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Chapter 035

Taken Chapter 035

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Present – Samantha – Phone call from Stacy


As I finish the interview with Jennifer my phone rings. I check the caller ID and see it's Stacy. I look at John and ask, "John, do you think you could take care of editing the interview with Jennifer? I need to take this call from Stacy."


John replies, "No problem. However if I take the van, how will you get back to your 'castle'?


I reply, "Don't worry about it, I'm sure I can find a ride."


John leaves, I answer the phone and Stacy says, "Sam, you aren't going to believe what just happened."


I answer, "Well, don't leave me hanging."


I get extremely worried when Stacy replies, "Sam, I just had a visit from two of the black witches who were responsible for the kidnapping of the witch bitch and her two witchy brats."


I make sure to keep the concern out of my voice when I ask, "What did they want?"


Stacy laughs (which makes me feel better) and answers, "They offered to put a love spell on Ben Blaine for me, however I told them the cost to my soul made it of no interest to me."


I praise her response with great enthusiasm, "Stacy that decision is the best thing I've heard today. So what influenced your decision?"


Stacy confesses, "You did of course. I knew that you would be disappointed in me if I fell back into my obsession on Ben Blaine."


I can't resist asking a loaded question, "So the thought of being arrested again didn't influence you?"


Stacy chuckles again and admits, "Of course it did Sam, there's no way I'm going back to prison again - besides my lawyers might not be able to get me off this time. I should probably tell you more about the meeting so if you aren't doing anything for lunch let's meet at the restaurant."


I reply, "Stacy, I would love to but John took the van back to the 'castle' to edit the interview and send it to the station."


Stacy says, "Shoot, I really don't think I would be welcome at the Blaine's cabin. I guess I could send Bill to pick you up."


I agree, "Yeah, with all that's going on it wouldn't be wise for you to come here. However, I don't think they would resent Bill coming to pick me up. Let me ask Ben first to make sure it's okay, then I will call you back."


I end the call and go to find Ben…


Present – Samantha – Talking to Ben


I wander through the cabin looking for Ben but I can't find him. Finally I press the intercom button and ask, "Does anyone know where Ben is located?"


Ben replies, "I sure do know where I am. What do you need?"


I inform him, "John took the van back to my house to edit the interview and send it to the station, so I was wondering if it would be okay if Bill came and picked me up?"


Ben is back to his normal jovial self and teases, "I thought your house was called the 'castle'?"


I giggle and reply, "Ben I didn't want to be presumptuous."


Ben continues with his teasing, "Since when? And of course Bill is welcome just make sure he leaves the boss lady at home."


I answer, "Don't worry about that since we've already had that discussion."


With that finally taken care of I pull out my phone and call Stacy. She answers and I confirm, "Stacy it's all taken care of. When should I expect Bill?"


Stacy replies, "I figured it would be fine so he's already left. I would say he should be there any time now."


The intercom rings and announces, "Samantha Stevens, Bill is at the front gate to pick you up."


I press the button and reply, "Great, please let him in and let him know I will meet him at the front door."


I head to the front door…


Present – The FBI SWAT team – The rescue


We're all sick as hell when we arrive at the compound, but it doesn't stop us. We bail out of the vans and begin to fire at the captors that are not in the cages. We're surprised as hell when they begin to return fire and what we thought would be a cake mission ends up going to hell.


I call on my radio, "We're taking serious fire at the compound. Is there any chance that you can do anything with the drone?"


The drone pilot replies, "Sorry, but not with its current configuration."


I come up with an idea and order, "Well then flood the hell out of this whole area with the gas."


The drone pilot replies, "No problem. We have enough gas on the drone so that I don't think we will run out."


I update the order, "Whatever you do, don't run out of the gas."


The drone pilot complies with the order. It's better with more gas because the captors can't see us as well but they still stick out like a sore thumbs. We make sure we take advantage of the situation.


Present – Samantha – Leaving the cabin


Bill picks me up at the front door and as I enter the passenger side of the van I ask, "So tell me - what were the black witches like?"


He replies, "I didn't like them one bit and was concerned that Stacy was going to do something stupid like asking them to cast a love spell on Ben."


I reply, "That was my concern when she called me and told me about them…"


Bill interrupts, "…I forgot to tell you, they said that they are 'at war' with the Blaine family."


I ask, "Did they explain why?"


Bill answers, "The woman told Stacy it was a misunderstanding. But I don't believe it one bit."


I think for a moment and say, "I think I will call the Blaines and let them know the black witches still might cause problems."


Bill confirms, "That's probably a wise idea. I would hate to see Jennifer and the children taken again."


Present – Samantha – Calling the Blaines


I take out my mobile phone, dial Jennifer's phone and she answers, "Samantha, what can we do you now?"


I explain, "Some black witches met with Stacy. Bill overhead them say they were at war with your family. I thought you should know so you can protect yourself."


Jennifer questions, "Please tell me she didn't ask the black witches to put a love spell on Ben."


I put her mind at ease, "Jennifer don't worry. For once she made the right decision and rejected their offer."


Jennifer replies, "Thank God for that. I'm tired of Stacy messing up our lives."


I ask, "So how do you plan on keeping the black witches from taking you and your children again."


Jennifer replies, "Samantha, I have a plan but I'm not going to tell you about it because they might be listening. Thanks for the information."


She ends the call.


Present – Jens – Rallying the troops


After Samatha's phone call I know I need to do something. I grab Fiona and James out of Desiree's room, then find Ben and Destiny to explain, "Samantha just called me and said that the black witches are still after our family. Do either of you have any idea how to prevent them from taking us again?"


I can tell from the look on her face that Destiny is thinking then she says, "The black witches shouldn't be able to attack if we are having a sweat lodge ceremony."


James excitedly asks, "Does that mean we can finally see Grandmother?"


Fiona adds, "Yes. I would like to see my Grandmother because mama has told us so much about her."


Destiny says, "I will start getting the sweat lodge ready. Ben and Jennifer, you know the drill by now."


She leaves and I say, "You two need to turn away while Papa and I change my clothes."


I once again change back into the beaded dress that Ben and Destiny made for me. Once I'm changed I say to Fiona and James, "Okay you can turn back around now."


Their eyes light up as they see my dress and Fiona says, "Someday I would like a dress like that."


James notices Ben's loincloth and remarks, "Not me, I want an outfit like Papa's."


Ben says, "For right now, both of you will have to wear what you have on." Then he continues and explains, "It will be very hot in the sweat lodge so you both need to relax as much as you can and enjoy the time."


We're ready and begin the hike up the hill…


Present – Thom – Arriving at the cabin


I arrive at the Blaine's cabin, Inga meets me at the door and reports, "The FBI SWAT team is sick but have already killed many of the black witches."


I question, "What about the hostages?"


Inga explains, "The black witches fired on the SWAT team so they had the drone flood the area with gas and were finally able to reach the hostages."


I tease Inga, "So did you find out what Mabel is making for dinner?"


Inga glares at me and threatens, "Keep it up and I will talk with Mabel so she won't give you anything!"