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Chapter 025

Taken Chapter 025

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben, Jens and others – Heading back to the cabin


We bypass the FBI SWAT team as they are mounting the raid on the compound. They try to flag me down but I haul ass toward the cabin. I listen closely and am surprised I don't hear any weapons fire.


Mira suggests, "Mr. Blaine, would it be possible to stop the truck so Ira and I can ride our motorcycles?"


Ira agrees, "Yes Mr.  Blaine, it is crowded in the rear seat."


I had noticed that but wasn't going to say a thing.


I get ready to stop the truck and Jens says, "Ben, please do not stop right now. I think we are being followed by some of the black witches."


That piques the twin's interest so they begin to crane their necks to see if we are being followed.


Mira says, "I do not visualize any pursuit to the posterior of this vehicle."


Destiny demands, "Ben, roll down the window and slow slightly, I want to investigate this."


I comply, she changes into a wolf and bails out the window. I floor it and again begin to haul ass, doing a power slide around a corner.


Jens smiles and remarks, "And you complain about my fast driving."


Mira confirms my belief that Jens' love of fast driving is more than just my opinion, "Ms. Blaine, Mr. Blaine is only attempting to escape from the 'so-called' black witches. By contrast you operate all motor vehicles as if you had the wish of death."


I bite my tongue when Fiona even confirms, "Yes Mama, when you drive sometimes you scare me and James."


Jens defensively counters, "Hey, I've never been in a wreck."


James meekly adds, "Mama, Fiona is correct - you scare us with your driving."


Just then I slide the ass end of the truck out around another corner and Fiona remarks, "Papa sometimes scares us too."


I see Destiny approaching from the back so I slow the truck and Jens complains, "Ben, why are you slowing down?"


I inform her, "Destiny is back and wolves can only run about 40 miles per hour, so I need to let her catch us. Mira please open the back window."


Mira opens the back window and Destiny launches into the bed of the truck with a mighty leap. She crawls through the window, retakes human form and says, "Ben something is dreadfully wrong. Even though it looks like the compound is empty, I can still smell the prisoners in the cages and some of them even spoke to me and asked for help."


I glance at Jens in the rearview mirror and ask, "Jens, do you have any idea what's going on?"


Jens replies, "Ben I really don't know anything about black magic, but I am assuming it must be some sort of blocking enhancement."


I continue the questions, "Any idea how to counteract the spell?"


Jens apologizes, "Ben I don't have any idea. We need to meet with Grandmother again."


Destiny concurs, "Ben Jennifer is correct. We need to have another sweat lodge ceremony."


Mira starts, "Ms. Blaine, we would be interested…"


Ira finishes, "…In participating in this sweat lodge ceremony."


Thank God Destiny puts the kibosh on that by saying, "Sorry, but you cannot participate in the ceremony. Ben, Jennifer and I are the only ones who can participate. If you participate, we might not be able to contact Jennifer's Grandmother."


I decide to change the subject, "Mira and Ira have you given any thought into moving back into the cabin with us."


Fiona responds, "Papa, it would be wonderful if they could live with us."


James adds, "I agree, even if they do speak sort of funny."


Mira starts, "Mr. Blaine, we would love to come back to the cabin…"


Ira finishes, "…However we cannot leave Alexi without protection. The work he does for Ms. Summers has made him a target."


I question, "So who is protecting him now?"


Ira starts, "We are hoping that Ms. Summers has sent someone…"


Mira finishes, "…While we have been away."


Ira continues, "All the babies at the house, make it impossible to live…"


Mira finishes, "…and the smell of the dirty nappies is revolting."


Fiona asks, "How many babies does Alexi have?"


Ira replies, "Alexi has three wives and I have no idea how many babies are in the house."


Fiona remarks, "How can Alexi have three wives?"


Mira explains, "He married them in Kazakhstan where it is legal to have many wives."


James says, "I do not know why someone would want more than one wife."


Jens hugs him and says, "That's my boy! I am perfectly happy with your father as my one and only."


Present – Inga – Calling Thom


I decide I need to 'bite the bullet' so I call Thom. He answers and asks, "So what's the news?"


I inform him, "The FBI SWAT team says the compound is empty."


Thom counters, "Inga, how could they have moved everyone so rapidly?"


I reply, "Thom, I have no idea. Why don't you call Ben and ask him."


Thom says, "I'll do that immediately."


Present – Thom – Calling Ben


I hang up with Inga and call Ben - he's got a hell of a bunch of explaining to do!


Jennifer answers his phone and says, "Thom you're on speaker phone. Sorry Thom but Ben's busy driving the truck, what do you need?"


I demand, "What the hell is going on! The FBI SWAT team says the compound is empty."


I hear Destiny reply, "Thom, the compound is not empty. We believe that the black witches have some sort of blocking spell that keeps people from seeing them."


Thom scoffs, "Yeah right! How do you know that?"


Destiny replies, "Thom I returned to the compound where I could smell the prisoners and some of them even talked to me."


Thom swears, "So what the fuck should we do?"


Jennifer replies, "Thom when we get back we will contact my Grandmother again to see if she knows a way to counteract the spell."


Thom asks, "How should we explain this to the FBI SWAT team?" Then he continues, "Shit, Inga just sent me a message, I need to call her immediately."


He hangs up the phone and I remark, "Well that was interesting."


Present – Inga – Calling Thom


I try calling Thom but his mobile phone is busy so I send Thom a 911 text message which means I need to talk with him NOW.


Then I call him and say, "Thom, you're not going to believe this…"

He interrupts, "… Hell after what Destiny and Jennifer told me, I might believe almost anything right now."


I tell him, "The FBI SWAT team is getting sick and they don't know why." I think for a moment and continue, "What did Destiny and Jennifer tell you."


Thom pauses for a moment and says, "Destiny says that the prisoners are still in the compound in the cages: She could smell them and some of them even talked to her. Jennifer thinks the so-called black witches have put some sort of blocking spell on the compound so they can't be seen. What's going on with the SWAT team?"


I explain, "They are all having strange illnesses, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears and many other ailments that can't be explained."


I can't believe it when Thom wonders, "Perhaps there is some sort of truth to this whole black witch theory. I would tell them to fall back to the cabin until we can figure this out."


Thom hangs up the phone, and I ask Gretchen, "Can we communicate with the SWAT team?"


She smiles and says, "Of course, just press this button when you want to talk."


I press the button and suggest, "I would suggest that you guys fall back to the cabin until you start to feel better."


The SWAT leader complains, "I sure hate to do that with this whole empty compound here."


I continue, "I will explain everything when you get back to the cabin."


I hear the leader signal, "Let's head back to the cabin."


As they leave the area of the compound, they remark on how quickly the health of the team members begins to improve.