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Chapter 034

Taken Chapter 034

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha and Tanya – Leaving the Department of Social Services


After we were totally insulted by the grossly obese woman, we left the Department of Social Services with Linda. I asked Tanya, "How do we get back to your car?"


Tanya replied, "I could flag down a taxi however with Linda there's a problem because she needs a car seat to ride in a vehicle."


I suggested, "Tanya, you take a taxi to your car while Linda and I walk toward the store front. Once you arrive at your car you can come and get us."


Tanya replied, "Masha are you sure? It's doesn't seem safe after what John Rowe did to us."


I grinned at Tanya and answered, "I would love the chance to meet John Rowe again but this time I wouldn't be so gentle with him."


Tanya cautioned, "Masha, remember that we're already in trouble for the little you did to him already. If you hurt him again, the Chief would put you back in the jail."


I silently swore after realizing Tanya was correct.


Flashback – Ben, Jack and John – Leaving for the hospital


I made sure I 'rescued' all of the General's coffee from the load. Then we waited for the chopper to take us to the hospital. I remarked, "Thanks Jack for taking me on this mission, it did make me feel better."


Jack asked, "So you're not going to take a job with the CIA?"


I grinned and replied, "Don't tell me you were really worried about that."


Jack confessed, "Yeah Banzai I was. I sure as hell don't want to break in a new sniper."


I said, "Come on Jack tell the truth - you really don't want to lose that Nightforce scope on your M-25."


He grinned and admitted, "Yeah, I guess you figured it out."


Flashback – Jennifer – After dinner


The e-mail detailed a security issue with the power supply grid in the United States. I couldn't believe it so I began to research the security issue and discovered they were correct. It was wide open to attack by almost anyone! I quickly dashed off an e-mail to my college professor describing the security issue in detail. I did it with the best of intentions - not knowing that I was going to be in trouble for it.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I suggested, "Ira, since you are not injured we should translocate after Kostia to effect our retribution."


I then realized that Ira had uttered an untruth. As she attempted to rise, she slumped back to the firmament and admitted, "I am regretful Mira that I cannot assist you at this moment."


I translocated to her side and inquired, "Ira, what is wrong?"


Ira grinned as of a sheep at me and replied, "My sister, it appears that despite my diligent fighting of their torture I am slightly damaged."


I checked Ira and silently swore. Those male offspring of a female saluki had damaged the nether regions of my sister! My strategy of not directly fighting Kostia had initiated this damage. I began to minister to her but the damage was severe…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I had a problem! I had taken over the van, but now what was I to do about the illegal aliens who were on this trip with me. I wrote on the tablet, "¿Cuáles eran los planes del coyote?"


What were the plans of the coyote?


The mother of the first family replied, "Nos iba a llevar a Houston."


He was going to take us to Houston.


The other families echoed the same so I decided to fulfill the fucking contract and headed toward Houston. I didn't anticipate the issues this was going to cause.


I was well on my way to Houston when the lights of a patrol car came on behind me. I pulled over and stopped and I couldn't believe how fast the illegals bailed out of the van and took off running.


I watched in the mirror as some men took off after the illegals while another approached my side of the vehicle. I had hoped he was state patrol, however he ended up being border patrol. He walked up to my window and demanded, "I need to see your license and registration."


I showed him my neck and typed a huge lie on my tablet, "Sorry, but someone asked me to drive this van across the border for him."


He said, "This van is known by us since a coyote uses it to transport illegals - like the ones who just ran off into the night, across the border. You need to follow me to the office." There was no way in hell I was going to let that happen so I leaned forward, pulled up my pistol and aimed it at the border patrol agent. I could tell from the look in his eyes this was the first time this had ever happened to him. I slowly opened the door, marched him back to his car, cuffed him to the steering wheel and destroyed his two-way radio. Then I went back to the van and continued on my trip…