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Chapter 021

Taken Chapter 021

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben, Jens and others – The mission


I wait the requisite five minutes, then haul ass out of the garage and stop at the front door. Jens, runs like crazy and jumps into the passenger seat of the truck.


I ask, "Did you get everything taken care of?"


Jens grins and answers, "Of course I did. Gretchen is good but she's no match for me. Both the drones and the com systems are down for a while."


I floor it and we speed toward the fence that Mira and Ira have depressed. I fly over the fence and the twins give chase on their motorcycles. So far the plan is working perfectly!


The twin's motorcycles are making a hell of a racket, so further down the road I pull over and command, "We need to get your noisy assed motorcycles in the back of the truck so we don't announce our arrival."


I begin to exit the truck and Ira responds, "Mr. Blaine, do not worry because we will ride our motorcycles into the back of your truck."


Mira lowers the tailgate while Ira does a wheelie and reaches the tailgate. In an amazing feat, she rides her motorcycle into the bed of the truck without destroying the tailgate. Mira duplicates her sister's action. They secure their motorcycles to the sides of the bed, hop out of the bed and climb into the back seat.


Jens remarks…


I can't believe what Mira and Ira just did on their motorcycles! I thought I had seen everything when Ben rode his motorcycle (you do remember we bought four motorcycles, don't you?) but they took it to a whole new level.


I turn to them and comment, "I've never seen riding like that in my life."


Mira dismissively replies, "Ms. Blaine that is typical riding for us."


Ira offers, "Ms. Blaine, if you would like we would be happy to improve your riding skills."


Ben complains, "Enough of this, we need to concentrate on the mission."


I ask, "Ben, where's Destiny?"


Ben replies, "She scouting ahead of us and we will rendezvous right before we attack the fucking compound."


Ira questions, "Ms. Blaine how did you discover the location of your children?"


I reply, "Ira, we used a sweat lodge ceremony where I contacted my deceased Grandmother. She turned into an Eagle and were able to see the location through the eagle’s eyes. Ben recognized exactly where the witches were located before an owl killed the eagle."


Mira scoffs, "I am not sure I believe this."


Ben angrily snaps, "Mira, what you choose to believe is your choice. What Jens said is the truth and you will recognize the truth when we arrive at the compound."


Ira counters, "Mira, it does not seem unreasonable to believe this story - especially with what we have seen and been through with Ms. Blaine."


Ben continues, "That's right Mira, did you already forget what Jens did for you?"


Mira replies, "No Mr. Blaine, I did not forget and never will. I just judged the story not believable."


I come to the rescue, "Mira, I did not make up this story, it's the truth."


Ben brings the truck to a stop and we all turn to him for the reason. We look and find Destiny in the middle of the road.


Destiny runs up to the truck, turns back into her human form and says, "Ben, we greatly underestimated the number of witches here. There must be close to two hundred of them. They are holding some individuals in cages including Fiona and James, other children and some women."


I complain, "They are holding my babies in cages!"


Destiny confirms, "That's correct Jennifer, plus there are guards everywhere."


Ben asks, "Okay Destiny, how do you recommend we proceed?"


Mira interrupts, "…Mr. Blaine we should kill them all."


Destiny replies, "Mira that would not be feasible. Ben, I would recommend that we rescue Fiona and James and the other children."


I question, "What about the other women?"


Destiny states, "Jennifer, I am not sure we could rescue that many people."


Ben appears to be thinking then he says, "You know, we could call in the FBI for this and rescue everyone."


I remind him, "Ben, first I want my babies and did you also forget about the spells the witches can cast?"


Ben asks, "Jens, can't you counteract any of their spells?"


I hesitantly reply, "I should be able to."


Ben replies, "Jens, you don't sound so sure."


I explain, "Ben I can counteract any white witch's spells, but if they are black witches then I can't. Their magic is evil and different."


Ben states, "Jens, I'm not sure what the difference is, but I do believe you. How will you know the difference?"


I reply, "If we got close enough I could probably sense it."


Ben asks, "How much closer?"


I reply, "I don't know so slowly move forward."


Before Ben moves the truck, Destiny says, "I think I can slip into the compound, release Fiona and James and bring them out."


I reply, "Destiny that would be great."


Ben begins to move the truck forward and adds, "Then we call the FBI and get them to take down these fuckers."


Destiny changes back into her wolf form and heads toward the compound. I don't worry about her scaring Fiona and James because they have seen her as a wolf before.


As Ben creeps the truck closer, the hair on the back of my neck begins to stand up and I finally say, "Ben stop immediately - it's what I was worried about! They're black witches and I can feel the evil emanating from them even out here."


Ben asks, "Do you think Destiny will be safe?"


I reply, "I'm not sure what power black witches have over spirit animals. I sure wish Grandmother told me about this before we came."


Ben asks, "So then my Shaman tattoos probably wouldn't protect me?"


I answer, "I don't think they would."


Mira suggests, "Mr. Blaine if you could get us close enough we could shoot some of them to provide a distraction."


I emphatically state, "Mira that would be unwise. If they cast a spell on you I'm not sure I could do anything to cancel the spell."


Mira complains, "So then we just sit here and do nothing?"


Ira provides the voice of reason, "Mira that is correct. There is nothing we can do against the witches of black."


Mira states, "That is unacceptable!"


She opens the truck door, slips outside and begins to work her way close to the compound.


Ira states, "I cannot let my sister attempt this foolishness by herself."


She also leaves the truck and I say, "Those two are being stupid. If something happens to them I'm not sure what to do."


We begin to hear the sound of their rifles firing and Ben says, "Shit, I might as well give them some help."


I caution, "Ben what are you planning?"


He smiles at me and says, "I'm going to lob a shitload of teargas grenades into the compound to give them cover. Let's see how the bastards like that."


He steps out of the truck, changes the grenades in his M32A1 and begins to fire like crazy. He loads it up again and continues to fire while we hear the twins' rifles barking. The next thing we know Destiny, Fiona, James and the twins are running toward the truck.


Ben switches grenades and begins blowing up the compound. Destiny runs past Ben and says, "There's no time for that, we need to leave immediately."


Ben tosses the M32A1 into the back of the truck, everyone climbs into the cab, Ben fires the truck up and we begin to head away from the compound.


Destiny says, "Thank you Mira, Ira and Ben for providing a distraction so I could rescue Fiona and James."


Fiona says, "Mama, those were bad evil witches, they were going to make us into bad witches too."


Ben looks at me and says, "Jens, call the FBI agents at the cabin and get them out here."


I ask, "Ben what about the black witch's? They will cast terrible spells on them."


Ben says, "Well, we will just have to figure out a way to counteract those spells."