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Chapter 83

Home Chapter 83

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Present – Ira – Battle ground cabin


My Katana blade had never bathed in more blood! How many of these infernal pests infest this house? General Pain (Jack) withdraws his pistol and uses it because he can acquire targets faster than with a rifle. I wonder how Ms. Donaldson will ever eliminate the chaos we are generating in this cabin.


General Pain questions…


Present – Jack – Battle ground cabin


I rhetorically question, "Where in the fuck did all these damn rats come from?"


Ira doesn't understand that I really didn’t expect any reply and answers, "From their foul stench I would say they emanate from the sewer."


I think a moment and reply, "Wait! This cabin has a septic system, not a sewer…"


Present – Todd – Hunting


The fox and Sharik lead me to an area beside the cabin where two men (who aren't supposed to be here) are doing something. I can't tell what evil it is they are doing or who the hell they are. But I do know what the hell is going to happen to them! I prepare two arrows, nock the first one, let it fly and one of the men falls. I quickly nock the second arrow, the other man turns just in time for me to take out his eye.


He drops a big assed bag and the next thing I know there are rats running everywhere. The fox and Sharik take off while the rats notice me and head right at me. I decide discretion is the better part of valor so running is best thing to do. I haul ass toward the cabin, get to the front door, enter my code and open it just as Jack and Ira back out fighting a hell of a lot of rats that somehow got into the cabin… Then I realize what the bastards were doing: They had half-starved rats and they dumped them in the septic tank… What a fucking brilliant idea!


The time for my bow was over since there are too many rats and not enough arrows. I pull out my pistol and begin to join the fray…


Present – Ira – Battle ground cabin


When we campaign our way to the front door, my tympanic units alert me the door is opening behind me. I slightly rotate and occulate Todd, who unfortunately is accompanied by more of these filthy vermin! Rattus rattus! I abhor abominational Rattus rattus! Todd begins to fire his pistol, I slip a hand off my Katana, draw my short blade and hold it for him….


Present – Todd – Battle ground cabin


Ira holds out her short sword and I decide that's a better weapon than a pistol because it never needs reloading. I take it out of her hand, then decide to augment it. I grab an arrow in the other hand and now I can slash with my right and stab with my left…


Present – Jack – Battle ground cabin


Fuck! I've ran out of ammo (if I wasn't so damn busy killing rats, I would try to remember if this ever happened to me before)! I pull out my Ka-Bar and begin to stab and slash the fuckers, but it sure as hell lets them get too damn close to me for my liking! I'm not sure what's wrong with these fucking rats - they're crazy as hell and they aren't interested in anything but us. Yeah, they aren't even eating the ones we kill. Ira and I step outside, I look over and hell yes now that's a hell of a field expedient rat fucking killing weapon I can fucking use! I grab the shovel off the porch that Jens uses to clean up Sharik's shit and began to wail on the little mothers. I sure as hell hope none of them got into the tunnels…


Present – Masha – In the tunnels


Something does not feel right because Jack and Irina have been gone much too long. I leave the bedroom, walk over to the wall panel, bring up the security cameras and… I can not believe it! Jack, Irina and Todd are fighting a huge swarm of rats. The images remind me of depictions of locust swarms which overwhelmed Pharaoh during God's plagues on the Egyptian people who persecuted the Jewish people lead by Moses. My first inclination is to rescue my Jack, then I realize my son is in his bed sleeping and I must provide safety for him.  I reach over, press the alarm and actuate the klaxon. Now to rush back to my room and find my Ivan. If there are rats in the tunnels they could…


Present – Liz and Bernie – In the tunnels


The damn klaxon goes off, damn near scares us to death and ruins a great lovemaking session.


I look at Bernie and say, "I was told when this happens we are to meet in the main conference room."


We begin to dress and head toward the main conference room.


When we arrive, Mabel is there and demands, "Do you know what in the Sam Hill is going on? This might ruin the dessert I was making for tomorrow."


Masha walks in carrying Ivan and explains…


Present – Masha – In the tunnels


I walk into the conference room and thank God that everyone is here. I announce, "I triggered the alarm. It would appear that rats have infiltrated the cabin. Currently my Jack, Irina and Todd are in a fierce battle with them. We must determine if they have infiltrated the tunnels.


Mabel exclaims, "Rats! I hate rats! But me and my big spoon will knock them silly if I see any."


I activate the outside camera  and we view Jack, Irina and Todd killing many rats. I instruct those present, "While Mabel's idea of using field expedient weapons is a great idea, a spoon does not have a sufficient killing range to keep the filthy rodents off your person. I would suggest we use the idea my husband came up with and locate as many shovels as we can."


Liz questions, "Aren't you worried about Jack? Don't you think we should go and help them?"


I respond, "Of course I have great concern for my husband and my greatest desire is to render aid to him. However if we are isolated from the rat problem and we open the door, then we will allow the rats to infiltrate the tunnels. Our primary mission must be ascertaining there are no rats in the tunnel complex and if any have infiltrated they must be terminated."


Present – Liz – In the tunnels


At first I thought this tunnel complex was a great idea, now I wonder if it will be our death trap. We find the utility closet and find only one shovel, but there are a large number of brooms. Mabel announces, "Well, I'm using a broom and if I can't kill the rats with this then I will ride off on it."


We all begin to laugh and Masha comments, "Thank you Mabel for keeping a sense of humor. Now that we all have our field expedient weapons, we need to ascertain if these tunnels are empty of the vile rodents. I would suggest that to take advantage of strength in numbers we stay in one group and clear all of the rooms sequentially."


I like that idea and we head off to kill some damn rats…


Present – Jens – At the hospital


I give Alexi a hundred dollars and he goes crazy in the gift boutique buying flowers for his sister Mira. As we get ready to head back, I think of something and ask, "Alexi, let me have a couple of those small bouquets because I'm going to see how Zarika and Yasmeen are doing."


He smiles, hands me three bouquets and offers, "Tell Zarika this one is from me and once I have completed tucking my sister in for the night, I will collocate with you."


Yeah, this is the same hospital that Zarika is at and I need to see how she's doing. I hope like hell Yasmeen hasn't killed her and sort of hope that Zarika might have killed Yasmeen… Well not really, but I can dream sometimes.


I head off to find the girls…


Present – Mira – At the hospital


My nurse delivers most troubling information so I question, "Ma'am please repeat what you stated earlier."


The nurse looks at me and repeats, "Well I was sorry to see you lose such a beautiful black baby boy."


I stutter, "But… but… but… he should not have been Nubian. Are you certain?"


She replies, "Well he wasn't that big yet, but I'd bet my life on it. Now don't you worry, I'm sure you can have many more babies since you're young and healthy."


She leaves but I do not cogitate how my fetus could be Nubian? I researched my Ben's genetics and there were no Nubians in his family, just Cherokee Indian representation. I dismiss what she said as being a cognitive error, the baby was most likely red and not black.


Alexi walks into the room carrying more flowers than I thought one person could carry. He states, "My sister Mira, I hope these flowers help to alleviate some of the pain I have caused."


When I begin to cry, Alexi runs to my side and questions, "Mira what is the problem?"


I smile, gather him to me and reply, "My brother! No one has given me flowers before!"


We have a good cry to go along with our embrace then he pulls away and requests, "If it would not inconvenience you I would like to join Leftentant Donaldson in Zarika and Yasmeen's room. I was most impressed with Zarika's display of courage during the battle."


I smile and agree, "My brother, that is an excellent idea. I am fatigued and will now require slumber."


After he departs, I turn and attempt sleep. However, I still have great concern about the nurse's comment and the unusual color of my and Ben's progeny…


Present – Jens – At the hospital


I find out which room the girls are sharing from the front desk and head up with the flowers. As I approach the door, I brace myself, open the door and I'm totally floored! Instead of walking in on World War III the two of them are sitting on the bed and Yasmeen is brushing Zarika's hair. When I walk in with the flowers, the girls see me, giggle and Yasmeen (yes Yasmeen!) questions, "Ms. Donaldson, we are happy to see you. Are those flowers for us?"


It takes me a second to wrap my head around Yasmeen talking like a real human, but then I answer, "Yes Yasmeen. I have a bouquet for each of you and Alexi sent a bouquet for Zarika."


Yasmeen volunteers, "I will place the flowers on the window… uh… uh… What's the damn word!" Zarika helps, "It's the window ledge Yasmeen."


Yasmeen giggles, "Oh yes thank you for reminding me. Seeing Ms. Donaldson and the flowers made me slightly confused."


Well at least Yasmeen hasn't totally changed but still it's confusing as hell to me. I sit in the chair and wonder what sort of fricken aliens have possessed the two girls. Zarika questions, "Ms. Donaldson, you mentioned Alexi. Was he injured?"


So I explain about the battle with the grizzly bear and how Alexi killed it but injured Mira and how she lost the baby. It shocks the hell out of me even more when both of the girls hold each other and actually cry!


Someone pinch me and wake me from this dreamscape…


Present – Alexi – At the hospital


It is good to see my sister Mira overjoyed about the flowers and I make a mental note to bring some flowers home for my other sister Ira. I silently curse how they have been mistreated for so many years and swear that I will do everything in my power to make up for all they missed and to change the way they are treated now.


I leave my sister to sleep, arrive at the front desk and discover which room Zarika and Yasmeen are sharing. As I walk toward their room I hope I have not revealed too much to my sister Mira when I mentioned my admiration for Zarika because it is slightly more than simple admiration. Yes, I harbor some feelings for her but I am not sure how to act. I know she feels betrothed to Ben Blaine. However, I also know the fallacy of that belief: No one is going to marry Ben Blaine except my sister Mira.


I arrive at the room, open the door and am pleasantly surprised… Zarika rises from the bed, approaches me and says, "Thank you Alexi for the flowers." Then she gives me such a sweet kiss on my cheek. This utterly surprises me and causes my knees to grow weak.


I locate into a chair adjacent to Leftentant Donaldson who appears to be stunned. I question, "Leftentant Donaldson, do you feel ill?"


She looks at me, then looks back at Yasmeen and Zarika (Zarika is brushing Yasmeen's hair while they are talking and giggling like the best of friends). Leftentant Donaldson motions with her head toward the girls and questions, "What the hell has happened to them? I thought they hated each other."


I smile at her, touch her hand and attempt an explanation, "Sometimes adversity has a strange way of bonding disparate personalities together."


She annoys me by continuing with her inane questions, "Alexi, you have a real gift for reading people. How did you develop this? And what do you suppose their common bond is?"


I remember my sister's admonitions so I shrug my shoulders and construct an untruth, "Leftentant Donaldson, the gift to which you are referring is something I was born with and I find that many times I am incorrect on my suppositions. Therefore I hazard to speculate on the source of their bond." However I realize they have come to some understanding concerning their roles toward Ben Blaine. An understanding which I will need to undermine if I am to ensure my sister Mira's success…


Present – Mira – At the hospital


I turn fro and to about my bed while sleep evades me. The words of the nurse reverberate upon my tympanic membranes – 'beautiful Nubian baby.' Could something possibly be wrong with the male procreation components from my Ben? I briefly question if Irinka might have liberated the incorrect sample, then I brush that thought from my mental recesses, Irinka would never allow such a mistake to occur.


Suddenly I sense something has happened to my sister Irinka! I must contact her immediately! I use my mobile phone, let it ring but she does not answer.


I call my nurse, she comes into the room and I declare, "I need to depart this hospital haste of post, I perceive my twin sister has encountered some difficulties."


She complains, "But you cannot do that! You must stay here until the doctor releases you."


I order, "Then I will leave without the consent of the medical professionals."


She questions, "You mean against medical advice?"


I reaffirm, "Yes please bring me the forms haste of post or I will be departed by the time you return."


By the time I finish the application of my garments, she has not returned so I leave to locate Alexi. However first I retrieve one of the fine roses he gave me for a sake of keep…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


The mongrel hoard of fat cow women are closing on me! I'm concerned that I will need to start killing them (which I don't want to do because I'm sure they are reacting to bad things that have happened to them). I see a building up ahead and in front of it is a little furry dog that looks like some sort of Pekinese breed. He begins to bark, but not in a way that shows fear. She runs into the building, runs back out and continues to bark. Shit, maybe this damn dog is telling me something! I follow the dog into the building. For a little dog she's damn fast because she's already headed up some sort of red ramp. Damn, something about this seems familiar…


I figure 'in for a penny; in for a pound' so I follow him up the red ramp and unfortunately the fat cows follow both of us. As we reach the first landing, there are iron stairs painted blue heading up to the next ramp. However I can't believe what this little dog is doing… Now that's a great fucking idea!


Present – Stacy – At the vets


Samantha and I work our asses off cleaning Wojtek! I can't believe how dirty and nasty the water in the bucket turns. However, the damn horse shooting bastard found out when I was carrying the last bucket (which wasn't nearly as bad as the first four buckets) over to empty in the sink and 'accidentally' spilled it on him.


He woke up and swore like a sailor, "What the fucking hell are you doing you stupid gash!"


I giggle and sort of apologize, "Sorry about that, it was an accident."


He complains bitterly, "Like hell that was! I don't care if you’re a woman and are pregnant, I'm going to beat the shit out of you for doing that."


He gets into his wheelchair, pulls out a couple of sticks and rolls menacingly toward me. I wonder if I've made the second biggest mistake in my life (the first was fucking Guy). Samantha begins to yell at him but he's full of rage and not listening to anyone.


Then something amazing happens…


Present – Thom and Byron – Rescue Inga


We're running like hell through what is almost a curtain of lead bullets and I complain, "Damn Byron your plan was good but where the hell was your exit strategy!"


He yells back, "Hey I told you I'd get you here, not how we'd get out!"


Yeah he is right, we didn't count on having to rescue Inga this way, we thought we would catch her before…


A round glances off the pavement, jumps up and bites me in the ass. I yell and order, "Byron, I'm hit! Commandeer that car that's coming at us."


He takes off like he has a rocket up his ass and aims his rifle at the car. As it stops, the driver wisely bails out and takes off running. Byron jumps in the vacated driver's seat, pushes open the back door, I dive in and Inga falls on top of me.


She opens her eyes and says, "Thank you for saving me, I owe you a large personal debt."


Byron already has the tires smoking on the car as I reply, "Sorry I'd love to talk more but I have bastards to fire at."


She questions, "Do you have an extra weapon for me?"


I order, "Byron give Inga your rifle."


She takes his rifle, I have mine, we roll down the back windows and really give them hell…


Present – Maria – In the back of a State Troopers car


Son of a bitch! I've been hoodwinked by some fucking weirdo in a trooper's uniform. I kick the back doors and he laughs, "There ain't no way in hell you're getting out of the back of this cruiser until I'm ready for you. And believe you me, I am going to take a good long time having my way with that sexy body of yours."


I beat the screen that separates the back seat from the front. He just laughs some more and taunts, "Keep it up missy, I like a little fight in my women."


I decide to fuck this shit! I slide down in the seat, curl up in a ball, put both my feet against the back glass and push like hell. Sure enough the window explodes and covers me in small squares of glass.


It scares the hell out of the bastard so he swerves, loses control of the car and the next thing I know I'm being tossed around the back of the car like a rag doll - no make that a pissed off rag doll. This fucker is going to pay…


Present - Linus, Matt and Jim – Headed to Dallas


Jim veers onto some small assed dirt road like we're driving a four by four and them punches it. We're bouncing all over hell and I don't know how he's keeping things under control. I look behind us and see we've dropped the other cars so I order, "You've lost them; you might want to slow down some."


He begins to slow then we hear a big bang from under the car and Jim yells, "Son of a bitch!"