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Chapter 80

Home Chapter 80

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Masha – Searching for Jack - AGAIN


Keeping track of my Jack was practically a full time job! I left him alone for such a short time and now he was missing again. I decided to find Tatiana to assist me but the door to Ben's room was strangely locked. I utilized a stethoscope, placed it against the door and swore I heard the sound of a couple deep in the throes of coitus. Surely Ben and Tatiana couldn't be! I thought his back was… I heard a long moan of a satisfied woman, blushed, removed the stethoscope as my listening device and decided I would have to locate Jack myself because Tatiana was certainly otherwise occupied!


I proceeded to the cafeteria but fortunately Jack wasn't to be found there (because now he wasn't going to be ill from the coffee). I stood, tapped my foot and… Oh hades no! I wager he found those doctors – AGAIN!


I retraced my steps to the doctor's lounge. While in transit, I decided if Jack was drunk again I would seriously kick his rear!


Flashback – Jack – Hair of the dog…


I wasn't really sure where the doctor's lounge was but I had a general idea (hey give me a break I'm nursing an atomic hangover). When I got to what I thought was the right door, I opened it and what the hell!!! This wasn't the right doctor's lounge, it was a different office, and this one – well there's a huge fucking orgy with lots of partially clad eye candy and booze!


I was tempted to go in and just get a drink but then I remembered my Masha and started to leave. Suddenly, one of the topless wenches grabbed my arm and hauled me inside. I knew I shouldn't but…


Flashback – Tatiana – Post coitus.


I never dreamed that I would have sex so soon with Ben! And not only was it sex, it was great sex for someone that shouldn't have any feeling below his waist. I of course had to do almost all the work, but he did move in a manner that made the result marvelous.


We laid beside each other afterwards in our post coital bliss. Ben's hand was roaming across my body when I heard someone knock on the door. I kissed Ben and declared, "I must dress, then inform your doctor of the good news."


Ben teased, "The news that we screwed each other's brains out!"


I punched his arm and responded, "No my silly lover! The news that you have feeling below the level of your back injury."


I quickly adjusted my clothes, opened the door and Ben's primary nurse scolded, "What were you two doing?"


I replied, "We were screwing each other's brains out."


She scoffed, "Yeah right! Do not lock this door again!"


I turned and as I left and saw a big smile on my Ben's face from what I had told the nurse. Now to find Dr. Kaeoorov and deliver the good news.


Flashback – Masha – Searching for Jack - AGAIN


I pushed the door to the doctor's lounge open, walked inside and was shocked! There were no doctors and no Jack! Now where in hades was he?


Flashback – Tatiana – Reporting to Dr. Kaeoorov


I stopped in front of a mirror and readjusted my uniform. Ben certainly made a mess out of things but it was worth it. I determined I was missing some clothing article and wondered if he kept it.


Then I continued toward the doctor's lounge that Dr. Kaeoorov had appropriated. Yes he had taken a whole doctors' lounge for himself and rumor was rampant that he started a huge orgy. As I walked toward the lounge I worried and wondered if Ben was that sort of man. I mean I really didn't know anything about him and I had heard rumors that American men were sex fiends and – well, we had just had sex…


I arrived at Dr. Kaeoorov's personal lounge and heard the pounding beat of the music through the door. I slowly opened the door, peeked inside and was shocked! There was Masha's Jack who was – well, he was getting a lap dance from an almost naked nurse and drinking something. I seriously needed to rectify the situation! If Masha caught Jack in such a compromising position she would probably castrate him!


I ran into the room and Jack immediately saw me. He jumped up from the chair, dumped the half naked whore on the floor, shook his head sadly and moaned, "Tatiana, I don't know how!"


I interrupted, "Jack, if Masha had caught you she would have transformed you from a rooster into a hen. We must leave now!"


I grabbed Jack's hand and we headed toward the door when Dr. Kaeoorov intercepted us and yelled, "It appears that we have some fresh meat! Remove your clothes bitch!"


I slapped him and yelled back, "I am already spoken for! I was here to inform you that your patient Sgt. Blaine has some sensation below the site of his back injury. If you were a real doctor you would want to examine him."


He laughed and replied in English, "He's lucky to have me as his doctor! I will be there when I damn well feel like it!"


Then Jack did the most amazing thing!


Flashback – Jens


I began to look for Russian programs on the internet and made a great discovery! There were many free sites that I could use to learn Russian. The only problem was I had already talked to Daddy and he had agreed I could charge up to one-hundred dollars for my education. So what the heck was I going to do?


Then I came up with a great idea! I searched and found the right site and spent the one-hundred dollars. I leaned back in my chair and smiled; now I needed to hide what I really did from Daddy…


Flashback – Ben – In the hospital


The nurse complained, "To whom do those panties in your bed belong?"


I laughed and answered, "Tatiana! Like she told you, we screwed each other's brains out."


The nurse clucked, "How could that be? You have limited mobility because of a spinal cord injury."


I decided to have some fun so I teased, "Have you ever heard of oral sex? She tasted so sweet…"


The nurse interrupted, "I never!"


I interrupted, "Give me back those panties and you should try it sometime."


As I heard her leave the room, she imperially declared, "All Americans are sex fiends!"


I laughed until I heard someone else walk into my room, I questioned, "Who's there?"


The answer shocked me!!!


Flashback – Major M – Trip to the Sgts.


I must have been tired! Even with all the attention from Vika I fell asleep. Thank God there was a blanket over us, because my hand was in her bare crotch and somehow she had me more than half undressed and her hand was wrapped around my…


My ears then started to pop, so I knew we were landing. While I began to put my uniform back on, Vika woke up, smiled and asked, "How are you?"


I apologized, "Sorry for falling asleep, but I guess I was tired."


She laughed but didn't take my hand out from between her legs, "You were no more tired than I was." An announcement came over the speaker and Vika translated, "The plane is landing in fifteen minutes so we will need to finish this later tonight." Then she gave me an impish smile and questioned, "Do you need any assistance with your uniform?"


I had already done a good job of getting things back in order so I began to look for my travel book but couldn't find it so I answered, "No, the uniform is alright but I can't seem to find my travel book."


She began to search, then held it up and said, "Is this your travel diary?"


I took it from her and stated, "Yes, thanks for finding it. But how did you end up with it."


She smiled and replied, "It was in my way and you handed it to me."


I didn't remember doing that so I looked closely at it, realized it had been opened and that set me a bit on edge. The plane landed and we were afforded the courtesy of leaving first. As we reached the bottom of the stairs, a nice car was waiting for us. The driver opened the door, we climbed in and he proceeded to the hospital.


Then I remembered something…


Flashback – Ira, Mira and Safia – in Israel


The worst possible event happened to our plan. The evil pervert that possessed Safia's sister succeeded in purchasing Safia and Mira but then he immediately stated, "I do not want this older whore, what is she worth to you."


Yes my sister Mira was being sold!


Male offspring of a female saluki! This terrible man was selling me to the highest bidder! This was not how my plan was to transpire.


As my sister Ira and I exchanged glances I immediately knew what we must do.


We prepared for action!