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Chapter 012

Taken Chapter 012

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Flashback – Tanya and Masha – The next day


Louise left for work after we ate our breakfast and I was surprised by a knock on the door. I made sure Linda was safe, checked and noticed it was Tanya. I opened the door, she walked in and announced, "Okay Masha, I think you are all setup to teach self-defense and yoga to women."


I sputtered, "But… but… but… I'm not ready yet; I cannot afford to pay for this…"


Tanya continued


Masha didn't know, but I had received phone calls all morning from the women in the classes last night. The only complaints were the lack of yoga mats. So I got busy, found a storefront that would work, called some financially independent women, explained the situation to them and they were more than happy to fund this endeavor.


I explained to Masha, "Last night's classes were a huge success and my phone has been ringing all morning long asking when the next class was going to be. So I took the initiative to set things up for you. I found a downtown storefront that should be perfect…"


Masha again interrupted, "… Tanya, I am sorry but I cannot afford to pay for this."


I held up my hand to silence her and finished, "You didn't let me get to this part. I called some financial leaders of this city and they are going to pay for everything."


Masha asked, "What will these financial leaders want in return for their support?"


I laughed and answered, "Nothing. Except for possibly attending the classes themselves."


Masha tried to throw another monkey wrench in my plans, "Tanya, how am I to get to class? After my last experience on the buses in this city I would never take them, especially with Linda in my care."


I smiled at Masha and asked, "I see that you have a car, don't you drive?

Masha replied, "That is Jack's car and I drove in Russia. However, I do not have a driver's license for the United States."


I offered, "Well that's an easy thing to fix, we can get you one today."


Masha was going to complain again so I nipped it in the bud by stating, "Masha, do you want to do this or not? Last night you said you did but now you seem to be trying to find everyway in the world to not teach the classes."


Masha apologized, "I am sorry Tanya, but I just didn't know this was going to happen so quickly. I… I… I am in shock."


I also apologized, "I'm sorry Masha if I overstepped my bounds, but if you had heard the praise from the women last night you would have been excited too."


Masha got a thoughtful look on her face and said, "This is good news, and it will certainly change my life. I will also need to clear this with Louise, because she is going back to school soon and I have promised to continue to take care of Linda."


I think for a moment and ask, "Do you know which school Louise is attending?"


Masha shook her head and replied, "I have no idea."


I explained, "If she attends the community college then the storefront I found for you is close to the college."


Masha suggested, "If the storefront isn't nearby then I would suggest we find one close to the college. And then we could also offer classes to the college students." I asked, "Are you going to offer classes at night?"


Masha reverted to the same thoughtful look from earlier and said, "I had not thought about that, but I do not think that would be possible. As it is I'm wondering how I will eat and feed Linda at this facility."


I palmed my face and said, "Masha, I don't know why I didn't come up with this idea earlier: We can setup a daycare service at the storefront!"


Masha became defensive and replied, "I am not sure I would want Linda exposed to that many other children."


I modified my idea slightly, "Then we could make it a daycare only for the women attending the classes. That would also solve a large problem for those attending."


Masha asked, "What did the women who came to the class last night do with their children?"


I explained, "The ones who didn't have spouses took them to a daycare."


Masha thought some more and asked, "Did most of the women who came last night have jobs?"


I confirmed, "That's correct, most of them did."


Masha said, "Then we would need to offer the yoga classes early in the morning and the Krav Maga classes over lunch or in the early evening. I think I would like to see this storefront you found."


I asked, "Do you have a car seat for Linda?"


Masha answered, "Of course we do. Let me make sure she's cleaned up, ensure the diaper bag is ready and then we can go."


I gave one last bit of information, "We caught John Rowe in the sting we were planning, so I don't think he will bother you again."


Masha remarked, "That is very good news, is he going to spend time in prison?"


I replied, "No Masha, but his wife threw him out of the house and filed for divorce."


Masha remarked, "I hope he doesn't blame me."


Flashback – Jack and Ben – Midnight requisition run


I sent Banzai off to make sure the night patrol was all awake and so I could talk to Colonel Maggie in private.


At first Colonel Maggie wasn't happy that Banzai and I were leaving at the same time so I explained, "Sir! Banzai is in a world of hurt because the Taliban killed the remainder of the children. Hell Sir, he even talked about going to the CIA. I thought this mission would be an excellent distraction for him."


Colonel Maggie thought for a short time and replied, "Jack, I'm going to authorize this mission as long as both of you are back at the hospital by morning."


I asked, "Sir, how are we to get to BoO?"


Colonel Maggie replied, "We will send a chopper for you along with the medical supplies the doctors requested, it should arrive in about thirty mikes."


I thanked Colonel Maggie, "Thank you Sir, I've never seen Banzai like this before."


Colonel Maggie said, "Jack this had better fix his attitude because I'm starting to get pissed at him."


I assured her, "Sir, I'm sure he will be fine after this." I hoped like hell this fixed Banzai because he'd pushed the hell out of Colonel Maggie.


Banzai finally came into the com room and asked…


I knew Jack didn't want me around when he talked to Colonel Maggie. Normally I would have given him shit about it, but because of the way I felt, it wasn't worth it. All I wanted to do was leave this fucking hospital and never come back.


I walked into the com room and asked, "Jack, did she give us approval?"


Jack smiled at me and replied, "Of course she did. We just have to be back by morning."


I smiled at Jack and asked, "Are you sure we can be back by morning?"


Jack said, "Well we didn't have any problems last time. By the way a chopper is coming to pick us up in…" He checked his watch and continued, "…In about twenty five mikes."


I suggested, "We should grab some weapons just in case."


Jack agreed and teased, "Yeah, I was heading out to get my M25, are you taking a mouse gun?"


I countered, "Keep it up and I will confiscate the Nightforce scope I put on your M25."


Jack complained, "Damn, you sure are pissy about things lately."


I agreed, "That's right and I don't know when I'm going to get better so get fucking used to it."


We heard the chopper coming onto the roof so we hightailed it up to the roof after grabbing our weapons…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Daniela asked, "Señorita Jennifer, what are your plans for the afternoon?"


I really wanted to study more but instead I said, "I'm not sure what I want to do, did you have something in mind?"


Daniela smiled and answered, "I thought we could take a walk together."


I smiled and replied, "That sounds like a great idea, let me go upstairs and put on my running shoes."


Daniela cautioned, "Señorita Jennifer, I do not want to run, but only to walk fast."


I looked at her shoes (they had about a four inch heel on them) and complained, "Daniela, if we are going to walk much, you need better shoes for that than those you are wearing."


Daniela confessed, "Señorita Jennifer, these are the only shoes I have."


I was surprised so I inquired, "What size do you wear?"


Daniela replied, "I wear a thirty-eight."


We went to the computer, started it and logged in. I checked and said, "That's what I thought, we wear the same size shoe. I have a pair of old running shoes that would probably work better than the shoes you are wearing."


Daniela complained, "Señorita Jennifer, I could not take your old shoes."


I smiled at her and countered, "Don't tell me this is some sort of weird Peruvian thing, because if we're going for a walk, you are going to wear my old shoes."


Daniela relented, "Okay Señorita Jennifer, but please do not tell anyone as I would be embarrassed."


I grinned at her and said, "Don't worry about it – my lips are sealed."


I ran upstairs, changed my shoes, grabbed my old running shoes for Daniela and then ran back downstairs. I handed her the shoes but she took one look at them and complained, "Señorita Jennifer, these shoes are an ugly color."


They were a nice shade of blue. I pointed to my new shoes and said, "Would you rather have green shoes like these?"


Daniela replied, "Certainly not! I would look like a payaso."


I frowned and asked, "What is a payaso?"


Daniela said, "They are the characters in funny clothes and big shoes."


I figured it out and replied, "So you mean a clown? Are you saying I look like a clown?"


Daniela backpedaled, "No Señorita Jennifer, for a young girl from Estados Unidos they are fine. But for an older Peruvian woman, we would never wear zapatos verdes."


I teased, "I think I need to tell Jed that you need zapatos verdes running shoes."


Daniela was aghast and said, "Please Señorita Jennifer do not do that, it would be terrible."


I laughed, "So put on my old shoes and stop complaining."


Daniela complied, we went for the walk and had a great time. Daniela pointed to many things and told me the Spanish names, I taught her the English words for them.


She finally said, "Señorita Jennifer, thank you for making me change my shoes as these are much more comfortable."


Flashback – Alexi – At home


'Father' left for work the next day not knowing I had completed all my university work. He said, "Alexi, have a good day at home and do not get too far ahead with your work."


I lied, "Okay 'father' have a good day at work."


He drove away in the car but I was bored and tried to watch TV but it was even more boring.


I looked at the money I had and made a decision. I phoned a taxi and had them take me to the University where I met with my teachers during their office hours. They were surprised that I had finished all my lessons (with no errors) so rapidly and I was able to convince them to give me several weeks of lessons. I was even able to convince one of them to drive me home so I didn't have to use a taxi.


However, I wasn't sure if 'father' was going to be happy or angry with me tonight when I told him what I had done.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


The brutes not only continued to torture me, they continued the torture of my sister Mira even with her being without consciousness.


So I insulted them, "You told me it was better if we fought so why do you continue to torture my sister?"


Kostia sneered, "Because we can, and because it bothers you. Perhaps if you fought harder we would leave Miranda alone."


So I struggled more and they did leave my sister alone.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The plane touched down on the first of several legs of my flight. As I walked off the flight I made sure no one noticed me. I walked up to the ticket counter and bought a ticket for my next leg. There was a three hour wait for the flight so I headed to a lounge to relax and get something to eat. The food was passable but was made better by an excellent beer.