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Chapter 005

Taken Chapter 005

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Present – Ben – Back at the cabin


Inga comes out, sees the SUVs driving up and assures me, "Yes Ben, that is the temporary security team I called."


They drive up to the door and Inga orders, "I want two of you to man the front gate - make sure it's closed and don't let anyone in without permission."


I add, "Two of you can come into the house and grab a Ma Deuce and some ammo. The blockhouse at the gate is fitted for one and the field phone to the house should still work."


Inga continues, "Let's make sure the field phone still works, if not then we will use our coms."


A drone flies overhead and Inga says, "Good! Gretchen already has the drones running so we should get prior warning of anyone approaching."


I remember something and order, "We have a wolf and other wildlife in the area. Don't the fuck shoot any of it!"


Inga knows about Destiny and reinforces my order, "Anyone shooting any wildlife will be executed."


Two of the men come inside as we head down into the tunnels and into the weapons storage room. I open the door, point to the side wall where they can't see anything in the weapons room and command, "Wait here I will bring out the Ma Deuce." Yeah, I sure as hell don't want them nosing around in the weapons room. I load up the Ma Deuce on a cart with two ammo boxes. While I'm in there I see my Alexander Arms Ulfberht and decide to switch weapons. I put the M4 in the rack and sling the Ulfberht over my shoulder and switch tactical vests to the one preloaded for the Ulfberht. I roll the cart out into the room and one of them asks, "Is there an elevator we can use?"


I reply, "No. However, if we take you out the garage entrance, you can roll this right to your SUV."


We change directions and head toward the garage. I get there, put my palm on the scanner but it doesn't work. I figure Gretchen must still be working out the bugs in the computer upgrades. I pull out a set of keys and manually unlock the door. We roll the cart into the garage and I suggest, "Pick up one of your SUVs and I will wait for you."


One of them heads out the door while I tell the other, "I will open the garage doors."


I try the hand scanner and this time it works. The garage door unlocks and begins to rise. The SUV drives in, they load the Ma Deuce and ammo from the cart into the back of the SUV. I tell them, "I will be down in a couple minutes to run a dry patch through the barrel because right now there's oil in it."


I silently swear at myself for not doing this while I was in the weapons room. Damn, I'm forgetting too many things! I put my hand on the scanner at the weapons room and this time it works. I run in, grab the fifty caliber cleaning rod and the associated patches. I make it upstairs where Inga holds up a hand and puts her finger on her lips to tell me not to talk. Glen is sitting across from her in a hypnotic trance. I wanted to hear what he says, but I need to get to the block house. I quietly slip out the front door, which is now being covered by two other security men, and hightail it to the blockhouse. They already have the Ma Deuce in the stanchion for it so I run up and order, "Okay, I will take care of this."


I open the breech, put the patches over the end of the rod and slide it down the muzzle. The patches come out glistening with oil. I repeat the procedure with more clean patches and this time no oil. I look at the men and ask, "Have you ever loaded a Ma Deuce?"


One of them replied, "Yes Sir, you're welcome to watch to make sure I'm doing it correctly."


I observe and he does a great job. He asked, "Permission to test fire?"


I nodded, he touched of a short burst and we were ready to rock and roll. And just in time because a vehicle is approaching the gate.


Present – Samantha – At her castle


John and I enter the video editing room in my castle and begin to work on the video. It doesn't take long so we finish, review it a couple times then I call the Truth Network and speak to the manager, "We have a priority video we are sending you. Make sure you broadcast it immediately."


He assures me he will so we send it to the Truth Network, turn on the television and wait. About five minutes later, there's a special announcement and our special video airs.


Present – Stacy – watching the report


I knew that Samantha was going to do a report on this, so we had the Truth Network channel turned on and waited. After what seemed like forever, the report starts. Bill and I listen to it. When it finishes, I smile at Bill and remark, "It was a good thing the kidnappers wore masks."


Bill asks, "Why's that?"


I continue my smile and reply, "Because with the masks on Jennifer cannot cast a spell on them."


Bill glares and mutters, "I thought you were over this whole witch bullshit?"


I laugh and say, "Oh no Bill, she's a witch and that's a fact. But I am over her."


Bill questions, "What helped you get over her?"


I smile at Bill and say, "When I found out she was a white witch, I realized she couldn't have put a love spell on Ben."


Present – Inga – Glen reveals some interesting things


Glen swore that I couldn't hypnotize him and at first he fought it. But I continued to work with him and he went out like a light. I begin to ask him questions, "Glen I want you to return to the time of the kidnapping, can you do that for me."


Glen says, "It was terrible however I will do that."


Good, I was concerned he might not be able to do it. I continue with the prodding, "Is there anything else you can tell me about the black van?"


Glen says, "It was a black Mercedes panel van and… and… and the front window had a treatment over it that made it appear black."


Good that was new information so I continue, "All the men wore masks. Can you tell me about the masks?"


Glen says, "Yes they all wore masks that looked like a wolf."


I ask, "Glen can you tell me about their eyes? Do you remember the color of their eyes?"


The fifty caliber machine gun fires at the front gate and Glen snaps out of his trance. He looks at me and says, "See, I told you that I couldn't be hypnotized."


Present – Gretchen – Computer updates


I am surprised because Jennifer has let the computer systems slip into a terrible state. I begin to think about it and decide she is probably busy with her twins and doesn't spend as much time on computers as before. I do find a nice as hell laptop that must be her major computer and a couple of Android tablets that must be for Fiona and James.


Since I had previously been here for so long, I am familiar with the system and it doesn't take long until I had trashed the old computers and updated to the new ones. The hardest part is the interface to the hand scanners. I have to pull the user data off the old systems, update it and load it into the new systems. The drones work great and broadcast a feed to every television set in the house. With my work being done, I call my store to see how everything is going…


Present –Bernie, Liz and Desiree – Finished with the room.


With everyone helping (including Desiree) it doesn't take long until the room was spick-and-span. Liz looks at me and says, "Bernie, I wonder if Ben thought of calling Mabel?"


I shake my head and reply, "Liz, he's busy doing a hundred other things. Do you think she would come back to do the cooking?"


Liz replies…


I reply to Bernie, "It won't hurt to give her a call to see what she's doing."


Bernie reminds me, "Didn’t she go to work for Stacy's restaurant? I'm not sure if she can get away."


I chuckle as I remember, "Yeah, I heard there was a little chef battle between her and Henri."


Bernie laughed, "A little battle! I heard it almost came to knives at five paces. But Henri realized the value of having a second cook because it expanded the repertoire of the restaurant."


My mobile phone rings, I look at it and remark, "Speak of the devil, Mabel's calling us."


I answer the phone and Mabel says, "Liz, I just heard the bad news about Jennifer and the children and was wondering if you had anyone there to cook for you yet."


I reply, "Bernie and I were just talking about you and wondering if you could come back until this kidnapping business is over."


Mable replies, "Let me purchase some supplies and I will be right over. Have you looked at the kitchen yet?"


I reply, "No Mabel, I haven't. I'm sure it's clean because I know Jens. However, I'm not sure what sort of food is available."


Mabel says, "Well don't you worry about it because Mabel is back on the job again."


Present – Thom – Update phone call from Inga


My phone rings again so I look at it, see it's Inga, answer it and ask, "Were you able to hypnotize Glen?"


Inga replies, "Of course I did. And I found out the van was a Mercedes panel van with black covering on the front window. That and all the perps wore wolf masks."


I speculate, "Inga could this have something to do with Destiny?"


Inga replies, "I don't think so. By the way we have the security team here, two are manning the front gate with a Ma Deuce and two are guarding the partially destroyed front door. We could sure use some more men."


I think for a moment and agree, "Okay I will see about getting some more men, how's Ben holding up?"


Inga replies, "I got in his face when he threatened to beat the shit out of Glen, but since then he's been too busy to do much thinking about this."


I reply, "Good, keep him occupied until I arrive."


Inga asks, "And when will that be?"


I reply, "Don't worry, I will be there before bedtime."


I get into the Amber alert system and update the description on the van…


Present – Jens – In the back of a van


I still have questions about why they took us and what their plans are for us. I decide to make the best out of things so I begin to sing one of the children's favorite songs:


"Row, row, row your boat…"


James and Fiona join in so we're singing as a round.