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Chapter 76

Home Chapter 76

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Tatiana – Hospital interview


Ben had just said I was his girlfriend! This suddenly precipitated three items: I crimsoned like crazy, I felt all tingly inside and I was terribly confused.


My confused state only lasted until the next reporter asked, "Sgt. Blaine, because you were there, could you tell us who or what started the conflict with the terrorists?"


This was the one question which I hoped would not be asked, but I knew it would be asked. I applied pressure on Ben's shoulder and said a silent prayer that he would remember my earlier admonition.


Ben replied, "I am not sure exactly what caused the terrorists to escalate the conflict and attack the hostages. But knowing the Chechen terrorists we can surmise that this was included in their original plan."


I could breathe again until the same reporter continued, "Some have speculated that you gaining access to the school initiated the escalation."


Ben derisively snorted, "That's the biggest bullshit I have ever heard! I'm Marine Recon and they didn't even know I was in the school!"


I also needed to speak to defend Ben so I added, "Sgt. Blaine is correct the Chechens had no idea we were inside the school."


Unfortunately that made them question, "Tatiana, how is it that you know this fact?"


I wasn't sure what to say and then… 


Flashback – Masha – Hospital interview


Tatiana made an unfortunate error when she came to Ben's defense and I needed to rectify the situation. I leaned over to Dr. Kaeoorov and ordered, "You need to tell the reporters that Ben is tired and needs to rest."


He smirked but then I added, "If you do not, I will kick your ass on national television!"


Amazingly he then declared, "I am sorry but Sgt. Blaine needs his rest. This interview will have to be continued at a later date. However I am currently available to respond to your questions."


Dr. Kaeoorov and the reporters left the room. When I was sure they were gone I looked at Tatiana and advised, "It was not wise to expose that you were also in the school."


She prepared to reply when Ben interceded, "Masha get off her ass! She saved my life and I'm sure she saved some hostages too. By tomorrow the reporters will have forgotten all about her statement. Even if they don't forget, because you're women, I'm sure the two of you can concoct some sort of plausible excuse."


Tatiana smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders while I realized if Ben had feelings for Tatiana this could further complicate things. I decided to make a strategic retreat and stated, "I'm going to check on Jack."


Ben questioned, "What the hell is wrong with him?"


Tatiana answered, "Ben you were correct. Jack found two doctors and the all three were drunk as скунсов (skunks)."


Ben laughed, "I told you he would find something to get drunk as a skunk with. You know he only did it because he blames himself for what happened to me but it sure as hell wasn't his fault."


I was shocked! Ben had stated the problem succinctly. My Jack blamed himself and I needed to make sure he knew his partner Ben did not hold him responsible. I left to minister to Jack's needs…


Flashback – Ben – After the interviews


There was no way in hell I was going to let Tatiana catch a load of shit from Masha for defending me. Hell, she was the one who dragged me from the school and saved my life! Besides, she was a beautiful as hell woman and was my biggest comfort right now.


Once Masha left she questioned, "Ben, am I your girlfriend?"


I had been thinking about it and replied, "A man would be crazy to not want one of the most beautiful women in the world as his girlfriend. So what are we going to do now?"


She stated, "I think we both need some rest. Then I was surprised as hell when she crawled onto the bed with me, pressed herself against me and gave me an ever so sweet kiss. Yeah if a guy had to have a girlfriend, he could do a hell of a lot worse than Tatiana…


Flashback – Jens


I was furious at my Ben! I watched the interview with him where they called him the hero of Beslan and it made me feel sooo good about him. But then I guess they asked about the beautiful nurse standing next to him and it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that the little female dog was in love with MY BEN!


She even had her hand on his shoulder the whole time!


I was soooo jealous! Not only did I need to take care of Ben's nasty Major, now I had to take care of his skanky, Russian, wannabe girlfriend's rear too.


I searched the Internet to find out more about this Tatiana dog and formulate the proper defense!!!


Flashback – Glen – Undisclosed base


I had a full blown fucking headache and I don't mean my wife this time. I had the translated transcripts of Sgt. Blaine's interview delivered and when I read them I knew we were totally fucked! The Russian media had made him a fucking hero and somehow the damn American media also got wind of the story and they were making a big fucking deal about it. I knew it was only a matter of time until I was going to get calls from the SECNAV (Secretary of the Navy) and had to explain how things became so fucked up.


Sure enough, my aide buzzed me and announced, "Sir you have a conference call from the SECNAV and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."


I took a deep breath, answered the phone and started, "Sirs, I can explain!"


The SECNAV interrupted, "Glen, we'd love to hear how you pulled of the media coup of the century! Damn one of your Marines is going to be the only American ever to receive The Hero Of the Russian Federation1 award."


1 The Hero Of the Russian Federation - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero_of_the_Russian_Federation


I… I… I was shocked since I hadn't heard anything about this. I recovered and replied, "Well Sir, I'm so glad that you approve of this action. I was concerned you would feel this was an international incident."


The SECNAV laughed, "Hell yes it's an international incident! But this is going to make America and American's look so damn good in the eyes of Russia. Now how in the hell did you make this happen?"


I thought and said, "Well Sir, it really was a stroke of luck. Sgt. Blaine just happened to be in the right place at the perfect time."


The SECNAV laughed again, "Glen stop being so damn humble, we know you had your best team over there for some reason exactly like this. Now we do expect a full report and next time let us know ahead of time about these great ideas of yours so we can better capitalize on them."


I was shocked when I hung up the phone, but quickly realized I needed to contact that damn Major before he majorly fucked things up.


I buzzed my aide and ordered, "Get that fucking Major M on the horn ASAP!!!"


Flashback – Major M – Trip to the Sgts.


I finally arrived at the airport (the traffic in Moscow was unbelievably BAD) and met the attaché from the embassy and – Hot Damn! She was one sexy as hell woman. Brick shithouses had nothing on her! She smiled, handed me our (yeah our) plane tickets and informed me, "Major, we need to wait for several hours. Perhaps a drink would help you overcome the ordeal you experienced from the mistake made by our FSB?"


Hell I would damn near go anywhere with this eye candy so I replied, "First you have me at a disadvantage. I don't know your name and a drink would be a great way to unwind and get to know you better."


She gave me an incredible smile, held out her hand and said, "Major Mike, my name is Victoria but my friends call me Vika."


I politely questioned, "Am I one of your friends and can I call you Vika?"


She took my hand, we headed inside toward a bar and she answered, "Sometimes you American's say the funniest thing. Of course we are friends."


Things took a serious turn toward the good as we found a table and she ordered a bottle of vodka with two glasses (yeah a whole damn bottle!). We had just settled in when my damn phone rang. I looked at it and immediately recognized it was the Old Man (shit, he had terrible timing). I reluctantly answered and was shocked when he announced, "Major we have a change in plans! It looks like Sgt. Blaine is going to receive the Hero Of the Russian Federation medal so instead of kicking his ass out of the Marines, you need make this the best damn photo-op you can. Pull every damn string you can find to get all the press you can for this. And while you're at it, I need a full damn report of how you pulled this damn rabbit out of your hat! God damn good work, you have exceeded my expectations!"


After the General hung up the phone, I looked at Vika and questioned, "What can you tell me about the Hero Of the Russian Federation award?"


She poured each of us a shot of vodka and explained, "First we must toast our new friendship then I will tell you all about the highest award in Russia…


Flashback – Mira – in Israel


With accoutrements completed, I studied our visages in the mirror and questioned if Safia was certain these clothes would make us appear to be women of very ill-repute.


Ira must have cognated the same as she ordered, "Apply these burkas over the top of your costumes."


We complied and Ira led us out onto the streets using a leather restraint device for salukis. I was not pleased with this, but it was necessary for the success of our ruse.


We traversed fro and to through the streets and arrived at the designated point of sale. Safia shrank from the pressing crowd that jeered and touched us. It took all my restraint to not break the mini-beast hands that assaulted us.


We were placed on a platform, Ira went into the pitch of sales, then forcibly removed our burkas and the throng became chaotic.


I held Safia's hand to render support but she appeared as if illness would overtake her. The bidding commenced at an extreme rate. I leaned over and questioned, "Safia, do you recognize the men that abducted your sister."


She could not answer because she was terribly, tragically terrified…