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Chapter 010

Taken Chapter 010

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha, Tanya and Louise – The evening


We went to the garage and I was slightly surprised at how full it was. Tanya said, "Masha, we would all like to thank you for taking the time tonight to teach us Krav Maga."


I replied, "Tanya, after dealing with the police in this city, it has been a dream of mine to teach women self-defense." Several of the women murmured when I commented about the police so I assumed I had the appropriate group of women.


Louise interrupted, "Masha, are we going to work on how to fall correctly tonight?"


I smiled at her and said, "No, not tonight. I thought I would work on something more practical and useful. Tonight we will learn how to defeat an attacker who comes up behind you and chokes you. This is a common tactic that men use to attack women."


We first need to divide the group into partners. Tanya takes charge and orders, "Everyone count off." I smile because she reminds me of a drill Sgt. in the military.


Louise asked, "Masha, can I be your partner?"


I replied, "Of course you may."


I begin the lesson, "The first thing you need to realize is that it's almost impossible to kill someone by choking them from behind. The action is more about controlling a person than anything else."


A woman raised her hand and revealed, "My ex-husband did this to me and slammed me into a wall."


I replied, "We will work on a technique tonight for when someone wants to slam you into a wall."


I looked at Louise and ordered, "Louise, choke me from behind."


Louise came up behind me, put both her hands around my neck and squeezed. I continued, "If you notice I can still talk even with Louise doing this. When this happens your first response will be fear but you must never become fearful. The man doing this wants to make you afraid but what you need to do is control the situation.


Louise's hands were still around my neck. I took a step forward, bent slightly, twisted to the right and brought my right arm around. My action broke her hold around my neck so I slid my right arm down her arm and into her neck. I then switched feet and began to apply kicks and other counter-measures to Louise. I continued, "The whole idea behind Krav Maga is to actively counter attack your opponent."


Tanya remarked, "Remember how Masha did that with the police when they attacked us. If it hadn't been for Masha many of us would have been injured."


I said, "Let me show you the steps again." I again went through the steps, repeating each one as I did it, then I said, "It is your turn to try it while I observe."


I walked around the room and assisted the women as they attempted the move. Most did well but others were having some problems which I helped to correct.


Louise asked, "Masha, can I try it?"


I began to choke Louise then she followed the steps perfectly.


The woman from earlier asked, "What if they slam you into the wall?"


I replied, "I will bet it hurt your face when your ex-husband did that."


She grimaced and answered, "It sure did - he broke my nose."


I said, "The technique is similar but the main thing you have to do is protect your face."


I ordered, "Louise, begin to choke me and move toward the wall."


Louise complied but when we got to the wall, I put my right arm against the wall, turned my head to the right and said, "This is how you protect your face." I continued with all the other moves exactly the same as before and remarked, "It is important that you just step forward with one foot since you do not want to get both feet against the wall."


The women tried it and I caught one of them turning the wrong way and quickly corrected her.


Then I 'attacked' Louise and she performed excellently.


I said, "That's the lesson for tonight. I would advise all of you to practice this many times at home until the action becomes comfortable."


Tanya and the other women thanked me and Louise asked, "So it's time for yoga?"


I replied, "Of course," and we completed about thirty minutes of yoga exercises. I was correct when I predicted the women who used the training mats had problems with some of the moves.


After the women left, Tanya approached me and said, "We should find a store front for you to do this in."


I asked, "Don't I need licenses to do this?"


Tanya smiled and said, "Yes, and as your lawyer I can make sure all that's taken care of."


Tanya said one more thing, "By the way, I didn't want to mention it when the other women were here, but things are going great with John Rowan. Soon he should be in no position to ever bother you again."


Louise smiled and said, "Too bad. I wanted Masha to kick his ass."


Flashback – Jack and Ben – Raining hellfire on the Taliban


The artillery stopped, Banzai looked through his scope and declared, "Well, that should take care of all those fuckers!"


I replied, "Hell, you destroyed the whole area."


Banzai said, "That was the plan. We should have done this ages ago since the bastards were holed up there and were going to keep attacking us. Now they have no place to hide. It's just a shame that we couldn't have rescued all the children."


I tried to make Banzai feel better, "Well, you rescued as many as you could."


Banzai countered, "Dammit to hell Jack! Others died because we didn't have the resources here to save them. It's a good thing I already signed my reenlistment papers, otherwise I might have considered leaving here and joining the CIA in hopes of becoming more effective."


I knew Banzai was upset, but I didn’t realize how upset he was. I came up with what I thought was an excellent distraction, "Banzai, why don't you help with a mission that I need to tackle?"


Banzai looked hard at me and asked, "Tell me about the mission first."


I replied, "We need to make a midnight requisition run to HQ."


Banzai laughed, "There's no way George would let us both leave at the same time."


I explained, "Colonel Maggie will authorize it. We will do it overnight and be back in the morning with our booty. Not only that, the last time we made a run like this we also took the general's personal stash of coffee."


That got Banzai's attention so he asked, "Was it good coffee?"


I answered, "I never had better."


Banzai asked, "How does this work?"


I explained, "First, we borrow a refrigerated semi and drive it to HQ. Then we load the trailer full of supplies and haul ass back to John."


Banzai asked, "Who the hell is John?"


I replied, "He's the cook at our BoO1."


1 BoO – Base of Operations


Banzai sneered, "Is that the same fucking cook who made everyone sick?"


I explained, "His food made the troops sick because HQ sent the food to him without refrigeration and it spoiled in transit. So are you in on this?"


Banzai finally agreed, "Okay, this sounds good to me."


I went to the com room and called Colonel Maggie for approval.


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


I knew I should be upset about mother, however I wasn't because her return to the hospital solved several problems: The first being Grandmother's witch lessons and the second being bal-friken-let.


Daniela continued to hug me and said, "Señorita Jennifer, let us have some lunch."


I smiled and said, "I would like that as long as it's not ceviche."


Daniela laughed and replied, "Do not worry because we will not have ceviche again for a very long time. Señorita Jennifer, what would you like for lunch?"


I asked, "Do you know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich?"


Daniela answered, "Sorry Señorita Jennifer, I do not know how to cook that."


I smiled and said, "Why don't I teach you and it's even better if we have it with cream of tomato soup."


Daniela affirms, "Soupa I can make."


I reply, "I bet we have some canned or instant soup. Let's go to the kitchen and look for it."


I began to search the pantry and sure enough, I found a can of cream of tomato soup. I headed to the stove, opened the can, dumped it into a pan, added milk (not water) and began to heat the soup. I asked, "Daniela will you please stir the soup while I make the sandwiches."


She took over the stirring of the soup while I got some bread from our breadbox, cheese and butter from the refrigerator, a frying pan and spatula. I put a good sized dollop of butter in the frying pan, put it on the stove and begin to heat it. I positioned some cheese slices on the bread and then placed them into the frying pan. They began to sizzle and smelled wonderful. I checked using the spatula and the first side was done so I flipped them over and cooked the second side.


I looked at Daniela and said, "We're ready to eat."


Daniela put the soup into some bowls and I put the sandwiches on the plates. We took them to the kitchen table and began to eat.


I remarked, "I like to dip the sandwich in the soup like this."


Daniela tried it then smiled and said, "Yes this is very good. Thank you for teaching me another America food."


Flashback – Alexi – At home


With dinner being complete, I stated, "'Father' I'm going back to my room to continue to work on my classes."


'Father' cautioned me, "Remember, you promised not to get too far ahead."


I lied when I replied, "Don't worry 'father' I won't."


I went back to my room where I finished Calculus along with all my other classes. 'Father' came in and said, "Good night my son, sleep well."


I smiled at him and knew I would. The only problem I would have would be what to do with all my time tomorrow.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


I pleaded with Kostia, "I will do anything if you provide medical care for my sister."


Kostia laughed evilly and replied, "Irina, you are already doing anything and everything that we want."


I tried to reason, "But I don't do it willingly."


Kostia and the other men laughed, then Kostia admitted, "And to be truthful it's more enjoyable for us when you fight."


He looked at the other men and asked, "Do you all agree?"


They all agreed and then began to additionally torture me…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I used my time to make plans: First I needed to ship the required items to Roberto but I had to do this without letting the company know that I was back in America. I had a couple of friends who I trusted and I needed to stop by and visit with them to kick things off. I needed to take all the supplies I would ever need and place them into the diplomatic container I send to Roberto. After I destroyed the company, I would probably no longer have access to many of the items.


I thought about what my life had become and how terrible it was that I had been betrayed by the company. I thought of their first betrayal, about my time on the island and my lost love Liu. I still wondered if I should return to the island.


But then I remembered Maria and Gail and the new life I had started with them. It was certainly not planned but I did make promises to them that I had to keep. How did my life become so complicated? I realized that I did it to myself when I let myself develop love towards them. I made a huge decision: I needed to guard my heart better. I couldn't afford to ever fall in love…