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Chapter 019

Taken Chapter 019

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens, Ben and others – Rescuing Fiona and James


We return to the house and begin to make plans for the rescue of my babies. I feel I need to comment, "We will need to wear masks so the other witches can't put spells on us."


Destiny says, "For Ben that won't be necessary since the Shaman tattoos will protect him."


I remember the many times I used the formication spell on others and ask, "Are you sure?"


Destiny replies, "Certainly, and I will be in my wolf form so they won't bother me."


I ask Ben, "Who else are we bringing?"


Ben replies…


Someday I need to become more versed in what Jens can do as a witch. However, it's good to know that my Shaman tattoos will protect me from any spells they could cast on me. Jens asks a great question, one I've been thinking about, so I reply, "Jens, I have been thinking about that and I have decided that we need to go in with a small but potent tactical team. I was thinking about the three of us and Mira and Ira."


Jens further asks, "Ben, what are we going to do to the witches who took my babies."


I look at her and reply, "Jens, I hate to say this but we will never be safe as long as they continue to live."


Jens surprises me when she concurs, "I agree with you my love, however there might be another problem."


I reply, "What's that?"


Jens explains, "I get the feeling that the four witches are not all of those involved. I think it's a whole coven of witches."


I remember my Marine training and reply, "Then we will kill them all and let God sort them out later."


Jens falters some, "Ben, I'm not sure all of them are guilty, and what if there are other children or women?"


I try to reason with her, "Jens, if we leave any of them alive, then we are putting Fiona and James at risk."


Destiny confirms my plan, "Jennifer, Ben is correct. While I do not like the idea of taking the lives of women and children…"


Jens interrupts with an ultimatum, "… Ben, I will not kill any children!"


I ask, "Then what would we do with any children?"


Jens smiles and says, "Bring them here of course."


Destiny asks, "Jennifer, will they be witches?"


Jens replies, "Since they are in a coven then they probably will be."


I begin to open my mouth to shoot down this idea when Jens begs, "Please Ben, if they are children, it won't be their fault."


I look at Destiny for help and she says, "Ben I don't think you have a choice about this."


I shrug my shoulders in resignation and agree, "Jens, I don't like this but I guess we will do this."


Jens jumps up and down and says, "Great, I always wanted more babies."


I order, "Okay it's time to gear up for this mission."


Jens changes out of her Indian dress and into BDUs. I change into some BDUs and we head to the weapons room. I call on my com unit, "Mira and Ira please meet us in the weapons room."


Mira starts, "Oui monsieur!"


Ira finishes, "…Mon Capitaine."


I want to complain but I know others are on the com channel so I leave it alone.


They arrive in practically no time and Ira asks, "What is so important that you re-assigned us off patrol duty"


I explain, "We have discovered where Fiona and James are being held and I would like you two on the recovery mission with us."


Jens adds her contingency, "It's a witch's coven so we do not know how many witches will be there. We plan on taking out everyone unless they are children. The children we will bring here."


Ira asks, "Ms. Blaine, we know how powerful you are. Do we need to take special precautions?"


Jens continues, "Yes, you need to keep your faces covered or they can cast spells on you."


Ira asks, "Ms. Blaine, will our helmets provide adequate protection?"

They are wearing full face motorcycle helmets with mirrored visors.


Jens affirms, "Yes, as long as you keep the facemasks down. And don't worry if they do cast a spell on you because I should be able to counter it."


Mira asks, "Mr. Blaine are you bringing your Ulfberht."


I smile at them and reply, "Not this time. I'm counting on you and Ira to provide the long range support, I'm bringing a M32A11."


1 M32A1 - The M32A1 is the USMC/SOCOM 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher of choice. The M321A1 is a hand-held, gas plug operating, semi-automatic, revolving action, 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher. I can fire six grenades in three seconds or less.


Ira asks, "Mr. Blaine, would it be possible to bring additional magazines for our Ulfberhts."


I reply, "Of course - I already have some loaded and ready. They are over there in the ammo rack."


Mira and Ira walk over and begin stuffing magazines into their body armor.


Jens asks, "Ben, what should I bring?"


Ben counters, "Jens, how do you plan on protecting your face?"


Jens looks a little guilty as she asks, "Destiny, could you give me some fake tattoos like those on Ben?  I’m certain that will protect me."


Destiny doesn't laugh but instead teases, "Sure Jennifer, I can even make them permanent if you would like."


Jens says, "No way, I just thought it would be cool if Ben and I looked the same."


Mira and Ira simultaneously chime in, "We like this idea. Destiny could you also provide for us the tribal tattoos like Ben?"


Destiny replies, "Of course. I guess we will be the Shaman squad."


Jens giggles and says, "Hey, I like that!"


Destiny again teases, "Well if we made the tattoos permanent, then it would be official."


It's my turn to complain, "Destiny, there's no way I want those permanently on my wife."


Mira starts, "Destiny, we might want the tattoos…"


Ira finishes, "…Permanently."


Destiny wisely says, "Why don't we see how the two of you look with the temporary ones before we make them permanent."


Destiny starts with Jens and does a remarkable job. She moves on to Mira and Ira and finishes up - we all look great. Then she asks, "Ben, how are we going to sneak out of here without Inga and the rest of the FBI following us?"


I think for a moment then Mira says, "I might have a plan."


Ira confronts her quickly, "Mira, this had better not be one of your crazy plans."


Mira sticks her tongue out at Ira and declares, "Ira, this is a good plan."


Mira explains, "Ira and I will detain Inga and the FBI agents…"


I hold up my hand and reply, "…Mira, that won't work. However, I do have an idea. We will load your motorcycles in the back of my truck and I will haul ass out of the garage and crash through the fence before they even know what's happening."


Ira suggests a modification, "Mr. Blaine, instead of you crashing through the fence and possibly damaging your truck, Mira and I will depress the fence to the ground and you can drive over it. Then we will follow on our motorcycles."


I smile and reply, "I like that plan even better."


Jens teases, "That's just because you don't want to scratch the paint on your shiny toy."


I hug my wife and counter, "I thought you were my shiny toy."


Jens (who is still very emotional) begins to cry. Mira and Ira look at her and Destiny explains, "Jennifer is very upset about her children so her emotions are ever present and surface quickly."


I look at Mira and Ira and then Ira asks, "Ben, what are we going to do about the drone machines."


Jens says, "Don't worry about it, I am sure I can still shut the drones down for a while."


I look at my watch and order, "Okay, Mira and Ira get to the fence with your motorcycles. Jens, in five minutes shut down the drones. I will make a quick stop at the front door for you to hop into the truck then we will haul ass."


Jens smiles and says, "Ben, you've forgotten something I asked about earlier. I don't have a weapon."


I reply, "Well, grab a M4 and some mags."


She kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear, "Ben, you are going to get so lucky later."

Mira, Ira and Destiny leave. As Jens gets ready to head to the computer room, I suggest, "Jens see if you can also knock the com system out while you're at it."


She giggles and says, "Oui, mon Capitaine."


And the mission is on to rescue Fiona and James…