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Chapter 93

Home Chapter 93

Copyright 2012 - 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens, Yasmeen and Zarika – Traveling back to the cabin


Damn this is taking forever! Yeah, after the cab company disabled the taxi and Yasmeen accidentally shot out the deputy's window we bailed out of the cab and now we had to run to the cabin. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love running but if the e-mails I've been getting from the security system are accurate, all hell is breaking loose. Plus I don't dare push the girls any faster - thank God they didn't bring a crapload of stuff with them.


We finally reach the drive and head down the road for the cabin. When I hear a vehicle behind us, I command, "Quick - everyone hide."


We duck behind some bushes, the vehicle stops and I hear, " Ah wonder if ye three nee' a ride?"


Thank God it wasn't the sheriff or a deputy! I would recognize that accent anywhere. I step out from behind the bush and accept, "Hell yes, we need to get to the cabin as soon as possible. Something weird is going on."


Hammer says, "Hop in burds."


The three of us get into his car and I ask, "Where did you get the car?"


He states, "A mukker ay mine loaned it tae me."


It is obvious from the car and the flower vase on the dash the friend of his is a woman. Which also explains where he's been. I begin to catch him up on things until Yasmeen interrupts, "Excuse me Sir, why do you wear a dress? Are you one of those… Uh… What's the damn word Zarika?"


Zarika answers, "A homosexual."


At first I worry Hammer will be offended but then he laughs and says, "Thes is a kilt an' nae a frock. Dae ye ken th' difference atween a frock an' kilt?"


I bite my tongue when Yasmeen continues, "No Sir, I do not know the difference between a frock and a kilt."


He winks at me and replies, "If ye wear underwear 'en 'at makes it a frock."


Yasmeen giggles, "Do you mean you go commandant?"


Zarika corrects her, "She means commando? And doesn't that present problems."


Hammer grins at me and answers, "Nae it lets mah wee jimmies hang free in th' win'. Woods ye loch tae see?"


Yasmeen and Zarika giggle like crazy, we round the corner, approach the gate and it looks like a fucking circus. There's an ambulance crashed into the gate with several sheriff cars and one unmarked car sitting ahead of us.


I exclaim, "Shit, I was worried about that, the sheriff deputies are here for me."


Yasmeen begins to cry, "I do not want to be picked up by the fuzz."


Hammer stops the car and advises, "Yo' three slip frm the car n' I'll see at's going on."


We slip away from Hammer's car, make a wide loop and jump the fence, which of course sets off the alarm. Then we head toward the cabin…


Present – Mira – Heading to the cabin on foot


After I terminate the Puma concolar, Alexi also tumbles to the firmament. My greatest concern is in my haste to save him, I might have accidentally shot him. The pain is still too great to use my bipedal units, so I unceremoniously slide on my derriere toward him.


I approach Alexi and notate something terrible has occurred, then my tympanic units detect a noisy approach. I am between a boulder and a rigid place. I must render immediate aid to Alexi but I must also protect both of us.


I fire a duality of warning bursts in the direction of the noise, reach out to touch Alexi and…


Present – Todd – Mission to the gate


I hear two three rounds bursts from a rifle. I fix the position and head toward the infiltrators. I can barely make out two forms, one lying on the ground and the other sliding toward the supine one. I continue to approach when the form that's crawling fires two bursts in my general direction. I drop to the ground and crawl toward them. However, it's strange because neither of them are moving…


Present – SA Hotchner – Investigating at the gate to the cabin


Finally I get a damn break! The taxi company reports one of their cabs was stolen and the driver was headed here. From the description, the culprit was Ms. Donaldson. Finally, I have her exactly where I want her and there is no way she is going to slip out of a charge of grand theft auto. Besides that, she fired upon a sheriff's deputy. Yeah, her ass was finally mine!


We arrive at her property and there is an ambulance which was stolen from the hospital blocking the gate. We try multiple times to raise the cabin on the intercom but no one answers. Then the alarm sounds at the cabin, and we hear several three round bursts from a weapon. I look at the deputies and order, "Well, if this isn't probable cause then nothing is. I'm heading up to the cabin."


One of the deputies comments, "Well there's no way in hell you’re moving this ambulance without a tow truck."


I confidently answer, "Then I'm going to walk."


The other deputy advises, "Suit yourself. All I know is I wouldn't be going walking around on her land at night. Especially not after the whole issue they had with the drug cartel army."


The other deputy adds, "Plus, they have some sort of high tech security system that's not to be messed with."


I laugh, "You two are cowards." I open the trunk of my car, put on my attack vest, grab a rifle and jump the fence. It triggers the alarm system and I suddenly have a few second thoughts…


Present – Jack and Ira – Cabin


I enter the code to open the tunnel door, then the damn alarm goes off and the door's locked again. I complain, "Ira, I thought you said this damn security system is working correctly."


She checks the terminal and states, "General Sir! It is! Someone has just breached the fence."


She enters the code to unlock the tunnel door, I reach for the door again and the damn alarm is triggered and the door locks again.


I order, "Stand the fuck back so I can beat some sense into this system again."


She turns and states, "General, remember what happened last time you did this? Once again someone breached the perimeter of the property and triggered the system. We can not ascertain if the forces are foe or friend so the logical step is to access the tunnel doors, make sure our families are safe and then lock down the tunnels.


I enter the code and this time the alarm isn't triggered. As I open the door, right inside the door are Masha and Ivan. Ivan holds out his hands and says Gapa! I take him and question, "Masha didn't you have any problems with the rats?"


My loving wife answers, "No my Jack, no rats entered the tunnels. But how are you my love?"


I answer, "I'm fine. Oh, I got bit a couple times."


Masha scolds me, "Jack, we need to get you to the hospital because getting bitten by a rat is a serious injury."


I approach Ms. Morgan and question, "Ms. Morgan are you without injury?"


She smiles and says, "Yes Ira, I am fine how are you."


I complain, "One of the vile rodents bit me on my derriere."


Ms. Reynolds overhears and declares, "We need to get both of you to the hospital to be checked out. Rats carry many diseases."


I inform her, "I agree with that statement, however the perimeter has been breached multiple times by unknown forces. We must withdraw into the safety of the subterranean tunnel system until we can ascertain the identity of the forces."


Masha orders, "Then I will make sure to cleanse the bites you both have received. Jack and Irina follow me."


I am surprised that my wife Masha didn't have any problems with rats in the tunnels so on the way to the treating of my bites I decide to take a side trip. I say, "I need to use the can first."


The minute I step into a bathroom I know why they didn't have any rat problems…


Present – Todd – Mission to the gate


The two unidentified persons that fired toward me haven't moved. So I jump up, run toward them and realize it's Mira and Alexi – they are both unconscious! I pull my tactical light from my vest shine it on them and realize that they killed the puma that I had wounded earlier. I note the collar on the puma and realize what happened. One of the rounds that killed the puma damaged the collar. If these were like the collars we used, any damage to them inflicted a deadly shock to the animal.


I use my bow to break the connection between Mira and Alexi but cannot loosen Alexi's hands on the puma's tail. So I take out my knife and severe the tail.


I kneel beside Alexi and do not find a pulse, I move to Mira and believe I find a faint pulse. Therefore, I begin CPR on Alexi…


Present – Jens – Traveling back to the cabin


We're headed toward the cabin when I notice a light and say to the girls, "You two stay here while I go an investigate who the hell is on my property."


As I approach I realize it's Todd and call, "Todd, it's Jens and I'm coming in."


I walk into the light and see that he's performing CPR on Alexi. He motions to Mira with his head, so I drop and check her but I can't find a pulse. I whack the hell out of her chest and begin CPR…


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – Traveling back to the cabin


Ms. Donaldson has left us alone in the darkness so I question, "Zarika, do you think we should follow her?"


Zarika hushes me, "Yasmeen, someone is coming."


I ask for help, "What should we do?"


Then Zarika comes up with a brilliant idea.


I sit on the ground and pretend to cry, the person walks up and demands, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"


Zarika springs on him from behind and hits him over the head with a big rock. The man falls to the ground.


We search his clothes, find a flashlight, turn it on then I realize we might have made a mistake. The back of his vest says FBI. I worry and ask, "Zarika if he is FBI then we might be in big trouble."


 Zarika says, "We will not be in trouble if we are not here when he wakes up."


We take his guns and run toward the light and Ms. Donaldson…


Present – Ira – Cabin


We prepare to lock down the tunnels, then my chest suddenly experiences pain and I realize my sister Mira has been injured. I look at everyone and state, "Mira has severe physical problems and I must go to her."


Ms. Morgan declares, "There's no way in hell you're going by yourself."


I look at General Pain and request, "Sir, might you detain Ms. Morgan. If she comes with me she will only slow me up."


He replies, "Liz she's right, I'll go instead."


Masha complains, "Jack, we need to promptly treat those rat bites."


He laughs, "Hell, the team is more important than my tired old butt."


We leave the tunnels and I suggest, "We should stop by my room for some medical supplies."


We acquire the trauma kits from my room and proceed rapidly into the night. It is almost like I can perceive Mira guiding us…


Present – Jens – Traveling back to the cabin


As we're doing CPR on Mira and Alexi, Todd pauses a second and signs to me. I pull out my phone and make a call since we need a helicopter here to transport these two to the hospital.


I return to doing CPR on Mira when I hear someone headed our way, I look and determine it's the girls. But where the hell did they get the weapons? I question, "Where did you two get the guns."


Zarika quickly provides an explanation, "Ms. Donaldson, we are sorry. But a man was sneaking up on us. We didn't know who he was so I hit him over the head with a big rock."


Yasmeen adds, "Then we realized he was an FBI agent. So we took his guns and came here to tell you."


I think that it's probably that damn SA Hotchner - he's been after me forever. I get ready to answer the girls when we hear from the direction of the cabin, "Mira we are coming!"


Ira and Jack arrive but they look like they’ve been over hundreds of miles of bad roads. Their clothes are covered with blood and something that smells even worse. Ira drops beside Mira, checks for a pulse and announces, "I will prepare an injection." She prepares Mira and gives her and injection right into the heart and orders, "Ms. Donaldson, please monitor her pulse."


I check and can now feel a faint pulse. She moves over to Alexi, prepares another injection, cleans his chest and injects it right into his heart. Then she monitors his pulse and says, "Thank God I perceive a faint pulse."


Jack pulls me to the side and starts telling his story, "Jens you aren't going to believe what happened to the cabin! Someone dumped thousands of rats into the septic system and they came up into the cabin and attacked us. We killed all the fuckers but the cabin is a mess. By the way it was a smart idea to make the toilets in the tunnels incinerating toilets. If they had been connected to the septic system then the rats would have gotten in the tunnels."


I interrupt Jack, "We have several bigger problems to deal with: First, I stole a taxi to get here faster and the cab company quickly disabled it. Then Yasmeen accidentally fired a shot into a deputy sheriff's car, Zarika clocked SA Hotchner and the girls stole his guns."


Jack states his opinion, "Jens, they are going to fry the three of you if they catch you."


I explain my plan, "Well, I was hoping we could hide out in the tunnels until I can get my lawyer to fix things. Is the house livable?"


He shook his head, "Hell no! The place is a blood nasty mess!"


I think for a moment and order, "Okay, let's move everyone into the garage and set up bunk beds. We will get a professional cleaner in to take care of the house and the girls and I will hide out in the tunnels."


Jack adds fuel to the fire, "Jens, you might also want to check the security system, I'll swear it acted like it was possessed. The damn house even tried to kill us."


Todd comes up beside us and signs, "He is right Jennifer, someone has hacked into the security system. Until I forced it to reboot using my stun gun, it was going to kill us."


That pisses me off and so I growl, "No one hacks my system and gets away with it! I'm taking the girls and heading to the tunnels then I'm going to totally purge and reinitialize the security system. A chopper should be here soon to transport Mira and Alexi to the hospital. I will make the calls for the cleaners and also the call to get the ambulance removed from the front gate."


Todd signs, "What ambulance?"


I explain, someone tried to crash through the front gate with an ambulance."


We hear Alexi weakly state, "I am sorry Ms. Donaldson, that was my mistake."


I look and see that Zarika and Yasmeen are taking care of Alexi while Ira is taking care of Mira.


Todd signs, "Jennifer, these were not your ordinary rats. They had been trained so that human flesh was their primary food source."


Jack complains, "How the fuck…" Then he stopped and muttered, "Those sick fuckers."


I look at everyone and announce, "Okay, we've underestimated Megan and her damn drug boss too many times and we've paid too high a price for it. If this fucker wants a war, then he's going to get the damn biggest war of his life! Jack, rally everyone that you can, get on the horn with Thom and tell him we need as many of the TSIFFTS teams as they can spare and find out what the hell they've been doing. But the most important thing is that we need to have guards posted twenty-four seven."


I look at the girls and explain, "We're going to hide out in the tunnel until my lawyer can fix the legal problems."


Present – SA Hotchner – Investigating at the gate to the cabin


I wake the fuck up and I hurt like hell! What's going on? Then I realize some damned rat is biting the hell out of me. I reach for my pistol but discover it's missing, so is my rifle. I jump up and run like hell for the gate but the damn rat is hot on my heels…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


It's getting close to dawn and I do need to catch some sleep before practice today. I head back to Margarita's apartment while the damn little dog follows me. We get to the door, I knock, Margarita opens it, looks pissed for a minute until she sees the damn little dog then she picks her up and begins talking to her and says, "PavErast where did you find such a nice little dog."


I answer, "Well, she sort of found me."


The dog goes over and begins to nose the golden cat that I stole. I plug it into the wall then she sits in front of it and nods her head in time with the waving paw. Margarita gives me a hell of a hug and kiss and says, "Thank you for bringing Motita to me?"


I question, "What the hell is Motita?"


She laughs and says, "It's Spanish for little speck."


I wave my hand and say, "Well, it's been a long night and I need to get some sleep before practice today."


Margarita says, "Yes your exploits tonight were all over the news. However you burned down the old Donkey Kong playground. "


Damn, now I know why it seemed so familiar to me - I was physically playing Donkey Kong! I head over to the couch and fell asleep right as my head hit the pillow.


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Escaping from the vets


I wonder how the hell Ben ever put up with me since I was as bad as Sam when I was first together with Ben. At least she listens! I check and find she's finished with Bo and has moved on to Patches without being asked. It's a good thing for her that she made her curry comb mistake with Bo first. If she had done that to Patches, Patches would have bit the hell out of her!


I finish heating the MREs, open the packets and add some wine like Ben used to do. Then I call out, "Sam, it's time to eat."


She comes over and says, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."


Bo nickers and Sam seems astonished, "Did that horse just understand what I said?"


I mention, "Bo and Patches are pretty damn smart as horses go so I wouldn't be surprised if he understood at least some of what you said."


She takes a bite of her MRE and exclaims, "Wow, this is really good! From the way the Mossad guys talked these were barely edible."


I explain, "They are unless you add a few extra things to them."


She asks, "Was this something else that Ben taught you?"


I nod affirmatively then say, "Well, I need to get the hammock setup for the night." I take a tarp, some rope and tape, climb up in the tree and make a hammock like Ben had done. Then I come down and say, "I will take the first watch while you sleep, then it's your turn."


She says, "Goodnight Stacy and thank you for everything." Then she climbs up in the tree and crawls into the hammock. I'm thankful for the silence and wonder… No, I decide that Ben felt the same way about me… No wonder he left me, I was every bit as annoying as Samantha! Well, when I find him, and I will find him, things will be different.


I take out Sam's mobile phone and make a very important call…


Present – Byron, Thom and Inga – Reconnaissance, otherwise known as terrestrial foreplay for successful ground warfare


Something didn't feel right about the sailboat so I spun the dingy around and headed back toward the shore and my feelings are right! The sailboat explodes in a huge fireball, pieces of sailboat are flying everywhere and the wave causes the dingy to capsize.


Son of a bitch! The damn dingy capsizes and we are in a hell of a fix. With all the gear we have hidden under our fake drunk clothes, we begin to sink like rocks. I start to struggle to drop my gear but I can't get out of my damn tactical vest, I look over and see Byron is in the same damn fix that I'm in.


Then thank God! Inga swims down to me uses a knife to slice the straps on the tactical vest and I begin rising toward the surface, she then moves over and helps Byron. We get to the surface and Byron swears, "Son of a bitch, we've lost all our weapons."


Inga counters, "No Byron, your fifty caliber is floating right here in its case."


Byron swims over to it and says, "Thanks Inga, for finding it for me. I don't know what I would do if I lost her."


I question, "So Inga, tell me you have a contingency plan for this."


She shakes her head and admits, "No I don't. We need to locate an Internet café so I can contact my superiors."


We swim toward the shore using Byron's gun case as a flotation device…


Present – Maria – Hitching a ride


I'm still pissed as hell at Linus! I get to the highway, stick out my thumb and it's not long until I have a ride.


I take out my cell phone and call my Princess Boss. She answers and says, "Maria, things have gone to hell in a handbasket here and we need you and Linus' team back here right away."


We continue talking, she fills me in on all that's happened and I decide that she wasn't kidding. We need to get everyone back to the cabin ASAP.


I promise her to call Linus when we are done, but first I do all I can to calm her down…


Present – Matt, Jim and Linus – Headed to Dallas


We jump up to help Linus who has sort of lost it and yell, "Ooorahhhhh!"


We're shocked when we hear, "Ooorahhhhh!" from the semi-truck and one of them questions, "You guys Marines?"


I yell back, "Two of us are and the other is a Seal. How about you?"


The person laughs, "Hell yes we're Marines, but no accounting for your taste traveling with a lowly Seal. Lower your weapons and come on in."


We lower our weapons and walk into the clearing. They meet us and Linus's phone rings. He says, "It's Maria, I need to take this."


One of the Marines makes the logical assumption, "It must be his girlfriend."


Jim laughs and explains the whole incident with Maria. We are laughing up a storm when Linus walks back and says, "Guys, we need to get back to Jens cabin ASAP. All hell has broken loose there."


He goes on to explain the battle with the drug cartel army, the bear, the cougar and the rats. I'm watching the other Marines when Linus finishes one of them asks, "This wouldn't by any chance be Jennifer Donaldson, the Old Man's daughter that you're talking about?"


Linus says, "Hell yes it's her! She's like my kid sister."


The Marines declare, "Well they have fucked with the wrong Marine when they fucked with her - you can count all of us in." Then he commands, "Let's finish cleaning up here and be rolling in thirty minutes."


I pull Linus to the side and ask, "How was Maria?"


He states, "I explained things to her and she said we needed to talk when we're together again."


I didn't have the heart to tell Linus that when women want to talk, it's almost never a good thing! I get a great idea and suggest, "Why don't we drop by and pick her up."


Linus smiles and agrees, "Yeah, let me give her a call."


Present – Maria – Hitching a ride


I'm a lot less pissed at Linus once he explained what was going on and I feel a little bad for being such a bitch to him. My phone rings, it's him so I answer and he suggests, "Hi honey. We're bringing a bunch of Marines with us, they have a semi and some cars and I was wondering if you'd like us to pick you up?"


I instantly agree, "That would be great - and more troops would even be better."


I talk to the driver, he pulls over and lets me out of the car and I wait for Linus and the semi…


Present – Jens – At the cabin


The helicopter comes and picks up Alexi, Mira and Ira so we head to the cabin.


We finally get to the cabin and I can't fucking believe it! My once beautiful cabin is covered in dead rats, shit and Lord only knows what else. Jack apologizes, "Sorry Jens but it was either them or us."


I decide I don't even want to go into the cabin and order, "Let's head to the shop and enter the tunnels from there."


We head to the side of the cabin and I see the two fuckers that Todd killed: One had a remote control unit that I could only assume was for the animals and the other had big assed bags that reeked of rats. I liberate the remote control and Todd cautions, "Jennifer there is a chance that remote is rigged to explode if you mess with it."


I answer, "Thanks Todd, now guys help me get the lid back on the septic tank."


It takes all three of us, but we slide it back in place and Jack suggests, "Jens it might be a good idea to weld that closed."


I concur, "Yeah I never thought someone would use this to attack us with."


We're headed to the shop and run into a few more of the fucking rats that are still alive. Jack begins to beat the shit out of them with the shovel (now I know why he was carrying it). Todd pulls out a short sword and an arrow, I pull my pistol and even Zarika and Yasmeen shoot them with SA Hotchner's guns.


Once they're dead I say, "I can see what you mean about these fucking rats. They were only interested in us."


We get into the shop, flip on the lights and thank God there are no rats in here. We head over to the work pit, I walk up to the panel, enter my code, the door opens and then…

We barely make it into the tunnels when the alarm sounds and the tunnel doors lock again. Jack swears, "Jens, I'm going to beat the shit out of this fucking security system again."


I question, "Again? Don't tell me you attacked it once."


He replies, "Okay I'll tell you I attacked it twice. After I beat the shit into it the second time and sparks flew out of it, it started to act right again."


Todd signs, "Jack, the sparks were from my stun gun which forced the system to reboot."


I walk to a terminal, enter my code, things seem to be functioning fine and inform everyone, "Well it seems to be working okay right now. However attacking the system is probably what caused all the problems."


Jack questions, "Then what triggered the damn horn this time."


I silence the alarm and say, "Someone breached the fence."


I prepare to say something else when the alarm triggers again…


Present – SA Hotchner – Back at the gate to the cabin


The sun is rising as I beat the rat to the fence, jump over it (which triggers the alarm again) and yell at the deputies, "Kill the damn rat that's following me."


They pull their pistols and one of them says, "Rat? You mean rats!"


I turn and see I picked up another ten or so of the biting bastards.


The other deputy asks, "Where the hell are your guns."


I get ready to answer then I notice a small private plane slowly flying towards us. I question, "Isn't that plane a bit low?"


The deputies have killed all the rats and one of them turns, sees the plane and says, "What the hell is he pushing out the door?"


We watch as what appears to be a weighted balloon floats down from the plane and I remark, "Now this is strange as hell, it looks like a big damn balloon."


The plane heads on toward the cabin and continues to dump balloons until the sky is covered with balloons. The first balloon lands close to us, pops and oh hell no! I need to get in my car immediately…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Jack swears, "Jens I'm going to kill this damn security system."


I silence the alarm and reply, "Jack calm the hell down, the system is working fine! It detected that a low flying aircraft just breached the property perimeter."


I note the direction of the flight as it follows the road and comes over the gate. I flip to the cameras on the front gate and can't fucking believe it! We're under damn attack again!


I watch as the unmarked car (probably SA Hotchner's) crashes into the ambulance as the two deputy cars haul ass away from the gate.


I remember we're all accounted for except… So I question, "Does anyone know where Sharik is?"


Todd signs, "He and the fox ran off after the man dropped the rat bag."


I feel better because I know Anastasia will take care of him. Jack and Masha look at the video feed from the front gate and Jack asks, "Are those what I think they are?"


Masha answers, "Yes Jack, they are. Please confirm for me Ms. Donaldson that the air system for the tunnels is filtered."


I enter some commands on the terminal and reply, "Not only is it filtered, I have now closed off the fresh air feed from the outside."


Masha wisely (soccer mom my ass!) questions, "Will the air be scrubbed for carbon dioxide build up?"


I smile and say, "Hell yes. However we have a bigger problem. It appears that SA Hotchner at the front gate might need to be rescued."


Jack takes a look at the monitor and says, "There's no way in hell I'm going out into that!"


Todd signs, "Jennifer they would most assuredly kill anyone that attempted rescue."


I agree, "Yeah, I hate to say it but for right now we're cut off from the outside world." Then I remember, "Hell, I have Maria and everyone headed back here."


Jack states, "If we can't warn them in time, it will be to their death!"


I pull out my mobile phone and Masha comments, "Those will not work in the tunnels."


I smile, enter some commands on the terminal and say, "They will now! No one had activated the cellular bridge."


Masha questions, "Could you possibly give me the directions to do that and also activate internet access."


I reply, "Let me contact Maria and Ira and warn them first. Then let me check the security system to make sure it hasn't been hacked. Then I will give everyone directions and activate the firewall giving everyone internet connection."


I glance at the feed from the front gate again and shudder - SA Hotchner's car is totally engulfed.


I make a call to Maria and to Ira and tell them under no circumstances to come back to the cabin! Then I wonder how in the hell are we going to fight this problem?


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


I begin to wake up but there's a heavy weight on my chest. I open my eyes and find the damn little dog is sleeping on my chest. But more than that I smell… Bacon and coffee! I dump the dog on the floor she growls at me and scratches like dogs do when they piss. I threaten, "Keep it up and I'll take you to the pound."


She howls and runs into the kitchen. I follow and see a practically nude Margarita at the stove. The damn dog sees me, whimpers and hides behind Magarita's long luscious legs. Margarita turns and asks, "What did you say to Motita?"


I backpedal, "Well she was acting like the boss and I told her to quit it or I would take her to the pound. The damn dog peeks out from behind Margarita's legs and growls, Margarita scolds, "You apologize to her or you won't get any breakfast!"


I look at the table and it looks like it had all the makings of being a great breakfast. I reluctantly apologize, "Sorry bitch for threatening you."


The damn little dog growls like crazy, Margarita complains, "What did you call her?"


I look at the breakfast once more and decide it's not worth it so I wave my hand and say, "I'm not playing this damn game! I'll see you at rehearsal."


Margarita and the damn little dog start to whine as I walk out the front door and slam it. I'm sure as hell not going to put up with that bullshit - not when I can buy my own damn breakfast...


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Escaping from the vets


I use Sam's phone to check in on my businesses - not that they need much work. Grandmamma set them up so they ran well with only a little oversight from us, just enough oversight to keep them honest.


Then I talk to Bill, the head of company security and ask, "Bill I was wondering if you know of anyone who's good at finding people."


He replied, "Ms. Summers, I know some of the best men in the business, did you need one of them?"


I explain, "I need Bennie Blaine found."


Bill questions, "Isn't he the one that saved your life and you and he spent some time together?"


I answer, "Yes that's him."


Bill adds, "Do you want him captured?"


While I would like the hell out of that, I know that Ben would fight to the death to keep that from happening. I answer, "No, what I would like is to know his location. And this is important, the person tailing him cannot be seen."


Bill questions, "Is there anything else?"


I come up with a hell of an idea and have to fight back some giggles when I give him the plan. Yes tomorrow is going to be very different…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – Reconnaissance, otherwise known as terrestrial foreplay for successful ground warfare


We head toward the beach after the dingy was capsized (when the damn sailboat exploded) and unlike his usual self Byron is swearing up a blue streak, I almost feel sympathy for Inga's ears.


He swears, "I guess the SOB didn't get my message the first time (yeah for Byron this is swearing)."


Inga foolishly asks, "Byron, who are you talking about?"


Byron increases his rants, "That bastard damn drug dealer! He blew up my beautiful sailboat!"


I sure wasn't going to tell Byron it wasn't his sailboat, however Inga steps right into it, "But Byron, that wasn't your sailboat."


I want to kick her ass because it further infuriates Byron and he continues, "That makes it that much worse because I feel it's my responsibility!"


I kick the shit out of Inga's leg before she asks Byron what he means because I'm fed up with this bullshit, she yells, "Yi, something just bit my leg."


Damn that only made things worse, Byron yells, "The bastard probably has attack fish!" Then pulls his Ka-Bar and dives under the water. I take the opportunity to order, "Inga you need to shut the hell up, Byron's worked up enough without you making it worse."


Like the blonde she is she answers in confusion, "Thom, what are you talking about?"


I want to clock the hell out of her but she's been through enough so I try to explain, "Listen, all your questions are just making Byron more upset, and if he gets any more upset he's going to do something stupid…"


I surface just in time to hear, "… he's going to do something stupid." I smack Thom on the back of the head and order, "Well it's not like you're doing shit! So shut the hell up, stop your inane whining and help me with this fucking mission!"


I continue my orders, "Listen, the weakness in this damn drug dealer is distance: He's setup for close action combat and Betsy and I blew the hell out of him once. And now we're going to blow his fucking ass back to hell where it belongs! Here's what I need from you: I need a hell of a lot more fifty cal rounds, I don't give a damn what type they are, M2 ball, tracers, incendiary, it doesn't matter."


Inga questions, "How many more rounds do you need?"


I think for a moment as we continue to paddle toward the shore and say, "I would like ten fucking ammo boxes."


Thom states (it's a good thing he didn't complain), "That's a thousand rounds!"


I smile at them and say, "That's right. I'm going to rain a hell down on the bastard like he's never seen!"


Damn, I've never seen Byron like this (he dropped the f-bomb how many times?)! I know he was a real hell raiser, heart breaker when he was in the Corps, but he has mellowed with age and I always counted on him to keep me on an even keel. Now the roles are reversed and I have no idea how to shut off this 'war machine…'


Present – Maria – Waiting for Linus


I'm waiting for Linus to pick me up and my Princess Boss calls, "Maria, listen to me! I don't have much time but whatever you guys do, do not come back to the cabin!"


I question, "Jens, what the hell is going on."


She states, "We're under attack again and if you guys show up here you will be killed. Now I need to call Ira and tell her not to come back to the cabin after she, Mira and Alexi are released from the hospital."


I begin to ask why the hell they are in the hospital, but Jens hangs up the phone. Damn! I hate it when she gets this way! I should kick here ass again when I do get back to the cabin.


I look down the highway and I can't fucking believe what I see!!! The front car pulls up, stops and…


Present – Matt, Maria Jim and Linus – Headed back to the cabin


We see Maria standing by the road, Jim pulls up, stops the car, I open the door grin and ask, "Hey cutie, you look like you need a ride."


She looks amazed and says, "What the hell is all of this?"


I nonchalantly mention, "Oh just a few friends we picked up on the way. It seems that Jens has a few friends from the Corps that heard she was in trouble and needs some help."


Present – Maria – With Linus


I look and all I can see for miles are headlights and state, "A few friends my ass, you must have half the state of Texas!"


Matt laughs, "Yeah, you know once a Marine always a Marine! We mentioned to the truckers what had been going on, they got on the CB and the next thing we knew we had a whole fucking convoy."


I smile and say, "Well we might need all of them, I guess there's some sort of new attack going on at the cabin."


Linus slaps his head and says, "Damn, a bear, cougar, rats, what the fuck is left?"


I shake my head, "She was being her usual self and didn't go into details. She did say we shouldn't go to the cabin."


Linus thinks for a moment and says, "Fuck that shit, we have enough men and weapons here to fight any damn war the bastard wants to start. Now get your sweet ass in here and let's roll."


I like it when my man gets bossy! I jump in the car, Linus picks up the CB radio and says, "Breaker you all, looks like it's not over! I just heard that Jennifer Donaldson and her cabin are under a new attack."


Someone answers, "That bastard! Okay you all I have her cabin in my GPS let me take the lead and try to keep up."


A damn big truck flies past us, Jim floors it and 'try to keep up' is an understatement; I didn't know semis could go this damn fast…


Present – Ira, Mira and Alexi – In transit to the hospital


Thank God Ms. Donaldson had the forethought to call a helicopter for transport. I must do something; I fear I owe her a tremendous debt!


I continue to comfort Mira and Alexi during the flight and monitor their vitals. Mira pulls me close and whispers in our special language, "Ira the nurse mentioned the most troubling factoid. She told me my progeny was Nubian."


I blink my eyes several times in disbelief and reply, "Mirinka I am certain I obtained the correct male procreation component."


She smiles and affirms, "My sister of that factoid I am not in doubt. I question if the nurse commited an error because of Ben's American Indian heritage?"


I attempt to comfort her, "My sister, I am certain this is the situation. However I will apply myself to the resolution of this matter."


Mirinka informs me, "They did convey the fetus for genetic testing; however they promised no desecration would occur."


I promise, "Mirinka, if they desecrate the fetus I will disembowel them."


We commence the landing so things become meddlesome. However I could not remove the look of fear in my sister's eyes when she conveyed her message…