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Chapter 99

Home Chapter 99

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Present – Glen – At the cabin


We no sooner take cover than the bastards start shooting at us – now that really pisses me off! I've had my damn fill of illegals running around in this country and raising hell. They have the high ground and are shooting the hell out of everything. I stand up and yell, "Do we have any fucking mortars?"


The man who offered the TSIFFTS com center for my FOB says, "General, please follow us inside your FOB, it's bulletproof and we can call in an airstrike."


Hell, I knew TSIFFTS had great resources but an airstrike? Now that was news! Linus yells, "Cover the General as he heads to the trailer."


We're almost there when I can't fucking believe what happens…


Present – Yasmeen – In the tunnels


I am standing watch like my future husband Ben taught me. I hear an unusual noise at the rear door for the tunnels and I duck behind the table just in time as something destroys the door! I wait and men start into the tunnels until I fire at them…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


We decide when we see Daddy and the Marines getting attacked that we need to head for the workshop door and help Yasmeen, just in case. We're running down the hallway, when there's a hell of an explosion and the security system goes crazy. I yell, "Someone has breached the workshop door."


We begin to hear gunfire, both AR and AK so I know that Yasmeen is doing all she can to stop the intruders…


Present – Jack – In the tunnels


There's an explosion, the security system goes crazy and Todd signs, "Someone has forcibly breached the workshop door."


I say, "Fuck this generator shit! We need to join the fight."


I kill the generator, we grab our weapons and head toward the workshop door. I turn but Todd is now missing - now where the hell did he go?


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


Since everyone was headed to the workshop door, I figured it might be a good time to cover the door from the cabin. Yeah the cabin is on fire but that might not mean anything to these bastards. We have been one or more steps behind the drug lord's army the whole time and it was time that we eliminate any possibilities, no matter how farfetched they might seem.


I approach the door and I hear…


Present – Linus, Maria Matt and Jim – At the cabin


Glen is headed toward one of the TSIFFTS semi's when a rocket screams overhead and blows it to hell. It might be bullet proof but it sure wasn't rocket proof.


I swear, "What the hell was that and where did it come from?"


Maria points, "Follow the smoke trail, that was some sort of fucking anti-tank round."


I order, "We've got to do something about these bastards!"


Then I hear a familiar voice…


"Looks fancy thoo chaps coods use some help."


I look over and it's Hammer so I demand, "Where the hell did you come from?"


He answers, "Ah will teel thoo later, let's gang gie these bastards!"


The crazy Scot jumps up runs toward the drug lord's army and yells, "It's Hammer Time!"


It fires everyone up so we all abandon our cover and head toward the fuckers…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


I can't fucking believe it, an anti-tank round takes out one of the TSIFFTS semis! Then some crazy-assed Scotsman (who must think he's Rob Roy) charges toward the top of the hill yelling something about it being 'Hammer Time' and takes over half of my Marines with him.


I'm sure it’s leading to their deaths but then I hear something that's music to my ears…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


We reach the corridor headed to the workshop, I peek around the corner and see a crapload of men trying to get in as Yasmeen is giving them hell (yeah I'm shocked as hell about it too) and has them pinned down! If we live through this I might even give her a kiss (chaste of course).


I direct the rest of the team to stay in position as I scoot across the corridor to the other side. Then I signal and we all begin to open up a can of whoop ass on them. Jack joins the fray and now we're really kicking ass and taking names! Then I can't believe what happens…


Present – Todd – In the tunnels


I no sooner get set up where I can overlook the front entrance when I start to hear some noises at the door… The only way the bastards could be at the front door was if they had specialized firefighter suits and were flooding them with water…


That gives me an idea…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Yeah, we're kicking ass and taking names when – son of a bitch! Something terrible happens


I look at Jack and yell, "Someone has opened the other tunnel door into the cabin."


He yells back, "How in the hell can you tell?"


I respond, "The air is being pulled from the workshop into the tunnels and there's only one way that could happen - that's if the front door was opened during a fire. You, Masha, Yasmeen, Liz and Bernie need to hold them off here while I run over to the front door."


Zarika offers, "Jennifer, I would like to come."


Mabel also offers, "You can count me in."


I yell, "Jack, you Liz and Bernie give us covering fire." And we take off toward the cabin door…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


I love the sound of a fully operational mini-gun in the morning! Yeah, it looks like the call went out and we have one badass AC-130 gunship spreading its lead curtain of death over the tops of the hills. I'm not sure who it is but they are damn sure welcome! I owe them someone more than a drink, I owe them a couple cases of bourbon – hell a whole damn barrel! Nothing survives the onslaught of an AC-130 gunship, not even the best Marines.


The fuckers fire a manpad at the AC-130 but it is targeted and destroyed before it gains much altitude. I order, "What the hell are the rest of you devil dogs doing hiding in the dirt, it's time to fight or die!"


The rest of us take off after the crazy Scotsman and the first part of my Marines…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


I run like my ass is on fire toward the cabin entry door. Mabel drops behind but Zarika almost stays with me. We arrive and find Todd sitting in the corridor watching a pile of burning bodies; the stench of burnt flesh is overwhelming. I demand, "What the hell happened?"


He smiles and signs, "I used the terminal to turn off the water pumps that were providing the cooling water to the fire hoses.  They were using the water to survive in the house."


I ask, "How did you know?"


He smiles and signs, "Because it's something I would have done."


I was thankful that for once one of us was ahead of the damn drug lord's army…


Present – Jack – In the tunnels


We kicked their asses back out of the tunnel and I was so proud of my wife and my boy Ivan. I yell, "Yasmeen, are you okay?" But I don't receive a response.


I look at Masha and order, "Cover me."


She interrupts, "Jack I have more medical training than you, Liz and Bernie. Cover me and Ivan as we are better suited to the mission." She scoops up our boy, we provide vicious cover fire as she runs and jumps over the table. What a hell of a wife I've married!


Then I hear Masha yell…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – At the hospital


We attempt to leave, however Alexi and I are still handcuffed to the bed.


I query, "Irinka, when will we be released from our bondage?" I illustrate our dilemma with a rattle of the handcuffs.


Ira apologizes, "I am aggrieved Mira and Alexi I forgot you were detained. Please have patience for a moment."


She walks into the hallway, we hear a noise, then she returns and toss a key to each of us. I giggle and ask, "The policeman guarding us?"


She laughs, "They are taking a well-deserved nap."


The genetic doctor opens his foul mouth and demands, "Are you telling me you assaulted a police officer?"


Ira laughs, "No, I assaulted two police officers! Unless you are to receive the same treatment you will convey us to the fertility clinic haste of post and provide us with total access to the entire facility."


He argues, "But you cannot do that."


I smile at him and explain as to a child, "Doctor, we all possess diplomatic passports. Therefore, we can not be pursued for minor crimes in your country." Then I threaten, "…and even if we were to terminate a person – perhaps someone like you for not assisting us – the worst punishment we would experience is that we might be deported."


He immediately adjusts his attitude and promises, "In that case you will receive all the cooperation I can provide."


Alexi and I liberate ourselves and I state, "Lead the way doctor…"


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


The janitor wakes me up, I feel a weight on my chest and look: It's the damn little dog that saved me from the mongrel hoard of fat cow women. I look at her and ask, "What the hell are you doing here?"


The little dog yawns and stretches as it awakens. Then the janitor puts his finger over his lips as a sign to shut the hell up and points at the floor. I look and see that Margarita is sleeping on the floor beside the cot. When the hell did they get here and what the hell does she want?


I sit up (which is hard as hell because of the damn little dog), set her on the cot, begin to get up when the little dog starts barking like crazy!


Margarita wakes up, hugs my leg and declares, "PavErast! I know we offended you and I want to apologize to you. I will live with you wherever you live, even if I have to sleep next to your cot on the floor of this boiler room."


Hell, I'm a little hung over and feel like shit but I feel even worse now. The janitor states, "Pavel there's something else you need to take care of."


As he points, I follow his finger and - fuck! There's dog shit on the floor. I look at the damn little dog and complain, "What the fuck! Aren't you house broken."


The little damn dog gives me a sad look and crawls to the end of the cot. I state, "Well as a Marine I don't take any shit, but I sure as hell know what to do when shit happens." I shake my leg loose from Margarita, head over, grab some paper towels and clean up the fucking dog shit.


I look back, Margarita is still on the floor and pleads, "PavErast?"


The janitor glares at me and I make a fucking decision and announce, "I'm going to get my morning cups of coffee. I don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut what you all decide because after tonight I'm out of here."


Yeah, I'm tired of all this bullshit and need to be on my own…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


The SUVs stop and I question, "What's going on?"


One of the men says, "Stacy wants to check the horses."


I bail out, see Stacy walk up and ask, "Are the horses okay?"


She gives me a funny smile and says, "Sam, we really need to talk."


We walk over to the side of the road, Stacy looks at me sadly and starts, "Samantha, I don't know how to make this any easier so I'm just going to tell you."


She pauses and I ask, "Stacy, did I do something wrong?"


She shakes her head and asks, "How old are you?"


I brag, "I just turned nineteen."


Stacy continues to shake her head, hands me a folder of papers and explains, "Sam, I hate to tell you this but the Mossad bunch you were with is a death squad looking for Ben. They were using you to provide the transportation."


I counter, "But Frank and I are married!"


Stacy looks me in the eyes and states, "Sam, you're his second wife. It's all there in this paperwork."


I…I…I can't believe it, but I open the documents and it's all right there for me to see! The fucking bastard! The love of his life didn't die in a bomb blast in Israel, he married the bitch and they had a hell of a lot nicer life than the bastard and I have had.


I begin to cry and confess something to Stacy…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


How can anyone fire more than a couple of rounds in these son of a bitch shoulder cannons? I'm not close to firing my way through all my ammo, my shoulder is sore as hell and I've developed a nasty flinch. I'm not even sure where I'm hitting anymore but I don't care as all I want to do is end this damn torture!


Now this has been fun as hell! Old Betsy and I have ripped the damn drug lord a new one - hell some of his buildings look like they are made out of Swiss cheese. I keep checking on Inga and she has totally decimated the bastards that raped her. I guess it's true - hell hath no fury like that of a woman.


I hear a familiar whistle, I look and Thom is frantically pointing at something. I train my scope in the general direction and make out some trucks headed our way. No big problem, I range them and begin to fire.


Byron begins firing at vehicles headed this way and I realize the drug lord has finally figured out where we are. This makes me wonder so I pick up my rifle run to the other side of the roof and sure enough… I resume my position and begin to take out the bastards trying to sneak up on our back side.


The report of Inga's rifle sounds different so I look and see she's firing in the opposite direction. I grab Betsy, run across the roof and see the bastards are trying to sneak up behind us so I join in the fun that Inga's having.


Shit Byron and Inga don't realize it, but if we don't get out of here soon, we're not going to be able to leave. I need to get their attention so I fire above Byron and hit part of the roof he's on. I about laugh my ass off because it scares the shit out of him! He sees me and flips me off. I give him the hand signals for retreat and watch as he reluctantly picks up his rifle and heads toward the stairwell. Now to get Inga's attention - I look but she's already gone. Shit! Am I the only one left on a roof? I don't like this one bit! I grab the rifle, the rest of the ammo and head for the stairwell. I'm almost there when the worst thing that could happen, happens…


Present – Linus – At the cabin


An AC-130 gunship shows up and rains hell down on the top of the ridge. I order, "Everyone take cover until they are done."


Our group drops into a convenient depression and Hammer complains, "That's nae fair! They ur havin' aw th' fin."


Maria looks at him like he's crazy and replies, "Do you have some sort of fucking death wish?"


He laughs, "Heel nae lassie but they cannae kill me."


Maria foolishly continues, "Oh really? Why can't they kill you?"


Hammer grins, "Coz ay mah lucky charms, they're magically delicioos."


Maria laughs, "I guess I stepped right into that one."


I grin and say, "Yeah you did but Hammer has seemed impervious to death."


Hammer stated, "Ack, Ah was serious! Ah hae leprechauns protectin' me."


Then Maria makes a hell of a mistake when she says, "Yeah, I heard all about kissing the Blarney Stone and how it gives you the gift of gab."


Hammer shakes his head and answers, "Lassie, Ah am Scottish an' th' blarney staine is Irish. An' Ah dornt troost th' Irish either. They ur haverin' bastards."


We listen but don't hear anything else. Then Glen, with the rest of the Marines, runs by and yells, "I may be fucking old but I'm ahead of all of you."


That lights a fire under Hammer so he jumps up and yells, "There's nae way oan auld fart loch ye is gonnae beat me tae th' top ay th' brae."


We join Hammer in the chase and I do have to say, Glen is in much better shape than the last time I saw him. He's lost a hell of a lot of weight and damn he can run…


Present – Glen – At the cabin


Hell, it's been a long damn time since I've felt this good! I dropped a bunch of weight and can even fit into my uniforms again. And it's just in time because my Jennifer needs help. The crazy Scot catches up to me, I look over at him and taunt, "If you weren't wearing a skirt you could run a hell of a lot faster."


He counters, "Weel auld farts loch ye need tae keep yer legs covered sae they dornt gie braw."


I smile and explain, "I'm Glen Donaldson, Jennifer's father."


He grins and says, "Hammer's mah nam, knockin' heids is mah gam."


I reply, "With that claidheamh mòr1 I would say it's more like you lop their heads off."


1 Gaelic for great sword, Anglicized into Claymore.


Hammer responds, "Dae ye spick Gaelic."


I reply with my best Scottish accent, "Wi' th' lest nam ay Donaldson eh'd better ken some Gaelic."


Hammer smiles, "Noo Ah ken wa Ah loch ye an' yer dochter, ye woods be perfect if ye wair a kilt."


I laugh, "Sorry, I don't have the legs for it."


We reach the top of the ridge but – well there's not much of anything left…


Present – Maria – At the cabin


It's been interesting hearing the exchange between Hammer and Glen but my mouth drops open when we reach the top of the ridge. I look at Linus and say, "Who the hell is going to clean up this mess?"


Linus states, "I'm sure we have the men to do it but I sure don't want that detail."


Glen says, "Marines don't take shit from anyone, but when shit happens we sure as hell know how to clean it up."


He gets ready to say something else, looks past us at the cabin and orders, "I want fifty men to stay here, check for survivors and burn the bodies, the rest of us need to haul ass to the cabin."


I turn and see the fire is out and there are some men moving around in front of the cabin and even by the workshop. A Marine runs up and asks, "General! Permission to take out the hostiles at the cabin?"


Glen bellows, "Hell yes, take them out with extreme prejudice! Just make sure you don't blue on blue2 us as we head to the cabin."


2 Blue on blue – term for shooting a fellow operative


He and three other Marines pull sniper rifles out of their packs, drop to the ground and begin rattling off numbers. When they begin to shoot, the hostiles begin to fall and look for cover. Glen orders, "Come on you devil dogs! This war isn't over yet!"


A huge Oooohhhrahhhh echoes off the bloody hilltops of death as we run toward the cabin.


I look over at Linus and question, "I thought Jennifer's old man was supposed to be somewhat of a dick."


Linus smiles and states, "He used to be a real SOB but it looks like time and losing his wife changed him."


I question, "My Princess Boss lost her mother?"


Unfortunately he hears me and replies, "Princess Boss, is that what you call my Jennifer? I really like that. Do you mind if I start using it?"


I answer, "Sorry Sir, but you're not what I expected and feel free to use it but know she hates anyone calling her a princess."


He laughs, "Yeah, she has ever since she was a little girl. Oh about my wife, she's not dead; she's confined to a mental hospital and has little chance of ever recovering."


I answer, "I'm sorry for your loss."


He says, "It was for the best for me and my little Princess Boss."


I wonder how Jens will react the first time he calls her that, I hope she doesn't kick my ass again…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


We have our fucking hands more than full! The bastards shut off the propane tank and the fire went out in the cabin, then they decided to attack in force. I wonder where the hell Daddy and all the Marines are because we could use some help.


I look at Mabel and order, "Head back to the weapons vault and bring all of these magazines that you can find and a couple more rifles like this one. They are all on the wall to the right and left of the door."


She says, "I'll run as fast as I can."


One thing I do have to say is between me, Todd and Zarika we are kicking ass!


Todd signs, "I'm out of arrows."


I toss him my pistol and all the extra mags and he continues but we have a serious as hell situation with ammo. Why the fuck didn't I think to stash some mags next to the doorways?


Present – Jack – In the tunnels


Masha yells, "Jack, Yasmeen's been hit in the abdomen and is unconscious, I need a medkit."


Some bastards pick that exact time to try to enter the tunnels so I, Liz and Bernie shoot their asses and I reply, "Masha, that's not going to happen - it looks like the bastards came back for more. You'll need to figure something out."


I flip my M-25 to full auto and start firing bursts because the bastards are back in full force!


Present – Masha – In the tunnels


I am thankful I at least have Ivan's diaper bag and my purse with me. It is not a medkit but it will have to do for now. I hear Jack firing short bursts: That signals that there are many more assailants than before because my husband hates wasting ammunition - he still prefers one shot / one kill.


I strip off Yasmeen's shirt, withdraw a clean diaper from the diaper bag and press it against the wound. Yasmeen moans, wakes up and laments, "Where's my Ben? If I am going to die I want it to be in his arms."


I fumble in my purse with my one free hand and attempt to comfort her, "Hold on little one, you are not going to die in anyone's arms just yet."


I find what I'm looking for, estimate her weight for the proper dosage, then I give her an injection which will slow her metabolism and simulate death.


I question, "Jack how are you doing?"


He replies, "I couldn't be better." But from the tone of his voice I know we are in trouble.


I look at Ivan and order, "Vanya, be a good boy. Come over here and sit on this diaper."


He says, "Girl has bad boo boo." Then he sits on the diaper compressing Yasmeen's wound. I check and verify that she has slipped into a coma-like state. I grasp my rifle and begin to assist my husband.


I am shocked when I rise up over the table since I did not know how dire the situation is. Even with the four of us we might be overrun…


Present – Jens – In the tunnels


Mabel arrives with more rifles and magazines then she announces, "I heard firing from the hallway toward the back door."


I question, "Was it single shots or short bursts?"


She replies, "It was short bursts."


Shit! If Jack and the rest of them are firing bursts then they're in a hell of a mess.


Zarika volunteers, "Jennifer, Yasmeen is there so I would like to go and help."


I look at Mabel and declare, "Well, you're going to learn how to use a rifle whether you like it or not. Zarika take off, stop by the vault on the way and pick up extra magazines and a couple extra rifles for them."


Zarika heads out and I begin to give Mabel on the job training for how to use an AR…


Present – Mira, Ira and Alexi – Headed to the fertility clinic


We acquire the fertility doctor's very nice vehicle. My sister and I are ensconced in the posterior seats and Alexi is positioned adjacent to the doctor. He locomotivates out of the garage, accelerates to a high rate of speed and malevolently cackles, "Okay, you just try to kill me now. If I die you all die with me."


Irinka reaches over the seat, puts him in the hold of sleeper as Alexi takes control of the wheel. The vehicle slows, then stops. Alexi exits the vehicle, forcibly moves the doctor over into the passenger seat and we locomotivate in a more serene velocity toward the fertility clinic.


We arrive at the clinic, Irinka slaps the doctor awake and declares, "That was foolish behavior and will be paid for by your corpus."


He whines, "What are you going to do?"


Irinka suggests, "I was thinking of starting with the removal of several of your digital extremities."


Alexi leans over whispers something to Ira, then she smiles and announces, "Yes my brother, you are correct! It would be much more painful to the good doctor to exact our retribution on his vehicle."


He loudly swears, "No! Anything but my car! It's a Bentley!"


Alexi laughs, "I wonder how a Bentley would perform in my real life Grand Theft Auto simulation."


The doctor becomes weak in the knees at that comment and we all laugh…


Present – Samantha and Stacy – On the road


I begin to cry and confess to Stacy, "Stacy, I'm late and I'm afraid that damn bastard might have got me pregnant."


Stacy looks at me and questions, "Are you sure?"


I continue to cry, shake my head and say, "I don't really know."


I comfort Samantha as she cries because I know what it feels like if you’re preggers due to someone you don't want to be preggers from. I say, "Don't worry. When we hit Austin we will pick up a pregnancy test for you and find out for sure. Until then you need to concentrate on something else to take your mind off this. I know! How about if you did a news story exposing the Mossad group for what they really are."


Samantha stops crying looks at me and promises, "Stacy that would be perfect! I know exactly what to say."


I add, "And with the way people in Texas feel right now about illegal immigrants it might even help you get even with your lying bastard pretend husband."


She says, "There's only one problem, I don't have any equipment."


I laugh, "But what you do have is a friend who has lots of money."


Samantha questions, "Do you think I need to clear this with Liz first?"


The last thing I want her to do is talk to Liz about us finding Ben so I suggest, "Sam, you're a hell of a reporter and my guess is you didn't clear all your stories with Liz, so why would you want to start doing that now?"


She smiles and agrees, "Stacy thanks, you're right."


I order, "Let's load up and get to Austin." I can't wait to find Ben again but this time I know will be very different…


Present – Ben – Austin Texas


I grab a cup of coffee and change my mind. I walk up to the conductor and announce, "Listen, this has been fun and this has been real but this hasn't been real fun. I'm getting the hell out of here!"


He complains, "What! You can't do that! What about the show?"


I answer, "I can do any fucking thing I want to do! I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it. I would suggest you grovel to the fat fuck that I replaced and see if he will come back."


I head down to the boiler room to get my gear, open the door but I can't believe who's waiting for me…


Present – Thom, Byron and Inga – It's raining hell on the drug lord


I'm headed to the roof access door when - son of a bitch some men walk out with rifles. They see me, I drop behind some equipment and they begin firing at me. I knew we had fucked around here for far too long and now I'm the one paying the price…


I am headed down the stairway when I hear some gunfire coming from somewhere. I stop listen closely and decide to head back up to the roof to see what the hell is going on. I get out on the roof and see that some men have Thom pinned down. That's not a problem for me and Betsy so I lock, load and fire! The first man literally explodes which gets the attention of the others. They begin to fire at me.


I determined Thom was trapped on his roof so I terminated the men left standing guard at the first floor of the building and run up the stairway. I reach the roof, slowly open the door, find I'm behind the men trapping Thom so I begin shooting them with my pistol…