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Chapter 95

Home Chapter 95

Copyright 2012 - 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


I've been busy as hell! After I made sure Maria or the twins and Alexi won't come back to the cabin, I purged the security system, reloaded the image in the virtual server and verified it is working correctly. Then I enabled the mobile phone bridge and Internet access.


Now I'm pissed as hell as I watch the video monitor from the meadow in front of the cabin. A swarm attacks and kills an elk while Jack comments, "Those have to be killer bees. Banzai and I ran into them once in South America and we were lucky to survive."


Masha concurs, "Yes, and I would estimate there are millions of them which will probably disrupt the entire ecology of Colorado."


Yeah the fuckers dropped balloons filled with Africanized honey bees! When the balloons popped the pissed off bees attacked anything and everything that moved. It didn't take long for the birds to flee the area, however the bigger wildlife can't move fast enough and a wholesale slaughter is going on. I pray like hell that Anastasia and Sharik are bedded down someplace safe.


I watch as swarms continue their attack and comment, "Well at least they are killing the last of the damn rats."


Masha questions, "What will the night time low temperature be tonight."


I check and reply, "I'm sure you know that they have been found in the Andes in South America, so it won't be cold enough to kill them tonight. However it will be cold enough to make them lethargic."


Masha states, "Yes Ms. Donaldson, of that fact I was aware however I hoped that we could purge and possibly close up the house to prevent their entry."


I switched the video feed to inside the cabin and the fuckers looked damn comfortable. I see something else that bothers the hell out of me, then a possible solution comes to mind…


Present – Jack – In the tunnels


Jens questions, "Are those fucking cockroaches in the cabin?"


Masha and I look at the video feed and I confirm, "Yeah I would say they are. Damn, that one is nearly as big as a palmetto bug."


She swears, "Those fuckers! Some of the balloons must have had cockroaches in them."


Masha adds, "Jack a palmetto bug is nothing but an armored, flying cockroach. We must not underestimate our adversary again. If they released cockroaches they will not be normal cockroaches."


I speculate, "Yeah I bet they are infected with some nasty shit."


Masha concurs and enumerates, "Yes that is a valid assumption since cockroaches have been known to harbor salmonella, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis and some from South America have even contained traces of the HIV virus."


I add, "And there's no telling what shit they're picking up from the dead rats."


Jens declares, "I hate fucking cockroaches! I think I will crank up the air conditioning to max in the cabin perhaps that will drive them out."


I look at the video feed and wonder if we should just set the whole damn cabin on fire and start over again from scratch…


Present – Masha – In the tunnels


If this wasn't so vile, I would applaud the ingenuity of the attacks we faced. We had been trapped in the tunnels like rats in a cage… I began to process the thought and what I realize severely concerns me. I announce, "Ms. Donaldson, I would like to call a group meeting."


Ms. Donaldson questions, "Masha, what's wrong?"


I state, "I am extremely uncomfortable with the current situation and it would be better if we could discuss it as a group."


We all meet in the large conference room and I begin, "I am concerned that the attacks have been directed in such a way as to force us into the tunnels. Ms. Donaldson who else has knowledge of the tunnel system."


She replies, "Well of course the contractor who built them. Why are you so concerned?"


I answer, "So far the drug lord has kept us on the defensive, but perhaps he has further plans on how to infiltrate the tunnels? We need to determine if there are any weaknesses in the design of the tunnels."


Ms. Donaldson begins to reply when something negative happens…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Dammit to hell and back, we've just had a hell of a power glitch. I order, "Wait a minute." I try to operate the terminal and it's behaving weirdly! I finally get the video feed of the outside power poles and the damn swarms are shorting out the transformers, but that shouldn't cause a power glitch, the generator should take over.


I try to access the terminal but it's slow as hell so I complain, "What the fuck is wrong with this damn security system."


The klaxon sounds again and Jack offers, "I'll beat the shit out of it again."


Todd signs, "Jennifer, it is not Jack this time but the security system is under attack."


I realize he's right and I question, "But how?" I am able to put the video feed on slow scan where it switches between all the cameras, it goes past one camera and I question, "Did you see that?"


Everyone draws around the terminal, we wait for the video feed to cycle again and Jack swears, "The mother's are shorting out the terminal I destroyed."


Yeah, Jack's right! The damn bees and filthy cockroaches are trying to stay warm on the electronics of the destroyed terminal and I can only assume they are doing the same on the terminal Todd destroyed.


Just when I can't think of how it will get worse…


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


The power totally fails, the lights dim and then I assume a generator takes over because the lights return to full power. However I have a huge concern. I sign, "Jennifer, please inform me the generator is housed in its own building."


Jennifer replies, "No they are in metal enclosures outside."


Masha (being who she is) realizes what I am leading to and she cautions, "Ms. Donaldson, the bees will swarm the generator and soon disable it. Do you possibly have a contingency plan for this event?"


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Hell no I don't have a fucking contingency plan for any of these events! Who in the hell would think we would be attacked by a killer bear, a killer cougar, rats and now killer bees and cockroaches!


I watch the video feed as it switches past the generator and realize Todd and Masha are correct, the bees have already begun to swarm on the generator.


I look at everyone and say, "Hell no I don't have a contingency plan for this and yes the generator and security system will fail. However this does not mean that we will be dead in the water. Masha you have command here, Jack and Todd follow me."


I run down the hallways fast enough so they can barely keep up. I enter the power distribution room and order, "Okay you two gurus need to figure out how to get the portable generator hooked up to the carbon dioxide scrubber. Make sure to vent its exhaust outside and if you can keep the security system up that would be a bonus."


They both start working and Jack asks, "What are you going to do?"


I gulp and reply, "Something I never dreamed I would have to do…"


Present – Masha – In the tunnels


I am observing the cameras when they all go dead, but the instant before they die I realize what Ms. Donaldson performed. It was a very wise and heroic act, I only hope it can save us…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


I had a hell of a good breakfast, shot the shit with some great guys and even made it to practice early. My friend the janitor brings me a cup. I look at him and question, "You got anything stronger to put in this?"


He laughs and admits, "Yes, I heard you had a rough night. It's a shame about the old Donkey Kong play center but I guess you showed those women." He pulls out a flask, tops off my cup and smiles at me.


Things are going fine until the two bitches walk in – Margarita and Motita – the janitor takes one look at them and says, "Man, I don't know what you did to them but it had to be bad. By the way I always have an extra cot here."


He wisely leaves as they walk over and Margarita begins to complain, "Paverast…"


I glare at her and for once she shuts the fuck up. The damn little dog gets all huffy so I stare her down too!


I drink the rest of my laced coffee, head to the stage and have a hell of a practice! And hell no I don't sit by Margarita or the damn dog for lunch! I grab two plates full of food and head to find the janitor…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Escaping from the vets


It's morning and Sam finally wakes up, looks over the edge of the tarp and questions, "I thought I was going to pull watch last night."


I'm tired as hell from being up all night, but remember to be kind (because of Ben) and explain, "Sam there's been a slight change in plans today. I have some friends coming soon to help us so I decided to let you sleep."


She stretches and remarks, "Wow, did I ever sleep well in this hammock you rigged up."


I reply, "Yeah, that was one more thing Ben taught me."


She slowly climbed down the tree and said, "Boy, do I need the bathroom."


I thought, join the club, you should try being preggers! I suggest, "I've been using the bush over there. Don't forget to take a pistol."


I hand her a pistol and she says, "Thanks Stacy, you're a real friend."


Wow Stacy is being so nice to me - she even let me sleep in. I finish my morning duties and offer, "I will make breakfast today."


Stacy smiles but says, "Sam, my team is bringing us breakfast."


I wonder what the hell she means, but then a bunch of vehicles drive up. I begin to worry it might be Frank and the Mossad but Stacy seems very relaxed. In fact, when she walks to the lead vehicle a man jumps out and states, "Ms. Summers, here are your weapons."


I watch as he hands her the golden rifle and her two pistols. I question, "I thought the News crew had those."


He smiles and says, "Had is the key word."


I continue, "But they are Mossad."


He laughs, "Yeah, so what!"


I am confused as I watch what transpires: They unload another horse, several pack animals and someone goes over to look at Ben's horse.


They begin to set up a tent, Stacy comes over, hands me my phone and says, "Sam you can keep this phone, however they will track you with it."


I question, "What are you going to do?"


She laughs, "I'm going to sleep. If I were you I would get used to your new horse."


I look at the man who seemed to be in command and he greets me, "My name is Bill and I am the head of security for Ms. Summers. Now let me introduce you to your new horse…"


Present – Byron, Thom and Inga – Reconnaissance, otherwise known as terrestrial foreplay for successful ground warfare


We make it to the beach, I look at Thom and Inga and order, "Well get your rears in gear and find me some damn ammo."


Inga questions, "Do we have any funds?"


I open Betsy's case, pull out my emergency stash of Krugerands, hand half to Thom, half to Inga and order, "Well what's the damn holdup?"


Thom questions, "Where are you going?"


I scan the horizon, locate the tallest building and state, "I'm going to be on the roof of that building. Now move it…"


Damn Byron is serious about this and I hope to hell he knows what he's doing. I take off, pull out my phone, try to call the cabin but still no one answers…


Byron has provided me with enough funds to not only purchase his ammo, I believe I can also come up with a surprise that he will like. Thom makes a call on his phone but doesn't get an answer so he calls someone else. He hangs up and says, "Damn, all hell is breaking loose in America again."


I question, "Please explain?"


Thom states, "I guess Jennifer and the cabin have been under constant attack for days now from this damn drug lord."


I grow concerned about Masha and know I must stop by an Internet café to contact her…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – At the cabin


I think we have set some sort of record for getting from Texas to Colorado. Not only that, we've gained a whole bunch more Marines in the process (I’m not even sure how many we have now!). Most of them said something like, 'You don't fuck with America's sweetheart and expect not to have your ass kicked.'


Linus orders, "Okay guys, let us take the lead to the cabin gate." Jim passes the semis, we take the lead and approach the gate. There's an ambulance and car blocking the gate and I question, "What the hell is wrong with that car?"


Jim stops suddenly which damn near causes a huge wreck and declares, "It's covered with fucking bees."


Linus adds, "No it's covered with fucking killer bees."


He gets on the CB and announces, "Okay guys, it looks like we have a huge swarm of killer bees to take care of. Anyone have any ideas?"


Someone answers back, "Well we have a few M2 flamethrowers that should take care of those damn bees."


In wonder I think, 'shit who the hell thought to bring flamethrowers'!


An old truck pulls up, a couple grizzled old Marines get out and begin laughing, "Hell, who'd a thought we'd ever get a chance to use these again."


The other one answers, "And to think you wanted to leave these at home."


They begin to get ready then Linus says, "Maria, look at the cabin."


I finally look at the cabin and… Tears begin to roll down my face…


Present – Ira, Mira and Alexi – At the hospital


Ms. Donaldson calls and informs us to not come back from the hospital because the cabin is once again under attack however she does not supply any details. I cognate and wonder what sort of vile and disgusting weapon was currently launched against the cabin. It must have been even worse than the Rattus rattus invasion!


We request strategic placement in the same room to which the hospital complies. However, then the police come and place handcuffs on Mira and Alexi. I question, "Why did you perform that provocative action?"


The officer states, "Your sister assaulted one of the staff and we believe your brother stole an ambulance."


I predatorily grin at him and demand, "Do you make it a habit of restraining foreign citizens with diplomatic passports?"


He steadfastly replies, "I have my orders!"


I then threaten, "You have just created an international incident which may terminate your career."


I withdraw my phone and commence a call…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – At the cabin


I look at the cabin and begin to cry because… I can't believe it, it's on fire! And I'm not talking about a little fire, the whole damn place (which I thought was supposed to be fireproof) is burning. I yell, "Linus, we're too damn late!"


Present – Ira, Mira and Alexi – At the hospital


We await the arrival of our ambassador to reverse this police misunderstanding. To occupy our time, we occulate the news on the television monitor. A report begins and as I look at Mira, I question, "My sister, is that not Ms. Donaldson's cabin which appears engulfed in an inferno."


Mira sits up and agrees, "Yes Irinka it is! I have great concern for Ms. Morgan’s safety."


Alexi adds, "Perhaps they are all ensconced in the subterranean tunnels."


I sadly inform my sister, "Mirinka I was not able to relocate our equipment to the tunnels."


Mirinka cries out, "My Katana!"


We are relieved when Alexi comforts us, "Do not worry my sister, I did relocate your Katana before we left."


I request clarification, "Were you also able to relocate our weapons?"


He apologizes, "Unfortunately Ira, I was not able to relocate our other weapons."


Mira complains, "Even though our rifles are in cases, the inferno will immolate them."


I attempt to cheer my sister, "Mirinka, your Ben has a weapons room of untold magnitude."


She occulates me and demands, "You have observed this weapon's room?"


I affirm, "Yes, and it does contain one PSG-1."


Mira hopefully begins, "Irinka…"


I interrupt, "Of course my sister, you may use your Ben's PSG-1."


Mira exhibits sisterly concern, "Irinka what will you use?"


I smile and reply, "I occulated a weapon which I have always wanted to experience…"


Present – Jens – At the cabin


I leave the guys in the power room to figure out how to connect the portable generator to the carbon dioxide scrubber and hopefully provide power to the security system (which is running on battery backup but still thinks it's under attack). I then head to the weapons vault, open the door (because it's on a totally different system), walk in and head to the wall safe in the middle of the back wall.


I enter the combination and open the door. The next operation is to disconnect the upstairs terminals from the security system. I take out my written procedure book, and follow the steps. With the upstairs system now disconnected I reset the security system and it behaves normally because it no longer feels it's under attack (and I make a note in the book to possibly re-think the attack option on the security system).


Next I pull out a manual I hoped to never use. Yes, when I had the tunnels and the house built I made sure to add a doomsday system to destroy either one or both, not that I ever dreamed I would need or use it. But things were so far gone in the cabin I felt there was no choice.


I follow each step carefully, knowing that when I take the doomsday key, enter it into the lock and turn it, the cabin will be flooded with propane and then immediately ignited. I place the key into the lock, turn it and hear a whump above us. I grab the video feed in the workshop and note the cabin is burning and then see something that’s even comforting…



Present – Jack and Todd – At the cabin


Hooking up the portable generator to the CO2 scrubber and power to the security system isn't a problem. The problem is how to vent the exhaust from the generator to the outside so we don't poison ourselves.


Todd signs, "Jack what if we run a hose from the exhaust to the exit vent of the carbon dioxide scrubber?"


I counter, "I don't think that will work because Jens closed off the outside air."


I look at the scrubber and I ask Todd, "How powerful do you think this scrubber is because it reminds me of the ones I've seen on submarines?"


He replies, "I agree it is very robust."


I come up with a sort of hair brained idea and just get ready to ask Todd’s opinion when there's a whump above us from the cabin and a slight vibration through the floor. I look at Todd and he signs, "I think Jennifer just set the cabin on fire."


I question, "What the hell are you talking about?"


He signs, "I'm sure she had a doomsday system to destroy the cabin if it was ever needed…"


I realize it's more important than ever that we get the portable generator running so I begin to explain my hair brained idea to Todd…


Present – Masha – At the cabin


Yes, Ms. Donaldson wisely exercised the only option possible: She executed the doomsday option for the cabin which will totally incinerate the threat inside the cabin. I announce to Mabel and the girls, "Ms. Donaldson, to secure our safety, has transformed the cabin into an inferno."


Mabel shakes her head and comments, "I'm sure going to miss that kitchen."


The girls both question, "What about our clothes (Which makes me realize how differently I must raise my own daughter who I'm carrying.)!"


I reply, "Without a doubt Ms. Donaldson has some contingency plan to replace household items in the event of having to trigger the doomsday system. We need to focus our feelings of loss toward her since she has given up many things to purge the house and to purchase some time for us."


Yasmeen questions, "Masha would you please explain, 'purchase some time for us'?"


I smile and explain, "The drug lord has been one step ahead of us for the entire confrontation. Everything he did was to force us into the tunnels which means he either thinks there is a weakness in these subterranean tunnels or he has some new diabolic plan to attack us while we are trapped here. Ms. Donaldson turning the house into an inferno has removed access to the tunnels through the house.


I watch as the video feed switches to the workshop and call the three to it’s attention, "Lady luck is smiling on us today! It appears the killer bees are attracted to the cabin inferno and many of them are perishing."


I then suggest our next action, "We should post a guard on the workshop entrance into the tunnels."


Ms. Donaldson walks into the room carrying several weapons and adds, "Yes, Masha is correct. We will now all carry weapons while we're within the tunnels."


Zarika wisely asks, "Jennifer lady, will they be 'cocked and locked.'"


She smiles and confirms, "I’ll bet you learned that term from Ben and yes they will be. A weapon that isn't ready to fire is worthless."


Yasmeen adds, "Ben told us they were only good as clubs."


Jennifer laughs, "That's right, and what happens when you bring a club to a gunfight?"


The girls both giggle and answer, "You get shot!"


Yasmeen offers, "Jennifer lady, I would like to take the first watch."


Mabel says, "Ms. Donaldson, I never was much for guns. But it you have a shotgun I might be able to handle that."


She smiles, gets ready to say something and we all notice a change in the smell of the air. Jens states, "Hang on guys, I need to go and see what Jack and Todd are doing. Masha please take Yasmeen to the door for the workshop and give her instruction on how to stand watch."


Present – Jens – At the cabin


What the hell are those two guys doing? The scrubber went down when the generator was swarmed by the killer bees and now that it's come back on but the air doesn't smell quite right. I run into the power center, see the portable generator running, look at their connections and demand, "What the hell are you guys doing running the exhaust of the generator into the input of the carbon dioxide scrubber?"


Jack says, "Jens, calm down and look at the readings on the scrubber."


I check the reading and the CO2 isn't really that bad. I look at Jack and he explains, "Jens, this thing is over-engineered and I figured while it would eventually cut the life of the components, for the short term this was the only viable option to provide power without opening a vent to the outside."


I reply, "But the air smells bad."


Todd signs, "Yes unfortunately it will scrub the carbon dioxide but it can't remove the other components of the generator exhaust so the air will smell bad."


I look at the two of them and figure this is a crazy assed idea but will probably work, then I add, "Okay, we will need one of you to monitor the air quality continuously."


Jack suggests, "How about one of the girls?"


I answer, "Sorry, but this it too important for me to trust either of them with."


Todd signs, "Did the doomsday device function correctly?"


I wonder how the hell everyone seems to know about the features in this cabin that were supposed to be secret and say, "Better than ever. It appears the killer bees are being attracted to the heat of the fire and many are getting too close."


Jack questions, "Are Masha and Ivan okay?"


I reply, "Yeah, I've put Masha in change of things while I'm out and about. She's taking Yasmeen to guard the workshop door."


Jack continues, "You trust the girls with weapons?"


I reply, "Hell yes! Ben taught those two well."


All three of us jump as the alarm sounds on the security system. Jack complains, "What the fuck is wrong now…"


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


The janitor and I had a great lunch together, then I sent him on a 'mission' for me while I got back to practice... And what a practice it was! The conductor even remarks, "Pavel you did excellently today - I am certain we will be ready to open this weekend."


Then a not so happy Margarita comes up and asks, "Pavel, when will you be home tonight?"


I glare at her and the damn little dog and growl, "Never! I've moved out."


She questions, "But your things…?"


I interrupt, "They're already been moved."


She runs away crying while the conductor questions, "What did you do to her?"


I reply, "I decided to move out and she doesn't like it."


He demands, "This had better not screw up the play."


I'm tired of his bullshit so I say, "So what if it does? Don't you have an alternate for her part?"


He gives me a dirty look and walks away because I know he has an excellent alternate for her part but doesn't have one for me. The janitor walks up and says, "Damn that's one way to put everyone in their places."


I look at him and agree, "Damn straight! By the way I'm taking you up on the offer of the cot."


We head downstairs, I see my gear and say, "Thanks for picking all this up for me. What do I owe you?"


He replies, "How about letting me eat lunch with you all each day."


I nod my head, "It's a deal."


He starts an old Muddy Waters record on a beat up phonograph, then passes me a bottle. I take a swig, pass it back and decide that living on a cot in the boiler room in a basement is better than living in any apartment with a woman… Well except for the one woman I don't deserve…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


Bill is a heck of a nice guy and introduces me to my new horse. I ask, "What's his name?"


Bill looks funny at me and answers, "Hell I don't know! We didn't think to ask but I don't think it really matters."


I reply, "Well a name sure matters to Bo and Patches."


Bill agrees, "Yes, Ms. Summers tried to tell me that, but I don't believe it."


I get a great idea and decide, "I think I will call him Bob."


Bill questions, "Why did you choose that name?"


I giggle and say, "After Bob from Bob's Country Bunker. It’s to remind me not to trust lying cowboys."


The man that was looking at Bo comes up and states, "Hey, I resemble that remark!"


I answer, "I thought you were a vet?"


He explains, "But I'm a cowboy first, little lady."


I ask, "Is Bo going to be okay?"


He states, "Hell yeah! That horse had some grit in its stomach. I'd be real careful about introducing your horse to him though since they might not get along."


I question, "Why's that?"


He explains, "Well that little mare over there is about ready to go into estrus and while your horse is a gelding, Bo is a stallion."


Stacy walks out of the tent and says, "Damn, I didn't think about that! Is there anything you can do to prevent it."


The cowboy vet scratches his chin and answers, "Well, we could give her daily injections of Regumate. But there are problems with that, especially concerning you ladies."


Damn, I sure as hell don't want Patches going into heat since it will cause big problems. The vet talks about hormone therapy and some problems so I ask, "What sort of problems."


He explains, "Well you ladies could absorb it through your skin and it's been known to disrupt, 'excuse my French ladies', your cycles or possibly cause a miscarriage."


I have a hell of a decision to make! I can deal with Patches in heat (she's a good horse but a RPITA right now and I hate to think how bad she will be if that happens) or I can give her daily injections that could cause problems for me or Samantha.


I'm shocked when Sam offers, "Stacy, I can groom her and even use gloves while I do it."


I look at the vet and he agrees, "Wearing gloves that are waterproof would solve the problem as long as you didn't ride her bareback."


I laugh, "That’s OK because she doesn't like being ridden without a saddle."


The vet says, "Okay come on over and watch how I give her the injection."


He pokes her in the ass with the needle, Patches reaches back and snaps at him and he comments, "She's a spirited one isn't she?"


I'm thinking that he doesn't know the half of it.


I look at Bill and ask, "You have any breakfast left for me?"


He replies, "Right away, Ms. Summers."


We walk off together and I get to question him about Ben…


Present – Byron, Thom and Inga – Reconnaissance, otherwise known as terrestrial foreplay for successful ground warfare


It's a good hike, but I make it to the tall building I pointed out to Thom and Inga. And of course I have a few minor problems getting access to the roof. I wish like hell I had some way to warn Thom and Inga about the problems I had. Oh well, they are both professionals and will need to handle them too.


I begin to glass the area and decide I liked the other location better. However, by now I was sure that building was a hot zone. In fact I could glass the top of that building and sure enough, there were bastards walking patrol on the top of the building.


 I perform some ranging and doping the wind then I decide to give Betsy a good cleaning…


Inga and I split up. I find a market but unfortunately this isn't like many places since guns and ammo are more controlled here. I don't have any luck finding any fifty cal ammo however I do find some smaller arms and make a hell of a deal for them. I know Byron will be pissed, but it's not like you can find fucking fifty cal ammo everywhere…


Thom heads one direction and I head another. I am lucky and run across an old friend who used to sell weapons. I question, "Javier, are you still in the business?"


He smiles and replies, "Inga, what are you doing here? And I might still be in business with the right incentive."


I know what incentive he is hoping for, but there's no way I'm going through that right now. I toss him one of the Krugerrands and ask, "Is this incentive enough?"


His eyes gleam as he replies, "That depends on what you want?"


I tell him exactly what I want, his eyes get big and he demands, "You're going after him?"


I nod my head and answer, "That's right, his men insulted me."


Javier understood what I meant and he whistles, "The senorita has some very big cojones but I will need more than this one Krugerrand."


I mention, "I also need a vehicle to carry everything in."


He shakes his head, "This could cost me more than it's worth."


I begin tossing him Krugerrands until he finally agrees, "Okay, I will do this but you cannot let him know where you got the equipment."


I smile and declare, "Well, if we're both lucky he won't know anything when I'm complete…"