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Chapter 017

Taken Chapter 017

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Present - Ben and Jens - in their bedroom


With the interview over, we head to our bedroom to prepare for the sweat lodge experience. Jens asks, "Ben, what am I supposed to wear to this sweat lodge thingy?"


Ben corrects her, "Jens this isn't a sweat lodge 'thingy'; it's a sweat lodge ceremony." He goes into his closet where he pulls out a very nice and intricately beaded dress."


I am shocked so I ask, "When did you get this done?"


Ben replied, "Jens, one day I knew you would need this so Destiny and I have been working on it. I tanned the buckskin myself from a deer that I killed and Destiny and I did the beadwork together."


Because our babies are still gone I'm more emotional than normal so I begin to cry, "Ben this is so beautiful."


Ben hugs me and says, "Only the best for my wife, now let's get you into your dress."


I begin touch it to my face and remark, "Ben, it's so soft and smooth."


Ben replies, "Yeah that's because we brain tanned1 the hide."


1 Traditional Indian method of creating hides.


I remark, "Ben it's white, I thought all buckskin was brown."


Ben continues the education, "Jens, we didn't smoke the hide so that's why it's white."


I'm a little embarrassed when I ask, "So what do I wear under it?"


Ben nonchalantly replies, "Whatever you want. You will really sweat in the sweat lodge so I would wear something to help absorb the sweat. You know, like a t-shirt and panties."


I continue the questions, "I hope the sweat won't run the leather."


Ben smiles and says, "Jens this leather can be washed so don't worry about it."


I find a heavy t-shirt and on old pair of panties, put them on and Ben slips the dress over my head - it fits me like a glove. I comment, "Hey, how did you know my size?"


Ben slaps my ass and says, "Because you're my wife and that's one of my jobs."


I ask, "What am I supposed to wear on my feet?"


Ben face palms and replies, "I forgot." He goes to a drawer and pulls out some nice beaded moccasins and continues, "Try these on."


There's a knock on the door, Ben opens it and Destiny walks in and says, "You two are almost ready, now to give Ben his tribal tattoos."


Ben, wearing only a loincloth, moves over to the bathroom mirror and Destiny begins to put some black tribal markings on his face. I watch as Destiny explains, "When Ben becomes a full-fledged Shaman he will need to make these permanent."


I don't tell my Ben, but I'm not sure I want him to do that. Destiny declares, "Hey, I heard what you thought!"


I figured I would get her so I thought, "She should keep her doggie nose out of our business."


Destiny says, "Jennifer! That was rude."


Ben scolds me, "Jens, what did you do?"


I blush and confess, "I told Destiny to keep her doggie nose out of our business." Then I quickly continue, "Ben I’m just not sure I want those tattoos on your handsome face."


Destiny fixes things by saying, "Jennifer, usually it is a sign of pride for the Shaman, but if you so vigorously object to it, they can be drawn on each time when needed."


Ben reinforces things by saying, "Jens, you're making too big of a deal out of this. If it really bothers you then I won't make them permanent."


Destiny says, "Okay let's head to the sweat lodge."


We begin the trip out of our room and of course we meet Inga and she says…


Present - Inga – Questioning the group


I want to ask Jennifer to reconsider letting me hypnotize her so I head toward the Blaine's room. I'm almost there when the door opens and I'm shocked: Destiny, Ben and Jennifer look like… well Indians.


I sputter, "Where… Where… Where are you three going?"


Destiny replies, "Inga, now is not a good time for interruptions, we are busy."


I complain, "But I want to hypnotize Jennifer."


Jennifer emphatically states, "Inga, I told you there's no way that's going to happen and I mean it."


I counter, "But it really helped with Glen and I thought it might help you recall more information."


Jennifer says, "Inga I recall everything just fine and I sure as heck am not going to let you poke around in my head."


Destiny and company continue heading outside. I try to follow and Ben says, "Inga we are performing an Indian sweat lodge ceremony and unfortunately, you are not invited."


I begin to complain then Destiny turns, glares at me and says, "Inga please do not force this issue. It annoys me and you should remember what happened to Bill Brown when I was annoyed."


They continue walking and I'm flabbergasted by Destiny's threat.


Present – Ben, Jens and Destiny – The sweat lodge ceremony


We begin to hike up the hill behind the cabin and Jens wonders, "Just where is this sweat lodge?"


Destiny replies, "It is strategically located at the top of the ridge and also aligned with the spiritual world."

I explain, "Jens, the sweat lodge door always faces east. East is birth and new beginnings; this is where personal intentions or aims are set. The South is childhood and relationships; where we choose to pray for others. The West (the hottest spot) is a place of time, death, rebirth and healing; here is where negative influences are released and where healing for others and us is meditated. The North is the place of the ancestors. It is embracing the quiet, deep wisdom of the ages."

Destiny says, "Jennifer, because we are seeking contact with your Grandmother, you will sit in the North."

Jens asks, "Ben, where are you sitting?"

I reply, "I am sitting in the South because I am praying for our children, you and your Grandmother."

Jens asks, "So what's going to happen?"

Destiny replies, "Jennifer, we have no idea as this has never been done before. We are hoping to contact your Grandmother in the spiritual place which she inhabits."

I add, "We are hoping you have a vision of her."

We arrive at the sweat lodge and Jens remarks…

I had no idea this place was even here. It looks sort of like an igloo that's made out of hides; outside is a bigger pile of dirt that looks sort of like an altar. On it I see the skull of an American Bison. There is also a clay pipe and what look to be some herbs.

I notice a fire that is burning in wood piled to remind me of a teepee.

I remark, "This is really interesting, can you tell me more about the ceremony?"

Destiny says, "This is the heart fire where we heat the stones…"

Ben comments, "…Called Grandfathers."

Destiny continues, "…The stones will provide the heat for the sweat lodge and I will pour the water on the Grandfathers to produce the steam."

Destiny commands, "First we will smudge ourselves with sage." She picks up an herb bundle from the altar, lights it in the heart fire and I watch as she lets the smoke cover her body. She passes it to Ben, he does the same, then it's my turn and I mimic them.

Ben states, "Now we walk clockwise around the heart fire which is also called the path of life."

Destiny announces, "Good, now we can enter the sweat lodge."

Ben opens the door and we crawl inside. Destiny comes in last and has an assortment of the Grandfather stones with her. She says, "Jennifer please sit there." Then she indicates the location where I am to sit. She places the Grandfather stones in a pit in the middle of the sweat lodge and then recites some words that I don't understand. Ben clues me in by saying, "Jens, she's praying in Cherokee."

I am shocked at how lyrical the language is as she continues. Once she's finished she explains, "I have asked the Great Spirit to help us contact your Grandmother, now we need to see if he was listening."

She pours a ladle of water on the stones and instantly the temperature explodes in the sweat lodge.

I ask, "So what do we do now?"

Ben says, "Jens, think about your Grandmother."

I begin thinking about Grandmother, remembering how she told me that Ben would be a bridge between witches and Indians and then I sputter, "Grand… Grand… Grandmother!" Yes I can see her just as when she used to come into my room when I was a girl.

Destiny begins to sing again in Cherokee. Grandmother says, "Jennifer my good little witch, we have a problem."

I am not sure if I should speak but Ben leans over and says, "Jens, talk with her."

I reply, "Yes Grandmother we have a problem. Four other witches have taken Fiona and James, I have no idea where they are."

Grandmother says, "I certainly know where they are, let me show you."

Instantly I am seeing through the eyes of a large bird. Ben sees what I see, knows what's going on and remarks, "Jens, you're an Eagle."

I am following a vehicle and Grandmother says, "Jennifer, Fiona and James are in that car."

I swoop down lower and see them in the back seat, between a couple of the other witches.

Then suddenly I'm being attacked! It's an Owl and everything disappears, including Grandmother.

I look at Ben and Destiny and can tell they are not happy so I ask, "What happened?"

Ben comes over, holds me and says, "Jens, you were attacked by an owl and that is a really bad thing."

Destiny continues, "Jennifer, owls are the bringers of death."

I assume the first thing which comes to my mind and begin to sob, "Ben, they are going to kill Fiona and James."

Destiny explains, "Jennifer, the owl killed your eagle but it does not mean that they are going to kill Fiona and James."

Ben says, "Besides from what I saw, we now know where they are."

I question, "Ben are you sure?"

He smiles and says, "Yes I am. It's time we go and get our children."

I hug Ben and we leave the sweat lodge with renewed hope.