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Chapter 029

Taken Chapter 029

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben, Jens and Destiny – Sweat lodge part two


Jens and I haul ass inside while Destiny leaves to prepare the sweat lodge.


Jens complains, "My beautiful dress is still wet from last time."


I reply, "Jens, it's more important that you wear it than your comfort so I guess you will have to just tough it out."


She's feeling frisky because we have our children back and offers, "Ben… we could make Destiny wait while we did something else."


I nip that in the bud by replying, "Jens 'that' will need to wait until later. Right now we have to figure out a way to counter the blocking spell of the black witches."


She relents, "Ben, you're right. I just wanted a chance to show you how thankful I am to you for recovering Fiona and James."


I reply, "Jens, there's no way in hell I'm letting anyone break up our family!"


We change and head up the mountain behind the house to the sweat lodge.


We arrive and Destiny announces, "Perfect timing - I just got the stones ready."


We enter the sweat lodge and almost immediately Jens' Grandmother arrives and says, "Now that was a surprise! I didn't know you would run into black witches."


Jens says, "Grandmother, we did rescue both Fiona and James from their evil clutches. But they have some sort of blocking spell so no one can see them. Is there a way to counteract the spell?"


Grandmother replies, "Jennifer, it would require that you use black magic. However, there are ways around the blocking spell. When Ben fired the gas into the compound the witches became visible. It was a shame the FBI agents weren't there at the time so they could see for themselves."


Jens continues with the questions, "Grandmother, the FBI agents became sick at the compound. Is there anything that can be done about that?"


Grandmother continues, "Once again, that would require black magic. Anyone who enters the compound is certain to get sick. The only good news I can give you is their illnesses won't kill them." Grandmother adds, "Do you have any ideas on how to get the FBI to return to the compound?"


I reply, "Yeah, I plan on playing on their guilt."


Grandmother wisely suggests, "Perhaps you could get one of the remote control airplanes to fly over the compound and drop the gas. Then the FBI could see the black witches."


Jens says, "Gretchen's drones don't have the range to do that."


Grandmother informs us, "Of course not. However, the FBI has a drone flying over the compound as we are speaking."


I reply, "Then they could change the payload it carries to gas."


Grandmother gives a final caution, "Be aware that the black witches haven't given up on Fiona and James. They will try to take them again."


I counter, "Over my dead body!"


Grandmother smiles and advises, "Ben, it will not come to that."


Grandmother disappears as the sweat lodge ceremony ends.


Jens comments, "Destiny, perhaps one day could we include Fiona and James in a ceremony. I would love for them to meet Grandmother?"


Destiny replies, "As long as you both explain to them what is going on I believe that will be possible."


With that settled we leave with the new information in hand…


Present – Inga– Meeting with Ben, Jens and Destiny


The Blaines and Destiny arrive. I sure want to give them a piece of my mind however I am going to give them a chance. Ben walks up and says, "Inga, we need to reconfigure the FBI drone to drop gas on the compound."


I ask, "Why is that?"


Destiny replies, "If you do this then they will see that that compound is not empty and the agents will be able to see the shadows of the witches and their prisoners in the gas."


I begin, "I'm not sure about…"


Jennifer interrupts, "…Listen! Do you want to save the prisoners or not. If you do then reconfigure the FBI drone."


I change the subject, "What about the strange illnesses the FBI SWAT team experienced?"


Jennifer replies, "There's nothing that can be done about that, but the good news is that none of them will die."


I head toward the conference room knowing this is going to be a very hard sell. Then I decide to give Thom a call - perhaps he could help me.


Present – Inga – Call to Thom


I call Thom, he answers and I complain, "Thom, the Blaines and Destiny want me to have the FBI reconfigure the drone to drop gas. They say it will expose the 'black witches'. Do you have any idea how to talk them into doing this?"


Thom offers, "Inga let me talk to them and I will handle this for you. Do you have any information from the Blaines or Destiny about the strange illnesses the team experienced?"


I reply, "They said there was no way to keep them from getting sick, but that it wouldn't be terminal."


Thom swore, "Shit! That information we need to keep to ourselves. Okay let me give the FBI a call."


Present – Thom – Calling the FBI


Damn, how in the hell am I going to talk the FBI into reconfiguring the drone and heading back to the compound? Then I have a brilliant idea.


I call the FBI and ask for the agent in charge. He comes on the phone and says, "Well the compound was a total bust and all that happened was my men got sick."


I tease, "Hell, I didn't know you guys gave up so easily."


He complains, "We didn't give up, there was no one there."


I continue with my taunt, "That's because you didn't look correctly. Bring your drone back to the cabin, reconfigure it to drop gas and you should be able to see the shadows of the witches and their detainees in the gas."


He waffles, "Why should I do this?"


I offer, "I tell you what. If there are no detainees and prisoners in the compound, I will buy you a bottle of your favorite liquor."


He asks, "Anything I want?"


I reply, "Of course."


He relents, "Okay you've got a bet."


I smile - that was like taking candy from a baby…


Present – Liz – Calling Samantha


Ben, Jens and Destiny approach. I walk up to them and ask, "Do you think you have time to do a follow up interview with Samantha?"


Destiny declines as usual, "I'm sorry but I would not like to do that."


Ben and Jens look at each other and Jens says, "Liz, we can do that but I'm not sure that America is ready for what we need to say."


I smile at Jens and say, "Jens, you have to trust Samantha to ask you the proper questions."


Ben admits, "Liz, I'm not sure I'm ready for this."


I look at Jens and confirm, "Well I guess it's just you."


She smiles and agrees, "I guess so."


I take out my mobile phone, call Samantha, she answers and immediately asks, "Can I interview the Blaines now?"


I reply, "Jens is the only one that is available."


Samantha says, "Good I will be right over."


I like her enthusiasm however I caution, "You might want to have a little talk with Jens before the interview in order to properly frame your questions?"


Samantha confirms, "Okay Liz, I understand - we can't be talking about witches during the interview."


Present – Bill – Alexi's house


I really hate the idea of having to check on Alexi's house. Normally I just go there to pick up the reports since he won't send them by e-mail because it's not secure enough for the data he works on. Hell, if other companies intercepted the e-mails it would seriously hurt Ms. Summer's company.


It's a short drive to his house where I see the added security and can tell they're not happy about the assignment. I exit my SUV and they immediately complain, "This is the worst assignment we've ever had."


I nip it in the bud, "It could be worse, you could have to go into the house like I have to."


They laugh and the mouthy one replies, "Lots of luck, it's a fucking shit factory in there."


I wrap my shemagh around my face, knock on the door and a very pregnant wife opens the door, recognizes me even with my shemagh and says, "Hello Bill, please come into our house."


I walk into the house and the security team wasn't kidding, the whole house reeked of shit! It was so bad that my eyes even watered.


I ask Yasmin, "Did Miranda and Irina return to the house."


She replies, "No and I hope they do not because they are always yelling at us about almost everything."


I'm sure it's about the fucking mess they have made out of the house so I tread carefully with the next question, "Ms. Summers wondered if you could use some help cleaning the house."


Yasmin says, "Only if the cleaners were men… because… well you know how Alexi is around new women."


I want to say that I sure as hell understand but I remain professional and reply, "Of course, I do understand. I will inform Ms. Summers that you would accept having male house cleaners and we will make sure to keep the guards posted. Please let me know if Miranda and Irina return."


Yasmin replies, "I sure will."


I high tail it out of the house and the mouthy security guard says, "What did I tell you."


I grin at him and threaten, "Keep it up and this will be your new permanent post."