell I don't! You're never getting this damn fucking pistol back!"


I look at Wojtek and order, "Come on you damn smelly bear. We're not staying around this horse shooting bastard."


We both storm out of the barn, leaving the door open…


Present – Thom and Byron – Rescue Inga


I can't fucking believe it! Inga is going after the cartel by herself after we almost died during our attempted assault with the team. I'm not sure what the hell she thinks she can do by herself. We begin to gear up and I ask, "Hey Byron, did she leave any directions for using the communication gear?"


He answers, "Yeah, it's all right here."


I order, "Okay, send a message to the Twins and let them know what's going on and that that we're going after her."


He does as ordered, we're finally ready and I lament, "Well let's hope we don't die."


Then, we head back toward the damn cartel area of the city…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – just after leaving the restaurant


I hear from the front seat, "Maria we hate to bother you but what would you like us to do? We can't just drive around forever."


I come up for air and reply, "I don't know, this is Linus' team to command."


Linus says, "I think we need to find an LEO and see if they have any news on Ben. I'm sure not going to ask the truckers again."


Jim asks, "Do you think we should head back toward where they wrecked the van?"


Linus answers, "That's probably the best place to find a LEO."


Jim spins the car, punches it and we're off again.


Linus pulls away and apologizes, "Maria, while I would really love for you to stay..."


I interrupt, "Yeah, I know. I need to get back and help my Princess Boss. I will wait until morning then call her for another car."


Linus comments, "That's my woman!" Now that phrase makes me happy as hell…