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Chapter 031

Taken Chapter 031

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Samantha – Interviewing Jennifer


I remembered Liz's caution from the conversation we had on the phone and I know it's about the whole witch situation. Therefore, I will have to arrange the questions to avoid that topic - which will be a challenge. John and I arrive at the cabin and are stopped at the front gate where the security guard orders, "Please exit the vehicle so it can be searched."


John and I comply with the order, the security guard searches the vehicle and says, "Okay you can proceed."


We drive up to the cabin, John grabs his video gear and we head inside. The cabin is still a hotbed of activity. I stop by the conference room door and overhear, "Yes, bring the drone in for a landing. We need to reconfigure the payload."


I would love to stay and listen some more but Jennifer walks up and greets me, "Hello Samantha, I'm ready for my interview."


I ask, "With the conference room being full, where would you like to hold the interview?"


Jennifer suggests, "Why not the computer room in the basement."


John remarks, "Jennifer that would probably be too noisy."


Jennifer replies, "Shoot, I didn't think of that." She pauses and suggests, "How about Liz and Bernie's bedroom. Fiona and James are there and you could even talk to them."


I waffle, "Jennifer, I'm not sure that would be a good idea."


Jennifer scrunches up her face and asks, "Why not?"


I reply, "You know the whole thing about you being a…"


Jennifer interrupts, "…Oh yeah, that might make things difficult."


I agree, "Yeah it's going to be hard enough to interview you in the first place, let alone having your children included."


Jennifer offers, "Well I guess we need to use our bedroom."


John agrees, "That might be the best place."


We follow Jennifer to her bedroom and begin to set up for the interview.


Present – The FBI – Calling Thom


I receive a call from the leader of the FBI and he says, "Okay we've got the drone reconfigured, now were going to see what happens."


I ask, "Should I stay on the phone?"


He laughs and replies, "Certainly - I want to hear your voice when I tell you there's no one in the compound."


He says, "The drone is approaching the compound now, we're releasing the gas…" Then he swears, "Son of a bitch, you were right! The compound is full of people and prisoners."


I stifle a laugh and ask, "Are you going to haul ass over there and rescue the prisoners?"


He dejectedly replies, "Of course we will."


Then he continues and asks the question I hoped he wouldn't, "Do you know anything about my men getting sick the last time we were there?"


I lie through my teeth, "I don't know anything about that."


He terminates the call, I decide to call Inga and give her the good news.


Present – Thom – Calling Inga


Inga answers and says, "Thom, I heard that the FBI found people in the compound."


I reply, "They certainly did."


Inga continues, "Did you tell them about the witches and the sickness."


I state, "Of course not, their men will get sick again but hopefully no one will die."


Inga reiterates, "That's what Jennifer told me."


I suggest, "Well she was correct about the people and the prisoners, let's hope she's right about this."


Inga asks, "So when are you going to be here? I thought you were leaving soon."


I reply, "I was going to but then something came up."


I can hear the rising complaint in her voice as she says, "Thom, you'd better get your ass up here soon."


I decide to taunt her some, "Do you know what Mabel is making for dinner?"


She sighs and replies, "Hell no I don't know. Why don't you come up here and find the fuck out for yourself?"


I can tell I pushed it as far as I can so I reply, "Okay Inga, I'm leaving for the cabin right now."


Present – Bill – Reporting to Stacy


I'm thankful as hell to be away from Alexi's house! The mouthy security guard was correct, the place smelled like a shit factory.


I arrive back at the office and Ms. Summers asks, "What's the report?"


I'm thankful that she's not asking about the Blaines so I reply, "Miranda and Irina have not returned yet so I am keeping the current security in place. Yasmin said she would notify me if they return but she hopes they won't return."


Ms. Summers asks, "Why's that?"


I grin and say, "Yasmin says that they bother them all the time, my guess is it's because of the condition of the house."


Ms. Summers continues, "Tell me honestly how bad was it."


I complain, "Even with my shemagh over my face, the smell of dirty diapers was overwhelming. I did ask Yasmin about house cleaners and she wisely agreed, that as long as they were men they would appreciate it."


Ms. Summers laughs, "Well that was to be expected."


I continue, "Yasmin isn't stupid, so she knows better than to let any more women in the house."


Ms. Summers orders, "Okay Bill, see if you can come up with some men to help clean the house."


I tease, "I hope they don't want hazard duty pay."


Ms. Summers laughs and counters, "It's your job to make sure they don't."


The front doorbell, rings, I look at the monitor and notice a couple that I've never seen before. I inform Ms. Summers, "It looks like we have unannounced and unknown visitors."


Ms. Summers looks at the front door monitor and speculates aloud, "Who the hell are they?"


I caution, "Ms. Summers, with all that's going on right now, I recommend that we talk to them over the intercom."


Ms. Summers agrees, "That's a wise idea Bill, please go ahead."


I can't believe what they say when I talk to them…