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Chapter 032

Taken Chapter 032

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – Department of Social Services


I was frantic about the Department of Social Services taking Linda and could barely contain myself as we were driven there. We arrived in the taxi, I dashed inside to the front desk and demanded, "Where is the girl you took from the crime scene attended by the Chief of Police?"


The lady at the desk looked at me and replied, "I'm not sure we can release her to you. Are you her mother?"


Tanya came to my rescue, "No, but she's the daycare provider and we need to see Linda immediately."


The lady replied, "Don't you dare get huffy with me."


Tanya quickly threatened, "Listen, I'm a lawyer and unless you want a lawsuit, you'd better take us to see Linda right now."


The obese lady struggled to get up from behind the desk, and said, "Follow me."


She took us to a waiting area and I finally saw Linda. There was only one big problem: She was eating a bunch of canned fruit.


I complained, "Don't tell me that you gave her fruit?"


The lady replied, "Of course we did. When they cry we use it to settle them down."


Linda saw me, ran over and yelled, "Masha."


Then I noticed that her diaper was dirty so I further complained, "Didn't you think to change her diaper?"


The lady replied, "Sorry, I don't do diapers."


I was flabbergasted and said, "Perhaps this place should be called the Department of Social Disservices."


The lady mouthed off, "Hey it's not our fault you were arrested."


Tanya intervened before I could respond, "Come on Masha, grab Linda and let's leave."


She continued by asking the lady, "Could you call us a cab."


The idiot lady replied with a snarl, "Okay, you're a cab."


Flashback – Ben, Jack and John – Arrival at the BoO


We caught up to the convoy and finally arrived at the BoO. It was late and John was practically frantic, "I need to hurry and make breakfast."


I pointed at the approaching figure and said, "Not until we talk with Colonel Maggie."


She walked up to the side of the truck and complained, "What the hell happened?"


Then she looked at the patched sides of the trailer and continued, "It looks like you ran into some trouble."


I replied, "Yes Sir! We certainly did."


John interjected, "Colonel Sir! We were lucky to survive."


Jack added, "Only Banzai's skill at driving, kept us from buying the farm."


Colonel Maggie responded, "Well, I've got one pissed off Lieutenant. He's wondering where in the hell his two Sergeants are."


I admitted, "Yeah, we didn't plan on it taking so long."


Colonel Maggie laughed, "Hell, it serves him right for being such an asshole about everything. However, you need to unload the supplies you want to keep and catch a chopper back to the hospital."


John remarked, "Colonel Maggie, you won't believe what we have this time."


I laughed and said, "Yeah, the General's new coffee shipment had just arrived."


Jack added, "Not only that, he had sirloin steaks in the cold storage locker."


Colonel Maggie asked, "So how in the hell did you get all the food without a requisition?"


I answered, "We were stopped at the front gate but then we drove around the fence looking for a place to get through.  We were stopped by roving security, explained what we were trying to do and they were more than happy to help."


Flashback – Jennifer – After dinner


Once in my room, I smiled about what Jed had told me and practically laughed at how embarrassed Daniela was.


I sat down at the computer and continued to work on the programs. My computer beeped which indicated I received an e-mail. I opened it and was surprised at what it said so I needed to investigate.


I never dreamed about the can of worms that my actions would initiate.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I complained, "Kostia did not wait for me to shoot him."


Ira said, "Of course not! A Panthera pardus cannot change its rosettas."


I queried, "My sister are you injured?"


Ira replied, "Only my pride has been damaged. Mira, why did you not fight the attack?"


Mira smiled and slyly stated, "I will never again give them the satisfaction of me fighting them in such a base manner."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I feigned sleep so the driver would relax while I listened to him as he continued to berate the other passengers.


My ploy worked because it didn't take long for him to reach over and grab my pack. I slipped my hand behind my back, pulled my pistol, placed it under his chin, opened my eyes and the fucking bastard was sweating! He said, "Gringo, there is no call for that. I was just letting you know we have arrived."


I smiled at him, pulled out my tablet and wrote, "Good, then you can get the fuck out of the van."


He complained, "Gringo, this was not our agreement - you cannot keep my van."


I smiled and wrote, "I keep your van and you keep your life - so you decide now where it is fair."


He bailed out of the van while the illegal aliens clapped. I took the driver's seat and moved out.