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Chapter 014

Taken Chapter 014

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – The next day


Linda is dressed and in her car seat, the diaper bag is ready so I look at Tanya and announce, "Now we are ready to see this storefront."


Tanya cautions, "Masha, please realize that the building hasn't been prepared in any way."


I question, "Tanya, what do you mean?"


Tanya explains, "Masha, this is just a raw storefront and hasn't been modified in any way. It was a store so it might seem to be unsuitable for your classes. I know you will need to have many modifications for the Krav Maga and Yoga classes."


With some trepidation I loaded Linda, with her car seat, into the back of Tanya's car and then acquired the front seat.


Tanya said, "Masha I really meant what I said, do not judge the storefront yet. The women I mentioned earlier will gladly pay for the upgrades."


I replied with some concern, "Tanya, I do not want to owe these women my life."


Tanya laughed and made me feel better, "Masha, you will not owe these women anything other than possibly free classes. Let me help you to understand: They are concerned about the other women of this community and want to give them the opportunity of protecting themselves."


I emphatically stated, "That is good because I will not be 'owned' by anyone."


Tanya replied, "Masha trust me, I do not want you owned by anyone either."


I was satisfied, finally, that I was not going to be in debt to anyone. Tanya continued to drive to the storefront. We finally arrived and I inquired, "Tanya what is that large building."


Tanya replied, "Masha, that is the community college I told you about. Now shall we examine this storefront and see if it will work?"


A different woman met us at the storefront and Tanya explained, "Masha this is the realtor who is responsible for showing us this property. Now when we enter the storefront I want you to tell me what needs to be changed to prepare it for your use."


The realtor lady unlocked the door and said, "This is a prime piece of property in this area."


I did not care for that comment because I felt she would want more money for this property than was warranted. Even though I was not paying for it, I still needed to be careful with money.


I walked into the storefront, found there was a large counter in the middle of the room and I stated, "Tanya, the counter will need to be removed."


Tanya had taken out a tablet and began taking notes.


I glanced around the walls and continued, "The three side walls..." I pointed at each one and continued, "…Will need to be covered with full length mirrors. The back wall will need to be left plain however this terrible color will need to be replaced." It was an offensive shade of purple.


I continued, "I will need Krav Maga training mats that cover the majority of the floor, which can be replaced by Yoga mats. The floor should be covered in wood or at least parquet."


I examined the front door and remarked, "This door and lock are not suitable. I need a solid door akin to the door on my house and a dead bolt lock."


Finally I stated, "I will need to work with a graphic artist to design the flyers we need for the classes."


Tanya asked, "When are you planning on offering the classes."


I replied, "I do not know yet because I need to discuss this with Louise first."


Tanya suggested, "Could we go to the grocery store and talk to Louise now?"


I thought briefly and said, "That would be acceptable, if we do not bother her too much."


I had taken Linda, in her car seat, into the storefront so I grabbed her car seat and we headed to Tanya's car where I put Linda into the back passenger side seat.


Flashback – Jack and Ben – Midnight requisition run


We hauled ass to the roof just in time. The UH-60 Blackhawk had dumped the medical supplies and was getting ready to leave.


We reached the side door, jumped inside and the door gunner complained, "I didn't know we had passengers to take back with us."


Banzai barked, "Well you do now corporal, do you have any fucking problems with that?"


I tried to calm things down, "The Colonel gave us permission - you can check with her if you would like."


He backpedaled, "Uh, no that's okay."


I leaned close to Banzai and gave him some shit, "What the hell is wrong with you?"


Banzai snapped back, "Nothing the hell is wrong with me Jack, so back off or else."


I sure didn't think Banzai would still be so messed up by the children, but I did listen to his advice and didn't bother him for the rest of the trip to the BoO.


It was a short flight to the BoO. When the UH-60 touched down, we jumped out and Banzai asked, "So what's the first thing we need to do."


I replied, "We should check with John and see if the Semi is empty. If it is, it saves us from borrowing another one."


We headed to the mess hall, found John there and he said, "Jack it's good to see you! I was going to call you because the Semi is practically empty."


I smiled and said, "I figured as much and we're here to make another midnight requisition run."


John looked at Banzai and said, "You're Banzai Ben, I've heard all about you."


Thankfully Banzai didn't say anything abrasive this time he only said, "Well, let's get this show on the road."


We headed over to the semi, I climbed into the driver's seat and Banzai complained, "Jack there's no way in hell I'm letting you drive this rig. So get your ass back out of there and let me do the driving."


I decided not to make a big deal out of it so I climbed back out. Banzai climbed in the driver's seat began the startup procedure and stated, "Damn Jack, this rig is about out of fuel."


John suggested, "I have some friends in the motor pool who will be more than happy to fill this up."


I said, "Let's meet these friends of John's."


When we got close to the motor pool John said, "Let me out here."


Banzai stopped the semi, John bailed out, walked up to the motor pool guards and in a couple of minutes we were waved through the gate.


The guard motioned for Banzai to stop, he did and rolled down the window, the guard pointed and said, "The fuel tanks are over there."


John walked in the indicated direction as Banzai cranked the wheel and followed him. We arrived at the fuel tanks, John did some more talking and they motioned for Banzai to pull beside the tanks.


Banzai remarked, "Damn Jack, they do everything for John."


I replied, "That's right. When Lieutenant George couldn't get more staff for the hospital, I called John and he got the staff dispatched immediately."


I chuckled and continued, "Yeah, since John's cooking has improved so much, no one wants to piss him off."


I suggested, "Let's step out and walk around while they are fueling the semi, we're going to sit enough tonight." It didn't take long until the semi was fueled. Banzai and John climbed back in, Banzai started it up, spun the wheel and we were off again…


Flashback – Jennifer – After the walk


We arrived back home, and Daniela remarked, "Thank you Señorita Jennifer for the walk, now if I do that every day I will lose the weight I have gained."


I hated to burst her bubble but I told her, "Two things Daniela: First the walk was too slow to burn off many calories and second, the amount of food you eat has more bearing on your weight than anything else."


Daniela dejectedly sat in the chair took off my running shoes and said, "I do not think there is any hope that I will ever lose this weight."


I countered, "Daniela that's not true at all. We just need to walk faster the next time and cut the numbers of calories you eat at each meal. A typical woman of your age and activity level burns about 1500 calories a day, it takes 3500 calories to produce one pound of fat so if we cut your food by 300 calories a day, you would lose a little more than a half a pound a week."


Daniela tries to hand back my old running shoes and I complain, "What are you doing? I gave those to you and I'm not going to take them back."


She begins to complain and I nip it in the bud, "Daniela, I order you to wear the running shoes today while you work."


She begins to complain so I ask, "Daniela, who do you work for?"


She replies, "Señor Donaldson."


I continue with the questions, "And if he's not here who do you work for?"


Daniela said, "Señora Donaldson."


She was being difficult but I wasn't going to give up, "And if neither of them are here?"


Daniela replied, "Then of course I work for you."


I repeat, "Now you will wear the running shoes all day to work in."


Then I add a carrot on a stick, "And if you do that then we will go for another walk later."


Daniela finally relents, "Okay Señorita Jennifer."


Flashback – Alexi – 'Father' arrives home


I decided to make dinner tonight and finished preparations right as 'father' arrived home in a great mood. He told me all about his new job and how much he liked it. I told him, "Sit down 'father' I made dinner tonight."


He sat at the table where I served him a plate of macaroni and cheese mixed with hot dogs.


Once we began to eat he asked, "So Alexi how did your homework go today."


I gave 'father' a serious look and confessed, "'Father' I hope you will not be angry with me. I finished all my homework last night and took a taxi to school today and met with my teachers during their office hours. They reviewed my work, which was perfect, and assigned me many more weeks of homework. I know I shouldn't have left the house without your permission, but I hope you do not punish me."


'Father' smiled at me and said, "Alexi that was a very adult thing to do. I am of course concerned that you left the house without telling me, but this solves the problem of me having to take you to school on Fridays. The next time you want to leave the house you must first call me at work."


I promised, "Yes 'father', I will make sure to do that from now on. So am I free to continue taking a taxi to the university for my lessons."


'Father' answered, "Of course, let me know how much it costs and I will pay for it."


It was a good night for both of us.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Finally the brutes had exhausted themselves and collapsed upon the ground. I used this opportunity to move beside my sister Mira and check on her. Thank God, even after the brutalization she was still alive.


I gently shook her, she woke and I whispered, "Mira, we must make our escape now."


I was shocked when Mira whispered in return, "Not until these animals face terminal retribution."


She took up one of the AKs, placed it in full auto mode and emptied the magazine into the sleeping animals. I grabbed another AK and we made our escape as Kostia shouted behind us, "We will catch you again and it will be even worse next time."


Mira swore, "I will never allow those female salukis to catch me again, I will expire first."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I needed to make sure not to drink so much that it would impair me during the upcoming mission, but since I did have three hours to burn, I had one more beer. Finally the time came for the flight. I walked up to the gate, showed them my neck and received preferential boarding. This leg of my trip wasn't going to take as long so there wasn't even food service.