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Chapter 028

Taken Chapter 028

Copyright 2014 - 2017 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – The police arrive


Fifteen minutes later, the police finally arrived, led by the Chief of Police. He got out of his car noticed me and said, "I should have known you were involved."


Tanya retaliated, "What's wrong with you, we didn't do anything. In fact Masha saved both of us from John Rowe. He had a gun and was going to force himself on us."


The Chief responded, "Where's the gun?"


I pointed and replied, "After I disarmed him I threw it over there."


He walked over, picked up the gun with his bare hand and asked, "Is this the gun he pulled on you?"


Tanya complained, "Yes it is and you just contaminated the evidence. But don't worry; I took a video of everything with my phone."


The Chief ordered, "Let me see it."


Tanya replied, "I will after I send it to my e-mail address. I don't want you 'accidentally' deleting it like you contaminated the gun."


Tanya did some things with her phone, it took several minutes and then she said, "Okay I have a copy in my e-mail so now I will show you."


She started the video, handed the phone to the Chief who dropped it and it broke.


Tanya swore, "You clumsy son of a bitch! You did that on purpose, you owe me a new phone."


The Chief countered, "I did no such thing, keep swearing at me and I will put you in jail."


John Rowe finally awakened and yelled to the Chief, "Good thing you're here. Masha assaulted me."


Tanya countered, "She only defended us after you pulled a gun on us."


John Rowe laughed, "Did you look at that gun? It's not real. Chief, I want to press charges."


The Chief waved the gun and said, "Yeah, it's a stage gun like used in the movies."


I realized we had been duped and the Chief was probably in on this. I still complained, "How was I to know it wasn't real."


Tanya glared at the Chief and said, "I dare the two of you trying to pull a shyster stunt like this."


The Chief laughed and said, "The only shyster I see is the lawyer right here."


I took Tanya's hand and said, "Don't worry Tanya, I'm going to call the base commander again and see if we can't get some help from the Marines."


Tanya replied, "Good idea Masha, he's already cancelled leave for three weeks, perhaps he would extend it to three months."


The Chief said, "We're taking you two to jail so it will have to be your one phone call."


We were placed into the back of the Chief's car. John Rowe climbed into the front seat and we were taken to jail.


Flashback – Ben, Jack and John – Midnight requisition return


I no sooner took out the fucking Toyota by smoking the engine than it stopped and three other vehicles swerved around it. I couldn't fucking believe one of the vehicles! It looked like my old Dodge Ram had been converted into a tank. Metal plates had been welded all over it at various angles. One of the Marines yelled, "Shit! It's another one of their truck bombs, you'd better take that out or we're all going to hell."


I concentrated my fire on the truck bomb which didn't have as much effect as I hoped. The fuckers had done a hell of a job converting it into a tank. Even from Ma Deuce, most of the rounds bounced off the plating. I noticed something the fuckers had forgotten and began to concentrate my fire on the front tires. Finally the truck bomb stopped but the other two fucking Toyotas kept coming. I looked at the two Marines from the HumVee and said, "I think it's time to get the hell out of Dodge."


They agreed so I jumped off the Humvee and headed to the semi cab. They climbed in the Humvee and one of them yelled, "Take off and we'll provide cover."


I didn't need any further prompting so I floored the semi and wound through the gears. I watched in the side mirrors and saw them smoke the two Toyotas…


Flashback – Jennifer – After dinner


With the dishwasher handling the dirty dishes, I slipped off to my room to do my current favorite thing - study grandmother's book. I moved my hands like I normally did but this time nothing happened. I tried it again and still nothing. I wondered what was going on when Grandmother appeared and said, "Jennifer, we need to have a talk."


I asked, "Okay Grandmother, what are we talking about?"


Grandmother replied, "Jennifer for the present we need to stop your studies in the book."


I smiled and said, "Now I know why it wouldn't appear. Why are we stopping my studies?"


Grandmother answered, "Your studies are having a very bad effect on Evelyn. If we ever hope for her to come back to the house, then we need to temporarily suspend the studies."


I wanted to say things were better here without her, but I knew better and instead agreed, "Okay Grandmother, you know best about this."


Grandmother smiled and replied, "Yes Jennifer I do. And for right now you still need Evelyn to be your mother."


Grandmother left so I decided to mess around on the computer…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


The men complained to Kostia, "We thought you said they fought like crazy."


Kostia laughed, pulled out the electronic bovine motivational device and applied it to Mira's nether regions. I was amazed when she didn't even flinch. With frustration Kostia tried it several more times, each with the same results-of-non. Then he threatened, "I will shove this up your ass if you don't respond."


I couldn't bear to see that happen to my sister so I yelled, "You son of a female saluki, I will kill you."


He came over to me, applied the electronic cattle motivational device to me and I jumped like a fish deprived of water. The men cheered, aggressively jumped at me and I bore the brunt of their punishments.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


Several of the women offered me favors for the drinks. I turned them all down because I remembered Maria and I didn't want to cheat on her (besides there was no telling what sort of diseases the women carried).


I checked the door, noticed sundown was approaching so I wrote, "Goodbye everyone, I hope you enjoyed yourselves."


They cheered; I walked out the door and found my transportation for the border crossing. I climbed into the van and we left this fucking Godforsaken town.