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Chapter 97

Home Chapter 97

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Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – At the cabin


The old Marines with the flame throwers do a hell of a job on the car and the ambulance blocking the gate. But we get the hell surprised out of us when the car catches on fire and some guy bails out of it. He's a stung up looking mess!


Linus gets on the CB and declares, "We need a medic! We have a man that's had the hell stung out of him."


We get three responses and one guy says, "Medic hell! I'm a doctor and will be right up."


With the bees taken care of Linus radios, "We need someone to tow the car and ambulance away from the gate."


Someone replies, "Hell, we've got a tow truck and will be right up."


They come up with the tow truck and I really begin to wonder what the hell we don't have. They begin to move the burning car and the messed up ambulance. I look at Linus as he says, "Maria, we've got a little problem."


I smile at him and ask, "What's wrong honey?"


He replies, "Well, I've commanded small teams before, but nothing this big. We have a full blown army here."


I get ready to reply, then I notice something flying toward us and ask, "Linus, what the hell is that?"


A younger guys runs up with a rifle, begins shooting at it and yells, "That's a motherfucking drone! We need to kill that fucker!"


His statement lights a fire under a few younger guys and the next thing you know the drone comes crashing to the ground as Linus commands, "I want that thing retrieved."


The guys jump the fence and head after the drone.


I feel sorry for Linus because he feels so much out of his element having to command this many people. Then we get a huge surprise when a car pulls up and he exits…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the hospital


We are resting as comfortably at the hospital domicile as can be expected when a doctor enters and inquires, "Ms. Sedankina?"


Irinka and I simultaneously reply, "Yes Sir!"


He looks at us and reformulates his question, "Ms. Irina Sedankina?"


Ira replies, "Yes Sir!"


He educates us on her medical condition, "Well Miss, it's a good thing you came to the hospital. The rat which bit you was infected not only with rat bite fever, but also hepatitis A."


Ira confirms her medical history, "Doctor, I have had the vaccination for hepatitis A."


He further questions, "Was it in a different country than the US?"


She answers, "Yes Sir, it was in Kazakhstan."


He nods his head and provides an explanation, "Well, that probably explains the strange lab results."


Alexi questions, "Sir, what is the treatment for the rat bite fever you mentioned?"


The doctor states, "Well, if Ms. Sedankina isn't allergic to penicillin we will start her on injections immediately."


Irinka whines, "I am not allergic to penicillin but please do not inform me that injections will be applied to my derriere."


The doctor states, "Unfortunately, that's the best location for the injections. I will send the nurse in soon to begin the treatment."


The doctor exfiltrates the room while Ira fumes. I notate that Alexi is busy with a small gaming toy and question, "Alexi is that the Theft of Grand Autos game you mentioned?"


He replies, "Yes Mira it is Grand Theft Auto and I am attempting to determine why my attempt at breaching the front gate of Ms. Donaldson's compound failed."


Irinka questions, "Alexi, what is the Grand Theft of Autos game?"


I answer, "Alexi credits it with his superior skills at vehicular operation."


Alexi states, "It would benefit both of you to participate in this game."


We translocate adjacent to his medical support chaise and observe the game after several minutes. Upon close observation I question, "Did you just steal a vehicle while using a weapon?"


He laughs, "Yes that is why it's called Grand Theft Auto."


We continue to watch the police give pursuit which he skillfully avoids. Then he maneuvers down a different street and arrests forward motion in front of a woman. Ira questions with some concern, "Alexi, what are you doing?"


He states, "Watch this! Currency exchanges hands, they proceed into a hotel room and have a training session."


I complain, "Alexi! This is not a positive role model game for you to play."


Then he surprises us when he savagely attacks the prostitute, retrieves the money and hurries back to the car.


Ira states, "Yes Alexi! This game will corrupt your young mind."


Alexi laughs at our concern, "My sisters, I am capable of separating reality from this game."


I look at Irinka and declare, "My sister, we must attempt this game to see if Alexi is correct."


Ira replies, "Yes Mirinka, and with considerable haste of post."


The nurse walks into the room with an injection for Irinka and I taunt, "Drop your undergarments sister and flex at the waist."


Alexi becomes embarrassed and hastily excuses himself, "I need to visit the necessary room."


The nurse leaves after the proper application of the injection and I inquire with tears of marine reptile, "Irinka how is your derriere?"


Alexi walks out of the necessary room and states, "You do know you can use the word ass, do you not?"


Irinka and I both giggle and relate to him essentials of a certain mission we performed in Israel where the word ass became quite confusing. In the middle of this dialog the physician of genetics arrives in the room and inquires, "Ms. Sedankina?"


Irinka and I simultaneously reply, "Yes Sir?"


He clarifies his question, "Ms. Miranda Sedankina?"


I anxiously reply, "Yes doctor…"


Present – Masha – At the cabin


I am very impressed with Yasmeen's weapon training as we proceed down the passageway to the workshop door; it is exemplary. She is holding her AR at high ready position with her finger adjacent to the trigger. I question her, "Did Ben Blaine provide your weapons instruction?"


Yasmeen proudly replies, "Yes, my husband to be certainly did. He drilled his first wife Zarika and myself endlessly. However I confess that I really only killed three people. I do not like killing."


I cannot resist so I question, "Are you comfortable being the second wife?"


She smiles, "Yes Ms. Reynolds, it will be an honor to be the second wife. And when Zarika becomes too old to please Ben I will still be young and assume the primary pleasure role."


I consider bringing up the question of Ms. Donaldson but decide against it. We are at the doorway and I direct, "Yasmeen, you must not let anyone through this doorway unless they are friends. If they are not friends you must kill them without hesitation."


She wisely for her age questions, "Ms. Reynolds, how will I know if they are friendly?"


I think for a moment and reply, "So far the adversary has not used the computer system to access the house. So if the door is breached by force then you must react with devastating force."


She glances around and sagely suggests (due to Ben's training), "Perhaps it would be wise to use that table as a shield because if they breach the doorway I could be injured?"


I concur, "Yasmeen, that illustrates the wisdom provided by Ben's training."


We tip the table over down a side hallway, Yasmeen crouches behind it and I reiterate, "You must not lose concentration."


She assures, "Yes, protecting my future husband's assets is my primary concern. We have already lost the cabin so I will not daydream or sleep because we can not lose the tunnels."


I head back to the meeting room assured that Yasmeen is adequately, if incorrectly, motivated. There are many women who seem to have the motivation of capturing Ben Blaine in matrimonial bliss (or perhaps matrimonial strife) and unless the girls are very competent they will not achieve their ill planned desires.


Present – Jens – At the cabin


The alarm sounds again so I look at the system panel and discover it's the front gate. This is all we fucking need - a new attack! I switch the video feed to the front gate and can't fucking believe who the hell I see! And it looks like he brought a whole damn army since there are cars and semi's as far as I can see.


I decide I need to call a meeting so I announce over the PA, "Meeting in five minutes in the main conference room. Jack and Yasmeen, stay on post and I will come and inform you personally."


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


I've had a couple hits off the bottle and announce, "That's all for me tonight, I have work to do."


The janitor questions, "So where's the Austin Avenger going tonight?"


I demand, "What's this Austin Avenger crap?"


He tosses a paper to me and says, "That's what the news has named you."


I read the paper and while it paints a good picture of me, the Austin police are pissed at me and vow to bring me in. I look at the janitor and ask, "Just how good are the Austin police?"


He laughs and admits, "Shit! You know that better than me, they aren't worth shit. The problem is they have a hell bent for leather Texas Ranger here in Austin."


I brag, "I've had some run ins with the Rangers and unless they are really good they aren't going to catch me."


The janitor states, "This guy is like a Mounty - he always gets his man. Hey why don't you throw them a loop and take a night off?"


I blink, look at him and say, "Well then, what the hell can I do for grins?"


He smiled with his reply, "Well, you seem to like the blues, so there's this little blues club I like to attend. How about coming along and hearing us old boys play some blues."


I get excited and ask, "You think they’ll let a young guy sit in?"


He smiles, "Well that depends how good you are! We don't want no amateurs messing things up."


I say, "I'm still bringing my combat gear just in case."


He laughs, "Yeah, if you can't play worth shit you might need it to escape the wrath of the crowd. We're a pretty tough bunch!"


We leave and I think, yeah I'm going to play rings around all you old farts asses…


Present – Stacy and Samantha – On the road


Bill informs me in private, "Ben Blaine is currently in Austin, Texas."


I'm shocked and question, "How in the hell did you find out about this."


He laughs, "Well he isn't keeping too low a profile and with the aliases you gave us it was easy as hell to find him. He is currently going to perform with the Austin Opera as Eugene Onegin in the Russian opera by the same name."


This sounded funny so I query, "Are you certain of this?"


He pulls out some pictures and shows them to me: It's Ben on stage and my heart melts. Then he says, "He was living with some female Russian polecat but we now have him living with a janitor who is a friend of ours."


I ask, "How long will it take us to reach Austin by horse?"


Bill answers, "Too long. I would suggest that we take you and the horses to the outskirts of Austin and ride from there. By the way, what do you want done with Samantha?"


I look over at her, remember Ben's patience with me and say, "She's with me and I want her protected just like me. However I do want her cell phone blocked since I don't want the Mossad finding us through it."


Bill laughs, "Well, they are still licking their wounds from the encounter where we recovered your weapons."


That reminds me so I say, "Yes I forgot to thank you for that. Was anyone injured?"


He laughs, "Not on my team!"


I respond, "Bill, remind me to increase your pay - you've done a hell of a job. Now let's get loaded up and head to Austin."


I walk back towards Samantha, she notices the horses are being loaded into the trailer and questions, "Stacy what's going on?"


I pull the same trick on her that she likes to pull on me, "Samantha just how committed are you to being with me." I notice Bill is recording this conversation so I will ask him later to use the voice stress analyzer feature to see if she's lying.


She questions, "Stacy, I don't understand what you're asking."


I explain to her, "Listen, are you my friend, a reporter or Frank's wife?"


She stands up tall and says, "Stacy, I am a reporter who is also your friend and as far as my fucking husband goes, there's a difference between being a Frank and being a dick! And he crossed that line with me."


I ask one more question, "And your reports will be truthful and factual?"


She smiles and promises, "Hell yes they will! It's about time the world hears your side of the story."


I like the hell out of her answer and declare, "Well then, let's go!"


Present – Byron, Thom and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


It seems like I wait fucking forever and finally Thom shows up. I demand, "Where the hell is the fifty cal ammo?"


He shakes his head, "Sorry old friend I couldn't find any. I was able to get these weapons and ammo. By the way it was hell getting up here."


I look at what he brought: They would work in a short range battle but they certainly weren't what I needed now. Hell, two thousand yards out of a 7.62x51? There was no way that was going to happen.


I sat down disgusted and Thom tried to cheer me up, "Well, can't we move closer?"


I hand him the binocs and order, "Glass the roof of the last building we were on."


I take the binocs from Byron, glass the roof we were on before and it's so covered with men they look like ants on an anthill. Fuck me, I really let him down! I lamely suggest, "Perhaps we can pick them off with these weapons and then move closer?"


Byron grumpily answers, "And perhaps fucking pigs can fly!"


Yeah, he's still pissed as hell and I don't know what to do. Just then Inga shows up and states, "I could use some help unloading the truck."


I question, "What truck?"


She says, "The one with all the ammo and the fifty caliber rifle."


Byron jumps up and declares, "Inga I could kiss you! Thom couldn't find anything."


Inga smiles, "Well, I ran into an old friend who used to deal arms and got lucky. I have five thousand rounds of ammo and two additional fifty caliber rifles."


Damn, Inga really came through where Thom dropped the ball! I looked and then ordered, "Okay, I want three thousand rounds of the ammo up here. Inga, you and Thom each take one thousand rounds." I point and order, "Thom, you setup on top of that building over there, you have fifteen minutes to get into place."


I get ready to order Inga and she says, "Byron, I know you want me over there." She points to the exact building I was thinking of and continues, "I've already dropped my rifle and ammo on the roof so I should be ready in five minutes."


Thom looks at me and I order, "What the hell are you standing around here for, move your ass."


I love it when a plan comes together…


Present – Maria, Linus, Matt and Jim – At the cabin


Linus no sooner confesses to me that he feels out of place leading such a large group of men when he drives up and exits the car. Linus says, "Let's go and meet him and see what his orders are."


I reply, "And beg his forgiveness for his loss."


We approach, snap to attention and salute, then I say, "Sorry Sir! But we got here too late to save your daughter."


He laughs…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


Jennifer's aide Maria apologizes for Jennifer's death? I guess Jennifer had failed to tell Maria about the tunnel system below the cabin. I laugh and order, "First I'm no longer a General so cut out the saluting crap and next I'm certain that Jennifer is still alive."


Maria declares, "But Sir! The cabin is engulfed in flames."


I explain to her, "Yes the fireproof cabin is engulfed in flames because something forced Jennifer to activate the doomsday device in the cabin. However, to do that she had to be in the tunnels."


Linus smiles and says, "I should have known Sir. By the way it's good you're here, I relinquish my command to you."


I argue, "Linus, you've done a hell of a job pulling together this team, perhaps you should continue in the command role. After all I'm old and my best years are behind me."


He replies, "No Sir! We all expect you to lead us."


There's a huge Oooohrah, I turn and see a staggering number of Marines of all ages and announce, "I know there were times that I commanded when I wasn't proud of my decisions."


Linus interrupts, "Well Sir! It looks like you're going to get a chance to right those perceived wrongs. Who here wants General Donaldson to lead us?"


There's a resounding Oooohhhrahhh that echoes off the mountains.


I hesitantly say, "It would be an honor I don't deserve to lead you again! However this time it will be different. I expect and will listen to the input of all my men."


There's a huge cheer then some young Marines run up, snap to attention, salute and say, "Sir we recovered what was left of the drone."


They hand it to me and I immediately recognize that it's what's left of a tiny as hell helicopter. Oh My God! I know what it is and we need to get our asses in gear so we don't get caught flatfooted. I immediately praise the patrol and then order, "Whomever shot this fucker down was a hell of a rifleman because this is a Black Hornet Nano1 drone! It’s presence means we have enemy combatants in close proximity. Troops find cover and form a close perimeter but do not breach the fence to the cabin or you will activate the security system. Linus and the team that took down the drone with me for a sitrep."


1 Black Hornet UAV - Measures around 10 cm x 2.5 cm and provides troops on the ground with local situational awareness. The drones are small enough to fit in one hand and weigh just over half an ounce (including batteries). The UAV is equipped with a camera which gives the operator full-motion video and still images.


A squad offers, "Sir! We are Recon, permission to go on patrol?"


I look at the Marine that asked and ordered, "Marine, you just earned yourself a job! Coordinate patrols and also get some men up to the high ground. Be careful, my daughter and probably five or six other persons are housed in tunnels below the cabin, make sure of your targets before you fire. Now do we have any radio equipment?"


One of the men offers, "Sir, we have two groups from TSIFFTS here right now and another two on the way, it would be an honor if you would consider one our mobile command center your FOB and we have all the radio gear that you need."


Linus suggests, "You might want to include one of the flamethrower operators on your patrols in case there are any more killer bees."


I smile at the men and say, "It's an honor working with such a fine group of devil dogs. Now let's nut up or shut up!"


They all yelled Ooorahh and then all hell breaks loose…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


We all meet in the main conference room except for Jack who's watching the CO2 levels and Yasmeen who's standing watch. I turn on the video feed to the front gate and say, "Well it looks like the cavalry is here in full force."


Liz questions, "Jens is that your father?"


I proudly boast, "Him and I estimate close to three-hundred Marines."


Bernie mentions, "And I see Linus so don't forget one Seal."


I quip, "And Maria so that's one Army."


Zarika remarks, "Jennifer, what did those men just hand the other man?"


I inform, "That other man is my Daddy and I'm not sure what they handed him."


We watch as they all take cover and I remark, "Whatever it was, Daddy must have perceived a threat from it so they all took cover."


Zarika asks, "Jennifer are some men forming a perimeter?"


I smile because I know it's my Ben's training and confirm, "That's right they are forming a perimeter."


Masha adds, "And that looks like a patrol that is leaving. Look! One of them is carrying a flamethrower."


I laugh, "Yeah, someone was smart enough to bring a flamethrower. Now that should help with the damn killer bees."


They next thing we know they all begin firing so I swear, "Son of a bitch! Someone's attacking my Daddy."


Masha suggests, "Jennifer, it might be wise to reinforce Yasmeen!"


I yell, "Damn Skippy, everyone grab your weapon and let's head to the workshop access door."


I no sooner said that then…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the hospital


I reply to the genetic physician’s query and he apologizes, "Ms. Sedankina, I'm embarrassed and I don't know how this happened. The fetus you lost was not from the same semen that you deposited in our clinic."


Somehow I had cognated the fetus did not seem completely appropriate as it didn't 'feel' like Ben. I silently began to cry…


Irinka jumps out of the bed and yells, "Doctor, what in Hades are you verbosing about?"


The doctor takes a step backwards and pleads, "Please Ms. we're not exactly sure what happened yet…"


I am furious and wish to terminate something! What grievous error occurred at this dysfunctional fictitious - male offspring without a father of a female saluki – example of a fertility clinic! Alexi is watching my tirade, however his game is still making obscene training noises. I yank the game out of his hands, snap it in front of the doctor's face and threaten, "You will immediately divulge all the information you have or I will perform a similar painful act upon your corporeal self."


Alexi joins me and adds flames to the fuel, "Yes doctor, this sounds like malpractice and unless you wish for us to litigate the fertility clinic out of existence, you will divulge all the information required."


I occulate sweat on his upper lip as he says, "We are still investigating, however it appears the original semen you deposited was somehow misplaced and you were impregnated with incorrect semen. We ran a genetic test on the original semen when it was deposited and the semen currently located in its recorded location is not the same."


Mira questions, "So the fetus was indeed Nubian?"


The doctor nods, "Yes, the semen that's now in the clinic in place of your deposit is from a black man."


I am irate and state, "Alexi and I will immediately accompany you to the clinic to investigate what has happened to the original male procreation component. And if you value your life and every other life at the clinic, and all the lives of your offspring you had better ensure we can locate the correct male procreation component."


Mirinka surprises me when she adds, "Ira, I will also be accompanying the three of you because this is of primary concern to my corporeal self."


Yes, I knew that the fetus was not my Ben's! Now my worry is concerning the location my Ben's male procreation component? If the clinic has terminated my Ben's male procreation component, I will terminate everyone. However some factoid about the fetus being Nubian jammed in my corporeal cranial carapace data bank to later be recognized…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


The janitor and I get back to the theater at Lord only knows what time. I've had a hell of a night!


The janitor laughs, "Boy, you can play a mean guitar and delightful keyboards."


I smile as I crawl onto the cot and tease, "Well for old guys you play okay."


He counters, "Who you calling old?"


I turn over and continue, "I guess you ain't looked in the mirror for a longtime because you're older than dirt."


He complains, "Go to sleep you young pup!"


I couldn't forgo one more jab, "Well this young pup taught you old dogs some new tricks. Now goodnight."


He ends it with a good natured oath, "Good fucking night you brash bastard…"


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


I'd hope to spend some more time with Stacy, but we're in different vehicles. Mine is all guys but then I'm used to being the only female with a group of men. I try to start up a conversation, "So you guys are the ones that got Stacy's rifle and guns back?"


One of the men grunts, "Uh huh."


I continue, "So, would you like to tell me about it?"


One answers, "No."


I knew that men didn't like to talk but this was damn strange…


We're in the lead vehicle so I ask Bill, "What did the voice stress analyzer show about Samantha's statement."


He replies, "That she was telling the truth. Still Stacy, I'd be careful letting her get too close."


I laugh and recite what Grandmamma used to tell me, "Bill, you keep your friends close and your enemies even closer."


He questions, "Do you consider her an enemy and a threat? If so we can fix that."


I explain a bit, "Well, she's a reporter and a hell of a good reporter! But her involvement with the damn Mossad means I can't call her a friend because anyone looking for Ben is my enemy."


Bill questions my assumption, "Are you're sure it was Samantha that was looking for Ben?"


I reply, "If it wasn't Samantha then it had to be…"


Bill interrupts, "That's right Stacy. From what I've been able to figure out, that Mossad team is a death squad that's looking for Ben. They were just using Samantha because she was a convenient cover story."


I am totally floored and question, "Just what the hell did Ben do to get the Mossad after him?"


When Bill tells me, I am fucking shocked and ask, "Bill, do we need to do something to keep Ben safe?"


He laughs, "Well it's going to take them a few days to regroup and without Samantha they will need to find some new transportation. However, we can arrange a few accidents for them in their quest if you would like."


I order, "A few accidents, hell I'd like them sent packing back to Israel."


Bill questions, "You do remember Samantha thinks she's married to one of them?"


I challenge his wording, "Thinks she's married? I thought she was married."


Bill laughs again, "The marriage wasn't legal because Frank was already married."


I am floored! The more Bill tells me about the Mossad team the more I hate them. I order, "Don't let Samantha know about this, that's my job. However make sure you leave me all the documentation concerning Frank and the Mossad. Now, are they in the country legally?"


He shakes his head, "Who the hell even knows anymore who's here legally. My best guess is no but with the government in such shambles we can't do anything about it."


I get an idea and suggest, "Don't we still have some friends in Israel? If so, perhaps they could be persuaded to do something about it?"


Bill contradicts, "Stacy, they are probably the ones that sent the team over here."


I order, "Bill, I have enough problems with Ben and now Samantha. Do what you have to, but I want them out of my hair and Samantha's hair forever."


He smiles, "Okay. And just so you know, this conversation never happened."


Now Samantha's bastard horse shooting woman beating husband makes sense to me since he didn't really give a flying fuck about her. The problem was how to tell her the truth in the gentlest way…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I haul ass in the beat up piece of shit truck that Inga found toward the building Byron wanted me to set up on. When I arrived I of course had to kick some security guard ass to get access to the roof, but the security guards down here are a joke. I begin to set up when I hear whump! Damn Byron's firing already. I hear another whump which must be Inga. I quickly jack a round into the chamber, mess with the damn scope (I hate fucking scopes) and touch off my first round! This fucking shoulder cannon hurts like a SOB when I fire it. I can see that my first shot went way low and hit the wrong damn building…


What the hell is Thom doing? He shot the wrong damn building and I sure as hell don't want civilian collateral damage. He looks over at me, I shake my fist at him and then I remember he hates scopes and I bet he just messed with it hoping he would hit the target. He takes out his binocs, I point at the elevation turret and hold up the fingers for the settings, then I point at the windage turret and do the same. If he fucking misses now I'm going to start firing at him!


I keep hearing rounds from Inga's location so I look through my scope and damn that girl is kicking some serious ass. She has five kills already! I need to get busy and catch up with her…


I hear another shot from Thom and at least this time he hit the right building…


Byron gave me the damn scope settings. I could tell he was pissed as hell at me so I made the adjustments, fired and thank God I hit the right building this time! But it was still a bit low and left so I decided to hold off on the scope and not mess with the knobs. Damn this fucking rifle kicks like a mule…


Byron stops firing for a short time but I keep it up. I have a score to settle with some nasty men for what they did to me and nothing declares payback like 671 grains of diplomacy issued from the end of a barrel. Yes, let Byron mess with the buildings; I am shooting the men in the area where I was captured. Payback's a bitch boys…