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Chapter 82

Home Chapter 82

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Jack – Hair of the dog…


I was embarrassed as hell (and also very lucky)! Tatiana found me in a very compromising position, and to be truthful I'm not even sure how I ended up with that woman in my lap. Somehow it just seemed to happen. Thank God it was Tatiana and not my Masha who found me.


We began to leave when Ben's doctor stopped us and insulted the hell out of Tatiana. When Tatiana told the doctor he should examine Banzai immediately he bragged, "He's lucky to have me as his doctor. I will be there when I damn well feel like it."


For me that was the last fucking straw! The bastard hadn't been in to see Ben since the surgery and now I know why - he was having a private orgy. So I drew back my arm, decked the hell out of him and demanded, "Tatiana, please translate this for me. Listen you fucking poor excuse for a doctor, if my sniper doesn't start getting better care from you, I'm going on national television and I will tell them everything about how you violated your responsibility and mistreated your patient!"


Tatiana translated. He stood up, glared at me and sarcastically declared, "As if the reporters would believe an ignorant American soldier."


I smiled, held up my phone and informed him, "I have pictures and a recording to prove my claim and if that's not enough motivation, then be certain that I will make it my job to make the rest of your very short life a miserable hellhole."


Tatiana translated while I studied his face. I saw that I had won. We turned to leave and oh hell no!!!


Flashback – Masha – Searching for Jack - AGAIN


Well, I found my Jack in what was one of the worst dens of iniquity I have ever seen. It was a different doctor's lounge which Dr. Kaeoorov had corrupted. Thank God he was with Tatiana! If he was in here by himself I would have… Well, I'm not sure what I would have done to Jack but I am positive he would not enjoy it.


I overheard the conversation between Dr. Kaeoorov and Tatiana, then I watched in amazement as Jack floored him with one punch and then used Tatiana to deliver a threat to the doctor. They turned saw me and I thought Jack was going to pass out – most strange. I walked up kissed Jack on the cheek and said, "Give me a minute with Dr. Kaeoorov."


I walked up to the doctor and calmly supplemented the threat, "And if my boyfriend Jack doesn't make your life a miserable hellhole, then I will ensure your wife is provided the details of your orgy along with photographic evidence. Remember your wife? The one who is now approaching  to investigate rumors of this orgy." I studied his face and detected fear in his eyes so I added, "Tell me Doctor, does she still own all the cars, the dacha and the flat you live in?"


He looked down with shame and I suggested, "You might want to clothe yourself properly and clean up this mess before she arrives."


 Flashback – Jack – Hair of the dog…


Thank God Masha had no idea what had happened to me. While she was giving the damn doctor hell, I looked at Tatiana and pleaded, "Tatiana, please don't tell Masha. I'm not sure how all this happened but I’m positive I don’t want Masha to know about it."


Tatiana promised, "Jack, I will not tell her unless I ever find you in a situation like that again. You are a mature enough man to avoid situations like that."


Masha's finished telling off the doctor, walked up, said something to Tatiana in Russian and Tatiana blushed like crazy. Masha took my arm and I asked, "What did you say to Tatiana?"


She squeezed my arm and laughed, "Jack, there are some things that stay between women and this is one of those things. Now I hear that Ben has shown some good signs of recovery, should we see what they are?"


Flashback – Ben – In the hospital


Someone walked into my room so I questioned, "Who's there?"


The reply shocked me, "We have flowers for Sgt. Blaine. Where would you like them?"


Now this was nice - someone sent me some flowers. I replied, "I can't see them so put them anywhere."


I heard them set the vase down but they turned and left before I had a chance to ask who sent them. Oh well, flowers from anyone were a nice thought…


Flashback – Tatiana – In the hospital


I wanted to hurry back to Ben's room and find my missing undergarment before someone else discovered it. I was so flustered when we were interrupted by the knock on the door I had forgotten them and well – it was uncomfortably breezy under my dress without them. What was worse, was somehow Masha knew that Ben and I had made love. When she questioned me as to 'how he was', I was so shocked I crimsoned.


We walked into Ben's room and I noticed a huge bouquet of roses. Jack remarked, "Damn Banzai who sent you the flowers? There are more here than most people get for a funeral."


Ben replied, "Hell Jack, I don't know and I forgot to ask the person who delivered them."


I noticed a card, walked over, picked it up, read it and I couldn't believe what it said! I cried and ran from the room!


Flashback – Ben – In the hospital


Tatiana cried and ran out of my room so I asked, "What the hell happened?"


Masha stated, "I am not sure, let me read the card."


She picked it up and read, "Get well soon and come home to my waiting arms: signed - your secret lover."


I complained, "What the hell! I don't have a fucking secret lover! Jack you need to find Tatiana and tell her."


Masha said, "Ben, do not worry. We will both find her and tell her the truth."


I complained, "I'm going to find whoever pulled this damn practical joke and kick their ass."


Jack and Masha left and I decided I needed to do something about this myself. I began to mess with the damn bed…


Flashback – Jens


I received notification that my flowers were delivered to Ben and that made me happy. I was sure he would wonder who the heck was his secret lover and hoped it would help to take his mind off that Russian female dog nurse of his.


Now I needed to find some way to keep her away from my Ben…


Flashback – Major M – At the hospital


We were headed to the hospital where the injured Sgt. Blaine was being cared for and I remembered something so I asked Vika, "We didn’t talk about the Hero of the Russian Federation medal, can you tell me about it now?"


She turned to me and said, "It's the highest award that can be given to a Russian."


I asked for confirmation, "So it's only given to Russians?"


She answered, "Yes Mike it's only given to Russians. Why do you ask?"


I advised her of what I had been told, "Well, my General told me that Sgt. Blaine is going to receive that award."


Vika gasped, "Well that would be unheard of, but then President Putin does what he wants to do with little regard for tradition."


We arrived at the hospital and headed inside where Vika determined Sgt. Blaine’s room number. We took the elevator, stepped out and it looked like there was a damn circus going on in his room.


We tried to walk into the room but were stopped by some suits who talked to Vika. Once she explained to them who I was we were allowed into the room. We walked into the room and Sgt. Blaine wasn't there, but shit the Old Man wasn't going to be happy about who was here.


Flashback – Mira, Ira and Safia – in Israel


The evil man who purchased Safia's sister (and subsequently purchased Safia and me) was now attempting to sell me to the highest bidder - this we could not let happen! He walked up to me and began to disrobe me. I withdrew the hidden knife from my garments, maneuvered behind him, locked his arm in a bar and applied firm pressure to his neck with the edge of my knife. This excited the crowd which immediately changed from bidding for me to gambling on whether the evil man would live. I watched as his henchmen approached the stage without concern.


My sister Mira performed admirably, now it was my turn. The evil man's body guards approached the stage when I withdrew a rifle from under my robe and threatened them. They paused, but then were urged on by their employer. One miscreant reached into his dishdasha1 to acquire a weapon so a well-placed shot terminated his existence.


1 Dishdasha – Robe that Arab men wear; also referred to as 'mandress'


The other hesitated and Mira ordered, "We are taking this man with us! If anyone should try to interfere with our exit they will also be terminated."


We worked our way off the back of the stage to determine if we could persuade the evil man to disclose the location of Safia's sister…