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Chapter 027

Taken Chapter 027

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Present – Ben, Jens and others – Arriving at the cabin


We finally arrive at the cabin and quickly Mira complains, "Finally, we can extricate our corporeal selves from this overly crowded posterior seat."


Fiona offers, "Ms. Mira I could have sat on your lap."


Mira backpedals just as quickly, "Sorry Fiona, but that would not have been pleasant for me."


Fiona doesn't give up and asks, "Why is that?"


Jens answers, "Fiona, we will talk about this later. Hey I forgot to tell you, Desiree is here!"


Fiona and James get excited and James says, "Good! We can tell her all about the terrible adventure we had."


Fiona remarks, "I bet she gets scared."


James says, "I know I was scared - the worst was when they took us away from Mama."


I reply, "Son, don't worry, no matter where you are I will always find you."


We all exit the truck and find Liz, Bernie and Desiree are there to meet us."


Present – Liz, Bernie and Desiree – Reunion


We heard that Ben and Jens had rescued James and Fiona. On hearing the good news, Desiree bugged the hell out of us so we went outside and waited for them to arrive.


Desiree complains, "When will they get here?"


I reply with a euphemism, "A watched pot never boils."


But instead of accepting my adult wisdom Desiree declares, "Oh yes it does."


Bernie asks, "How do you know?"


Desiree answers, "Because I have watched a pot and it did boil."


Desiree announces, "Finally, they are here!"


She begins to jump up and down until everyone exits the truck. Then she runs up to Fiona and James and gives them a huge hug. They next move to the side and begin to chatter like crazy.

I walk up to Jens and say, "Good job getting your children back."


Jens says, "It was a team effort for all of us."


I ask, "Can you tell me what happened?"


Jens pulls me to the side and says, "They were taken by black witches who have a whole compound with many prisoners."


Destiny interrupts us before I can ask more, "Jennifer, we have work to do."


I smile at Liz and whisper, "We're going to do another sweat lodge ceremony to contact Grandmother. Can you keep an eye on Fiona and James?"


Ben walks up and adds, "…Preferably indoors."


Liz replies and then asks, "No problem. You don't think the black witches will come back for them?"


Ben says, "It's better to be safe than sorry."


Mira and Ira walk up and Mira starts, "Do not worry Mr. Blaine…"


Ira finishes, "…We know that these black witches can die if they are shot."


Mira continues, "…So we will stand watch."


Destiny motivates everyone, "We need to get moving."


Inga approaches…


Present – Inga – Confrontation


I walk up to the Blaine's and complain, "Just who do you think you are - mounting a rescue operation without permission."


Ben glares at me and demands, "Since when in the hell did we need your permission to save our children."


I pause at the confrontation then continue, "Well, what about the other prisoners? The FBI SWAT team couldn't find anyone at the compound."


Destiny walks up and states, "Inga, I warned you once about annoying me. We're going to address that problem as soon as we change into proper clothes."


I reach for Destiny's arm but Ben grabs my wrist, stops me and advises, "You really don't want to touch Destiny. Now get out of our way and we will have your answers as soon as possible."

Everyone heads inside leaving me flummoxed! Then my phone rings.


Present – Thom– Calling Inga


I wonder if the Blaine's are back at the cabin so I call Inga and ask, "Inga, did the Blaine's arrive yet?"


She sounds exasperated as she answers, "Yes my love, just a few minutes ago."


I ignore her obvious frustration and continue, "So what are they doing?"


Inga says, "I'm not really sure, but they said something about getting more information."


Then she continues, "Thom, I hate to complain, but twice now I have been threatened by Destiny."


I have to stifle a laugh because all women love to complain so I do a tactical redirection, "What were you trying to do?"


She replies, "The first time I was trying to keep her from leaving and the second time I was going to grab her arm until Ben stopped me."


I think for a moment and then I reply, "Inga, you should never try to touch Destiny without her permission. Please remember what she did to Bill Brown's arm?"


She answers, "Of course I remember, but it isn't right. Thom I really wish you were here to handle this."


I decide to humor her so I reply, "Inga, I'm finished in the office for today so I will be there as soon as I can be."


Inga replies, "Thanks Honey, see you soon."


Present – Liz – Calling Samantha


After we get inside and get settled, I decide to call Samantha and give her the good news. She answers the phone and asks, "Liz, is there any news?"


I joyfully reply, "There certainly is! Ben, Jens, Destiny and the twins have rescued Fiona and James."


I can hear the joy in Samantha's voice as she replies and then asks, "That's the best news I've heard all day. So when can I come over for an interview?"


I reply, "Not for some time since Destiny, Ben and Jens are going to be busy."


Samantha inquires, "Busy doing what?"


I reply, "Figuring out why the compound appeared to be empty when the FBI Swat team arrived."


Samantha says, "That sounds like a story in itself."


I answer, "You have no idea."


I end the call and wonder if America would really believe in witches again.


Present – Samantha – Calling Stacy


I decide that my BFF would like to hear the good news so after my call with Liz I call Stacy. She answers the phone and says, "Samantha how are you doing?"


I reply, "I'm doing great. I called to tell you that the Blaine's rescued their children."


I can tell Stacy is less than enthused as she replies and then asks, "Oh, that's good news, so do you know who kidnapped them?'


I answer, "Not yet, but I plan on doing an interview later."


Present – Stacy – Reaction to the phone call


After the call with Samantha ends, I swear, "Son of a bitch!"


Bill looks at me and asks, "Problems Ms. Summers?"


I try to 'put on my game face' as I answer, "It's just that the Blaine's rescued their children."


Bill replies, "That's great news, do you know who kidnapped them?"


I reply, "No I don't."


I think for a moment and continue, "So, do you still think we need the security team at Alexi's house?"


Bill says, "I meant to mention that to you. I have mentioned it to some of our people but every team we send over there complains like hell. I guess the place is a fucking mess."


I reply, "Perhaps we need to come up with some housekeepers for Alexi. Bill why don't you head over there and take a look at things."


Bill leaves as I continue to fume over the fucking Blaine's good fortune.