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Chapter 001

Taken Chapter 001

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Present (six years after the last terrorist) – Ben – Back at the cabin


Hell, we've had the best six years of my life (up until this happened)! We settled into the sort of life I had always dreamed of having with Jens but unfortunately I fucked it up seriously by becoming complacent and relaxed. After years of having to watch our backs, it was nice to finally enjoy life. I loved spending time with my kids; hell they were the best kids any father could hope for - respectful and a little bit crazy too. I was looking forward to growing old with Jens and dying, but…


Hell, we received no flak from our missions against the Muslim sites so we began to relax about it but I should have fucking known better. Shit! We had even shut down most of the security: Thom, Inga, Gretchen and the security teams were all gone. How fucking foolish was I?


I took out my mobile phone to call Thom because I wanted to see if he had heard any chatter from terrorists groups. Destiny walks up and interrupts, "…Ben, I don't think it's the terrorists."


I look at her and ask, "Why the hell not?"


She replies, "Ben, according to Glen the men wore masks. Therefore they didn't want Jennifer to see their faces…"


I continue with a logical conclusion, "… So then it's something to do with her being a witch, because if she saw their faces she could put a spell on them."


Destiny affirms my assumption, "Yes Ben, I feel you are correct."


I swear, "Then it has to be Stacy Fucking Summers."


I head over to Jim who's still questioning Glen and interrupt, "… Jim, I think this is Stacy Summer's work."


Jim looks at me and counters, "Ben, after the last mess that Ms. Summers created, she has been a model citizen and thanks to her, Leadville is doing great. What makes you feel it was her?"


I blurt out, "Because the bastards wore masks!"


Jim counters, "Ben, that's the best thing that could happen in a situation like this. It means that since neither Jennifer nor the children will be able to identify the kidnappers, it gives us some hope that they will eventually be released."


I argue, "Jim, I still question whether or not Stacy is behind this."


Jim replies, "Okay Ben, I will look into this but don't hold your breath."


Jim finishes his interview with Glen and takes a crapload of pictures of the crime scene.


I continue my disrupted train of thought and make my call to Thom…


Present – Thom – Phone call from Ben


My mobile phone rings, I look at it and I can't believe it. I answer, "Hell I haven't heard from you in a coon's age!" Then I practically drop the phone when Ben says, "Thom, we have an emergency. Jens and the children have been kidnapped."


The Amber Alert flashes up on my computer screen and I reply, "Tell Jim he did a good job getting the Amber Alert out so quickly. I'm going to talk to my friends at the FBI and get their asses moving on this. Is there anything else I can do for you?"


Ben pauses and says, "Yeah, I really fucked up when I let the security lapse on this place, I want to get everyone back to the way it was before I became stupid."


I did my best to calm Ben down, "Let me see if I can come back and get things setup for you. I will also contact Inga and get her over there ASAP."


Ben asks, "Thom, do you think it could be Stacy again?"


I reply, "Hell Ben I doubt it. She's been a model citizen after her last big fuck up. But I will check into that too. Now I need to get going."


I end the call and shake my head as I can't fucking believe it…


Present – Inga – Phone call from Thom


I look at my phone and answer, "Hello honey how are you?"


Yes, Thom and I are still together after all these years. He finally saw things my way and now we even lived together. I know, I had said that once we did the deed I was going to leave him. Well… When we finally started our life together I knew I could never leave him.


In typical Thom fashion, he cut to the chase and asks, "Inga, how fast can you get to the Blaine's in Leadville?"


I complain, "Thom, you know better than to just ask a question like that without more detail."


Thom apologizes and I practically drop the phone when he says, "Sorry about that Inga. Jennifer and the children have been kidnapped. Ben wants to reinitiate all the security around the cabin. I'm not sure when I can get away from work so if you could head up there and get the ball rolling it would be a big help."


I ask, "Do you have any more details?"


Thom says, "Not right now, so move your ass up to Leadville and get cracking."


If I didn't love him so much I would give Thom hell about that comment! Instead I smile and say, "Okay, I'm going to pack some clothes and get going."


I pack clothes enough for a week, hop into the van, roll out of the garage, flip on the light bar and fly to Leadville. On the way I decide to make another call…


Present (still six years in the future) – Gretchen – Phone call from Inga


When I stopped working for the Blaine's, it was both a sad and a happy day. Sad because I loved my job and happy because the Blaine's helped me to setup my own computer store. It was something I always wanted to do but never dreamed I would have the money to make it happen.


One of my salespeople comes up to me and says, "Gretchen, there's a phone call for you."


I pick-up the line and hear a siren in the background as Inga says, "Gretchen, how functional are the computer systems at the Blaine's cabin?"


I reply, "Well they've been down for a few years, and they are certainly outdated, but they should start right up again. Why are you asking?"


Inga answers, "Jennifer and the children have been kidnapped…"


I interrupt, "…Inga, are you headed to the cabin now?"


She replies, "Yes I am."


I make a quick decision, "If you aren't too far away, stop by the store and please pick me up. Also do you have room for some boxes?"


Inga answers, "Sure, I'm in the Marshall's van. I will see you in about twenty minutes."


I look at my sales people, give them a list of things I want gathered immediately, then I say, "I have to go to Leadville because my friend Jennifer and her children were just kidnapped. Please keep the store running while I'm gone and you can call me if you have any questions." They assemble all the items by the front door, I load my personal laptop into its bag and barely get finished when Inga shows up in the van.


We load all the equipment in the back, I make sure it's secure and then Inga hits the road.


Present – Liz – Phone call from Thom


My phone rings, I glance at the caller ID and see it's Thom. I answer and remark, "I haven't heard from you for ages."


Thom gives me the bad news, "Liz, Jennifer and the children were kidnapped this morning."


I sputter, "What… What… What! I can't believe it!"


Thom replies, "You better believe it because it happened. I'm calling to make sure your family is safe, and to see if we can get Samantha to do a report on this."


I cover the phone and yell, "Bernie, is everything okay?"


He comes into the room and says, "Yeah things are fine. Why do you ask?"


I quickly tell him about Jens and the children, then he suggests, "Liz, I think we should head over to the Blaine's cabin."


I question, "Why should we do that?"


He says, "Because it's safer there than it is here. I will start getting Desiree's clothes and things ready."


I get back on the phone with Thom and say, "Bernie thinks we should head to the cabin…"


Thom interrupts, "…That's a great idea because we're getting the security up and going again. How about Samantha?"


I reply, "I will call her as soon as I'm off the phone with you."


Thom says his goodbyes then I call Sam…


Present – Samantha – Phone call from Liz


My phone rings - the caller id says it's Liz. I answer and ask, "Hello Liz, what can I do for you?"


Liz drops a bombshell as she replies, "Sam, you need to get your crew to the Blaine's cabin. Jens and the children have been kidnapped. Also does the station have any current video of them?"


I'm in shock so I sit down and reply, "Yes on both things Liz. I will get my crew there immediately and I just did a short piece on the Blaine's about a week ago which hasn't aired yet."


I hang up the phone and hope like heck this isn't Stacy's doing. I call John's house, give him the details then I jump in the van to pick him up.


On the way I call Stacy…


Present  – Stacy – Phone call from Samantha


My phone rings, Bill answers it and then says, "Samantha's calling."


I take the phone and Samantha asks, "Stacy, please tell me you didn't do it?"


I reply, "Samantha, what do you think I did?"


Samantha says, "Jennifer and their children were just kidnapped. I’m headed to the cabin to do a story on the abduction."


I reply, "Samantha, I didn't do this. You know that I'm totally over Ben Blaine."


Samantha sighs in relief and says, "Thanks for not being offended; I just wanted to be sure."


I hang up the phone and Bill asks, "What was that about?"


I reply, "Jennifer and her children were just kidnapped. Do you think we should do anything about it?"


Bill vigorously shakes his head and replies, "Ms. Summers we need to stay the hell away from this so they don't assume it was you."


I agree with Bill but can't help feeling that someone has done me a hell of a favor…


Present  – Jens – In the back of a van


I can't believe I've been kidnapped and even worse they've taken my babies too! They had on masks and carried serious firearms then they put hoods over all our heads tied our hands behind our backs and the next thing we knew, we were in the back of a van bouncing down the road. Thank God they have a mattress in back of the van. Fiona and James slide over to me and James asks, "Mother, why did they do this?"


I reply, "James I don't have any idea. So be brave for me."


Fiona asks, "Mother can you do something about this?"


Both my children understand that I'm a witch. I reply, "Unfortunately no because they wore masks."


James says, "What will papa do?"


I reply, "James, he's going to find us - that I know for sure."


Fiona says, "I hope he kills them."


I secretly wish the same thing but I don't say it.