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Chapter 008

Taken Chapter 008

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha, Tanya and Louise and– The evening


The doorbell rang, I checked and saw Tanya accompanied by a few other women. I'm shocked because I didn't prepare enough food for this many women! I opened the door and Tanya said, "Surprise Masha, I talked to some friends and they wanted to learn Krav Maga too."


I crimsoned and replied, "Tanya, I didn't make enough food for this many women."


Tanya answered, "Don't worry Masha because I would never show up with this many people without telling you. We all ate on the way over here."


I looked at Louise and asked, "Louise, do you mind if we eat after the lesson?"


Tanya interrupted, "Masha, don't worry about delaying your dinner. If you have some mats, we will go and stretch to get ready for the lesson."


Louise smiled and stated, "Masha also teaches yoga and we usually do that after our Krav Maga lesson."


So many of the women begin talking simultaneously that I cannot understand them (this is common for people who do not speak the native language of a gathering). I presume a decision was made and Tanya asked, "Masha, would you mind teaching us yoga after the Krav Maga lesson?"


I replied, "I would be most happy to teach yoga. The only problem is I don't have enough yoga mats for this many people."


Louise suggested, "Masha, couldn't we use the training mats instead of yoga mats?"


I thought for a moment and replied, "It will not be ideal because the training mats will not be as sticky as a yoga mat and are thicker which will make the balance moves more difficult."


Tanya said, "Good, then it's settled."


I looked at Louise and asked, "Please show Tanya and her friends to the garage while I get dinner ready for the three of us."


Louise escorted the women to the garage while I began to get dinner ready for myself, Louise and Linda. Louise returned and remarked, "Wow Masha, you're going to have a full class tonight."


I smiled and answered, "Yes I will but this might be the start of something I've dreamed of doing. Louise, please bring Linda in for dinner."


Louise brought Linda into the kitchen and placed her in the highchair. We sat at the table, began to eat and I mentioned, "Louise, please do not tell the other women about my spinal adjustments."


Louise smiled and said, "Don't worry Masha, I know better than to get you into trouble."


We quickly finished dinner and moved to the garage for the Krav Maga lesson.


Flashback – Ben and Jack – Raining hellfire on the Taliban


I head to the com room with Jack trailing me as he asked, "Banzai, what are you doing?"


I gave him my best evil grin and replied, "I'm calling in a fire mission on all the fucking Taliban hovels. It's time we put a stop to these fuckers so I'm going to level the entire area like we should have done ages ago."


Jack cautioned, "Banzai, Lieutenant George usually calls in all the fire missions."


I continued with the grin and suggested, "Okay Jack, do you want to go wake him up?"


Jack admitted, "Not really, and don't make me pull rank on you."


I countered, "You try that and I will kick your ass…"


Dammit, Banzai was being unreasonable! Yeah, Lieutenant George liked calling in the fire missions so he could get all the 'glory'. But this was sure to not only wake him up, it was going to royally piss him off.


I tried to reason with Banzai, "Banzai, you know this is going to both wake up George and piss him off."


Banzai laughed and replied, "Good, he should be fucking awake."


Banzai got on the horn, gave the coordinates for a huge fucking area and ordered, "Fire for effect."


Banzai ran up to the roof and commanded the sniper team on duty, "I called in a fire mission for a large area. Make sure you take out any of the Taliban mother fuckers who try to escape."


With that he pulled out his rifle, mounted the thermal scope on it, put a magazine in it and began to wait.


Unlike in the movies, you don't hear a whistling noise when an artillery shell arrives at the target because the shell is moving faster than the speed of sound. We finally heard an explosion and then the whistling noise caused by the fragments of the shell flying through the air. Banzai was watching through his scope and then began to fire - I guess he found one of the Taliban trying to escape.


Lieutenant George ran up onto the roof and yelled, "Who the hell called in a fire mission without my approval!"


Banzai paused between shots and answered, "I did."


Lieutenant George looked like he was going to explode so I motioned him to the side and explained, "Banzai just had a hell of a time - the Taliban killed the rest of the children so you might want to cut him some slack."


I was surprised because for once he actually listened to me. He said, "Sgt. Blaine, next time please inform me first of any fire missions you wish to make."


I was even more shocked when Banzai civilly replied, "Yes Sir! I certainly will." Then he took out a few more running Taliban…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Grandmother looked at me and said, "Jennifer, I need to leave."


I pouted a little and asked, "Why do you have to leave Grandmother?"


She shook her head and replied, "Well, things are not going well downstairs and unless I'm mistaken Glen is going to return Evelyn to the hospital."


Grandmother left, I slipped onto the stairway, sat down and listened to the looming war.


Daddy told mother, "Evelyn, there's no way our daughter Jennifer is a witch. There are no such things as witches."


Mother countered, "Glen, you don't know anything! Jennifer's eye color is a dead giveaway that she is a witch. Not only that, I can tell that my mother has been teaching her evil things."


Daddy shook his head and said, "Evelyn, if I had known you were still this sick I would have left you in the hospital."


Mother demanded, "Glen, take me back to the hospital! I don't want to live in a house with my daughter the witch - she might put a curse on me."


Daddy called, "Jennifer, I'm going back to the hospital."


I came the rest of the way downstairs and asked, "Daddy, why are you doing that?"


Mother frantically pointed at me and swore, "Get the hell away from me you witch!"


Daddy shook his head and said, "Jennifer your mother is still sick."


They headed back to the garage and I watched the car leave.


Daniela approached, hugged me and said, "Señorita Jennifer, it is terrible that Señora Donaldson is so very ill. It is good that you convinced Señor Donaldson to stop drinking."


I returned the hug, and pretended to cry.


Flashback – Alexi – At home


'Father' complimented me, "Alexi, I am impressed with the work you have already completed. However if you continue working at this rate, we will need to visit the university before the end of the week."


I questioned, "Is this a problem 'father'?"


'Father' replied, "Yes Alexi it will be. I have arranged with my new job to take part of Friday off to take you to the university to meet with your instructors. Because this is a new job, I do not want to ask for more time off."


I asked for clarification, "So 'father', what would you like me to do?"


'Father' replied, "If you would slow up your rapid progress I would appreciate it."


I lied when I said, "Okay 'father' I will slow up the rate at which I study." I had no plans of slowing up. If I got ahead it would be a good thing for me and perhaps I could convince my university instructors to advance me even faster."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Once again we endured the tortures conveyed by Kostia and his men. They had left us brutalized on the floor and were busy eating and drinking. I looked at Mira and ordered, "Do not aggravate them again." But my sister did not respond because she was not conscious.


I called out for assistance, "Help! Mira is without consciousness."


Kostia paused his meal to approach, examined her and declared, "She still breathes so she is not dead - at least not yet."


His words elicited additional fear within my corporeal self.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I threw the tablet I used with Roberto into the trash (it contained too much information) and pulled a new one out of my pocket. I purchased my tickets for the first leg of my trip back home and waved to Roberto as I boarded the plane.


I found my seat shortly before the cabin attendant came up and asked, "Sir, would you like anything?"


I showed her my neck and wrote on the new tablet, "Yes, I would like a gin and tonic."


She requested clarification, "Would you like ice with that?"


I knew better than to trust the ice on any flight so I shook my head no. The attendant brought me a little bottle of Bombay gin and a small can of tonic water. I mixed them, sat back and enjoyed the flight while I continued to plan my retribution…