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Chapter 002

Taken Chapter 002

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Note: This chapter continues from the last book.


Flashback – Masha, Louise and Tanya – Help from the lawyer


With the interview given to Martina finished and plans developed to trap the дурак (fool) John Rowan, I looked at Tanya and asked, "What is next?"


Tanya replied, "Well Masha, I do have some work to get done besides the pro-bono work I am doing for you."


I gave her a quizzical look and Louise explained, "Masha, pro-bono is a legal term for free."


I began to complain but Tanya silenced me, "Masha, don't worry about not being charged a fee. I am more than making up for my fees from the advertising I'm getting by defending you."


I shook my head and answered, "I still do not understand the American legal system. In Russia almost no one uses a lawyer."


Tanya asked, "Then how do you get legal situations resolved?"


I smiled and replied, "We do not have as many legal situations in Russia as in America and sometimes they are resolved by force."


Tanya queried, "What about contractual obligations?"


I paused for a moment and thought, "You are correct, while I haven't had to use their recourse, they do intervene to resolve contractual issues."


Tanya grinned and said, "Masha, it really doesn't sound that much different than here."


I sputtered, "But we heard that Americans sue people all the time…"


Tanya interrupted, "… And we heard that Russians have to stand in line to buy food."


I demurely withdrew, smile and said, "Touché, perhaps we both have an incorrect view of our respective countries."


Tanya replied, "Then it will be great fun dispelling those incorrect views. Now I really must go and finish my work for today."


Louise offered, "Tanya, if you're not busy tonight why don't you stop by for Krav Maga classes."


I added, "And of course dinner."


Tanya grinned and said, "It's a date, what time should I arrive."


I stated, "How about five and make sure to bring some gym clothes."


Tanya affirmed the time and left. Louise said, "Masha, she's doing you a big favor by not charging a fee."


I pondered and theoretically questioned, "Perhaps she can help me set up the classes for women."


Then I asked, "Louise, when do you start school?"


Flashback – Ben – Back at the hospital


The nurse kept flirting with me so I finally went up to the medical chief of staff and complained, "Sir, I hate to bother you but the conduct of the nurse prohibits me from performing the tasks which I am being asked to perform."


He looked at me blankly, finally recognized me and swore, "Son of a bitch, you're Sgt. Blaine! Since you saved the head nurse's life, we've had nothing but trouble from the nurses."


He continued in his command voice (which was excellent), "I will not tolerate any sexual shenanigans, such as went on back at the base hospital. Any breach of this order will not be tolerated, do I make myself clear?"


Then nurses feebly and meekly all replied affirmatively. The medical chief of staff looked at me and advised, "Sgt., please feel free to report any further incidents."


I went back to work with the previous nurse, she gave me her best pouty face and said, "You're no fun."


I grinned at her and replied, "Listen, I have work to do. I need to rescue more children before the fucking Taliban begin to kill them."


That shut her the hell up and things were much better.


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


With the arrival of the new medical staff, this place looked and felt like a real hospital. They hightailed it downstairs and reported to the medical chief of staff. Banzai saw them and said, "Great, now I can change and go rescue some more children."


I stopped Banzai and said, "You might want to take a few minutes for the fun we're going to have."


Banzai queried, "What sort of fun are you planning?"


I grinned at him and answered, "I'm releasing the fucking British bomb maker and we're going to use him for sniper practice."


Banzai waffled, "Jack I would love to stay for that, but if I was in the contest it wouldn't be fair."


He did have a point, so I asked, "I assume then you're going out after more children?"


Banzai said, "Of course, and with what Amir told me we need to hustle. By the way, have you seen where he is?"


I said, "He's been working with the doctors and nurses to help tell them what happened to the children."


Banzai queried, "I hate taking a civilian on the mission, but he was a big help to me as an interpreter."


I suggested, "Hell, why don't you take one of our terps?"


Banzai asked, "When did we get more than one terp?"


I replied, "A second one came in on the last chopper."


Banzai took a pregnant pause and said, "Thanks Jack, I really didn't want to bring Amir with me - especially after he took the fucker's penis."


I said, "Start getting back into your gear and I will find a terp for you."


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Grandmother went into more detail than the book, describing in greater detail what a good witch can do. In fact the detail was so great it is too much to repeat in this short description. There was one statement Grandmother made that still bothered me so I decided to ask, "Grandmother, you cautioned me about guarding my heart against dangerous things. What exactly did you mean?"


Grandmother hugged me and replied, "Jennifer my only granddaughter, it's very simple. Your choice of Bennie Blaine for a husband was pre-ordained. I want to caution you about having any other romantic entanglements. In other words, even though it will be hard, especially when your hormones start to kick in, don't mess things up."


I scrunched up my face and continued, "I still don't understand why this is so important."


Grandmother looked at me and asked, "Jennifer, do you know what a Shaman is?"


I smiled at Grandmother and replied, "Is that some sort of Indian medicine man?"


Grandmother chuckled and gave me the correct definition, "A shaman is an intermediary between this world and the spirit world. They act on behalf of the community conducting ceremonial rituals, healing the people, and helping to guide others on the shamanic path. A shaman’s life belongs to the village and it is their responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of the family, the community and all of creation. In this way the shaman helps to maintain balance and harmony on both a personal and planetary level."

I giggled and replied, "So my Ben is going to be some sort of Shaman?"

Grandmother said, "Jennifer, his grandfather was a great Shaman and visits Ben occasionally to teach him."

I thought for a moment and asked, "But isn't Ben's Grandfather dead."

Grandmother affirmed, "Yes, he has been dead for many years. But remember that Shamans are intermediaries between this world and the spiritual world which makes your union with Ben the perfect thing. For once, our people (witches) will have access to the spiritual world."

Grandmother said, "Now we need to continue your lessons…

Flashback – Alexi – At home


Watching the video tape was excellent, because I could pause the tape and take notes or even look in the book to explore more examples. Not only that, when I became fatigued I could take a rest. Yes, this was the best school ever.


'Father' came in my room so I paused the videotape and he asked, "Alexi, how do you like the university?"


I smiled at 'father' and replied, "This is great! I can pause the tape and look in the book for more examples."


'Father' noted, "I notice you are studying history first, do you understand everything about the subject you are studying?"


I replied, "Yes I do. If the other subjects are this easy I won't have any problems at all."


'Father' requested, "Would it bother you if I stayed and watched the tape with you?"


I affirmed, "That would be fine 'father'."


He sat on my bed and I continued the tape…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I occulated Mira and pronounced, "Kostia and his men made a grand mistake when they assumed eliminating us would be trivial."


Mira giggled and replied, "Our minuscule accoutrements further lulled the men into complacency. Pray tell when do you imagine Kostia will arrive?"


I smiled at my sister and imparted, "He will not arrive. His knowledge of our skills is too great to allow any desire to face us alone. He will plan some sort of subterfuge to capture us without a battle. We must be on heightened alert to perceive his plans as they unfold."


Even at our heightened alert we still failed to perceive his devious deeds.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


After a great night, I was up early making breakfast. Gail wandered into the kitchen and signed, "Todd, is there nothing we can do to make you stay?"


I return signed, "Sorry little one, I need to get back to work to make money so you can eat."


Maria walked into the kitchen and said, "Todd, with the money you already have in the bank, you would never have to work again."


I smiled at her and signed, "Yes I know that, however there is some very important business I need to take care of."


Maria resigned herself to the fact and said, "I will go with you to purchase your airplane tickets."


I shook my head and signed, "No Maria, you need to stay here and take care of Gail." The real reason I didn't want Maria to come was because I had to take a circuitous route back to the company and I sure as hell knew she wouldn't understand.


Gail signed, "So when are you coming back?"


I smiled at her and returned, "As soon as I finish my business." Now don't forget that Roberto will be coming over to teach you martial arts and also how to shoot."


Maria sobbed, ran over to me, hugged me and said, "Todd, please take care of yourself and come back…