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Chapter 023

Taken Chapter 023

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – Heading back to the cabin


It's good to have Fiona and James back! Jens is between them on the rear seat hugging the hell out of them when Fiona remarks, "Mama, I was so thankful to see Destiny when she came to get us."


Destiny who's back in her human form says, "I had help from Mira, Ira and your father. They created a distraction with all their firing."


Mira added, "I killed three of the male witches."


Ira stated, "And I killed an additional four of the male witches."


I laugh and say, "I hope I killed some of the fu… male witches."


Fiona teases, "Papa almost said a bad word."


I pull out my phone to call Thom; when he answers and I say, "Thom we just rescued Fiona and James."


Jens motions for the phone, switches to speaker phone and Thom blurts, "What the hell! Why didn't you tell me?"


Jens informs him, "Thom, they were being held at a compound that is controlled by black witches."


Thom immediately casts a dispersion, "Jennifer, what the hell are you talking about – there are no such things as witches."


I yell, "Thom, triangulate on the phone because this is the location where we rescued the kids and the witches have other prisoners including women and children!"


Thom swears, "Why the hell didn't you wait…"


I interrupt, "…Because we didn't feel like it! Now find the location and get a SWAT team out here."


Jens warns, "Thom just remember, you're dealing with black witches."


Thom scoffs, "Yeah right, let me call Inga and get moving on this."


Present – Thom – Calling Inga


What the fucking hell is going on? I thought Inga was supposed to keep an eye on the Blaine's. Now I find out they have mounted their own rescue mission and have rescued Fiona and James.


I call Inga, she answers and immediately apologizes, "Thom, I'm sorry to have allowed the Blaine's, Destiny and Mira and Ira to disappear."


I swear, "Like hell they have! They mounted their own rescue mission and have recovered Fiona and James. Find the location of Ben's phone because they say there's a compound with many captives."


Inga senses something in my voice and asks, "Thom what aren't you telling me?"


I reply, "Jennifer went on with a load of bullshit about black fucking witches, but we know there are no such things as witches."


Inga wisely replies, "Thom what about Destiny? We know she is a spirit animal so why can't there be witches?"


Damn, I hadn't thought about that - she could be right. I tread carefully with my response, "Does the FBI have any protocol about dealing with black witches?"


Inga laughs, "Of course not."


I humble myself and ask, "So what do you think we should do?"


Inga replies, "Thom, we have to save the prisoners no matter the cost."


I complain, "And if Jennifer is correct and the FBI agents get sick."


Inga adroitly replies, "Then it will have been worth it."


So I ask, "How's it coming on tracking Ben's phone?"


Inga says, "As soon as we're finished with the call, I will do it."


I hang up the phone.


Present – Inga – After Thom's call


I march into the FBI command center and announce, "Ben and Jennifer have found and freed their children."


Pandemonium breaks loose then I add fuel to the fire, "Not only that they said there were other prisoners at their location. Now I suggest that we track Ben's mobile phone to find out where they were located."


The agent in charge complains, "How the hell did they get away from here?"


I reply, "I don't care about that; what I care about is finding the other hostages."


Gretchen comes into the command center and announces, "Jennifer disabled the drones and the com system."


I look at the agent in charge and answer, "There's the answer to your question."


He swears, "I should arrest her when she gets back."


One of the other agents says, "I have triangulated the signal on Ben Blaine's mobile phone."


The lead agent says, "Come on let's roll."


They headed out of the command center and I did feel a little uneasy about not telling them about the possible danger…


I look at Gretchen and ask, "Shouldn't you get the drones and the com system working again?"


She mutters, "I can't believe Jennifer did that to me, I thought I was better than that."


I smile at her and say, "Don't feel bad about it because Jennifer has hacked many systems in her past."


Gretchen comments, "I think I would like to hear about that after I get the coms and drones working again."


She leaves, I take out my phone, call Thom and report, "Hi Honey, they FBI is on its way to the compound."


I can tell Thom is a little flustered by my response to him so he dodges the bullet by misdirection, "Did you tell them about the witches?"


I giggle and bother him a little more, "What do you think Honey?"


He says, "I can't believe you didn't tell them!"


I giggle and reply, "And as a result of mentioning witches have the FBI think I’m crazy? You know you're the only one I’m crazy about."


Thom mutters under his breath, and I remind him, "Don't forget Mabel is cooking tonight."


He says, "Goodbye, I will be there later tonight."


Ah our love - it is a many splintered thing.


Gretchen calls on the com and announces, "At least I have the com working now, the drones are going to take longer."


I tease her, "What did Jennifer do to them?"


She practically swears, "I think she deleted the operational subroutines for them. How…how…how she was able to do that I have no idea."


Thom had filled me in on some of Jennifer's hacking escapades when she was younger so I wasn't surprised.


I ask, "Is there any way to tap into the FBI communications, I'm concerned with what's going on at the kidnapping site."


Gretchen says, "Now that I can probably do but I will need your com device because it's keyed to theirs. Then I will need to connect it to the antenna to boost the range."


I reply, "I will bring my com headset right down."


I do have some concerns about what the FBI SWAT team will run into at the compound and wondering how they are doing sparks my curious nature.


I head to the computer room in the basement, walk in and hand Gretchen my com unit. She begins to work and asks, "So what can you tell me about Jennifer's hacking experience?"


I smile at her and say, "Jennifer was a child prodigy on computers, and like all child prodigies, she pushed the limits of some laws. It was only the intervention of one of her college professor that kept her out of jail."


Gretchen remarks, "College professor, how old was she then?"


I think for a moment and say, "I think she was twelve or thirteen."


Gretchen continues, "How did the professor keep her out of jail?"


I reply, "He convinced the utility company which was hacked to hire Jennifer to fix their security issues."


It's like a light goes on in Gretchen's head and she stutters, "So… so… so Jennifer is the one that is responsible for fixing all the utility problems."


I respond, "That's right. Now how's it coming on the FBI com?"


She flips a couple switches and we hear the FBI SWAT team, "Okay, were at the location. Squad one take the right flank, squad two the left flank; remember there are woman and children hostages so no unauthorized firing."


The order is given to attack and then we hear, "Shit, this place is empty! Look, there are the cages and there are some houses but no one is here."


One of the agents asks, "Are we sure we're at the right location?"


There's a reply, "Hell yes we're in the right location. How did they move so many people so fast?"


Another question, "Are we sure what the Blaine's saw? Perhaps they don't know their asses from a hole in the ground."


I figured out that I needed to call Thom again and give him the bad news…