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Chapter 007

Taken Chapter 007

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben – Back at the cabin


An unknown vehicle approaches the gate. I step out to make sure they stop and the two guards in the blockhouse train the Ma Deuce at the van. The passenger wisely opens the door slowly, steps out and identifies himself, "Stacy Summers sent us in case you need any help."


I swear at them, "You can get right back in that motherfucking van and get the hell out of here before we blow your asses to hell. I don't want any help from the bitch you work for."


They are wise enough not to argue as he climbs back into the van, it turns around and they leave.


I begin to leave when one of the security team calls to me, "Mr. Blaine, Gretchen says we have more vehicles approaching the gate."


I ask, "How do you know?"


He points to his ear and replies, "It came in over my com unit."


I swear, "Damn, I need one of those!"


He offers, "Since we each have one, take mine and I'll ask Inga if she has more."


I take the proffered com unit, wipe it off on my shemagh, place it into my ear and say, "Testing -one, two, three?"


Everyone in the world gives me shit, "Hey don't say anything unless you have something important to say – that com unit isn't a toy. Finally Inga comes on and says, "Everyone cut Ben Blaine some slack. We hear you Ben."


Gretchen says, "Ben, the drones have detected multiple cars headed to the gate."


Inga adds, "Ben those are probably the FBI and other Marshall Service vehicles, please treat them better than you did Stacy Summer's men."


I wonder how the hell Inga knows about that then the security man motions to me. I come over to the blockhouse and the guard explains, "The microphones on these com units are very sensitive, they heard you yell at the other men through my com unit."


That was a good fucking thing to know.


Before the other vehicles arrive, Gretchen says, "Ben there are two motorcycles approaching at a rapid speed. The riders are wearing body armor and carrying weapons."


I wondered if they would arrive. I announce, "Those riders are probably Mira and Ira our former body guards. Gretchen please make sure you do not annoy them with the drones."


I watch with amazement as the twins arrive because they accelerate up a slight rise and easily jump over the gate. They ride up to me, Ira dismounts while Mira holds her bike upright. She hugs me and says, "Mr. Blaine, we just saw the news report. Please inform us that it is a falsehood."


I shake my head and reply, "Unfortunately, it's true."


Mira swears, "Illegitimate son of a female saluki! Mr. Blaine we apologize for leaving our post with you."


I console them, "Girls, it's not your fault - it's my fault for letting the security lapse."


Gretchen reminds through the com, "Ben, the vehicles are approaching the gate."


I relay the message, "Mira and Ira, we have a contingent of vehicles approaching and Inga feels they are FBI and Marshall Service vehicles."


Inga comes on the com and orders, "Ben, I'm coming to the gate to meet them. Please don't let Mira and Ira do anything foolish."


I decide to make small talk with the girls, "I see you haven't destroyed your motorcycles yet."


Mira responds, "We have damaged them upon occasion, but it was nothing which could not be repaired."


I continue to shoot the breeze, "So what's it like living with Alexi?"


Ira declares, "Mr. Blaine, it is a terrible nightmare from the Depths of Hades! When he's not working, he's impregnating one of his wives…"


Mira continues, "… There are so many babies around that it is virtually impossible to somnambulate."


I smile and offer, "You two are always welcome to move back here."


Before they can answer, Inga arrives from the house in the Marshall's van, climbs out and greets them, "It's good to see you Mira and Ira. I'm here to make sure we don't have any problems with the FBI or Deputy Marshalls that are arriving."


Ira states, "Those vehicles should be carefully inspected."


Inga argues, "Ira, there is no reason for that…"


Mira interrupts, "…The lack of security is disgusting!"


Inga declares, "We will not go back to the excessive security level we had before, it was too cumbersome."


Ira parroted in a sing-song voice, "It was too cumbersome, my derrière! The lack of security is what allowed the children and Ms. Blaine to be abducted."


Inga had her fill and said, "Mira and Ira, you can either work with us or you can leave."


I step in to restore the peace, "Listen everyone, I sure as hell don't need this right now so the three of you cut it the hell out."


Inga opens the gate and waves the vehicles through while Ira and Mira carefully observe. The vehicles head up to the house as Inga says to me, "Ben, you called us so let us do our jobs."


I complain, "And what they hell should I do, sit on my fucking thumbs?"


Inga grins, "Only if that will help, otherwise we need you to follow me up to the cabin and be interviewed."


I glare at her and complain, "Don't tell me I'm a suspect."


I follow them to the cabin and can't fucking believe it!


Present – Samantha – At her castle


John mentions something I have been considering, "Samantha, with what's going on it might be a good idea to call Victor and see if he's working right now."


I should probably explain that when things calmed down (especially after Stacy stopped calling the terrorists) we decided to let Vic go. There really wasn't anything for him to do, he was bored all the time and asked if he could go find new work. We made sure his house was paid for and then he left.


I look at John and reply, "John, sometimes I wonder if you read my mind." I take out my phone and call Vic's number. Megan answers and I ask, "Megan, is Vic busy right now?"


Megan replies, "Samantha, it's good to hear from you. I wondered if you were going to call after I saw the news report this morning. Unfortunately Victor is busy right now, but I will call him and see if he wants to cancel his current job."


I frown and make a decision, "Megan don't bother him about it, I am sure we will be fine."


John overhears the conversation and understands, "So Vic is busy right now. What do you plan to do?"


I smile and say, "I will just grab one of Stacy's men until we are sure that we're out of danger."


I call Stacy…


Present – Stacy – Phone call from Samantha


Bill answers the phone, looks at me and says, "Ms. Summers, it's Samantha for you."


I answer the phone and remark, "Sam, that report of yours was great but it's terrible news about Ben's wife and children."


Samantha replies, "Stacy, it was one of the hardest reports I've ever done. But I called you for a favor."


I reply, "Ask away my compadre."


Samantha states, "Stacy, Victor is busy right now and I was wondering if one of your security men could sort of be my bodyguard for a while?"


I reply, "Just a minute, let me check."


I put the line on hold, look at Bill and ask, "Bill, I want to send one of your best men over to Samantha's to be her body guard?"


Bill states, "No problem, I will get on it immediately. Do you also want me to double the security on her castle while you're there?"


I think for a moment and decide, "Sure, in fact let's up the security level on everyone."


I pick the phone up again, take it off mute and inform her, "Samantha, we will send you someone immediately and we are also raising the security level on everyone. Now what are your plans for lunch?"


Samantha answers, "I don't have any yet."


I reply, "Good, let's meet at the restaurant at noon."


Samantha replies, "Great I will see you then."


Bill gives me a strange look and informs me, "Ms. Summers, Ben sent the four men that we sent to his cabin back."


I state, "Well his loss is our gain, redeploy the men to other areas."


Bill replies, "Yes Ms. Summers. By the way I have the current figures from Alexi if you would like to see them."


Yes, Alexi still worked for me. His analytic skills were incomparable, and he did the work faster than anyone I ever knew. The only problem was when he wasn't working he was getting one of his three wives pregnant.


I question, "Bill, how many children does he have now?"


Bill shakes his head and answers, "I sure as hell don't know and I'm not sure that he even knows."


I think for a moment and suggest, "Let's find out if his sisters are still there. If not, let's send over a couple of security people to keep them safe. The last thing I would want is for one of his wives or children to be kidnapped."


Bill says, "That's a great idea. I bet because they were the Blaine's bodyguards, the twins went back to the cabin." Then Bill cautions, "We're going to need to rotate the security staff we send over because being in that house with all those babies would drive a sane man insane."


I further the caution, "And make sure we don't send any female security to the house."


Bill laughs, "Yeah, the idiot savant Alexi would probably take them to bed and then marry them."


I chuckle and remember when I visited Alexi and he made a pass at me…


Present – Gretchen – Calling her store


I pick up my mobile phone, begin to call the store and realize I don't have a signal. Son of a bitch, I forgot to setup the mobile phone repeater for the basement! I find the system, realize it's been turned off, reinitialize it and wait. After what seems like forever, all the lights on it go green, I check and now I have signal in the tunnels. I call the store, the phone is answered in the appropriate manner and I say, "This is Gretchen, I was just checking to see how things are going?"


I can tell the phone is handed off to Mike (my number two in command) and he says, "Hello Gretchen, things are going fine here. We just got in a big shipment that I'm still verifying is correct. We saw the news report, how are things at the cabin and can we do anything to help?"


I reply, "Thanks, but there's nothing to do here now that I have everything up and running. Call me if there are any issues."


I end the call and I'm thankful that I hired good people.


Present – Inga – We arrive at the cabin


The FBI and Marshall Service contingent arrive at the cabin. Ben rides with me and during the trip says, "Inga, how in the hell could you ever assume I had anything to do with this?"


I try to comfort him, "Ben don't worry about it. The husband is always the primary suspect in any kidnapping. But I know you didn't do it, so we just have to go through the hoops to make sure that others understand this."


Ben swears, "If they don't understand it then they can go to hell!"


I don't have the heart to rebuke him this time so I only offer, "Ben, let me handle this so we don't have any problems."


We are the last to arrive, head into the cabin and before anyone can get going I announce, "Even though this is a kidnapping case, the Marshall Service is going to be running this investigation."


The lead FBI agent raises his hand and questions, "Why does the Marshall Service feel it can usurp the jurisdiction of the FBI?"


I reply, "Because of our close and long connection to the Blaines. We feel that it would be more beneficial to let us run the case because we're already up to speed on it."


I hoped Ben would stay out of this but he says, "Inga's correct. We've worked with the Marshall Service before and we trust them. In fact I called them first not the FBI."


The lead FBI agent glares at Ben and replies, "Are you saying you don't want our help…"


I interrupt, "… No, that's not what Ben is saying." Then I drop the trump card, "Thom used to be head of security here so Ben feels more comfortable with the Marshall Service."


The lead FBI agent finally relents, "Okay that makes sense to me, the Marshalls can take the lead on this. So when are we going to start interviewing Ben?"


I nip this in the bud by saying, "We have no reason to interview Ben since he wasn't here at the time of the abduction."


The agent says, "Whatever you guys want, this is your investigation."


I realize that we're not going to get as much help from the FBI as I originally hoped. However, Thom might be able to make things better when he arrives.


There's a call on the com unit, "We have a taxi approaching the front gate, the passenger looks like an older African American woman."


I look at Ben and he says, "It must be Mabel, I wonder who called her."


Present –Bernie, Liz and Desiree – Meeting Mabel


We walk out of our room, pass the conference room and notice it's full of what has to be federal agents. I remark, "Liz, that's Inga. I wonder if she and Thom are still an item."


Liz replies, "Bernie of course they are. Inga knows a good man is hard to find."


I lean over and whisper a tease, "I thought it was a hard man is good to find."


Ben begins to walk out of the conference room, notices us and says, "I think Mabel is here to cook for us…"


I reply to Ben, "That's right; she called me and said she would be right over."


I look at Ben and ask, "Ben, when was the last time you ate?"


Ben looks down and replies, "Liz, to tell the truth I think it was breakfast this morning."


I scold him, "Ben you need to eat to keep your strength up."


Ben counters, "I've been too fucking busy to eat…"


Desiree interrupts, "…Mr. Blaine you need to put a quarter in the swearing jar."


Ben apologizes, "Sorry about that. I am a bit stressed today."


Desiree continues, "Yes with Ms. Blaine and James and Fiona on vacation, you must be lonely."


I give Ben a look, he squats to Desiree's level and replies, "You are right, I really miss them and I hope they will be home soon."


Desiree hugs Ben and says, "Don't worry Mr. Blaine, we are going to stay here and keep you company. We even cleaned the old room we used when I was a baby."


Ben says, "That's a good thing, now let's go meet Mabel."


We all head out of the house toward the front gate…


Present – Jens – In the back of a van


The van slows and I wonder what's happening. The back door opens and a voice commands, "We're moving you to a new vehicle."


I ask, "Please be careful with my children."


James complains, "Mama, I don't want to go."


I reply, "James be brave, I'm right behind you."


I hear them move Fiona and James out of the vehicle. I wait for them but they never come back for me!!!! I begin to struggle as hard as I can against the tie wrap binding my wrists and kick the hell out of the door.