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Chapter 018

Taken Chapter 018

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – Meeting the benefactors at the storefront


Tanya's phone rang, she answered it, there was a short discussion and she explained, "Masha, that's one of the ladies who wants to pay for the storefront and modifications. Do you mind if we stop back by the storefront and meet her?"


I looked at Linda and replied, "Linda still seems to be fine so I guess we could do that. But then I need to return home and make lunch for both of us."


Tanya suggested, "Masha, we can have lunch out."


I caution, "Tanya, I am very particular about what Louise, Linda and I eat."


Tanya asked, "What sort of diet restrictions do you have?"


I answered, "We eat mostly natural foods without any added sugar in them."


Tanya smiled and replied, "Then I know the perfect place for lunch so don't worry about it."


I cautioned, "Tanya, I didn't bring much money with me."


Tanya laughed, "Don't worry Masha, we will charge it to the project."


That reminded me of something so I asked, "Tanya, I am assuming we will need a bookkeeper for the business."


Tanya replied, "Masha, you're correct but don't worry, I know several who are qualified."


I shook my head and commented, "Tanya, I never thought this would happen so quickly, are you sure that it is a good thing?"


Tanya gave me a look and said, "Masha, we might be able to stop some of the domestic violence by offering the classes."


I questioned, "Does that happen often in this city?"


Tanya replied, "Masha even one time is one time too many. Now let's leave and meet the benefactor."


I pick up Linda's car seat, place it in the back of Tanya's car, take the passenger seat and we proceed back to the storefront.


We arrive and I see an older woman standing in front of the store talking to the realtor. Tanya honks her horn and drives around back to park.


I confess, "Tanya, I am a little nervous about meeting this woman."


Tanya laughed, "Masha don't worry. She has read all about you in the papers and she's on our side."


Tanya parked, I took Linda (in her car seat) out of the back of Tanya's car and we walked around to the front and our meeting.


When we arrived the realtor and the older lady had gone inside, so we followed. The older woman saw me, ran up to me, hugged me and said, "Masha, it's good to finally meet you."


I was a little shocked and Tanya mentioned, "Gladys, Russians are not used to hugging."


Gladys pulled away and apologized, "Masha, sorry about that but I'm a person who hugs."


I looked down and replied, "I apologize for my awkwardness Gladys, but I am still becoming accustomed to some American customs."


Gladys said, "Masha, I wanted you to come here first so I could meet you and also because I thought it would be good to hire an interior designer to redo this storefront. I know Tanya already has a list of changes that need to be made. I would like this place to be the nicest yoga and martial arts studio ever."


I asked, "Will it be very expensive?"


Gladys laughed and said, "Masha, you don't need to worry about the money since I have more money than I will ever spend before I die."


I questioned, "Tanya said there were several benefactors…"


Gladys interrupted, "…She is correct, but the other benefactors, all my friends, asked me to take charge of this. So what do you say, can we hire my interior designer?"


I replied, "That would be fine, however the person needs to understand that functionality is my primary concern."


Gladys asked, "Can't something be both functional and beautiful?"


I replied, "Of course it can and that would make everything even better."


Gladys said, "Good! So you worry about making it functional while she worries about the aesthetics." She continued, "Let me give her a call and get her over here."


Tanya looked at her watch and interrupted, "Gladys, we need to go out for lunch."


Gladys said, "Great, she can meet us there. Where are we going?"


Tanya said, "Masha and Linda only eat certain foods so I thought we would go to the Organic Bistro."


Gladys said, "I've never eaten there."


Tanya begins to describe the Organic Bistro to Gladys and Gladys finally relents and said, "Hell this might even add a couple years to my life."


We all chuckle, Gladys calls her driver and said, "Let's all just take my car."


I am shocked when an older Rolls Royce limousine pulls up in front of the store.


The driver opened the door for us and I asked, "Where is the best spot for Linda's car seat."


Gladys said, "This thing is like a tank so how about on the back seat."


I put Linda's car seat on the rear seat, fastened her in with a seat belt as the driver asked, "Where to ma'am?"


Tanya said, "The Organic Bistro and then gave him the address."


Then we moved off through the traffic…


Flashback – Jack, Ben and John – Midnight requisition run


We arrived at HQ and the shit hit the fan! Last time we pulled right through the gate without problems but this time the guards stopped us and one demanded, "State your mission."


Jack tried to bullshit them, "We have orders to pick up supplies."


The guard replied, "Let me see the orders."


Jack pretended to try to find them as I helped by acting like I was looking for them too. John even got in the act from the back. Jack swore, "Son of a bitch, I think we left them back at the hospital. Listen can't you give us a break?"


The guard replied, "And get my ass in a sling, no thank you. No paperwork, no entrance to the base."


I was surprised when Banzai caved, "Okay, no problem."


He began to turn the semi around and I asked, "Banzai, what the hell?"

He replied, "Jack, there has to be a back gate into this place, so why fight these bastards - we will just sneak into the back."


Banzai got the semi turned around and began to skirt the fence and head toward the back. We were about halfway there and got stopped by a HumVee. The guards exited the HumVee, pointed their rifles at us and demanded, "What the hell are you doing?"


Banzai jumped out of the semi cab, walked up to them and in a few minutes he had them laughing. They moved the HumVee out of the way, Banzai climbed back into the cab, and the HumVee escorted us to the rear gate.


I asked, "Banzai, what the hell did you tell those guards?"


Banzai chuckled and replied, "I told them the truth - that we were here to steal the General's coffee and as many other supplies as we needed."


John answered with amazement, "They fell for that?"


I explained, "John of course they did. There's certainly no love lost between enlisted men and the General."


Banzai added, "That's right, they hate it when the Brass get special favors."


The HumVee took us right up to the cold storage, the guards hopped out of their vehicle and asked, "You guys need any help?"


I replied, "Sure, if you don't mind."


They laughed and one said, "Don't worry about it. Were more than happy to help since the General just got his new coffee in two days ago."


With the extra help, we had the semi packed full in no time at all. Making sure that we totally decimated all the private stashes of the General (hell, we not only took his coffee, we found a shitload of steaks that we commandeered). Hell, we even took some special fucking desserts he had ordered in.


The HumVee escorted us through the back gate then they pulled up beside us, rolled down the window and said, "You guys be fucking careful because the Taliban have been going after semis on the road."


With the semi loaded down, Banzai had to drive in a less insane manner and that presented some problems…


Flashback – Jennifer – In my room


Daniela went back downstairs, I snuck out of my room to my little hiding place at the top of the stairs and listened as she called Jed. The phone call was mostly in Spanish but I recognized enough of it to realize that Jed was coming over for dinner and then they were going to take a walk. I slipped back into my room just in time because Daniela knocked on the door, came in and asked, "Señorita Jennifer, what should we make for dinner since Jed is coming over?"


I replied, "Daniela why not make some of your traditional Peruvian food tonight, as long as it's not ceviche."


Daniela replied, "Do not worry Señorita Jennifer, I do not have the seafood for ceviche, perhaps I will make him aji de gallina."


I asked, "What the heck is aji de gallina?"


Daniela explained, "It is chicken with a slightly spicy yellow pepper sauce and I will make rice with it."


I smiled and replied, "Daniela that sounds great to me. When is Jed arriving?"


Daniela replied, "He will be here at six." She checked her watch and continued, "Señorita Jennifer, I need to start cooking. Do you think Señor Donaldson will be here for dinner?"


I thought about things and said, "No, I don't think he will be home for dinner."


Daniela remarked, "I will make enough food just in case he is."


Flashback – Alexi – 'Father' after dinner


I was very happy with how 'father' accepted me going to the university by myself so I could accomplish more. I was concerned at first that he would be angry with me but I should have known he would trust me.


I certainly had enough homework now to keep me busy for a few days. I began working, 'father' came into my room later and again praised me, "Alexi, thank you for going to the university today. It will really help me at work to not have to take off Fridays to take you to school. How goes your homework?"


I replied, "'Father' it's great! I finally feel like I am challenged."


'Father' said, "Well my good boy, I'm going to sleep. Do not stay up too late."


I promised, "Let me finish this one section then I will go to sleep."


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


We affected an escape from the local area and commenced pursuit for a hide of out.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Once the plane landed, I began to search for a vehicle to take me across the border. Yes, I would finally enter the USA again but not in the open. But I needed to cross it someplace without a check point so my location would remain a secret.