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Chapter 77

Home Chapter 77

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Present – Masha – Taking care of Jack


I retrieve my Vanya from Liz Morgan and race toward the reverse of the cabin. I round the corner and I cannot believe my eyes! Jennifer is working on Miranda while Irina and Bernie are performing CPR on my Jack!


I quickly assess the situation and my first responsibility must be to my Jack. I order, "Bernie, please take Ivan while I replace you. Alexi, please enter our domicile and acquire the AED1 device. Irina, continue doing rescue breaths."


1 Automated External Defibrillator – A civilian version of a defibrillator. The main difference is that it will not defibrillate unless it senses either no pulse or an ineffective pulse.


I perform an intensive precordial thump on my husband's chest, check his pulse (which is still absent), then begin the compressions and question, "What precipitated Jack's cardiac event."


Irina informs me, "He unwisely touched the control collar on the Ursus arctos horribilis and it delivered a tremendous electrical shock to his system."


I realize that the AED might not be sufficiently powerful because of the nature of the electrical shock trigger which caused the problem. I decide to pursue an alternate treatment and order, "Irina, take over compressions while I prepare an injection."


I prepare the injection, clean the area over his heart, push the needle into his heart, inject the adrenaline and pray…


Present – Jens – Working on Mira


I'm working my ass off on Mira and things don't look too good. She definitely has some bleeding from her – well, her female area.  


Alexi brings the level three trauma bag and Mira calmly instructs me, "Ms. Donaldson, please prepare an injection of Terbutaline and administer it intravenously to my corporeal self. Once you have completed that you must monitor my blood pressure and pulse rate."


Then she questions, "Masha, do you possess a fetal heart rate monitor?"


Masha answers, "I am sorry Miranda, I do not have that piece of equipment."


Mira continues, "Then Ms. Donaldson, you must also use a stethoscope to monitor the heart rate of my fetus."


I begin to monitor Mira's and her baby's heart rate and Mira's blood pressure when Todd walks up and signs…


Present – Todd – At the scene


I walk up and immediately see and smell the remnants of the grizzly bear. I observe the control collar and that raises my suspicions. I sign to Jennifer, "The helicopter is waiting if you need a medical evacuation."


Jennifer yells, "Masha how is Jack doing? Do you need to take him to the hospital?"


She states, "His heart is beating and he is breathing on his own. After my experience with American hospitals, I would prefer to avoid them! Besides, Jack is finally regaining consciousness."


Then Jennifer says, "Todd, I think we need to get Mira to a hospital ASAP."


Mira smiles and calmly agrees, "Yes that would be most advisable."


Bernie and I carefully pick up Mira and carry her toward the waiting helicopter; Jennifer follows and says, "I will travel to the hospital with her."


We load Mira into the helicopter, Jennifer jumps in along with Alexi and the level three trauma bag and Jennifer asks, "Todd what are you going to do?"


I smile grimly at her and sign, "I'm going hunting…"


Present – Jack – At the scene


I wake up with one hell of a fucking headache, my chest hurts like someone had been pounding the hell out of it, see my lovely wife over me and immediately demand, "Masha what happened?"


She smiles at me and scolds, "Jack, once again you behaved unwisely and touched something which you should not have."


If I didn't feel so terrible, I would have laughed my ass off! She always bugged the hell out of me for this 'problem' - hell it's just my natural male curiosity. Then I fucking remember the damn collar on the grizzly bear. I begin to sit up but Masha holds me down and warns, "My Jack, I just brought you back from the dead, so please do not sit up too soon."


I speculate, "Masha, something strange is going on here. First there shouldn't have been any grizzly bears in this area and second the damn bear had some sort of control collar. I can't help but feel we're still in danger."


She says, "Jack, Todd is here and he will take care of any danger whether real or imagined."


Imagined my ass! Something is going on. I question, "Where the hell is Jens?"


Masha states, "She and Alexi escorted Mira to the hospital."


I ask, "So what are our defensive resources?"


Ira walks up and replies, "Myself and Todd."


Masha reminds them, "And of course me."


I order, "Well, I hate like hell to do this, but let's get everyone inside the cabin and lock it the hell down."


Masha and Ira help me up and, with their help, I slowly walk toward the cabin. Damn what the hell happened to my chest! I order, "Everyone into the cabin, now!"


We enter the cabin, I use the control panel to lock it down and state, "Listen I'm not sure what the hell is going on. But, this high-tech alarm system shouldn't have let that damn grizzly bear get anywhere near the cabin. I can only assume that it's been compromised and we can't really trust it."


Ira questions, "Cpt. Jack, with the uncertainty of the situation might it be better to abide in the subterranean passages?"


Masha quickly questions, "When did my Jack become a Captain and what is this matter of subterranean passages?"


Ira explains, "We have appointed your husband the de facto Captain of our group and there is an extensive subterranean complex below our feet."


Masha laughs, "Oui mon capitain, we should depart to these subterranean passages."


All of us head to the basement, I slide back the bookcase, open the door and we all enter into the tunnels.


Liz remarks…


Present – Liz – In the tunnels


I'm shocked! I knew Jens did something under the cabin when she had it rebuilt, but I sure as hell didn't think it was this extensive. I demand, "Does anyone know what's down here?"


Mabel says, "Just point me to my kitchen down here and I will whip something up for us to eat."


Ira volunteers, "Chef Mabel, I know the location of the cooking domicile and sustenance supply domicile, please accompany me."


Jack declares, "I'm opening the damn gun room and getting some better weapons. These damn mouse rifles aren't worth shit against fucking grizzly bears!"


Mabel immediately shakes her spoon at Jack and warns, "We still have rules around here – you watch your language if you want anything to eat!"


With a chuckle, Ira responds to Jack's question, "Cpt. Jack, if that is the room with the security vault door I would love to accompany you. Would it be possible to delay your entrance until I assist Chef Mabel?"


Jack gripes, "I might do that – but only if you stop calling me Captain."


Ira quickly agrees, " Да, мой общий боль."


Masha begins to laugh, Jack looks at me and asks, "Do you know what she just said?"


I answered with a giggle, "I think you've been promoted to a General."


Masha adds, "I believe you forgot to translate the last word."


I counter, "You can't forget if you delete it on purpose."


Jack storms off, "I'm getting damn tired of this. If I was a fucking General, I would send the lot of you to Thule."


Masha looks at Ira, laughs and confirms, "Yes you are correct about the name: 'General Pain' fits him much better."


Masha walks toward General Pain, I mean Jack, while Ira takes Mabel and I can only guess she's headed to the 'cooking domicile'! Great, now they have me talking and thinking like them!!!


I look at Bernie, wink and question, "Do you think they have 'sleeping domiciles' down here?"


His eyes gleam as he answers, "Oh yeah! I bet they do. Let's see if we can find one."


I pout, "Only one? I was hoping for two or three!"


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


It's the middle of the night and what the fuck is going on!!!


I wake up and feel that – what the hell – someone has their mouth around my…


I begin to pull away, there's an audible pop and I hear a giggle, "PavErast it seems like you might be my type after all."


Fuck I was sleeping too soundly and Margarita was able to – well, you all understand what she was doing.


I complain, "Margarita, it's not fair to do that to a man when he's sleeping."


She chides me, "Which of your countrymen said 'all is fair in love and war?' PavErast, you are a terrible liar and when you told me you were a homosexual, I knew it was not true. Now would you like to tell me the truth?"


Fuck, how the hell can I explain it this too her? I barely understand it myself. I begin to muddle through an explanation, "Margarita, I will try my best. You see there's this woman that I love with all my heart but I cannot be with her."


Margarita questions, "Pavel why is that?"


I look down and say, "Well it's embarrassing, you see she's always wanted children and well…"


Margarita says, "Yes continue…"


I continue, "Well, I can't give her children. I was injured when I was taken prisoner. There, now you fucking know it so leave me the fuck alone and let me get back to sleep."


I roll over on the couch and as I hear her walk away, she adds, "PavErast, you would be much more comfortable sharing my bed. And as you know I don't bite too frequently or too hard."


Margarita's gone and I remember how that bastard Hussein took the one thing I really wanted in life away from me – to live the rest of my life with Jens. Death is simply too good for that bastard…


Present – Stacy – At the vets


Wojtek and I storm out of the damn barn! I was lied to by Samantha about this pistol she gave me since it really is the one use by her fucking horse shooting husband to shoot Bo. It makes me a little ill to hold it! Oh I'm not a dumb enough blonde to blame this pistol for shooting Bo. Certainly not like those fucking gun grabbing liberals who blame the guns and not the idiots pulling the triggers! Frank, Samantha's horse shooting husband, is the one to blame, but this pistol to me represents Bo being injured.


There is enough light available that I can see something very useful and decide to give the horse shooting bastard back a gun that will remind him that it's not nice to piss off Stacy Summers.


I put the pistol on the anvil, raise the hammer and begin to beat the shit out of it! Yeah this is feeling really good until – what the fuck!!!


Present – Thom and Byron – Rescue Inga


We're geared up to go and see if we can catch Inga before she gets herself killed. I look at Byron and argue, "Damn, I wish there was an easier way to do this. We're going to get our asses handed to us if we go in their looking like this."


Byron suggests, "Well, perhaps we should look a bit different?"


I question, "You have a plan?"


Byron laughs, "I always have a plan."


I complain, "The problem is that most of them are harebrained."


He laughs and declares, "Well, not this time."


I listen to his plan and – damn! For once he might have come up with a good one…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – at a restaurant


We arrive back at the crash site, I touch Linus's arm and ask, "How about if you and I talk with the State Patrol."


Linus questions, "Maria, do you have a plan?"


I smile at him and state, "Yes honey I sure do."


We get out of the car, walk up to the troopers and I begin…