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Chapter 036

Taken Chapter 036

Copyright 2014 - 2018 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Masha – Walking with Linda


Tanya left in a taxi then I took Linda's hand and began to walk toward the store front. It didn't take long until Linda tired and I had to carry her. I was surprised when John Rowe pulled to the curb in his truck and taunted me, "Hey Masha, why don't you get in my truck."


I remembered Tanya's admonition to not attack him again so I didn't reply.


I couldn't believe it when he jumped the curb and began to drive on the sidewalk toward me and Linda. I began to run and I could hear John Rowe laughing behind me. Tanya arrived in her SUV and pulled in front of John Rowe effectively blocking his path. He didn't stop but instead rammed his truck into the side of Tanya's SUV. He backed up and then continued ramming his truck into her SUV like a crazy man. Then suddenly his maniacal laughing stopped and John Rowe left in his truck.


Tanya jumped out of her SUV and asked, "Masha are you and Linda okay?"


I praised Tanya, "Tanya, you arrived just in time as he was going to run into us. I am sorry about the damage to your SUV."


Tanya replied, "I can't believe how crazy John Rowe has become."


I commented, "I think he feels he has nothing left to lose and therefore his behavior has no control."


A man ran up and said, "Don't worry, I captured what happened on my mobile phone."


Tanya asked, "Sir, would you please call the police with your phone."


I frowned, Tanya noticed and asked, "Masha what's wrong?"


I explained, "What will happen when the Chief of Police shows up again?"


Tanya replied, "Masha I need to file a report with the police so my insurance will cover the damage John Rowe did to my SUV."


I asked, "And how will you handle things when the Chief of Police arrives?"


The man said, "Don't worry I have the proof on my phone."


Tanya asked, "Sir, would you please send the video to my email address, because the Chief of Police broke my phone earlier today in an attempt to destroy another evidence video?"


She gave the man her email address, he sent the video file to her and then called the police. Of course the Chief responded to the call…


Flashback – Banzai and Jack – Leaving for the hospital


The chopper finally arrived and Jack hauled ass while I struggled with the heavy as hell duffle bag full of what was formerly known as the General's coffee. However, it was now known as my personal coffee stash.


I finally made it to the chopper door, fought to get the coffee duffle inside as the Corporal who was door gunner complained, "Damn what took you so long?"


I glared at him and replied, "Corporal, shut the fuck up before I throw you out of the chopper."


Jack added his two cents, "Corporal, do you have any idea who you just insulted? You insulted Banzai Ben and if you're lucky he won't kick your ass."


The corporal fell all over himself when he apologized, "Sorry Sgt. I didn't realize who you were because your nameplate says Blaine."


Jack informed him, "Ben Blaine is his name but I call him Banzai because he kicks more ass than Carter has little pills."


Once again the corporal apologized, "Sorry Sgt. please don't kick my ass."


I looked at him and answered, "Corporal, do you think your ass needs kicked?"


He replied hopefully, "No Sgt."


Jack commented, "For a corporal, you learn damn fast."


Flashback – Jennifer – A visit from…


I had no sooner finished the e-mail to my college professor when my computer went all sorts of crazy. I didn't like what I saw at all so I rebooted my computer using a floppy disk so I could scan it for viruses.


The scan came back negative so I scratched my head and tried to figure out what was happening. I had just begun to troubleshoot the problem when Daniela knocked on my door and announced, "Senorita Jennifer, there are some men from the government here who wish to talk to you."


I wondered what in the heck they wanted so I headed downstairs and was immediately intimidated when one of them flashed a badge and said, "Ms. Donaldson, we're with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit and would like to talk with you about your recent computer activity."


I remembered the e-mail and how I checked the information and thought I might be in trouble for it so I replied, "What about my recent computer activity bothers you?"


The agent continued, "Ms. Donaldson, we know that you accessed numerous points on the power grid of the US. Were you thinking of sabotaging it?"


I replied, "Not at all. I received an e-mail that described the security issues associated with the grid and just checked it out for myself. I even sent an e-mail to my college professor asking him about it."


The FBI agent said, "Ms. Donaldson, we need you to come with us."


Rats! The one time I really could use Daddy and he's at the hospital with mother…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I apologized, "My sister, I am sorry my absence of fighting their assault precipitated these injuries."


Ira gave a weak smile and said, "It was worth it Mira because you were not injured."


I asked, "Ira, how may I assist you to heal?"


Ira answered, "If you had something to take away the pain it would be appreciated."


I replied, "Unfortunately my sister I do not possess any analgesics."


Ira offered an alternative, "Then please just hold me my sister."


I held Ira and swore that I would make Kostia pay dearly for this.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I needed to haul ass if I was going to escape the problem this van created for me. I sure as hell didn't think that I would have to confront the issues currently in front of me. It was good that the border patrol agent didn't fight me or I would have been forced to kill him. And that would have created more issues that I didn't want to deal with.


I floored the van and was surprised when the tires smoked. Without the weight of the illegal aliens this van could really move. Now if I could only make it to someplace close to a city where I could dump the van and acquire a different vehicle.


Lady luck must have been looking down on me with a smile. I came to a small village and there was a used car lot so I pulled in and parked. A slimy looking salesman came out and asked, "How can I help you?"


I showed him my neck and wrote on the tablet, "I would like to trade this van for a car."


He looked at the van and said, "I'm not sure we can do a direct trade."


I figured he was going to shake me down for some cash but I didn't like him so I wrote, "Okay, that's fine. I will head up the road and find someone who will."


I began to get into the van and he backtracked, "Now wait a minute. Let's see what we can do."


I stepped back out of the van as he began to look it over, checked the mileage and commented, "Damn the van looks nice but it sure has a lot of miles on it."


He continued, "However I do think we can make a trade. Come over here and take a look at this truck."


He ushered me to an old pickup and said, "This is one of the vehicles we would trade for the van. Would you like to take a test drive?"


I wrote on the tablet, "Sure let's do it."


I hoped he would offer the test drive because I was going to take off in the truck and not come back.


He handed me the keys for the truck. I tossed my bag in the front and climbed into the driver's seat, started it up and left the car lot and the fucking van behind me.