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Chapter 013

Taken Chapter 013

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Destiny asks, "Ben may I follow you two to your room?"


I mention, "Destiny, I was going to have a conversation with Jens."


Destiny continues, "Ben, I might have an idea about Jennifer's grandmother and a possible way to contact her."


Jens says, "That would be great if you could. Ben, please let Destiny accompany us to our room."


I agree but with a request, "Destiny, please give us about ten minutes before you come in."


Destiny whispers to me, "Ben, don't be too hard on her."


I whisper back, "Destiny, I have no plans of doing that. I just want to let her know that things will be fine and that she's loved."


Destiny says, "I will see you in ten minutes."


What I didn't tell Destiny was I knew my wife and she needed to cry and vent some anger about this situation.


Jens and I get into the room, I hug her and she says…


I'm glad that Ben made Destiny wait, even though I seriously want to hear her ideas. I hug Ben, begin to cry and apologize, "Honey, I'm sorry that I let our babies be taken."


Ben consoles, "Jens, it's not your fault. I'm to blame for relaxing the security around here."


Jens counters, "Ben no one could expect something like this to happen, I have never heard of witches stealing babies. Even if we would still have had the security in place, I'm not sure it would have helped against the witches."


Ben asks, "Jens, how are your wrists?"


I hold them up and say, "They hurt like hell. I was glad they used ropes on our babies."


Ben remarks, "Jens that's a good sign that they don't want Fiona and James to be injured."


I was going to continue when Destiny knocks on the door and says, "It's been ten minutes."


Ben replies, "Come on in and let's hear your ideas."


We are ready to start when Mabel announces over the intercom, "Lunch is being served in the dining room."


Destiny says, "Ben and Jennifer, you need to eat to keep up your strength, When we are done eating, we will come back and discuss my ideas."


The three of us leave for the dining room.


Present – Mabel and everyone else – Lunch time


Somehow Gretchen is the first into the dining room. She asks, "Is there anything I can do to help?"


I smile at her and suggest, "I could use someone to help serve if you don't mind."


Gretchen replies, "No problem at all." Then she rubs her hands together and continues, "What's for lunch today?"


I reply, "My world famous Jambalaya, made with chicken and andouille sausage."


Gretchen questions, "Is it spicy?"


I clarify, "I toned it down but there I do have some spices that you can add."


Ben, Jennifer and Destiny walk into the dining room, Ben smells the air and says, "Mabel, you made Jambalaya."


I correct, "No, I made my World Famous Jambalaya."


Gretchen adds, "And she has spices to make it even better."


I state, "However knowing Ben's penchant for spicy food I might not have anything hot enough for him."


Ben politely asks, "Mabel, if it wouldn't offend you I might add some tabasco to it."


I reply, "The only thing I ask is that you try it the way it is first before you adulterate it."


Ben replies, "Yes Mabel, I always try the food first before adding anything to it."


Gretchen says, "You three go ahead and sit and I will bring you your food."


They take their seats as everyone else comes into the dining room. I announce, "Find a place to sit and Gretchen will bring you your food."


Inga offers, "Mabel, I would like to help serve too."


I reply, "The more the merrier…"


I would never tell Thom, because working together as a team has been great and really cemented our relationship, However I really miss the time I had a Stacy's restaurant now I have a chance to fulfill that happiness again.


Everyone sits and Gretchen and I fight over who is going to serve the FBI, and others.


We're back in the kitchen and Gretchen confronts, "Inga, why are we fighting over who is serving."


I confess, "Gretchen I really miss when I did this at Stacy's restaurant."


Gretchen laughs and says, "Inga I didn't realize that. Let me take a seat and you can handle all the serving."


That made me really happy, Gretchen sat down and I moved my ass out of the kitchen to the dining room, carrying multiple bowls of the Jambalaya simultaneously.


Mabel asked, "What happened to Gretchen?"


I replied, "She's letting me do my old job."


Mabel remembers, "That's right, you used to be Henri's waitress."


I smile at her and say, "Yes, I really loved that job however I would not trade it for the life I have now with Thom."


Mabel comments, "I never thought you two would stay together."


I confirm, "Neither did I, I assumed that once Thom and I became lovers I was going to leave him. However, he was such a good lover, I decided to stay."


Mable scoffs, "I can't believe Thom would be that good."


Inga informs us, "Mabel, I have had a few lovers, but none even came close to Thom."


Mabel says, "Now, if you could get him to marry you."


I express my frustration by my reply, "Mabel, Thom continues to think he's too old for me."


Mabel suggests, "Perhaps you've made things too comfortable for Thom."


I question, "What do you mean?"


Mabel explains, "Many times men do not buy the cow, not implying that you're a cow, when the milk is free."


I continued to serve the food as I think upon Mabel's idea.


Present – Samantha – Interviewing Jennifer


I arrive at the cabin and find everyone eating. Inga approaches me and asks, "Would you like something to eat?"


I reply, "No thank you, I just ate at the restaurant."


I walk over to the table where Ben, Jennifer and Destiny are sitting and ask, "I would like to interview Jennifer about her return."


Destiny informs me, "Samantha, you will need to wait until we discuss some things after we are finished with lunch."


I was not happy about it, however I understood that many things were happening right now and I also remembered how easily Destiny broke Bill's arm. So I reply, "Just so you know, I am here and will wait as long as is needed."


Jennifer says, "Thank you Samantha for waiting, we have some important things to discuss."


Present – Stacy – After lunch


I arrive back at the office and question Bill, "Do we have any idea about who kidnapped the Blaine's?"


Bill falters and asks, "Ms. Summers, I thought we weren't going to investigate this?"


I wave my hand dismissively and state, "I was more interested in who did this than in Ms. Blaine and her children."


Bill informs me, "Ms. Summers, Ms. Blaine has been released already."


I demand, "Why didn't you inform me earlier?"


Bill waffles, "Ms. Summer's I'm trying to protect you from any information concerning them."


I order, "Bill I need every iota of information concerning this. From now on you will provide it."


Properly chastised Bill replies, "Yes Ms. Summers."