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Chapter 79

Home Chapter 79

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Present – Jack – In the tunnels


I thought it was fucking terrible being called a worthless Captain, but being a called a General is an even bigger insult! I figured out a long time ago, when I was in the Corps, that when applied to officers rank and intelligence are inversely proportional: The higher the rank the lower the intelligence. The only benefit of rank is authority to be a bigger pain in the ass.


I get to the gun vault door, operate it as Jens instructed me, put my hand on the hand scanner and it opens right up. I step inside and marvel at the sight. Yeah, Banzai now has a hell of a weapons locker. I know he didn't have all of these in the old cabin (because I had been there before). I wonder how and if Jens was able to clear out the weapons caches he had squirreled away around the country. Someone (perhaps Jens) had done a great job organizing it. On the immediate sides of the door were BOB's1 and weapons to go with them. Then on the left wall are the large caliber weapons and what a collection there was! I saw several 20mm rifles which didn't surprise me, but damn that's a semi-auto belt fed 14.5 mm KPV anti-personnel weapon normally mounted on the ZPU series of anti-aircraft guns. Where the fuck did he get one of those? It must have been from one of his Russian friends.


1 Bug Out Bags – A bag with everything you need to quickly leave someplace.


It continues from there to Russian 50 caliber (12.7x108); an American 50 caliber (12.7x99); then what looks to be Barrett .416 caliber (10.6x83); a Cheytac .408 caliber (10.4x77); and several .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6x70) rifles. These are all fine but much heavier than I really want. Suddenly on the back wall I spot what I deem to be the perfect battle rifle. As I walk toward it I hear from behind me, "Mr. Blaine has an impressive weapons collection."


I turn and see Ira in the doorway and remark, "Yes he does but I'm not really sure how many of these he legally owns and keeps in this country."


She smiles and comments, "I know for a fact they are all legal. I notice you are choosing your favorite weapon."


I lovingly take the rifle off the wall and answer, "Yes, and this one just happens to be a real M-251 not the civilian version called 'White Feather'.


1 M-25 Sniper Weapons System: The M25 is similar to the M21 (Sniper version of the M-14) in many regards. It has a National Match M14 barrel in a McMillan glass bedded fiberglass stock, uses a special gas piston, a National Match spring guide and a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System.


She smiles and states, "Yes, Carlos Hathcock, aka 'White Feather' was the father of modern snipers for America."


I ask her, "Are you going to select a more powerful rifle?"


Ira responds, "While I am tempted to drive of test many of the weapons, I will instead begin to carry my usual weapon which is in stored in my domicile."


I remember back to the spy school and confirm, "Ah a PSG-1. Too bad it's not as accurate as my M-25."


Her eyes gleam as she challenges, "I would treasure the chance to make you consume your verbiage."


I reply, "You're on little lady! But don't sell me and this old rifle short. We might make you 'consume your verbiage'."


Ira requests, "Perhaps now that you have acquired a suitable weapon, will you accompany me upstairs to relocate our equipment into these tunnels."


I lock and load, check the safety and suggest, "Let's grab Bernie to give us a hand. Do you know where he is?"


Ira grins as she answers, "Bernie and Ms. Morgan are training each other in one of the sleeping domiciles."


It takes me a moment to remember that training to the twins means sex so I answer, "Okay, it looks like it's you and me."


We lock the vault, head to the door where I check the monitors. I don't see anyone or anything in the house so we exit the main tunnel and head toward the twin's room…


Present – Todd – Hunting


When I told Jennifer I was going hunting it was not a joke. I could feel it: Something was out there watching us and I was sure that something was not friendly. When I saw the control collar on the bear, it reminded me of experiments the Pentagon had done in the past on animal behavior control – the experiments were mostly abandoned because the animals killed everyone, including the handlers.


Jennifer and the rest of the team were lucky they so quickly and thoroughly destroyed the bear otherwise it would have killed them. But the something that I was sensing felt different. This was something that I preferred to hunt from the shadows and avoid direct conflict.


I watched as Jack took everyone into the cabin - a very wise move. Now it was just me and the animal whatever it was. I decided to take up station in a big Douglas fir and wait for it to come to me. I no sooner get set in the tree when all hell breaks loose…


Present – Jens – Heading to the hospital with Mira


I continue to work on Mira because it appears the drug I gave her isn't stopping her contractions. I tell the pilot, "Please contact Mira's fertility clinic and have them meet us at the hospital."


The pilot questions, "Which one."


Mira calmly gives him the name, phone number and even the name of her doctor there.


Alexi is holding Mira's hand and continues to apologize, "My sister I am so sorry for precipitating this problem."


Mira shushes him, "Alexi, this is only a minor setback."


I think minor my ass, she's losing the baby.


Present – Mira – Heading to the hospital


It's evident to me that I will lose my Ben's progeny. The Terbutaline has done nothing to abate the contractions so it's just a time of matter until mis-delivery occurs. The number of weeks is not sufficient for this baby to survive, so I decide I must do everything I can to comfort Alexi.


Yes while I experience much grief, I have a brother that must be comforted and trained so this never occurs again…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


Shit! After I woke up with Margarita giving me a BJ, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was angry at myself for sleeping so soundly she could do that to me and even angrier that I had to explain why the hell I didn't want to go to bed with her. I was sure that she wasn't going to take this NO for an answer and would do everything she could to coerce me into her bed (and her). Russian women love a challenge and this was going to be a welcome challenge to her.


I decided since I couldn't get back to sleep, I might as well hit the streets again because taking out the trash seemed to be the only thing that made me happy lately. I checked my tactical vest, grabbed my weapons and headed out the door. I catch a taxi to a bad (if there is anything worse than where Margarita's apartment was) part of the city. The driver stops and questions, "Are you sure you want to get out here?"


I answer, "Yeah, this will do."


It doesn't take long until I hear screams of pain, I run toward the screams, turn the corner and I can't fucking believe what I see. I suddenly realize that for once I don't have the right weapons for this assignment. Unfortunately they see me and one of them yells, "Fresh meat!" They take off after me and I begin to back pedal…


Present – Stacy – At the vets


I'm having a great time beating the shit out of the gun that Samantha's horse shooting husband used to shoot Bo! Wojtek is watching me, when… The fucking gun blows up, knocks me on my ass and Wojtek yowls and runs back into the barn!


Samantha runs up and demands, "Stacy, what happened?"


I laugh as I answer, "Well the horse shooting gun your husband gave me just blew up."


She asks, "What? How did you find out?"


I stand up and complain, "Well, your brilliant horse shooting husband told me."


She apologizes, "Stacy, I'm so sorry."


I wave my hand and vent my anger, "You, and all other reporters are the same! You couldn't tell the fucking truth if your lives depended on it!"


Samantha complains, "Frank is going to be furious about this - he loved that gun."


I laugh, "Well, you can tell him to shove that gun up his…"


The horse shooting husband rolls up in his wheelchair and interrupts, "Perhaps you'd like to tell me yourself."


I grin and say, "You can take what's left of that damn gun and put it where the sun doesn't shine!"


He complains, "What the hell did you do to it?"


I laugh and taunt him, "I beat the shit out of it with a hammer and then it blew up."


He rolls towards me and threatens, "I should beat the hell out of you for…"


He's interrupted when the vet arrives with a rifle and says, "No one's going to be beating the hell out of anyone. Now what the hell is going on? I heard a gunshot."


I tell the vet the whole story, he shakes his head and states, "You're lucky that gun didn't hurt you or anyone else. Now where's this bear you were telling me about."


I call, "Wojtek come here boy."


He doesn't come so I suggest, "Well, he's in the barn and must be scared."


We head into the barn and I can't believe my eyes…


Present – Byron and Thom – Rescue Inga


I come up with a relatively good idea. Thom and I dress like a couple of the drunks we've seen on the streets, take the dingy and head to the docks. We reach the docks, tie up the dingy and pretend to stumble along the streets toward the drug dealer's lair.


I'm shocked because Byron's plan is actually working! Places that tried to shoot the hell out of us before let us pass with no problems. We're almost to the compound when I see something I sure as hell don't like…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – at a restaurant


I successfully get some great intel on Ben, then head back to Linus and the crew. On arrival I say, "Linus, it looks like Ben might have headed either to Dallas or Austin, the State Patrol couldn't be sure."


Linus looks at the guys and offers, "I think we need to run this past Jennifer and see if they can shed any light on which one he might have chosen."


Linus pulls out his mobile phone, calls my Princess Boss's phone but doesn't get an answer. I suggest, "Try calling the cabin."


He calls the cabin but doesn't get a response there either. Now this is strange! I look at Linus and state, "Honey I hate to say this, but something is going on and I need to get my ass back to the cabin."


I look at Matt and Jim and order, "You two need to make sure that my Linus is safe, otherwise…"


They practically fall all over themselves and promise, "Yes ma'am, we will make sure he's safe."


I give Linus a hell of a kiss, head over to one of the troopers and ask, "Can I catch a ride with you to the closest town?"


He answers, "Sure thing missy. I'm almost done here and would be happy to have the company."


I wave good bye to Linus and wonder what the hell is going on with my Princess Boss and the cabin.


Maria, is a hell of a woman, gets great intel on Ben from the troopers and then even hits them up for a ride. While I like the hell out of having her with me, she has Matt and Jim so riled up they aren't much good and I'm glad she leaving. Plus my damn lips and face are sore; she kissed and bit the hell out of me. What the fuck is it about women liking to bite men - if I tried to bite her the way she bit me, she'd kick my ass!


I look at Matt and Jim and question, "Well we can't wait around here, so which way do you think Ben would go: Dallas or Austin?"


Matt says, "Well Dallas is bigger and less liberal so that makes the most sense."


Jim concurs, "Yeah, I don't see Ben and Austin getting along at all."


We jump into the car and I head toward Dallas…