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Chapter 033

Taken Chapter 033

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Present – Samantha – Interviewing Jennifer


We're all set up so I begin the interview, "Hello America, Samantha Stevens reporting for the Truth Network with excellent news. Jennifer Blaine's children have been rescued. Jennifer, how did you know where the children were being held?"


Jennifer replies and I quickly understand it's a lie to help keep her secret, "We had a tip from some friends on where they were being held."


I continue, "I hear that you formed your own team to perform the rescue. Why didn't you use the FBI or the Marshall services?"


Jennifer explains, "We felt that time was of the essence before they were moved again so that's why we used a small team for the rescue attempt."


I continue, "Did you encounter any resistance?"


Jennifer smiles and again lies, "We did encounter some moderate resistance, but it wasn't anything that Ben, Miranda and Irina couldn't handle."


I ask a final question, "How do you plan on keeping this from happening again?"


Jennifer replies, "We are increasing the security on the cabin area. I would mention more about specifics but it's safer if I don't."


I conclude with, "There you are America, James and Fiona are safely back home again."


Present – The FBI SWAT team – rescuing the prisoners


We haul ass to the compound, which isn't empty like we previously assumed. The men begin to talk, with the major question being, 'How in the hell did they keep us from seeing them?'


I truthfully answer, "I sure as hell don't know."


One of the men asks, "So what are the ROE1?"


1 Rules Of Engagement


I reply, "Anyone that's not in the cages we assume to be a target."


As we approach the perimeter of the compound the sicknesses begin again. I look at my men and order, "I don't care how sick you get, ignore it because we have a more important mission."


Several of the men vomit and then I begin to feel sick too…


Present – Thom – headed to the cabin


I figure I pushed Inga about as far as I could without incurring some wrath, so I head to the cabin and call her on the phone. She answers and I inform her, "Inga, I'm on my way to the cabin."


She remarks with some coldness in her voice, "It's about time Thom."


I try to reconcile, "Sorry, but I did have some things come in I needed to handle."


Inga complains, "Thom, I really need you here to handle things with the FBI."


I explain, "Sorry Inga. I'm coming now so you don't have to worry."


Present – Bill and Stacy – Uninvited visitors


I contact the visitors over the intercom, "Please state your reason for this visit."


The man replies, "We have heard that Stacy Summers has expressed an interest in black witches. We are both black witches and are here to answer any questions which she might have."


This was the last thing I wanted for Ms. Summers but I look at her, she smiles at me and says, "Bill, please escort them into the office."


I argue, "Ms. Summers…"


She interrupts me, "…Bill, I was hoping something like this might happen, now go and escort them into the office."


I state, "Ms. Summers, I will do this however I am searching both of them before I let them in…"


The minute I heard that they were black witches, I knew Bill would have a problem with it. I continue to watch the monitor as Bill opens the front door and begins to search the two black witches. I am surprised when he takes a pistol from each of them and places them into the lock box by the front door. Because they are black witches I didn't think they would need weapons.


They enter the office and I offer, "Please take a seat. Can we get you something to drink?"


They take the chairs across from me and the man answers, "Thank you for the offer, but we're fine without anything to drink."


I continue with some questions, "I was surprised to see you both carried pistols…"


The woman interrupts, "…Please let us introduce ourselves to you, then we will gladly answer all your questions. My name is Anita and this is my husband Tony. We carry the guns because we are in the middle of a battle right now."


I ask, "Who are you battling?"


Tony answers, "We are at war with the Blaine family."


I query, "So your group is responsible for kidnapping Jennifer and her children? Why did you do that?"


Anita replies, "Stacy, it was a misunderstanding between us."


Bill scoffs and Tony threatens, "Bill, don't make us put a spell on you."


Bill pulls his pistol points it at them and says, "I've heard enough and you two need to leave."


I order, "Bill put your pistol away, I'm not finished talking to them yet."


Bill begins to complain, "Ms. Summers…"


I nip it in the bud, "…Bill, do as you were ordered."


He reluctantly relents and I continue, "You never answered my question about why you were carrying weapons."


Tony gives a half-baked excuse, "Ms. Summers, I don't think you understand the power which black witches have. We cannot kill someone with our spells. So for protection, when we are out of our compound we carry weapons."


I laugh and ask, "So what are the benefits of being a black witch over being a white witch."


Anita answers, "As you have been told, we can cast love spells to make someone fall in love with you. We had heard that you were interested in Ben Blaine."


I smile at them and lie, "I was, however I am over him now."


Bill looks relived until Tony says, "Another thing we can do is tell when someone is lying and Ms. Summers you just told a lie."


I reply, "I was told that if I had you cast a love spell on Ben Blaine that it would cost me part of my soul."


Anita explains, "It's just a small part of your soul and what is that compared to spending the rest of your life with Ben Blaine."


I weakly smile at both of them and reply, "I'm sorry, but I think you two are wasting your time. In truth, I won't be a part of this war you have with the Blaines."

They look disappointed as they stand up and I order Bill, "Please escort them out of the building and make sure to return their weapons."


Tony says as they are leaving, "Here is our card if you change your mind."


He sets it on the desk and it magically slides in front of me.


I watch Bill as he takes them out of the building, gives them their weapons and then comes back to the office in record time. Bill remarks, "Ms. Summers, I'm proud of you."


I smile at Bill and answer, "Bill, Ben Blaine is not worth the cost I would incur if they did cast a love spell on him. I understand that the part of my soul they would take would make me more susceptible to their influence later."