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Chapter 030

Taken Chapter 030

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


The department of social services arrived and took custody of Linda. I wanted to call Louise to come and get her but the Chief had broken Tanya's phone. I was shocked that the Chief of police and John Rowe perpetrated such a terrible act upon us. We were checked into the local jail and I asked, "When do I get my phone call."


The Chief laughed, "When I say that you do."


Tanya complained, "Chief you're just digging a deeper hole for yourself."


John Rowe walked past and laughed, "Now that's what I like to see - two birds in a gilded cage."


Tanya laughed, "At least I work for a living instead of spreading lies on the TV. You know I think I will get someone to investigate your involvement in the rape gang."


John replied with a sneer, "Go ahead; perhaps you can get the Martina bitch to do it for you."


Tanya complained, "Chief when does Masha get her phone call, it's been ten minutes since she asked."


The Chief finally relented, "Okay Masha you can make your one phone call."


I asked, "Can I have my purse?"


The Chief replied, "No way! You might have a weapon in it."


I taxed my brain to remember the number of the base, was sure I had it correct, put the quarter in the payphone and made my call. I was rewarded when I recognized the voice of the base commander's aide. I said, "This is Masha Reynolds, it the base commander available?"


The aide replied, "Sorry Masha, he is out inspecting the troops. Did you need something?"


I explained, "Yes I do. I am being held in the police station's jail on questionable charges."


The aide replied, "Masha that's terrible news! I will find my commander and relay the message. Don't worry we will get you out of there as soon as possible."


True his word, the aide must have found the base commander because the Mayor walked into the police station and ordered, "Chief, release these women immediately."


The Chief balked, "But sir, they committed a felony, they attacked John Rowe."


The Mayor angrily said, "Chief either release them or I will fire you. The Base Commander just read me the riot act and said if they weren't released he was going to cancel all leaves until their release. If he does that it will devastate the town."


The Chief folded, "Okay, but they still need to face the felony charges."


Tanya interjected, "Do you mean the trumped up changes you and John Rowe conspired on?"


We began to leave and the Mayor asked, "Ms. Reynolds, please notify the base commander of your release."


I replied, "First I need to rescue my charge from the Department of Social Services. If Linda is fine and returned to my custody then I will call the base commander."


We walked out of the police station and I asked Tanya, "Where is the Department of Social Services and how do we get there?"


Tanya said, "We will take a taxi to the Department of Social Services to get Linda. I'm sorry that this happened."


I complained, "If the Chief had not broken your phone I would have called Louise to take her."


Tanya swore, "Shit, I forgot about that, the city owes me a new phone."


Tanya finds a taxi, we got in and she directed, "The Department of Social Services."


I was shocked when we arrived at the Department of Social Services…


Flashback – Jack, Ben and John – Midnight requisition return


The HumVee flashed its lights so I moved over and let them pass because I sure as hell didn't want to run up on the convoy with our semi.


John remarked, "Hey guys I'm not sure we will be back in time for breakfast."


Jack checked his watch and swore, "Son of a bitch, I think he's right."


I looked at Jack and grinned, "So then Lieutenant George is going to be up shit creek without a paddle."


Jack complained, "He's going to give Colonel Maggie shit about it."


I laughed and corrected, "No, he's going to try to give Colonel Maggie shit about it and she's going to learn what we live with all the fucking time."


John said, "You don't understand. If I'm not there to make breakfast…"


I interrupted, "…then the guys will have to eat MREs."


Flashback – Jennifer – After dinner


Rats, I really wanted to continue the work on my magic. But Grandmother made that impossible and she usually knew best. That's okay because I was working on some new computer programs anyway.


I began to work on them and then I heard Jed and Daniela arrive back at the house. I went downstairs and greeted them. Daniela had a big smile on her face so I remarked, "You look like the cat that ate the canary."


Daniela looked confused and Jed explained, "Jennifer wants to know why you're smiling so much."


Daniela complained, "Señorita Jennifer! That is not a polite question to ask."


Jed attempted to calm the situation, "Jennifer, don't worry about it. We had a great walk and thank you for giving Daniela your old shoes."


I asked Jed, "Did you kiss her?"


Daniela stormed from the room and yelled, "Señorita Jennifer! That is… is … inacceptable!"


Jed smiled at me and whispered, "Yes, it was our first kiss."


I was satisfied so I went back to my room.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Kostia's men were busy abusing me and made a grave tactical error: They ignored my sister while continuing my corporeal abuse. Mira slipped her hands to her front, worked her way toward the men's discarded outer accoutrements and acquired a pistol. She began firing at the men and as always her aim was impeccable. Unfortunately, at the first sign indicating news of bad, Kostia translocated from the area like a crying child.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


The driver asked, "Hey Gringo, what is in your backpack?"


I wrote on the tablet, "Water and a few other things. Are we picking up others on tonight's trip?"


He replied, "Of course - we can't do a run like this without a full van."


I was thankful to find the driver's elevator might not go all the way to the top floor (he didn't bother search me for weapons).


He made a stop, picked up a young family and continued on while he berated them, "No me mires ni voy a joder a tu esposa!"


         Do not look at me or I'll fuck your wife!


The family cowered in the back of the van and the wife began to cry so he continued, "No llores en mi furgoneta o voy a tirar tus culos hacia fuera!"


         Do not cry in my van or I'll throw your asses out!


The driver continued the pickup up illegals and berated all of them even more than the young family.


I decided that the driver was a real piece of shit and after we crossed the border I planned on administering retribution.