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Chapter 78

Home Chapter 78

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Jack – Where the hell?


I woke up with a pounding damn headache, quickly ran to the fucking bathroom and puked my guts out! For a moment I wondered if Masha had given me some of that damn sickness shit of hers again. I didn't immediately recognize the room where I was or even how I got there. Then, as the fog slowly lifted, I remembered my doctor friends and the ass-kicking hooch they made.


I rinsed my mouth and decided I needed a little hair of the dog that bit me to make things better. So I headed out of the room to see if I could find those two doctors again…


Flashback – Masha – Ministering to Jack


As I walked toward the room where we sequestered Jack, I pondered the situation with Tatiana and Ben because it resembled my situation with Jack. I realized that Tatiana had already decided, as I had also determined, coercion of sensitive information from our boyfriends was not in our best interests. I was Tatiana's superior and I could shield her, but unfortunately I had no one above me who I could rely upon to shield me. I began to formulate a possible plan, until I walked into the room and discovered my Jack was missing – again!


I berated myself for not handcuffing him to the bed, but I wrongly assumed that in his inebriated state it would be hours until he was again functional. I pondered where in hades he might have gone, then I remembered Ben's statement that Jack would be looking for coffee or alcohol. In this case, I decided coffee was probably the likely (and also the worst for possibly initiating another illness) choice. Therefore, I departed for the cafeteria and hoped he didn't actually drink the coffee - otherwise his sickness could be real…


Flashback – Ben – In the hospital


Tatiana must have been tired as hell: As was evident from her slow regular breaths, she fell right to sleep. She was lying on my left arm, but my right arm was free so I decided now would be as good as any time to do some exploration. I let my arm travel down her back and discovered it was muscular and strong but not in a gross female body builder way. I let my hand slip lower until I cupped one cheek of her ass and began to squeeze - damn that was nice, firm and shapely.


I wondered if I should dare… And I figured why the hell not? I slipped my hand around to her front and began to examine her breasts. Damn they were nice sized and very…


Flashback – Tatiana – In the hospital


I awoke with a shock! Someone was touching my breast! I looked and saw it was Ben but scolded, "Ben you have Rushin' hands and Roamin' fingers."


He laughed and somewhat apologized, "Sorry about waking you Tatiana; I was bored and wanted to see what the rest of my girlfriend was like. Unfortunately I had to use my hand for my search."


I replied, "That is an insufficient excuse! If you wanted to feel my body you should have asked my permission."


He asked, "Tatiana may I feel your body?"


I scolded, "Ben, certainly you can, but not here and not now."


He laughed and commented, "And you wondered why I didn't ask."


I giggled. He did have a point but I needed to inform him of our customs, "Ben this is not something which can be done in public."


Ben complained, "Okay, but when the hell are we going to have some privacy?"


I answered, "That we do not know. Certainly in your condition, you are in no shape to…"


He interrupted, "Oh I'm not? Well you should check under my gown."


I checked and was shocked because it was functional! I jumped out of bed and excitedly declared, "Ben I must report this to your doctor immediately!"


He whined, "Typical woman! Get a man all worked up and then leave him to his own devices."


I replied as I began to leave the room, "Ben, you can not perform those activities until after the doctor clears you…"


Ben interrupted, "Yeah I know, but I sure as hell hope some other nurse doesn't take advantage of my condition while you're gone."


I stopped and scolded, "If you let anyone else…"


He laughed, "Tatiana I was teasing now get back into my bed with me."


I debated what to do and decided that the doctor would want more proof than just my word. So I locked the door and climbed back into bed…


Flashback – Jens


My search on the Russian female dog turned up some interesting results. She seemed to be in many places where unusual things occurred – things like the Beslan slaughter. I thought about this and wondered what sort of woman would be at all those places but I didn't really have an answer. She was a nurse and that might explain it, but it still didn't seem to be the best explanation.


It was time to see if I could get into the FSB database and get more information on her. One of the biggest problems was the Russian language so I also decided it was time for me to learn Russian.


I walked downstairs and found Daddy asleep in his favorite chair in front of the TV. Who the heck cared about where mom was - probably at one of her many meetings with friends.


I sat on the couch and cleared my throat. Daddy woke up, blinked and asked, "How long have I been asleep?"


I humored him and lied, "I don't think very long. But I was wondering Daddy, I think I would like to learn Russian."


He blinked a few more times and continued, "Now why would you want to learn Russian?"


I lied a little, "Well I was trying to figure out what went on at Beslan and I didn't like the translations of the news reporters.  I think there was some information that was not translated."


Daddy questioned, "Well, do you want to go to a school for this or do you think you can learn it on the computer?"


I answered, "I would like to try it on the computer first, but if I have problems then I would like to take it at a school. This way I can confirm whether I like Russian and it won't cost as much."


Daddy smiled and agreed, "Okay Jennifer, you can use your charge card to order a program. Just make sure it doesn't cost more than one-hundred dollars."


I jumped off the couch, ran over gave Daddy a big kiss on the cheek and yelled as I ran upstairs, "Thanks Daddy! You're the best!"


Now I had to research the best program I could find for less than $100.00…


Flashback – Glen


Well that was certainly a strange conversation with my daughter - but then there were many times I talked to her that I felt things were strange. I questioned her motives for wanting to learn Russian, and wondered if they still had something to do with the experience she had with at the time L.Cpl. Blaine.


Damn him anyway! I had hoped the mess he caused in Russia would be reason enough to send him packing and to never see him again. But he seemed to have more lives than a cat and was equally agile at landing on his feet.


There were still his injuries; if he didn't recover then we could give him a medical discharge…


Flashback – Major M – Trip to the Sgts.


Vika and I were halfway through the bottle of vodka and things were going swimmingly. She looked at her watch and stated, "We must leave now or we will miss our flight."


I questioned, "What about the vodka?"


She grabbed the bottle, took a big slug, handed it to me and ordered, "Now you finish it."


I did my best but it was more than I could slam down at once. Vika grabbed my hand and we ran (more like staggered) toward the departure gate.


We made the flight just in time, found our seats but there was someone already in them.  Vika raised hell with them so they left and we sat down. Vika tossed a blanket over us, moved the armrest out of the way and pressed against my arm. I laughed and commented, "Now this is traveling first class!"


Vika understood my joke, laughed, pressed more tightly against me and then things got really interesting…


Flashback – Ira, Mira and Safia – in Israel


The perverts bid like crazy on Mira and Safia however I occulated that Safia appeared to be in distress. It was not propitious for our plans if she failed to identify the men that purchased her sister.


Finally one man audaciously announced, "I have her older sister and I will pay anything for the younger one."


Still the bidding continued until the man who made the announcement paid a huge sum for my sister and Safia.


One man unwisely announced he possessed Safia's sister. Safia looked at him and trembled so I confirmed it was the culprit. He finally outbid everyone and I watched as Ira collected the large sum of money but then something unthinkable happened…