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Chapter 037

Taken Chapter 037

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Present – Ben, Jens, Destiny, Fiona and James – Does the sweat lodge work?


We arrive at the sweat lodge and I practically laugh when Fiona mimics Jens previous statement, "Mama, I had no idea this igloo was here."


James shocks me a little when he says, "I saw it before when I was hiking but I didn't know what it was."


Destiny quickly instructs, "James, I sure hope that you didn't enter the sweat lodge without permission."


James admits, "I wanted to but I couldn't get the door to open. But why should I not enter the sweat lodge?"


Destiny answers, "James, this is not a tent to play in. If you entered it without someone here bad things could happen."


I promise, "James and Fiona, we will setup a tent for the two of you back at the cabin."


Destiny further instructs, "James and Fiona, it is very important that you do not become overly excited, otherwise you will not see your grandmother."


I add an additional warning, "Also, make sure that you do not become overheated in the sweat lodge."


Jens sets everything in motion, "Well, let's get going."


I look over and see that she's shivering due to the still wet dress from the previous sweat lodge ceremony. And then I concur, "Yes Jens, is getting cold so let's see if this works."


Destiny further instructs, "James and Fiona you will sit beside your Papa during the ceremony."


We perform the pre-sweat lodge rituals, then Jens enters the sweat lodge first and takes her position, I follow with James and Fiona and then Destiny enters and brings the grandfather stones with her.


She places the stones in the middle of the sweat lodge, pours cold water over them, and begins to pray in Cherokee.


We are hugely surprised when not only Jens' grandmother appears, but also my grandfather and many other Indians appear.


Jen's grandmother sees James and Fiona and remarks happily, "Jennifer, you brought James and Fiona for a visit."


Jens replies, "Grandmother, the black witches are still a threat so we hoped that the sweat lodge will protect us."


She replies, "Jennifer that is why we are all here, to keep you and the children safe."


My Grandfather adds, "Ben, we have come to keep you safe so do not worry about the black witches."


James whispers, "Papa, who are those Indians?"


My Grandfather says, "James, I am your Papa's grandfather - which means I am your great-grandfather."


I tell James, "I am not sure who the other Indians are."


Grandfather replies, "Ben and James, these are other great shamans and are here to do battle with the black witches."


The Indians begin to beat a drum and chant in Cherokee while Jens' grandmother begins to perform some magic and then we are treated to a battle royal outside of the sweat lodge! There are hundreds of black witches who are decimated by the many shamans and Jens' grandmother.


My Grandfather then announces, "Ben, the battle is over."


Jens' grandmother adds, "The black witches have been destroyed. Now Jennifer you need to return to the cabin for the arrivals."


Jens asks, "What arrivals?"


Her grandmother answers, "The FBI agents have rescued many children and women who were being held prisoner."


Jens cautiously asks, "Grandmother are you sure none of the women are black witches?"


Her grandmother says, "Jennifer, there were a few that were black witches but they have been taken care of."


Jen says, "Thank you Grandmother and Ben's grandfather for saving us from the black witches."


The sweat lodge ceremony ends and Jens says, "Well, let's go and meet all the new people."


Fiona corrects, "Mama, you mean new witches."


James asks, "Papa, can we do another sweat lodge ceremony soon?"


Destiny says, "James, it is not wise to bother the shamans or Jennifer's grandmother very often."


We leave the sweat lodge and hightail it down to the cabin to meet the incoming guests.


Present – The FBI SWAT team – The rescue


Even though we were sicker than dogs, we still rescued many children and some women from the cages. We were shocked when several of the women we rescued disappeared but I chalked it up to how this whole mission was one big cluster fuck. We loaded everyone into the vans and drove back to the Blaine's cabin.


We have another surprise when we arrive: Jennifer, Ben and their two children are waiting at the front door. Somehow they knew about our rescue and are waiting for our return.


Jennifer Blaine loudly announces, "Welcome everyone to our cabin. We will have food and drinks for all of you soon."


Some of the women begin to cry and Jennifer begins to counsel them while the Blaine children begin to play with the other children.


I walk up to Ben Blaine and ask, "What the hell is going on?"


He smiles and answers, "We heard about the rescue and thought we would help out."


Thom, the US. Marshall walks up, sees all the people we rescued and says, "Looks to me like the mission was a success."


I reply, "Barely! We were sick as hell and then a couple of the women we rescued disappeared. This was the worst cluster fuck of a mission I've ever commanded."


Ben Blaine commented, "Hell, every mission I had in the Marines that involved a three letter branch of the government was a cluster fuck."


I notice that Thom glares at Ben about the comment and decide that I need to investigate Ben Blaine's DD2141


1DD214 – Document that shows military service record.



Present – Samantha – Phone call from Stacy


I'm at the restaurant waiting for Stacy when my mobile phone rings and the caller ID shows it to be Stacy. I ask, "Stacy where are you, I've been waiting forever."


Stacy replies, "Sam the strangest thing just happened. I just had another visit from the two black witches then suddenly they both vanished in huge cloud of smoke."


I comment, "Stacy you shouldn't have met with them without Bill being present."


Stacy poo-poo's my comment, "Sam, I told you that you don't have to worry about me and the black witches. I was just shocked that they disappeared. I will be right down for lunch."


Bill has overhead the conversation and says, "Damn, I shouldn't have left her alone."


I smile at him and explain, "Bill, Stacy sometimes sends you on errands so she can do things that you wouldn't approve of."


Bill swears, "Damn, I guess I need to make sure someone is guarding her when I'm not around."


I concur, "That would be a wise idea."


Stacy shows up for lunch and I get the details of her meeting with the black witches.