Taken 063

Taken Chapter 063

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Present – Ben – Cooking the hamburgers


With the charcoal lining the bottom of the grill, I spread out the charcoal from the chimney starter then I use a potato fork to mix it in with the non-burning charcoal until everything is mixed well. Next I dash back inside, find the dishwasher is finished with the grills so I take them out of it and then I season them with some olive oil on a cloth.


I take them outside, use a silicon mitten to place them on the grill and enjoy the smell as the olive oil begins to sizzle.


Mabel walks up and remarks, "Those are perfect coals in the grill - good job!"


I smile and then ask, "Mabel, I didn't prepare the lettuce, tomatoes and onions for the burgers…"


She stops me and responds, "Don't worry about it; I will take care of them for you."


I grin and announce, "Now to cook the burgers."


Mabel asks, "How will you know when they are done."


I hold up a meat thermometer and reply, "I will use this."


Mabel smiles and replies, "It's good to see that you are using that instead of just guessing."


I dash back into the kitchen, put on the apron Jens bought me (it reads 'Kiss the Cook'), slide the burgers off onto some cookie sheets and haul them outside.


Mabel laughs when she sees the apron and remarks, "I bet your lovely wife bought that for you."


I reply, "That's a bet you would certainly win."


Mabel replies, "I think I will leave the kissing to her."


I tease, "What? I don't even get a peck on the cheek?"


She relents and gives me a peck on the cheek as I begin to slide the burgers off the cookie sheet and onto the grill.


Mabel wonders, "Ben, how will you keep those from sticking to the grills?"


I reply, "Didn't you see me earlier when I seasoned the grills with olive oil?"


Jens saunters up, sees my apron and comments, "I don't mind if I do." Then she plants a huge kiss on my lips. As she pulls away, it's all I can do to breathe.


Mabel teases, "You're too late - I already gave Ben a kiss."


Before Jens gets upset I explain, "Don't worry my love, it was a peck on the cheek."


Jens teases, "Let me know which cheek because I don't want to contaminate my mouth with affection from the competition."


Mabel laughs and replies, "Thanks to both of you for making it so much fun to work here!" Then she continues, "Well Ben, I better go prepare the condiments for the burgers."


Mabel leaves and Jens friskily teases, "Ben, I know something else I would rather kiss."


I blush profusely as Jens giggles and continues, "I love it that I can still make my man blush."


James and Fiona run up and ask, "Mama, Mama! Is it okay if we do spells?"


Jens, immediately alert, wonders, "Why are you asking me that?"


Fiona replies, "Mama, many of the children we are playing with already know spells."


James adds his two cents, "Yes Mama, they wonder why we don't know any spells."


Jens looks at me and I bow to her knowledge, "Jens this is beyond my expertise."


Jen squats to get on the same level as Fiona and James then replies, "My lovely children, I think that it would be better if we took the time to learn the spells from Grandmother's big book together. That way I can help you understand and correct any problems that you might have."


Present – Samantha and Stacy – Continue the discussion


Stacy shocks me when she confesses over the phone, "Sam, you're not going to like this but I think I made a mistake by not having the Black Witches cast a love spell on Ben."


I explode, "Stacy! What the hell do you mean! I thought you were over Ben?"


Stacy continues, "Sam I was. But then the more I thought about him and the times we shared, the more I missed him and it sort of snowballed from there."


I order, "Stacy, you need to go back to the psychologist and discuss it with her - before you do something stupid again."


Stacy thanks me, "Thank you Sam for being so strict with me. I will call her as soon as I'm off the phone with you."


I threaten her a bit, "Stacy just so you know, I will check up with her."