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Chapter 026

Taken Chapter 026

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – An unexpected surprise


We walked around toward the back of the studio to retrieve Tanya's car and were shocked when John Rowe was waiting for us. He declared, "I should have known you two would be together." He glared at Tanya and continued, "That was a hell of a plan to get me in trouble with my wife and I can't believe that you're her lawyer."


Tanya unwisely taunted him, "Well, if you can't keep your dick in your pants then you don't deserve to have a wife."


John threatened, "I should use my tool to teach both of you bitches a lesson."


I ordered, "Tanya, stay behind me! I will handle this."


John laughed and said, "What are you going to do? Kick my ass?"


I advised him to proceed with caution, "If you do not cease and desist I certainly will 'Kick your ass'."


John mocked me, "Cease and desist what? I haven't even started yet."


Tanya slipped up behind me and whispered, "Masha, I'm using my phone to take a video of this confrontation so do not worry about any actions you might have to take."


John reached behind his back, pulled out a gun and said, "Now we're going to see which of you can suck my dick the best. Who wants to go first?"


Before Tanya could say anything I pleaded, "Please John do not do this!"


John laughed, pointed the gun at me and said, "Okay Masha you're first. Get on your knees."


I pretended to be frightened, lowered to my knees and waited until he approached me. When he got close enough, I jumped up, disarmed him and tossed the gun toward Tanya. I then proceeded to release my anger upon him.


After only a very short period of dealing with my anger he pleaded, "Masha, have mercy on me!"


I expressed my disbelief, "You attacked us with a gun and now you plead for mercy?"


I knocked him out with a final blow and Tanya said, "Masha that was great!"


I angrily replied, "I wanted to break some of his bones but I restrained myself."


Tanya said, "Well, I have a video of it so we should be fine. Let's call the police."


Tanya made the call, told them what happened and after she hung up she said, "They will be here in about ten minutes."


Not believing her comment I asked, "Is ten minutes the normal response time for the police department in this city?"


Tanya replied, "Normally it's longer than that but they consider this an emergency and have expedited their response."


My anger toward the police department rose quickly to an almost uncontrollable boil…


Flashback – Jack, Ben and John – Midnight requisition return


The HumVee pulled alongside the trailer and the Marines began to patch the holes in the trailer with duct tape. This was important to keep the food cool during the rest of our trip. One of the Marines remarked, "This trailer is shot to hell and back. You guys must have been in a hell of a battle."


Jack interjected, "You're damn right - we were in a hell of a battle!"


I noticed something, pointed and said, "It looks like we're going to have company."


One of the Marines said, "Shit it's one of those damn Toyotas!"


I asked, "You mind if I take some shots on your Ma Deuce?"


The complaining Marine answered, "Sure, knock yourself out!"


Since I was on top of the HumVee helping them with the tape, I quickly slipped into the turret, took aim at the fucking Toyota and let rip a short burst. Smoke poured out of the Toyota and then things really went to hell.


Flashback – Jennifer – Eating dinner


Jed remarked, "This is the best aji de gallina I have ever tasted."


Daniela said, "Jed it is the normal aji de gallina my mother taught me to make and Señorita Jennifer helped me prepare it."


I countered, "Jed don't listen to her. She made it almost completely by herself."


Daniela surprised me when she said, "Jed, Señorita Jennifer does not know how to clean a pollo."


Jed laughed and answered, "That doesn't surprise me." He looked at me and continued, "I bet that your mother only bought chicken breasts."


I grinned at him and admitted, "That's right."


Jed continued, "That's what I do too since a whole chicken is too much waste."


Daniela countered, "That is not true. I use almost every part of the chicken. I even use the bones for making chicken stock."


Jed laughed and admitted his own habit, "If I need chicken stock, I buy it."


Daniela looked amazed and questioned, "You can buy chicken stock at the store?"


Jed answered, "Of course. You don't think American women would make their own chicken stock?"


I grinned and added my two cents, "No way, it's too much work."


We finished dinner and I said, "Why don't you two take a walk while I clean up the dishes."


Daniela fretted, "But Señorita Jennifer - that is my job."


I explained, "Not tonight, it's the dishwasher's job and I'm a skilled dishwasher." Then I reminded her, "Don't forget the running shoes."


I began rinsing the dishes, and watched as Daniela changed her shoes. Jed remarked, "Daniela those are nice shoes, there is no need to be embarrassed by wearing them."


It felt good to watch them leave together hand in hand…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Yes, Kostia and his new men captured us again. I did not look forward with pleasure to what was coming. I looked at my sister Mira and was shocked because she didn't fight or resist in any manner. Then I remembered that Kostia remarked how they liked it when we fought. I decided that Mira had a genius of stroke, so I mimicked her behavior…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The minute I entered the cantina, I thought I might had made a mistake. Everyone literally stopped talking and looked at me. Not just looked at me, but looked at me like I was bait on a hook. I decided to make a grand gesture so I walked up to the bar and wrote, "I would like to buy a free round of drinks for everyone."


The bartender smiled and said, "The gringo is buying a round of drinks."


The patrons cheered and soon I had more friends than I could ever wish for.