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Chapter 98

Home Chapter 98

Copyright 2012 – 2013 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia 


Flashback – Major M – Held Hostage


My head was bagged, my hands were cuffed behind me then they roughly dragged me out of the taxi, threw me on the ground and kicked the hell out of me! Thank God they didn't go after my head! One of them bent down and swore in broken English, "You are the American pig commander of the spawn of Satan that killed many of my men. For this you will pay!"


I quickly thought and objected, "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm only a Major, the Colonel is his commanding officer." If I was lucky these bastards would take care of the bony bitch for me.


That earned me a couple more kicks, then they went off by themselves and talked - I was sure it was Chechen they spoke. Then it all made sense to me. They kidnapped me in hopes of getting Sgt. Blaine, probably because of all the Chechen terrorists he killed in Beslan.


They came over, roughly pulled me up, set me in a chair and announced, "We have taken you in hopes that they will trade you for Sgt. Blaine." I could tell that was a lie and that I was dead no matter what, so I needed to look for any chance to escape.


I was tied to the chair, my hood was removed, a newspaper was placed in front of me and they videoed me. I heard the name Sgt. Blaine several times. I began to blink a message that I hoped someone would understand…


Flashback – Masha – At the hospital


I received a text message informing me that my team had obtained a copy of the ransom video and were busy analyzing it. Mainly they were inspecting background images, in hopes of discovering the location of the Chechen hiding place.


We had heard disturbing rumors of what was transpiring with the Sedankina girls in Israel, but received no direct report from them. This was slightly strange behavior for them, but not totally unheard of.


I was needed terribly in my office, however the office was in Moscow and I couldn't leave my Jack while Ben was in surgery. My situation demanded I do something. What I needed was… Yes! A laptop computer and privacy! I think I knew where to find both of them. Now I was forced to tell Jack a little lie so he would grant me the required personal space…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


I was worried about Masha. I knew she felt like she needed to be here with me. However, of all the places in Russia, this hospital might have been the least secure because the Chechens had a nasty habit of blowing the shit out of things to get the person they were looking for. They wouldn't hesitate a second to destroy this whole damn hospital and everyone in it just to get Banzai. It was better now with my team providing security, but I sure didn't need to be worrying about her. I would feel better is she was back at the hotel with a couple of Spetsnaz guards.


She came back from the toilets looking troubled so I asked, "What's wrong honey?"


She cried a little and explained, "My Jack, this is terrible, I have a migraine headache."


I suggested, "Masha perhaps you should go back to the hotel and rest."


She bravely returned a smile and stated, "I will, but you need to call me if you need any assistance."


I promised, "I certainly will my love, now don't forget your Spetsnaz escort." I kissed her on the cheek and the two of them left. I felt much better knowing she would be out of harm's way…


Flashback – Tatiana – In surgery


The doctor completed his task and surgically closed Ben then he asked, "How many hours was that surgery?"


I looked at the wall clock and replied, "Six hours of surgery. Will Ben walk again?"


He pulled off his mask, smiled and replied, "It depends on how he heals but since he's young and strong he should recover almost completely. However, he's going to have some spinal shock for a period of time."


I questioned, "So he might have to use a wheelchair for several weeks?"


The doctor stated, "It could even be several months and during that time he will need intense physical therapy."


I was glad the doctor told the truth, but was concerned how Ben would handle being dependent upon a wheelchair…


Flashback – Jens


I just finished my first big surprise for the Russian female dog that loved MY Ben. This time I made sure to cover the purchase on my credit card because I didn't want Daddy to take my card away for a whole month. He did that once before when I had done some nasty things to one of my former ballet teachers: She was amazed that she had 'joined' the used panties of the month club from Japan. I decided that Japanese men were very sick if they bought dirty underwear! However, this 'gift' was even better than that and would tell her exactly what I thought about her.


I sat back in my chair and was relaxing when a special report came on about Russia. I watched and learned that Ben's stinky Major was taken hostage by the Chechen rebels and if we didn't deliver Ben in 24 hours they would kill the Major.


I wanted to go ask Daddy what he was going to do about it, but knew he didn't like it when I talked about MY Ben too much. I went to bed, said a special prayer for MY Ben and even the stinky Major. And I couldn't wait until the female dog Russian spy got her surprise tomorrow…


Flashback – Tatiana – In surgery


Even though I was tired, I was with Ben in recovery (after recovering my weapons and changing my clothes) with the two Spetsnaz guards. From their attitude, this was serious but I wasn't exactly sure what 'this' was.


I was surprised as Masha walked up while being followed by a Spetsnaz. She came close to me and whispered, "The Chechen mongrels have taken Major M and threatened to kill the Major if we don't give them Ben within twenty four hours."


I replied, "I hope the Americans understand that the Chechens will never release the Major."


She smiled and confirmed, "It does not matter what the Americans know or think."


I looked at her with amazement and questioned, "You didn't?"


She smiled, "Yes I did! And we now need you for our continued efforts."


I looked at Ben and whispered, "But what about when Ben wakes up?"


Masha whispered her reply, "Jack has already determined the hospital is not safe for me so we can use the same story with Ben."


I gave Ben a kiss on the lips and instructed the Spetsnaz to tell Ben the hospital was not safe for us. They grunted like typical Russian males which meant they might or might not remember what I said. Masha pulled out her false FSB badge, flashed it at them and repeated what I said. They glared at her and one declared, "We do not fear the FSB!"


She answered, "Does the remainder of your family share your lack of fear?"


His face showed immediate signs of concern and Masha reiterated, "Tell Sgt. Blaine we left the hospital because it wasn't safe here for us."


He nodded and said, "Da!"


As we left the hospital I was amazed at the mass exodus of patients and staff. If the patients were the least bit ambulatory, they were hobbling out of the hospital, being helped by relatives and staff. I noticed we were being followed by a Spetsnaz and asked, "Masha, what about him?"


She warned, "Be ready to run."


I was very glad for once that I wore flats…


Flashback – Dr. Voskoboynikov – At the hospital


I walked into recovery to check on my patient and received two surprises: First he was awake and second the nurse was gone. I asked my patient, "Where is Tatiana?"


Sgt. Blaine replied, "Jack sent her and Masha to a hotel room because of the Chechen threat."


He seemed not bothered by it so I questioned, "Are you not worried about the Chechens?"


He replied, "Well, I figure they didn't kill me the first time so they probably can't kill me the second time either. However, I'm not underestimating them."


I asked, "Would you please explain yourself?"


He pulled back the covers and I saw he possessed an AK rifle.


Flashback – Ben – At the hospital


It was good to see my doctor because I missed the hell out of Tatiana. The Spetsnaz guards told me how the Chechens were looking for me. Shit! If I could walk I would get up and kill the fuckers.  However Jack was right, with the fucking Chechens after me Masha and Tatiana would be a liability. Besides, I had some questions to ask him, "Dr. Voskoboynikov I was wondering about the surgery because I can't feel my legs at all."


He gave me a reassuring smile and stated, "Sgt. Blaine…"


I interrupted, "Please call me Ben."


He continued, "Ben, the surgery was very successful. I was able to repair the damage in such a way you will lose very little mobility in your back and in fact your back is totally stable right now. However, you are suffering from what's called spinal shock which is why you can not feel your legs."


I asked, "Okay, how long until I can walk again?"


He answered, "We can't be sure, but it could be weeks or it could even be months until you fully recuperate."


I motioned him closer and whispered, "Doctor, you know the big problem is right now? I can't control my bladder or my bowels."


He smiled again and answered, "Yes Ben this is normal. We will start a routine that we would use on paraplegics which should train your bowels."


I questioned, "What about my bladder?"


He suggested, "We could put on a catheter."


I replied, "I think I would rather have a urinal between my legs all the time."


He laughed, "Ben I think you misunderstood, it would be an external catheter."


I heaved a sigh of relief and said, "That would work but I'm not going to let anyone shove something up my dick."


Dr. Voskoboynikov laughed, "I understand, but remember right now you wouldn't feel it."


I laughed and stated, "No but I would still see it…"


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


I heard Banzai was awake in the recovery room and hightailed it down there with my Spetsnaz escort. Yeah, it was a pain in the ass having them with me but I certainly understood why it was necessary. As I walked into the room, Banzai was sitting up in bed - he looked great and was talking with his doctor.


I walked up and teased, "Hey doc, do you think we should put him in restraints so he doesn't get up?"


Banzai gave me a sad as hell look and replied, "Jack, there's no need to do that, I can't feel my legs."


I about passed out and demanded, "What the hell! I thought the surgery was a success."


The doctor explained, "Oh it was and Ben is correct, he can not feel his legs right now because of spinal shock. Over time he should regain feeling in his legs."


I glared at Banzai, but he had a shit eating grin on his face and I said, "You just wait, someday your pranks are going to bite you in the ass."


He practically crowed, "Well, that day isn't today! Hey, thanks for sending the girls away."


I looked confused and asked, "Tatiana went to?"


Ben answered, "Hell yes! She was gone before I even woke up. I guess Masha came and got her."


I laughed, "I should have known. Shit, women can't even go to the bathroom by themselves."


We all had a good laugh about that and then Banzai got serious…


Flashback – Ben – At the hospital


The time for jokes was over so I asked, "Jack, what the hell is being done about finding the Major?"


Jack replied, "Shit Banzai, there's a bucket load of troops here so they've rounded up the malcontents and are getting ready to go building to building."


I shook my head and lamented, "Jack, you know as well as I do that's not going to work. While I don't particularly care for the Major, we can't let these fuckers do this to an American, let alone a Marine."


Jack answered, "Well, what the hell am I supposed to do?"


I practically ordered, "You need to get your ass out on the street and use those damn fine observation skill of yours to find something that looks out of place. When you find that, you will find the Major."


He got ready to answer when a Spetsnaz ran into the room…


Flashback – Ira, Mira and Safia – in Israel


We acquired a vehicle much more easily than expected. I assumed the driver's seat, Safia took the passenger's seat and Mira wisely sat in the back.


I started to drive and Safia shouted, "Ira, what are you doing? Are you trying to break our asses?"


Mira remarked, "That happened to my ass at the cart of ass and it was not comfortable. Have you also experienced that pain Safia?"


Safia complained in frustration, "You two! That was another ass expression."


I questioned, "So, if we kicked ass would that possibly break some ass too?"


Safia screamed, "You two are royal pains in the ass!"


I elucidated, "Safia, we are not royalty therefore that statement is all assed up."


Mira added, "I think Safia made an ass out of herself."


Safia demanded, "Please stop all this ass talk!"


I began to assure her of something when Mirinka interrupted…


Flashback – Tatiana and Masha – Internet café


Losing the Spetsnaz guard was easy and entertaining: Once we began running in different directions, he didn't know which one of us to follow. He chased Masha, which was a mistake as she easily outran him. Now as I sat here in this internet café and waited for Masha to arrive I surely hated the looks that the computer geeks gave me: You would think they had never viewed a woman before! Then I realized many of them had probably never been on a date with a real woman. So I decided to have some fun and opened up one more button on my uniform… I practically giggled since I was sure several of them prematurely ejaculated…


Masha entered the shop and the proprietor loudly complained, "Not again! You are going to ruin my business."


I walked up beside Masha in time to hear, "This time I do not want your shop but I require an adequate laptop." She withdrew some money from her purse.


The proprietor whined, "The only one I have is my personal laptop."


Ah ha! I just caught the proprietor in a lie: He told me the only laptop he possessed was his personal one. I glared at him and threatened, "The next time you lie to me I will close your internet café for three months. Now go and fetch me this laptop."


He came back with an older but serviceable laptop and demanded, "That will be five thousand rubles."


I glared at him, looked at Tatiana and ordered, "Tatiana, shoot this man!"


Tatiana withdrew her pistol, I noticed the patrons in the internet café start to leave and the proprietor shouted, "No, no, no! Please take it for free, as my personal gift."


I counted 2000 rubles, placed them on the counter and stated, "This is what that laptop is worth to me. Do not ever try to cheat me again."


I grabbed the laptop and power adapter then we left the internet café…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


Damn, it's good to see Banzai doing so well! I could tell he was better when he pulled the 'couldn't feel his legs' joke. He chided me about not being out looking for the Major and he was right. I was just preparing to leave when the Spetsnaz that was guarding Masha ran into the room. I was worried as hell until he said, "Jack Sir! I lost the women I was watching. I was with them and in one instant they took off running in opposite directions."


Banzai complained, "Don't tell me one of them was Tatiana."


He replied, "Yes Ben, Tatiana was one and the other was Masha."


I swore, "Dammit! What are those two up to?"


Banzai said, "Jack you need to find both of them and the Major."


I thought, how in the hell was I supposed to do all of that and decided Banzai's early comment was the only way. I looked at Banzai and said, "I'm hitting the streets to find the women and the Major."


My Spetsnaz escort complained, "Jack, you can not do that unless the officer orders it."


I looked at them and taunted, "So when the hell did you two become such pussies that you listen only to an officer. I'm leaving…"


Flashback – Ben – In recovery


I threw the covers back, started to get out of bed, to help Jack and Dr. Voskoboynikov demanded, "What do you think you are doing?"


I answered, "I'm going to help find the women and the Major."


He advised, "Sgt. Blaine, you just got out of surgery and you can not walk. How do you expect to help them?"


I countered, "I can use a wheelchair."


He countered, "Ben, you need to use your head. Right now your presence here is the only thing that is keeping your Major alive. I'm sure the hospital is being watched so if you go outside in a wheelchair the Chechens will capture or kill you and then kill the Major. Not to mention what they would do to your pretty young nurse and your friend Jack when they also are captured."


I swore, "The bastards better not do anything to Tatiana or Jack!"


Dr. Voskoboynikov explained further, "You do not seem to understand that what you did in Beslan started a blood feud similar to the famous Hatfield's and McCoy's in your country. They won't be happy killing just you - they will kill all your family and friends."


I questioned, "You seem almost too knowledgeable about this subject."


He nodded his head, "Yes, I have already had to make 'arrangements' to hide my family because once I operated on you I also became a target."


I swore, "Those fuckers! Dr. Voskoboynikov I'm sorry because I didn't mean to cause you this much trouble."


He laughed, "It really is no trouble at all. We wanted a vacation and when President Putin discovered the situation he paid for the whole trip."


I smiled, "Yeah, he's okay for a politician and his Russian is impeccable."


Dr. Voskoboynikov laughed and questioned, "On a scale of one to ten, how much pain are you in right now?"


How the hell did he know, ah yes I remember I told him. I replied, "Oh it's not bad, it's about an eight."


He smiled and ordered a different nurse, "Ben needs to be put on a PCA1 pump. Please set it so he receives a small steady dose and can give himself a bolus if he needs one."


1 PCA pump – Patient Controlled Analgesia pump – A medical device which contains a vial of pain medication.  It can be configured for a periodic timed dosage, a method of patient self-dosage (bolus), or a combination of both.


Then he looked at me and said, "Ben, you don't need to suffer in pain from this surgery."


I declared my concern, "Dr. Voskoboynikov, I sure as hell don't want to get addicted to anything."


He assured me, "Don't worry, with your attitude that will never happen. Now how is your vision?"


I answered, "Well, the right eye is great but the left eye is still blurry."


Dr. Voskoboynikov answered, "I will see about getting a vision specialist in here for you."


He got up to leave when all hell broke loose…


Flashback – Major M – Held Hostage


I could only hope someone figured out the message I blinked. I barely had time to finish before they bagged my head again. Yeah, these guys were pros and it didn't look good for me. When I thought they had gone, I started working on my restraints until someone backhanded me and ordered, "Sit still and stop trying to escape or we will cut off your hands."


Shit they left a guard! This wasn't looking good for my escape…


Flashback – Jack – Looking for Masha


I headed out to look for Masha and the Major and had an idea - she might have gone back to that internet café. We headed toward it, were almost there when all hell broke loose…


Flashback – Masha and Tatiana – Secret location


We obtained a hotel room with internet, I started the computer, pulled out a USB drive and scanned the system for any viruses and was not surprised when it diagnosed the presence of a large quantity of problems.


I started the cleaning of the system and Tatiana remarked, "Perhaps I really should have shot him."


I replied, "Then we would have had more issues than we are going to have."


The building shook and the windows rattled! I looked at Tatiana and stated, "That was big and too close to be comfortable."


We ran to the window, carefully looked out and saw a huge plume of smoke… Thank God it was in a different direction than the hospital…


The program beeped as it had finished cleaning the computer. I booted up, connected to the Internet and then to my office. I scanned my e-mails, opened the one about the team and commented, "Tatiana we have five more coming here but they still don't have any idea where the Major is being held."


Then I downloaded the video and we began to watch it. The background was a plain white sheet and even with the sound at the highest level we couldn't hear anything unusual. We began to watch it again then Tatiana commented, "Masha, look at the Major's eyes."


I started the video over again, watched his eyes and said, "That's Morse code! Quick hand me a piece of paper and a pencil." I was lucky to have brought Tatiana with me because being a nurse she recognized what no one else did. I only hoped he had time to deliver his whole message…


Flashback – Jack – Looking for Masha


We were headed to the internet café when there was a hell of an explosion that shook the ground and rattled the windows. The Spetsnaz com devices went crazy and I asked, "Please tell me that wasn't the hospital."


Yuri replied, "No, it wasn't the hospital but one of our checkpoints and almost a whole block were leveled by a car bomb. We have no idea how many are dead yet."


We stopped bowed and said a little prayer for our fallen comrades, just started moving again when fuck me!!!


Flashback – Colonel Maggie – Looking for Major M


I almost caught up to Jack (the old fart can still move pretty good) when there was a big assed explosion but it wasn't in the direction of the hospital. We spotted Jack's group then a shot rang out and they scrambled for cover. I marked the location but didn't have a fucking weapon. I yelled at my Spetsnaz bodyguards, pointed and said, "The shot came from that window."


They let loose long strings of automatic fire which destroyed the window and shot the hell out of most of the building around it.


Jack and his group jumped up, pointed their weapons at us and I yelled, "You'd better not shoot your commanding officer you old fart."


He yelled back, "Who the hell are you calling old."


We caught up to them and I questioned, "Where are you going?"


He answered, "Well Masha and Tatiana gave the Spetsnaz body guard the slip. I was headed to an internet café she liked to see if she might be there."


I asked, "Do you know what the hell that explosion was."


Jack replied, "Yuri said that a car bomb destroyed a check point and most of a city block."


I swore, "Those fuckers are serious! What about finding the Major?"


He got ready to answer when more shots rang out and we dove for fucking cover.


Jack swore, "These damn service uniforms are like a sniper's magnet."


And I had to agree with him, we stuck out like sore thumbs…


Flashback – Ben – At the hospital


The hospital shook, car alarms were set off and the ever present barking dogs stopped barking. I looked at Dr. Voskoboynikov and stated, "A blast of that magnitude had to be a huge car bomb, of a magnitude which would have destroyed most of a city block. I would estimate it to be three kilometers away."


He questioned, "How do you know these things?"


I shrugged my shoulders, "You have your expertise and I have mine. We are lucky they didn't get that to the hospital. Now Dr. Voskoboynikov you've done enough for me and you need to get you and your family to safety."


He laughed, "Важно не то, как долго ты прожил, а как хорошо жил."


How well you live makes a difference, not how long.


Ah so he wanted to trade Russian sayings with me. I replied, "Готовь сани летом, а телегу зимой.

 Look, you need to leave and be with your family."


While it is fine weather mend your sails. Literal translation: Prepare the sled in summer, and cart in winter.


Dr. Voskoboynikov replied, "I can see why President Putin liked you: You know the Russian people. However, bертит языком, что корова хвостом. I am leaving and I will come back if I am needed."


You are as garrulous as a magpie. Literal translation: He twirls his tongue as the cow twirls its tail.


I taunted, "Excuse me! According to President Putin I am Russian. Now get out of here and take care of your family."


Dr. Voskoboynikov left and I came up with a great idea…


I was moved to my room, connected to the damn Pain (in the ass) pump, then I noticed a box in the room, became nervous and asked my Spetsnaz guards, "Where the hell did that box come from?"


They looked at it, looked at me, hauled my ass (bed and all) out into the hallway and kept going…


Flashback – Mira, Ira and Safia – in Israel


After Irinka easily apprehended a vehicle I wisely took position in the posterior seat. Ira operated the vehicle with her normal aplomb while Safia took the roll of the ass and brayed loudly about Irinka's automotive operating skills.


Irinka traversed a depression in the road, the vehicle shuddered and I realized something so I interrupted, "Have you two occulated how low this vehicle resides in its posterior position?"


Ira taunted, "That is because your mass is in the ass position."


I loudly ordered, "Ira stop the vehicle! I wish to occulate what is contained in the boot."


Ira complied, we exited the vehicle, I pointed and occulated, "See the posterior position of this vehicle resides extremely low even without my minimal mass in its ass."


Irinka questioned, "Mirinka do you cognate what I cognate?"


I taunted, "I cognated it first and you are a come later johnny."


Safia questioned, "What are you two chattering about?"


I replied, "There is more to this vehicle than meets the occulatory device."


Ira added, "Safia, the reason we captured this vehicle so easily is because an explosive device is contained within the boot."


Safia brayed, "Are you telling me we stole a car bomb?"


I replied, "You bet your ass!"


Safia brayed once again, "Our asses are grass!"


I waited and Irinka asked, "How could our asses be made of grass?"


Safia slapped her cranial carapace and swore, "What the hell are we going to do with a car bomb?"


I grinned at Ira, Ira returned my grin and we both declared, "Something which should provide some entertainment!"