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Chapter 015

Taken Chapter 015

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Ben, Jens and Destiny in the dining room


Samantha comes up and interrupts lunch wanting an interview. We explain that we have an important discussion with Destiny after lunch and ask her to wait until we are finished with our meeting. She doesn't seem happy about the wait but she looks at Destiny and relents. She moves to a table with the FBI agents and Destiny comments, "Samantha is afraid of me ever since I broke Bill's arm."


Jens laughs and adds, "From what I heard you snapped it like a twig."


I taunt Destiny, "Why the hell didn't you ever teach me that move?"


She emphatically replies, "Ben, you are dangerous enough without knowing that move."


Jens complains, "You could have at least taught me how to do it."


Destiny smiles and replies, "No, then you would have used it on Mira or Ira and that would have caused a blood feud. Now finish your meals so we can have our meeting."


Jens finally notices and comments, "Ben, you didn't add any tabasco to the Jambalaya."


I reply, "That's right because it would have ruined the subtle flavor of the Jambalaya. This has to be the best Jambalaya I have ever tasted."


We finish, stand up, head to Samantha's table and Destiny says, "We will call you on the intercom when we are finished." Again Samantha frowns but doesn't complain.


We head to our room and Destiny explains, "Ben and Jennifer, because Ben is a Shaman..."


I correct her, "…Shaman in training."


Destiny continues, "We should be able to combine the spirituality aspect of the Shaman with the witch's skill to summon Jennifer's grandmother."


I ask, "How in the hell are we supposed to do that?"


Destiny continues, "Ben, you and Jennifer need to have a sweat lodge experience."


I comment, "Like when I found you as my Spiritual animal?"


Destiny smiles and says, "That's right. From what I understand you and Jennifer were destined for each other so that there could be a gateway between the spiritual realms of Shaman and witches."


Jens asks, "So how do we do this?"


Destiny says, "I think you will discover the method while you participate in the sweat lodge. However I suggest that you give Samantha her interview first."


I complain, "Damn, I hate interviews."


Jens says, "Ben, this is going to be hard enough without your bad attitude."


I apologize, "Sorry Jens, I will fix my attitude."


Destiny says, "I will go and get the sweat lodge ready."


Jens and I walk over to Samantha's table, she looks up at us and I say, "We're ready for our interview."


Present – Samantha – Interviewing Jennifer and Ben


I say, "Great, let me find John the cameraman."


Ben suggests, "Bernie is here and I know he's been doing some camerawork for Liz."


I shoot that down with a remark, "Sorry, but Bernie only works with Liz."


Jens notices John, points him out and says, "Samantha, he's over there."


I catch John's attention, he approaches and asks, "Are we ready?"


Ben replies, "As ready as we ever will be. Where would you like to do this?"


I say, "Your bedroom is probably not a good idea, do you have any other rooms available?"


Ben laughs and answers, "We have more rooms here than we know what to do with. How about we use the small office."


We head to the small office, enter the room and I say, "This won't do at all - we need a larger room."


Bernie, Liz and Desiree come up and Desiree suggests, "If you need a bigger room, why don't you use our bedroom. Now that the pig's eye is gone it would work great."


Liz explains, "Desiree means pig sty. The room was a bit of a mess when we first arrived."


Jens apologizes, "Sorry about that you three, I have been busy being a mother and sort of let some of the rooms go."


Desiree comes up with another of her comments that practically had us rolling on the floor, "Oh the pig didn't go doodie in our room, if he had it would have been G-R-O-S-S."


I suggest, "Well, let's take a look at this room."


We all head to Liz and Bernie's old/current room. Desiree opens the door like she owns the place, points and announces, "That is the little nook that Mr. Thom made just for me. He spent about a million gazillion dollars on it."


Liz quickly complains, "Desiree, what have I told you about lying?"


Desiree replies and justifies her statement, "Okay, so it was probably several hundred dollars, but to me that's close to a million gazillion dollars."


I say, "This room will work great, we will just need to bring in some chairs."


Ben offers, "I will be right back with them. Bernie can you give me a hand?"


Bernie and Ben leave their room as Ben remarks, "Desiree really cracks me up with her comments. But it makes me miss the hell out of Fiona and James."


They head into the dining room, swipe three chairs and leave before the FBI agents figure out something else for them to do. They return with the chairs and Desiree practically begs, "Ms. Stevens, would it be possible to have my little nook in the background of the interview? If you were to put it in the background, then you could interview me about the nook when you are done."


Liz says, "Desiree, I'm not sure people would be interested in that…"


Liz notices me holding up my hand to stop as I say, "Desiree, I think that is an excellent idea."


I begin to position the chairs with Desiree's help, which takes forever. Once all are happy, I look at Desiree and state, "You have to be totally quiet now."


She affirms by nodding her head and I begin, "Hello America, I'm Samantha Stevens with the Truth network bringing you an update on the kidnapping of Jennifer Blaine and her two lovely children. As you can see, because she is sitting here, we are thankful that Jennifer Blaine has been released. Ms. Blaine, what can you tell us about your ordeal?"


Jens steels herself and begins, "Thank you Samantha and also America for all your prayers. It all happened so fast here at the house, that I didn't even havetime to react."


I ask, "Is it true they were wearing masks?"


Jens replies, "Yes they all wore wolf masks so we couldn't recognize them."


I continue the questions, "How did they get into the house?"


Ben answers, "Our front door is impregnable to normal attacks so they used explosives to breech it."


I continue, "Ms. Blaine, I notice you have bandages on your wrists."


Jens holds up her arms and comments, "Yes, they used an electrical tie wrap to secure my wrists and I damaged them some trying to escape."


I comment, "I sure hope they didn't use those on your children."


Jens answers, "No, they used rope on them."


I ask, "Was anyone else injured in the kidnapping."


Ben replies, "Glen Donaldson, Fiona and James's grandfather, was hit over the head with a rifle and it left a large cut on top of his head."


I looks at Ben and ask, "Mr. Blaine I understand you weren't here at the time."


He replies, "That's correct, I was walking in the woods with my friend Destiny."


I smile at the camera and conclude the interview, "America, there is some good news about this mess however the kidnappers still hold the Blaine children."


With the interview done, Desiree approaches me and asks, "Ms. Stevens are we going to do my interview now?"


Liz gives me a look, which I ignore, and say, "Certainly. Do you know what you want to talk about?"


Desiree pauses, thinks for a moment and then suggests, "We could talk about how this was my special area when I was a baby." She looks at Liz and asks, "Mama, do we still have my old crib here?"


She shake her head no and replies, "Sorry Desiree, it was moved to our new house."


I say, "Desiree, if you remember it from your new house you can describe it for me."


Desiree announces, "Of course I remember it, we converted it into my bed."


I nod to John, he begins to roll the camera and I start the interview, "Good morning America, today we are going to have a special interest piece: We are going to interview Desiree Townsend, the daughter of Liz Morgan and Bernie Townsend. Desiree, what information can you give me about the area behind you?"


Desiree smiles big for the camera and says, "When I was first born, I lived here with Mama and Papa and this little nook behind me held my crib. Do you notice the nice paintings of the flowers on the wall? Maybe that's why I love flowers so much today."


I ask, "Do you know who had the flowers painted on the wall?"


Desiree replies, "I think it was the nice man Mr. Thom."


Liz corrects Desiree, "Desiree, I painted the flowers on the wall."


Desiree blushes and says, "Sorry Mama, I thought it was Mr. Thom. It makes the flowers even more special because you did them just for me."


I broach a subject I know Liz didn't want me to bring up, "Desiree, you know that bad men have taken your two playmates Fiona and James. How do you feel about that?"


Desiree's eyes practically flash and she declares, "I am very angry about it! Fiona and James are my bestest friends and I miss them very much. Those bad men had better not hurt them or I will find them and get Papa to spank them!"


I close the interview by saying, "Thank you Desiree for sharing with us. I'm sure we will all be praying for Fiona and James."