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Chapter 011

Taken Chapter 011

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Present – Ben – Calling Thom


I can't believe Thom called Inga with news about Jens but didn't bother to tell anyone how she is so I decide to call the old fucker and find out myself. I place the call, Thom answers and says, "Ben, isn't it great news about Jennifer?"


I reply, "Of course it's great news. But how is she doing and what's the news on my children?"


Thom says, "Ben, she has some lacerations on her wrists from fighting the tie wrap they restrained her with and she's more pissed than I have ever seen. The only thing we know is that James and Fiona were transferred to another vehicle. Jennifer is on her way back to the cabin via the CSHP and should be there soon."


Gretchen alerts over the com unit, "There's a truck approaching the front gate."


I know who it is so I reply over the com, "That's the contractor who is going to replace the front door. Front gate, please let him through."


The two guards open the front gate, he drives up to the house, exits his truck and starts, "Ben, I'm sorry to hear about what happened."


I was getting tired of this but I didn't want to offend him so I said, "Mark, don't worry about it. Your door worked fine but they blasted it to get in the cabin. And Jens has been released already and should be here soon."


Inga and the FBI bomb agent showed up and he asked the contractor, "If you can remove the door without much damage I would appreciate it. We're taking it to Denver for analysis."


Mark replied, "I won't damage it at all because I'm using a concrete saw to cut out the old door and then I need to modify the concrete logs for the new door. Then I have to patch up the concrete logs so they look undamaged."


The FBI agent remarks, "If you don't mind I would like to watch."


Mark agrees and begins to work on the door. I like Mark because he does good work and thinks of things most contractors don't. First he puts up plastic sheeting on the inside of the house to control the dust. Then he marks a line about an inch outside of the current door frame. When he brings out the concrete saw, he hands us hearing protectors. He places the saw on the concrete and the sparks begin to fly. He gets part way through the process and motions for me to hold up the door. I move over and hold the door while he continues. Another few minutes and he's done.


We take off our hearing protectors and the FBI agent asks, "Do you mind if we wrap the door in some of your plastic sheeting?"


Mark answers, "No problem. Mark lays some sheeting out on the ground then he and I manhandle the door to the sheeting and wrap it up."


Mark looks at the FBI agent and says, "You're going to need a truck and several people to move the door."


The agent asks, "Could you do that for me?"


Mark replies, "Sorry, I'm going to be busy putting in the new door. While the old door came out easily, the new door takes more time because I have to get the concrete just right."


The agent asks, "Would the door fit in a van?"


Mark answers, "Yeah if you put it on edge it would, but it would also need to be a heavy duty van or you could overload it. The door and concrete weigh about four hundred pounds."


The agent looks at me and sounding more helpless by the minute asks, "Do you think the Marshall services van would work?"


I nod my head and reply, "It should if Inga will let you use it."


The agent leaves and Mark complains, "Typical government - wanting us to take care of the door for him."


Inga and the agent return and Inga asks, "Ben, can you help get the door into my van?"


I'm saved when Gretchen announces, "Ben a CSHP vehicle is approaching the gate."


I look at Inga and reply, "Sorry, but Jens is here and I need to be with her. However, you have enough FBI agents so they should be able to load it in your van."


The CSHP vehicle drives up to the house, stops, Jens jumps out of the back and we hug like the first time we ever hugged. I hold her as she begins to cry, "Ben, they took Fiona and James, our babies."


I kiss away the tears and promise, "We will get them back."


Inga interrupts, "Ms. Blaine I would like to hypnotize you to see if you can remember anything."


Jens boldly announces, "Inga, you can question me however I will not allow myself by be subjected to hypnotization."


She leans close to me and whispers, "Ben, they were witches who took us - I know because I remember their eyes, they were all violet."


Destiny has returned to her human form, walks up and asks, "Jennifer why would they want to do that?"


Jens replies, "I have no idea. I wish that Grandmother was still around so I could ask her."


Present – Mabel, Liz, Bernie and Desiree – In the kitchen.


I look at Desiree and remark, "You have certainly grown up to be a pretty young lady."


Desiree replies, "Thank you Ms. Mabel but I do not remember you."


I smile at her and say, "Your mother and father lived here for some time after you were born. In fact, there were times that I was the only one who could get you to stop crying."


She looks at Liz and asks, "Mama is that true? I thought I was a good baby?"


Liz smiles and says, "Desiree, you were a good baby, but even good babies cry sometimes."


Desiree remarks, "I remember when Fiona and James were born they cried sometimes too. I hope they are not crying now."


I ask, "Why would they be crying now?"


Desiree replies, "Because the bad men took them and their mama…"


Mabel has a shocked look on her face so I explain, "Mabel, Desiree figured out that with all the federal people here that Jens and the kids weren't on vacation, but instead were kidnapped."


Desiree complains, "Mama should know better than to tell lies, 'specially to me because I figure things out."


Mabel explains, "Desiree, sometimes adults tell little lies to keep their children from worrying."


Desiree began to argue then Jens walks into the kitchen. I run over hug her and remark, "I didn't know you were here."


Jens hugs me back and says, "I just arrived thanks to the Highway Patrol who brought me here."


Desiree jumps up and down and asks, "Where are Fiona and James?"


Jens begins to cry and says, "They… they… they still have them."


I hug Jens, look at Bernie and ask, "Honey, please take Desiree to our old room."


Desiree says, "I know, this is time for adult conversation."


Bernie leaves the kitchen with Desiree and Mabel swears, "Those bastards kept your children, why would they do that?"


Jens says, "Sorry Mabel, I don't really want to talk about this right now… Wait, what are you doing here?"


Mabel says, "Ms. Jennifer, I'm here to help by cooking until you no longer need me."


Jens continues to cry and through her tears she says, "Thank you Mabel for your help."


Mabel remarks, "I'm not the only one who came back, Gretchen is here and so are the twins."


Jens stops crying looks amazed and says, "I didn't see them when I came in."


Ben walks into the kitchen, hears Jens response and explains, "Yes my love, they are here and are patrolling the area."


Jens says, "That makes me feel better already."


Ben continues, "Jens my love, the new front door has been installed, would you care to inspect the work."


Jens slumps down into a chair, in obvious depression, and replies, "Not really Ben."


Ben says, "Jens, I would like to spend some time with you in our room."


Jens reluctantly gets up from the chair and follows Ben to their room.


Mabel remarks, "That woman is in a world of hurt!"


I look at Mabel and affirm, "Yes she is. I've seen Jens in many moods but this might be the first time I've ever seen her depressed."


Mabel remarks, "Well, I need to get busy cooking."


With that comment, I leave to find Bernie and Desiree."


Present – Stacy and Samantha – Finishing lunch


Henri comes out of the kitchen and Stacy says, "Le repas était excellent."


The meal was excellent


Henri replies, "Merci mademoiselle Summers…"


Thank you Miss Summers.


I look at Stacy and remark, "Someday I would sure like to learn more languages."


Stacy replies, "Well with your dyslexia taken care of it shouldn't be a problem."


I forgot to mention, with Stacy's help (she hired an excellent teacher for me), I only have occasional problems with my dyslexia, mainly when I'm tired or upset.


I ask, "Which language do you think I should learn first?"


Stacy surprises me when she suggest, "I think that Spanish would be the first language you should learn."


I mention, "I thought you would suggest French."


Stacy chuckles and explains, "Spanish is the easiest language for English speakers to learn, and with it you will get and introduction to many words having a gender bias. Besides Spanish is the second most popular language in the world, right behind Chinese."


I giggle and reply, "Well, I sure don't want to speak Chinese."


Stacy says, "Wise choice. Having to learn a new alphabet makes things more difficult. So, shall we find you a Spanish teacher?"


I agree, "Sure, but I can pay for this if you want."


Stacy counters, "Don't worry about it, I will offer Spanish lessons to all employees." She continues, "Well, I need to get back to work."


I announce, "I'm going to make dinner tonight, what time will you be home?" (Stacy still lived with me at the castle).


Stacy replies, "I should be finished about seven if that's not too late."


I smile at her and say, "Not at all."


We begin to leave and Stacy suggests, "Why don't you pick up some beer from the brewery."


I ask, "So it's going to be a movie night?" (We usually had beer and watched movies at night).


My phone rings, I look at it and comment, "It's Liz, so I need to go."


Stacy asks, "Mind if I kibitz on the conversation?"


I'm pretty sure it's something about the kidnapping so I say, "Sorry Stacy, but this is private."


Stacy doesn't argue and leaves, "I will see you tonight at seven."


I answer the call and Liz announces, "Samantha, Jens has been released."


The reporter in me immediately asks, "And Fiona and James?"


Liz swears, "No, the bastards still have them! I was wondering if you should do a report on Jens?"


I reply, "I will be right over."


Present – Gretchen – The new front door


I've been keeping an eye on things and see the control panel light for the front door comes on. I call Inga on the com and ask, "Inga did the front door get replaced?"


Inga laughs and says, "Damn, we can't get anything past you."


I reply, "That's right I see and control everything." Then I order, "We need to test the hand interface for the front door."


Inga replies, "It will have to wait because we're trying to get the old front door into my van. The FBI wants to take it and the blasting cap components to Denver for examination."


I tease, "So you're going to be stuck here?"


Inga replies, "Hell no! My man is coming up sometime tonight."


I continue to tease, "Are you sure he's coming for you and not just for Mabel's cooking?"


Inga rudely says, "Fuck you Gretchen!"


I'm concerned I offended her but then she chuckles and continues, "However, I have to admit when I told Thom that Mabel was cooking again he sure was quick when he said he'd be here for dinner."


I reply, "Sorry if I offended you."


Inga teased, "So when are you going to get a man?"


I quickly answer, "Inga, I have computers so I don't need a man."


Ben interrupts, "Okay you two, that's Too Much Information."


We both apologize, "Sorry we forgot this was an open channel."


Present – Liz, Bernie and Desiree – Back in the room


I knew I would find Bernie and Desiree in our old room. I walk in and Bernie is regaling Desiree with stories about when she lived here with us. In typical 'Bernie' fashion, he's exaggerating things.


Desiree runs to me, hugs me and asks, "Mama, is it true that Mr. Thom made this area just for me and it cost hundreds of dollars?"


I gave Bernie 'the look' and reply, "Part of that story is correct. Mr. Thom did have this area made just for you, but I don't know how much it cost."


Desiree looks at Bernie and says, "I thought so! However I will need to thank Mr. Thom for making this nice little area just for me. Is he going to be here tonight?"


I reply, "Yes, that's what I've heard."


Desiree says, "Good! Now I can find out how much my little nook cost."