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Chapter 006

Taken Chapter 006

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Louise and Masha – After Lunch


Louise crimsoned and declared, "Masha, I again want to apologize to you for not trusting that Linda could eat the sandwich."


I had to keep from laughing as Linda devoured her sandwich and even consumed part of mine. Louise had of course noticed it which prompted the apology. I replied, "Louise don't worry about it, I have more experience right now with feeding Linda solid food."


Louise continued, "I was shocked at how much she ate. It must be because the sandwiches were so tasty. Why was that?"


I explained, "Louise, I used all natural ingredients: Healthy whole grain bread, natural cheese and of course fried them in olive oil."


Louise questioned, "Why didn't you use butter or margarine?"


I further explained, "Olive oil is healthier than butter even though butter tastes better. And margarine is the worst type of fat that you can use."


Louise shook her head and said, "Masha, you've changed everything about the way I eat."


I smiled and teased, "Is that a complaint?"


Louise doesn't realize I teased her and vehemently said, "Oh no Masha! It's not a complaint. I am so very thankful for all the food you cook and for getting Linda and I away from sugar."


I confessed, "Louise I was teasing you. It is such a joy having you and Linda here. So Louise, what are your plans for the rest of today?"


Louise giggled and asked, "Would you think it was strange if I sat in my room and admired all my new furniture?"


I replied, "Not at all and I might even join you after I do the dishes."


Louise changed her mind and offered, "Masha, why don't you let me do the dishes?"


I countered, "Louise I am very particular about how the dishes are done, so I will do them. However, why don't you get Linda cleaned up?"


Louise removed Linda from her high chair and took her into the bathroom to clean her hands…


Flashback – Ben – Another rescue mission


Amir carried the stretcher on one shoulder, the rope on the other shoulder and quietly led the way as I followed making sure to use my NV gear to scan for any Taliban mother fuckers who might be brave enough to attempt something during the night. I hoped like hell we could free any of the children tonight because I wasn't sure how much longer the bastards would refrain from killing them.


Amir led us to the first hovel where I snuck up to the rug covered window, peeked in and realized that we're already too fucking late! Once again I wished they made eye bleach because what I saw, no one should ever see. Not only were they all killed, they had been violated in the worse ways possible and their little faces showed the unspeakable horror of a slow and lingering death from being bled out like fucking animals.


I gritted my teeth and whispered to Amir, "They are all dead."


He apologized, "Sorry Ben Sir! I worried this would happen. If these children are dead then we have lost all of them, I have failed you."


I swore softly, "Amir, you did not fail me because we didn't stand a chance in the first place. There were too many of them and too few of us. Now let's get back to the hospital and deliver a message to these Taliban fuckers they won't ever forget."


We hightailed it back to the hospital where Jack met me at the door and asked, "What happened?"


I swore, "The Taliban mother fuckers killed all the children and bled them out like animals. Where's Lieutenant George?"


Jack replied, "I think he's sleeping, what's on your mind."


I glared at Jack and said, "We're going to light these fuckers up."


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Daddy arrived home with mother sooner than I expected and yelled up to my room, "Jennifer, we're home."


I had put on some nice clothes, in hopes that it would make mother happy. I be-bopped down the stairs, mother saw me and immediately complained, "Jennifer what in God's holy name are you wearing?"


I twirled and replied, "Nice clothes in honor of you coming home." I run to her, give her a hug and continue, "It's great that you're finally home."


She holds me at arm's length, looks into my eyes and declares, "Young lady, you are still a witch!"


Daddy comes over, takes my hand and asks, "Jennifer, why don't you go back to your room for right now while I talk with Evelyn?"


Rats! I had really hoped that mother would have changed but she was still obsessed over the whole witch thing. I might continue with the bal-fricken-let for her but there was no way I was going to give up being a witch.


When I got to my room, Grandmother was there and remarked, "I see that your mother hasn't changed any."


I asked, "Why is she so obsessed with me being a witch?"


Grandmother explained, "Jennifer, she had the chance to be a witch too and discarded it. She had watched some television show about how all witches are evil and should be killed. She made up her mind that she would never be evil."


I complained, "But we're really not evil."


Grandmother continued, "The show didn't differentiate between white witches and black witches and black witches are certainly evil so they portrayed all witches as evil."


I hugged Grandmother and said, "Thank you for teaching me; I know I will never become evil."


Flashback – Alexi – At home


Calculus was fascinating! All the difficult things in Algebra became easy with Calculus, such as how to find the instantaneous change (called the "derivative") of various functions.


I was so engrossed in Calculus that I didn't hear 'father' call me for dinner. I finally heard a knock on the door, 'father' opens the door and says, "Alexi, I've been calling you for dinner."


I apologize, "Sorry 'father' I was busy studying Calculus."


I came out to dinner and 'father' and I had a most interesting conversation about Calculus. I was slightly surprised that he knew as much about it as he did.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


When Kostia and his new minions finished torturing us, we couldn't even move. I looked hopelessly at Mira as she recklessly taunted, "I hope you all are exultant, since I will remove your training tools when I recover."


Her ill-advised bravado only prompted further torture from the illegitimate sons of a female saluki. Kostia implanted some concern into my heart when he said, "How do you know we will let you recover. We can keep this up all day."


Mira once again unwisely taunted, "Kostia, the only way you can keep it up is with medication."


The men laughed as they continued to brutalize us…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I wrote on my tablet to Roberto, "Please take care of Maria and Gail for me."


Roberto assured me, "Yes Todd, I will make sure they are safe and will begin to give them weapon and defense training."


That reminded me so I wrote, "I will send a diplomatic box with some interesting items in it. Please put the items in the panic room."


I handed Roberto a wad of cash and wrote, "This is for you and your family for all the trouble I've already caused you."


Roberto complained, "Todd, you have already given me too much."


I disagreed and wrote, "Roberto, I owe you much more than this. If and when I come back I will make it up to you."


Roberto questioned, "If? Todd what are you going to do?"

I wrote, "You cannot tell Maria or Gail, but the 'company' I work for set me up twice now trying to get me killed. I'm going back to make sure it they never try it again. The first time was in China and I got this." I showed him my neck and continued, "The second time was here when they sent me after the Drug Lord."


Roberto remarked with surprise, "You are the one who took out the drug lord?"


I smiled and nodded while Roberto continued, "You did this country a great service,"


I shrugged my shoulders and wrote, "I did the world a great service."


Roberto asked, "Todd, are you CIA?"


I smiled and shook my head no. If only Roberto knew the truth…