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Chapter 81

Home Chapter 81

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Present – Ira – Weapons retrieval


General Pain (Jack) has acquired a more appropriate rifle and accompanies me to retrieve all of the equipment in our domicile. As we exit the tunnel, he questions, "Do you think we need to lock the door?"


I respond, "Most certainly. Your assumption that the security system has been compromised is probably accurate. Henceforth, we cannot be certain the facility has not been compromised."


He stops and locks the door. I quickly draw my Katana and General Pain questions, "Ira, is something wrong."


I reply, "My olfactory units detect a disturbing odor."


He answers, "I locked down the house and I don't smell anything."


I ordered, "Less-then-ever, please prepare for the forthcoming onslaught!"


Present – Jack – Weapons retrieval


Something has Ira spooked and she's good enough that if she's spooked then it's important! But what the hell could have broken into the house? I had it locked down and nothing is supposed to be able to get in.


I make sure my rifle is ready and we slowly head toward the twins room when – fuck the hell out of me! I don't just see them, I smell them and now I wish I had my mouse gun again! There are so damn many of them and they are swarming right after us!


Present – Todd – Hunting


I had just assumed my position in the tree when all hell breaks loose. The fox and Sharik come running past the base of my tree like their asses are on fire and close behind them… I cannot believe it… It's a puma with a damn control collar on it. I draw my bow, fire and son-of-a-bitch! I only wound the damn puma! I am pissed at myself for not getting a clean kill!


It does make him change direction and he's now headed away from the fox and Sharik. But nothing is worse than a wounded animal, except possibly a wounded animal that's been modified to be a killer.


I work my way out of the tree, hit the ground and I'm surprised when I see the fox and Sharik waiting for me. They both move off in the same direction and I decide they want me to follow them. It's puzzling to me because we aren't headed after the puma. As we work our way around to the side of the cabin, I cannot believe what I see! This is a great stroke of luck for me! I nock another arrow, prepare a second arrow and…


Present – Jens – At the hospital with Mira


The helicopter sets down at the hospital and a team rushes right out with a gurney. When they load Mira on the gurney, I take Alexi's hand and say, "Come on, your sister needs all the support she can get." We follow the gurney into the hospital.


Alexi answers, "Ms. Donaldson, how can I forgive myself for causing this accident?"


I gently smile at him and reply, "Alexi, your sister doesn't blame you so you need to stop blaming yourself. There was a good chance that if you hadn't stopped that bear he might have killed all of us. Part of becoming an adult is learning that you will make mistakes and then learning how to live with and benefit from those mistakes."


Alexi questions, "Ms. Donaldson, I cannot believe you have ever made a mistake. I do know my sisters have the utmost respect for you."


I laugh and confess, "Alexi, I make mistakes all the time! One of the biggest mistakes was how I treated you and your sisters. But the biggest of all was how I treated my love, Ben. I didn't know at the time but he had been conditioned to avoid being trapped and my love for him made him feel trapped so that's what made him run away."


Alexi seems to be processing the information I gave him, then he states, "I wish there was an easier way to learn than making mistakes."


I question more closely, "Well Alexi, have you received any training on the use of the forty millimeter grenade launcher?"


He answers, "No, I have not."


I reply, "That's what I thought. You need to learn that before you use any weapon you have to receive the proper training for it."


He laments, "This is the most costly mistake I have ever made Ms. Donaldson. I might still be a boy but I can perceive my sister will lose her fetus."


I again attempt to comfort him, "Well, Mira is young and she will have many more chances to have a baby. But you are the only brother she will ever have, so you need to cheer up and put on a brave face for your sister."


Present – Mira – At the hospital


The contractions have grown stronger. It has become a very sad day since it is most certain I will miscarry Ben's progeny. But I realize I am young and there is still a sufficient quantity of Ben's male procreation component at the clinic of fertility.


My doctor from the clinic states, "Mira, we're sorry but you are going to lose this baby. However we would like a chance to examine the fetus to make sure it was healthy."


I cautiously reply, "You may perform an external examination of the fetus, however our religion does not permit an autopsy without the utmost respect provided to the fetus. And when you are finished I will require return of the fetus so that a priest might perform the rite of Extreme Unction prior to the burial."


The doctor assures me, "Mira, we will take the greatest care with the body of your fetus. Our only concern is to do some genetic tests on the fetus."


Ms. Donaldson and Alexi walk into the room. I am thankful they are spared the content of the previous conversation.


Alexi approaches, gently takes my hand and apologizes (in Russian), "My sister Mira, I was foolish to fire the grenade before I received proper training. I will make sure this never occurs again."


Unfortunately, at that particular moment I initiated delivery of the fetus...


Present – Jens – At the hospital with Mira


As Mira begins to deliver the baby, I take Alexi's hand and suggest, "We need to leave the room now."


He kisses Mira on the cheek, we leave and he requests, "Ms. Donaldson, I do not have any funds with me. Would it be possible for you to advance me some funds with which I might purchase some flowers for Mira."


I answer, "That's an excellent idea."


We head to the hospital gift shop…


Present – Mira – At the hospital


The doctor removes the fetus for genetic tests and the delivery nurse proceeds to cleanse me.


As she cleanses me up she releases the most troubling tidbit of information to me… Something is not correct!!! No it cannot be true!!!


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


Shit! I'd give my left nut right now for a shotgun loaded with XRep Taser rounds! Yeah I really need a non-lethal option right now and don't have one. You see the screams I heard were from a man! A large group of women had surrounded him, somehow stripped him and were shocking the hell out of him with cattle prods and Tasers. Shit they even fried the poor bastard's nuts (yeah they were black as hell) and now they are after me…


I bounce a couple warning shots at their feet and yell, "I'll fucking shoot you if I have to."


All that does is piss them off even more so now they were running after me! I turn and run like my ass was on fire because if they catch me it will actually be bright red from the cattle prods…


Fucking feet don't fail me now…


Present – Stacy – At the vets


I beat the shit out of the horse shooter's pistol until it blows up and knocks me on my ass. The bastard horse shooter was going to 'beat the hell' out of me until the vet comes up with a rifle and calms everyone down. He wants to see Wojtek, so we go into the barn and I can't believe it! Wojtek is lying on his side and bleeding from a head wound. The vet rushes over and demands, "Who the hell shot this bear?"


The bastard horse shooter says, "You can thank Stacy for that! She was beating my gun with a hammer and it exploded."


I rush to Wojtek's side and plead, "Please tell me he will be okay?"


The vet laughs then answers, "Hell yeah, it just grazed his head. Oh he's going to have a hell of a headache when he wakes up. He’ll have a nice little scar when it heals up but he should be fine."


I get a great idea and suggest, "Perhaps while he's unconscious we could give him a bath?"


The vet says, "Now that's a great idea - this has to be the nastiest smelling bear I've ever worked on."


I'm surprised when Samantha offers, "Stacy, I would like to help."


I eagerly accept, "The more the merrier."


The vet says, "There's a bucket over by the faucet and some soap there too. After you to finish you can use the shower in the main house and I have a washing machine for your clothes."


The damn horse shooter complains, "Well you two have fun - I'm going back to sleep."


I secretly wish we could 'accidentally' shoot him or at least throw a bucket of water on him…


Present – Byron and Thom – Rescue Inga


Our 'drunk' costumes work great! We're almost to the drug lord's compound when we round a corner and see… Well, the bastards have captured Inga, have her tied up to the fence and are having their way with her.


I suggest, "Thom lets work our way closer and see what the hell they do."


We stagger toward them and when the damn troops see us, they begin to laugh and motion for us to take a turn with Inga. This works perfectly for us. When we get between Inga and the troops, we take our rifles out from under our coats and wipe out all the bastards!


Thom cuts Inga loose, picks her up and we take off like our asses are on fire…


Present – Maria – In the back of a State Troopers car


I'm having a great chat with the trooper until he blows right past the next city. I question, "Hey, I thought you were going to drop me off back there so I could get a ride."


He laughs then I get a terrible feeling when he says, "It's amazing how many women foolishly trust a man in a trooper's uniform."


Present - Linus, Matt and Jim – Headed to Dallas


We couldn't get in touch with anyone at the cabin so we decided that Ben would most likely head to Dallas. We're making great time, then we round a corner and run into a fucking road block.


Jim, cranks the wheel, we spin around, I lean out the window and begin to fire at the bastards behind us.


Matt yells, "It looks like some of the bastards are in front of us."


I turn and see that were boxed in and order, "Jim don't let the fuckers shoot the engine."


He yelled, "Hold on to your asses, we're going for a trip!"


Now that was the understatement of the year…